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They Might Be Giants (Prospect Profiles): CB Brandon Harris, The U

 I recognize that these profiles are a bit long, but I figure why not put all the draft information in one place so you can just make this here you one stop draft coverage guide? Anyway, leave a comment and let me know what you’re thinking about any of the prospects I profile about I’m interesting in getting the pulse of the fans.

 Up next in our prospect profiles is one of the most interesting prospects out there because there is such a wide range of what people consider his abilities. There are people who don’t think he should be taken high in the first round and there are others who really love his game.

His draft stock is pointing down at the moment because of a bad game vs Michael Floyd at the end of the season.

 There are a few intersting “battles” to watch heading into the draft.

The first big one is the battle for #1 offensive tackle at the moment, Nate Solder of Colrado has been the most impressive.  Gabe Carimi, Derrick Sherrod,and Anthony Castanzo are all in the mix as well.

The second story line is the battle for the #3 Cornerback spot. Patrick Peterson and Prince Amukamara (Spelling?) are the #1 and #2 cornerbacks.

Jimmy Smith, Brandon Harris,Aaron Williams are vying for the #2 spot among others.


 listed at 5-11 195 pounds.

40 yard dash I’ve seen 4.45 a lot of places ( as one) predicts a 4.41 40 yard dash

It’s fast.


Stats are not that important for cornerbacks necessarily (because the very good cornerbacks don’t get tested like the average cornerbacks), but they are worth mentioning.

2010: 10 passes broken up, 1 INT, 44 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 1 Forced fumble.

Of course you’d like to see more of those passes broken up turn into interceptions.


[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’ image=’vs Geogria Tech’][/pro-player]

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’ image=’Highlight ‘][/pro-player]

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’][/pro-player]

and heres a link to a game from this year. The others are last year, and hes been better this year. Check out the speed and hustle on the long run play by Ryan Williams.

Scouting Reports


Positives: Has average build and good speed for the position… Is a very solid man-to-man defender, has good athleticism with quick hips and fluid footwork… Plays the ball well in the air and uses good instincts to go get it, plays the ball at the highest point… Has a quick closing burst in run support and when tackling after the catch, possesses good change-of-direction ability and explosivenessIs a hard worker with a good motor and passion for the game, shows willingness to learn and improve… Has pretty good body control, keeps feet under him when changing directions or turning around in coverage… Plays with more physicality than his size would suggest, not afraid to get a body on bigger receivers or come up and attack the ball carrier… Durability does not seem to be an issue, has not missed time do to injury.

Negatives: Marginal production in three years at Miami (132 tackles, four interceptions, four forced fumbles)… Not the surest tackler, flows well the to ball, but will miss tackles or give a lot of extra yardage to bigger backs… Needs to work on zone coverage skills, is not especially quick to read and react, much better at mirroring receivers in man coverage… Will miss tackles in the open field, needs to do a better job of breaking down in space.


Harris has the right attitude, but he has the skills to play at the next level too. He has a quick first step and amazing overall speed. Very few players at any level will blow by him. For a player who relies on speed, Harris is surprisingly tough and the opposition cannot pick on him anymore or Harris will make them pay.

Miami got torched by Ohio State and Florida State early in the 2010 season and Harris has some work to do before he will be considered a consensus first round pick. He definitely has the skills to be considered a first round pick by the end of his junior season, but he needs to have good games against good teams like Virginia Tech later in the year

CBS Draft Scout

Read & React: Quick to recognize run and does a nice job of coming up in support. Reads the body language of the receiver and is typically in good position to a make a play on the ball due to his instincts and standout athleticism. Rarely out of position, especially when playing man to man. Does a nice job of focusing on his receiver rather than peeking into the backfield, though this leads to fewer interceptions than he’d have if he “cheated” more.

Man Coverage: Better in man to man coverage than zone due to his pure athleticism. Quick feet, loose hips, good balance and outstanding speed to remain in the hip pocket of his opponent. Doesn’t back down from the challenge of playing bigger receivers. Keys on the receiver and gets his head around late. Quick hands to knock passes away, but doesn’t have the time to locate the football, leading to more PBUs than INTs.

Zone Coverage: Improved his overall recognition as a junior, but remains a better man to man corner than zone defender. Good feel for where receivers are around him, but can get flat-footed and savvy QBs can “push” him laterally, opening up holes for receivers to expose. Generally a reliable open-field tackler, but isn’t a punisher.

Closing/Recovery: Possesses outstanding game speed, including a late burst to recover if beaten initially. Can plant and drive downhill on the ball. Good recognition to know when he’s beat and to make the tackle and when he has a chance to break up the pass or go for the interception. Times his collisions well so he doesn’t draw the flag. Times his leaps well to compete for jump passes and shows good hand-eye coordination to slap away the ball as the receiver is attempting to secure it. Doesn’t turn enough PBU’s into interceptions, however, only securing four despite 26 passes defensed over his career.

Run Support: Recognizes run quickly and isn’t afraid to come up in support. Good agility and flashes physicality to break free from receiver blocks. Maintains his containment responsibility and will force the back inside. Isn’t a physical tackler, too often resorting to duck and swipe techniques, but gets the man on the ground.

Tackling: A reliable open-field tackler, but isn’t always pretty doing it. Has a tendency to lead with his shoulder and/or lunge at the defender, resulting in some precarious tackles. Flashes the ability to deliver a pop, but relies too much on arm tackles. Has to do a better job of wrapping up the ballcarrier, though important to note that he did not miss a tackle on the games reviewed. Occasionally asked to blitz off the edge. Times the blitz well, shows good closing speed and the wherewithal to strip the football. Did take a terrible angle on a big play by Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd in the Sun Bowl.

Intangibles: Passionate and accountable. Quoted as saying that he and his classmates (2008 signing class) should dedicate their 2010 season to head coach Randy Shannon and that they were largely to blame for Miami’s inconