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Ball Security (Prospect Profiles): RB Mark Ingram, Alabama

 Up Next in my prospect profiles series is the best running back in this class and a Heisman Trophy winner. Mark Ingram also is a son of a former NY Giants player.

Let’s delve into Mark Ingram and see if he can help get the Giants run game back to the 2007 and 2008 level.

Whether or not the NY Giants should draft Mark Ingram depends on whether or not you are of the belief that running backs can be found in later rounds and thus are not worth a first round pick.

I am NOT of that belief, but first round running backs are worth value only in circumstances when you think a running back can be a top player in the league.

If you think a running back can be a top player or make an offense dynamic then, to me, they can be worth a first round pick. I also think it makes more sense for teams that are close to winning then for a team that is trying rebuild or has an offensive line in shambles (The Giants oline can use work, but it is not in shambles).

Sure, Running backs like Jacobs and Bradshaw can be found later in drafts (Arian Foster, Michael Turner, Peyton Hillis)

But also running backs like Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, Maurice Jones Drew, Ray Rice, Ladanian Tomlinson, Steve Jackson can be found in the first round (though Rice and Jones Drew were not first round picks 2nd and 3rd respectively)

All these backs can handle full loads, make defenses account for them and handle both the rushing game and the passing game (Peterson’s not great in the passing game) and are worth first round picks.

So, no I’m not of the opinion that running backs are  wastes of picks in the first round.

Also, please leave comments and lets get some discussion going. This is not a paid position for me and being that I am isolate from other Giants fans the thing I like most about writing is the potential interaction through comments so take a minute and let me know what you think.



5-10, 215 pounds, Junior 

Projected 40 time: 

4.41 I’ve seen this reported a lot. projects a 4.44

a 4.41 40 time will probably push Ingram out of range for the Giants. Timed speed is overrated, but teams want to know if Ingram has enough speed to break away from the crowd and run away and I think for sure he does. Brandon Jacobs has had his fair share of long runs and has galloped away from defenders before (think that screen pass he took back against Dallas in 2009 for 70 plus yards) and Ingram is definitely faster than Jacobs.

Stats ( 

Career: 572 attempts, 3,621 yards, 42 touchdowns. 3 fumbles (ie: rarely)

2010:  (11 games)  

158 carries, 875 yards, 13 touchdowns. 21 receptions 282 yards 1 touchdown 

Big Games: 

2010- @ Duke 9 carries 151 yards 2 touchdowns 

@ Arkansas 24 carries 157 yards 2 touchdowns, 2 receptions 20 yards 

@ LSU 21 carries 97 yards 1 touchdown 

vs Auburn 10 carries 36 yards 4 catches for 91 yards 

Capital One Bowl: Michigan State 

12 carries 59 yards  2 touchdowns, 1 reception 30 yards 

2009 Big Games: 

TOO Many. 

He went for over a 100 yards in 9 of his 14 games (99 yards in another), Touchdowns in all but three games. 

Florida: 28 carries 113 yards 3 touchdowns, 2 receptions 76 yards 

vs South Carolina 

24 carries 246 yards 1 TD, 2 receptions 23 yards 

National championship game: 

22 carries 116 yards 2 touchdowns, 2 receptions 11 yards 

Final word about stats: 

Mark Ingram has been very productive in Alabama, although he was much more productive in 2009 then he was in 2010 (hence the heisman trophy), but he got knicked up early in the year this year and still played well at times. After he had some time off for the bowl game he responded by having a huge bowl game vs Michigan State, a team that has at least one defensive player in the first two rounds. 

Ingram was effective rushing the ball and also as a receiver out of the backfield. 


The  only video I’m providing is a highlight clip. 

However, here is a link I found of a guy linking full SEC Games available to watch, so you can check out any of Ingrams performances (or any other SEC prospect) in full here

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’][/pro-player] 

Scouting Reports 


Positives: Has a great frame and solid bulk… Has enough athletic ability to be effective, can turn the corner… Very good ball security, rarely fumbles… Keeps the ball close to his body… Incredible balance, runs similar to Emmitt Smith… Runs with great pad level, very low and defenders rarely get a good shot on him... Compact runner, bounces off tackles… Game translates well to the NFL… Never stops moving his legs, gets an amazing amount of yards after contact… Had 1,075 yards after contact in 2009, over 50 percent of his total yardage… Very good at reading the hole and waiting for his blockers… Solid cut-back runner… Displays good hands out of the backfield, had 53 receptions over the past two years… Played against top level competition at Alabama… Plays up to challenges, averaged nearly 150 yards per game against seven defenses ranked in the nation’s top 30 for total defense in 2009, two of his three best games in 2010 were against Arkansas and LSU… Father is Mark Ingram, former New York Giant receiver… Extremely productive when healthy, generated 1,992 yards from scrimmage in 2009 and won the Heisman Trophy… Great character, father is in prison, touching story… Humble on and off the field… Won the Derrick Thomas Community Service Award following 2010 spring practice. 

Negatives: Not an elite athlete, just has marginal top-end speed, is not the guy you will draft if you’re looking for a home run threat… Needs to work on pass-protection, has the frame to be a good blocker, but takes bad angles and misses a lot of his assignments… Suffered a small hip injury against Auburn in 2009, missed two games in 2010 with a knee injury… Numbers took a huge dive this year, went from 1,658 yards in 2009 to 875 in 2010… Will not contribute at all on special teams… Doesn’t have much for open field moves, absorbs a lot of hits… Has taken a beating over the past three years… Some feel he’s not even the best running back on his own team. (matt Mcguire) 


  • Nice bulk and size
  • Big, strong lower body
  • Keeps pumping feet on contact
  • Breaks tackles
  • Very good balance and body control
  • Elite vision and awareness
  • Runs with heart; maximizes yardage of play
  • Highly intelligent; sets up blockers
  • Patient and instinctive
  • Excellent receiver with soft hands
  • Doesn’t shy from contact; physical runner
  • Very good agility and lateral movement
  • Runs with a suddenness
  • Outstanding footwork
  • Nice acceleration
  • Speed is good (not elite)
  • Elusive with some wiggle in open field
  • Good genetics
  • Extremely productive
  • Very balanced skill set and talented
  • Elite ball security (1 fumble in 453 rushes/receptions)
  • Proved in 2009 he can carry the load
  • Hits hole with authority
  • Good speed, but doesn’t have elite, game-breaking speed
  • Pass protection could use some polish
  • Could add some more power/finesse moves to his arsenal
  • Appears to have maxed out body frame without sacrificing speed
  • Won’t be the home run threat in NFL that he is in college
  • Summary: I love talented backs like Mark Ingram because they leave it all on the field. There really isn’t much else Ingram can do to improve his game outside of his pass protection.He needs to have another strong season as a junior to ensure his first-round status. He carries a first-round grade on my board to start 2010 and he will likely go between picks 11 and 25 in the 2011 NFL Draft. You need elite speed to go in the top 10 (Peterson, McFadden, Spiller), and that’s why Ingram will likely not be a very high first-round pick.Player Comparison: Maurice Jones-Drew. “Mojo” and Ingram are both talented backs who have skill sets with few weaknesses. They are versatile and can hurt you as a rusher or receiver
  •  CBS Draft Scout (read rest at link) 

    Inside running: Possesses the deal frame for running between the tackles. Quickly presses the line of scrimmage and has the burst to get to and through the hole. Keeps his shoulders squared to the line and runs hard with a low center of gravity. His feet churn through contact and allow him to play bigger on short-yardage runs. Good awareness of the first-down marker. Has the leg drive and forward lean to finish runs falling forward. Instinctive runner with a good feel for when to bounce off blocks and set up cutback lanes. Can plant and drive to capitalize on a crease. Good vision and acceleration to get into the secondary. Does not possess elite stopwatch speed, but has enough to break free for long gains. Excellent ball security — two fumbles in his career. 

    Outside running: Possesses good but not great speed to get to the edge. Best attributes as an outside runner are his vision to identify opening holes and the burst and power he shows coming out of decisive cuts. Doesn’t waste time running laterally unless he sees he has the corner. Can make defenders miss in tight quarters with good lateral agility, but isn’t a dancer

    Breaking tackles: Surprisingly powerful runner with a low center of gravity. He keeps his legs churning through contact. Won’t wow with his ability to run over defenders, but is tough to bring down. Defenders have a hard time lining up a clean shot on him despite his broad frame and he shows good shiftiness when cornered. Capable of absorbing or delivering a big hit and maintaining his balance. Defenders have to wrap him up. 

    Blocking: Cognizant pass blocker. Is willing to take on the hard-charging defender and shows good effort and physicality to gain a stalemate. When trying to cut defenders he often gets too low, allowing defenders to easily leap over him. 

    Receiving: Reliable receiver out of the backfield with soft hands and good flexibility to extend and pluck the ball. Secures the ball quickly. Good vision for the screen game and he has the patience to set up blocks, rather than run past them. 

    Intangibles: Son of former New York Giants wide receiver Mark Ingram, who is serving time for fraud and money laundering. The first running back to win the Heisman and the national championship in the same season since Tony Dorsett (Pittsburgh, 1976). Won the Derrick Thomas Community Award following 2010 spring practice 

    Possible Landing Spots 

    There are three likely possible landing spots in my opinion before the Giants in the first round (and he’s going in the first round). 

    The Lions-the Lions need a guy who can consistently pound the rock to keep pressure off the offensive line to block for Stafford all the time in 3rd and long distances. Best is a nice talent, but he’s not an everydown back and the Lions like to go B.P.A. 

    The Dolphins-the almost consesnus pick for Ingram because Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown are both free agents. 

    The Patriots-they probably won’t because they seem to like their combination of BenJarvis Green Ellis and Danny Woodhead, but Ingram could do very well with the Pats and add a different dimension (where the team fears that on any given play he’s in he can run OR catch the ball as opposed to Woodhead for short passes and draws and Green-Ellis for the tough yardage). 

    Big Board Rankings 

    CBS Draft Scout 14 

    ESPN Scouts INC 23rd 11th 9th 

    TheFootballFanspot 12th overall 11th overall 

    NFLdraftbible 8th overall 

    Where the Mocks Have Him Falling: 1st round 15th pick Dolphins 1st round 15th pick Dolphin 1st round pick 28 New England Patriots 

    Rob Rang and Chad Reuter CBS Draft Scout: 1st round 15th overeall Dolphins 

    I would give you more but the variety is already so overwhelmeing I don’t see much point in giving you more mocks to the Dolphins. 

    Bartolis Final Thought: 

    Let me stress this point first and foremost, he DOESN’T FUMBLE THE FOOTBALL. Three fumbles in his career with 632 career touches (there about, I did math in my head 95 percent sure it’s right though). 

     Whew what a welcome relief that would be for the NY Giants, if there was a running back on the team who could hold onto the ball. 

    The name you see most associated with Mark Ingram is Emmit Smith because he runs strong, holds on to the ball, has great field vision, has much better game speed then he does timed speed and is just tough and most importantly knows how to run the football because of his great field vision and ability to set up blockers. 

    Ingram can catch the ball out of the backfield, hold onto the football, break tackles, be elusive enough in the open field and fast enough down the field to play well in the N.F.L. 

    Plays up to challenges, averaged nearly 150 yards per game against seven defenses ranked in the nation’s top 30 for total defense in 2009, two of his three best games in 2010 were against Arkansas and LSU…Won the Derrick Thomas Community Service Award following 2010 spring practice. (sidelinescouting) 

    Mark Ingram is an all around back who should have a productive N.F.L. career. Of course has ties to the NY Giants with his father being a former WR here, but that doesn’t mean anything really and has absolutely not effect on what I think Ingram is as a player. 

    Ingram’s negatives are that he doesn’t have great speed and that at times he was outshone by his own teammate Trent Richardson, that his production was down this year (he had a Heisman year the year before so that should have been expected and missed a few games and was banged up early) and that he has taken a little bit of a beating since he got into college football, but other than that he’s good. He’s not an elite athlete, but I think most important for the NY Giants he fits THEIR system. He can block, catch, get the tough yardage when it gets cold and windy, and he holds onto the football. 

    Plus if he’s available 19th overall he’ll be one of the couple best players available, if not The best player available

    I love Mark Ingram for the NY Giants if he’s available 19th overall. I just don’t see how he won’t be a productive N.F.L. player. 

    A good 40 time will push Ingram out of the Giants range an average 40 time might let him be there when the Giants pick 19th overall and unless Akeem Ayers is there I think he’ll be heavily considered as the pick at 19 from the New York Giants perspective. 

    Player Comparision: I’m trying to find a better comparision than Maurice Jones Drew (can Ingram have that kind of return impact? I’m not sure Jones Drew is probably faster), but I don’t know if there is one.  I think he is comparablet to San Francisco’s Frank Gore as well (except without the history of injuries) in terms of the type of player he can be.

    [poll id=”35″]

    I’d also like to mention that I’m starting the previously mentioned prospect profiles on other blogs and next up is Kyle Rudolph.

    One of the  other prospect I’m really intersted in doing is CB Jimmy Smith from Colorado because he’s 6’2 and there are people think he can run a 40 yard dash sub 4.0 (probably more like in the mid 4.4) but still at 6’2 and a fast 40 like that I think he’ll be high on the Giants radar.


    all of the people on the previous poll

    Corey Ligut (requested and McShays’ current Giants pick) Mason Foster, Brandon Harris, Martez Wilson, DeMarco Murray, Stephen Paea, Greg Jones, Tyron Smith (requested), C Alex Linnenkohl (a later round prospect), OLB Mark Herlizch (requested), RB Ryan Williams (requested and a personal favorite of mine) are all on the docket so please leave any other requests because I will get to them.

    I’ll also try to update senior bowl week with prospects of interest.

    Previous Profiles


    Akeem Ayers, LB, UCLA

    Bruce Carter North Carolina

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    17 Responses to “Ball Security (Prospect Profiles): RB Mark Ingram, Alabama”

    1. jeremy P says:

      When I think of the last Heisman winning RB we drafted, Ron Dayne, it makes me vomit.

    2. jeremy P says:

      My personal philosophy on the draft is Think Defense early and Offense late. Mainly because with these new NFL rules you need fast quick athletic guys on Defense, like the Polamolus, or the Patrick Willis’. And they almost always go quick. Where as on Offense your most successful with smart guys that can be coached up and those guys can be had late, Ray Rice, Steve Smith12, etc.

      With that said I do love Ingrams Emmit Smith Comparisons which is almost leads to a guaranteed certainty that Dallas will draft him and probably trade Marion the Barbarian.

      I truly believe Reece will again draft Defense unless a 100% blue chip player is available ala Adrian Peterson. And Ingram is no Adrian Peterson (no disrespect to Ingram but its the truth).

      If past Drafts are any indication of Reece’s philosophy he’ll go most athletically gifted player available (Phillips, Nicks, JPP) and to me that doesn’t sound like Ingram.

      So by process of elimination QB, Defensive End, WR and Offensive Guard are all off limits in the first round. So what’s left? In no particular order DT, LB, CB, RB, TE, Offensive Tackle and Center. And I’ve already stated I think we must go defense early. I’m thinking CB or LB.


      • I’ll tackle this in two parts:

        Part 1:

        Jerry Reese will not draft Ingram because he drafts athletes as opposed to football players. I disagree with this statement. Let’s go first three rounds of the drafts (Because it’ll take took long for all seven). I don’t disagree that the Giants might prefer like players to be gifted athletes, but I think that is not true in its entirety. I think it’s USUALLY best player available.

        in 2007 Reese drafted:
        Aaron Ross
        Steve Smith
        Jay Alford

        Of these three only Aaron Ross to me is the most gifted athlete available. Steve Smith is not a gifted athlete, he’s not extremely tall for a WR and he’s not a blazer either, a 4.4 40 is not fast for a guy who is not even 6 feet tall.

        Jay alford is a good player who was productive, a pretty good athlete for his size, but there were better athletes available.


        Kenny Phillips is a good athlete, who also happen to be the best player available
        Terrell Thomas-this was his combine report his lack of blazing speed will see him struggle when isolated on deep routes vs. speedy NFL receivers. Again, not a great athlete, but a good football player
        Mario Manningham-Best athlete AND best player available. His production at Michigan was very, very good.


        Hakeem Nicks-not even the best WR athlete available. Kenny Britt is a MUCH better athlete, he’s taller, faster better vertical just a very good athlete. Nicks is a football player. He only ran a 4.51 40 yard dash being barely over 6′ that is not great.
        Clint Sintim-not a great athlete, not the best athlete available at least, but good size and very productive
        Will Beatt-very good athlete, good player too.
        Ramses Barden-Tall and dominant in division three, not fast
        Travis Beckum-Best player and athlete available (considered a 1st round pick at one point)

        JPP-Best athlete
        Linval Joseph-Good athlete for his size
        chad Jones-best athlete.

        So overall, I think that he does prefer best athlete sometimes, but overall he prefers taking the best PLAYER. Nicks, Smith, Thomas are all good examples of his best player philosophy. They are not exceptional athletes, just good players.

        Mark Ingram to me is a valid option for Reese because, if available, he’ll be the best player and he’s a good athlete coming out of a big school

        I think Big School (Texas, USC, Penn State, Miami, USC, Michigan, North Carolina, Virigina, Uconn, CalPoly, Wisconsin, South Florida, Eastern Carolina, LSU) is Reese’s biggest thing in the early rounds, only Cal Poly, Eastern Carolina, and South Florida (kind of) aren’t big time old fashioned programs.

        AND productive is more of a modus operandi for Jerry Reese then best athlete (except for last year, which was a deviation from his trend) so Ingram to meet fits that mold.

      • Part two:

        Your draft philosophy and the likelihood he’ll go defense.

        My personal philosophy is that The N.F.L. Draft is a big crapshoot where the majority of prospect don’t have long productive N.F.L. careers, and that also it takes up to three or four years for some prospects to make any real impact on that team and for that reason My philosophy has always been taking players you think can play in the N.F.L. and completely disregard need.

        Injuries and Free agency keep teams in a state of flux so you never know what needs will be in two or three years. Also, an overwhelming majority of long term starters in the N.F.L. come out of the first two rounds so especially after the first two rounds, just draft good players.

        As far as going defense because it’s harder to play defense in the league I don’t disagree that it’s harder to play defense, but I’ll still take B.P.A.

        I think the Giants will not look at an offensive guard in the first round-it doesn’t provide great positional value and because there are no great guards in the first round range.

        WR is probably eliminated unless the Giants are worried about Smith.
        QB will not be drafted.

        Now Defensive end, again depends on whether or not they think Kiwanuka will be back and whether or not they are going to keep Osi long term.

        I think Aldon Smith (a player like JPP Only MORE polished and MORE productive in college) could be too tempting for the Giants.

        Now for the final part of this

        CB or Linebacker

        I don’t perscribe to that, but I think the Giants MIGHT go LB (Akeem Ayers…and Maybe Greg Jones…but he’s more second round talent…and Bruce Carter if medical checks out, but he’s coming off a bad injury)

        Cornerback is a definitive possibility to me.

        Brandon Harris is tough and fast and would be nice to have

        and Jimmy Smith is the wild card he’s 6’2, productive from a big school And an athlete and I think he’ll be high on the Giants board (I think they will like Ingram, Jimmy Smith, Aldon Smith, An OL or two, Stephen Paea, and Ayers), but we’ll see.

        Did that answer all of your questions about my opinions to this matter.

        • jeremy P says:

          Yes you’ve made your opinion crystal. Thank you for taking the time to respond especially knowing that your doing this for free, and I’ll be looking forward to your profile on Jimmy Smith.

          Usually I agree with not drafting Linebackers early because, honestly, they’re not that important in a 4-3 alignment but having a Lance Briggs or Urlacher roaming in the defensive backfield will ease my anxiety while playing teams like the packers or Eagles who have athletic guys willing to catch throws over the middle.

          On the plus side I’m now more willing to draft Ingram. But it feels like overkill having him in the lineup unless we cut ties with Jacobs.

    3. jeremy P says:

      “I see I see, said the the blind man.”

    4. Steve B. says:

      I have mix feelings on Mark Ingram, because on one hand I feel you can get quality running backs in the later round, but on the other hand he seems like a very safe pick (in terms of being a bust).

      I also think the type of running back we draft will depend on what happens to our current RB’s in FA. Do they cut Jacobs? Do they resign Bradshaw? I have no idea what they are thinking now. If they cut Jacobs, and resign Bradshaw, I have no problem taking Ingram in the first round. But if Jacobs is there, kind of feel like we could use a scat back (even if Bradshaw resigns) someone like DeMarco Murray, good hands, line him up as WR, good returner, etc…

      Gut feeling is they might let Jacobs go, just bc of the drama and such, and not to mention he is 2nd string getting paid starter money.

      Who knows, maybe they will let both RB’s go, doubt it, but you never know.

      Anyways, I wouldnt be disappointed drafting Ingram in the first at 19, but I am not crazy about it. I do love his vision, ball security, good hands, really good balance, but part of me still thinks their are quality RB’s in later rounds. I think Ingram can be a very good back, but I dont think we are talking AP good here.

      Side Note: Dont forget Ras-I Dowling. I personally prefer him to Jimmy Smith, he is 6-2, tall, physical corner, seems to have good ball skills, and seems to love to get into the run game. Speed is questionable, so stock will depend on 40 time.

      Also, i cant help to think that the Giants might go Safety sometime in the draft, with Grant being FA, & Chad Jones a huge question-mark. Rahim Moore is the top S, but he is more FS, I would like a Safety that is interchangeable, like Deunta Williams from NC.

    5. I have profile of Ras I Dowling planned.

    6. Geeeeemen says:

      I would love to see Ingram in blue. No, I dont watch that much college football, but I’ve watched enough to know Ingram is an nfl-quality workhorse. We havent had the sure fire obvious #1 running back since Tiki, and Bradshaw would be perfect complimenting the bigger, stronger Ingram.

      You can find any position later in the draft, there are examples everywhere. You can also draft studs in round 1. Even if Kiwanuka does not come back, at this point I’d be upset if we went DE again. At some point, a big time LB or RB is more important than a rotational DE. You can never have enough pass rushers – fine. But how about having enough playmakers who start for your team. We don’t have enough.

      1st round – RB, LB, (and a distant 3rd – CB)

      I firmly believe OL should be drafted via veteran in free agency.

      Thanks Jesse.

      • jeremy P says:

        Dude, Ingram seems like he has a lot of fire. Something the Giants have been missing since Shockey. He actually might be the missing piece to get us back to the top.

    7. Ben says:

      How about a profile for Casey Matthews. I really like him as a 2-3 round prospect. dude has a high motor and is tough.

    8. Jason C. says:

      The thing I love about Ingram for the Giants, is that he was able to put out superior production (Heisman worthy) while playing in a two back set with the Bradshaw-like Trent Richardson. Get him Reese!!

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    10. […] Mark Ingram Enjoyed this post? Subscribe to Giants Gab via RSS Feed or E-mail and receive daily news updates from us!                 […]

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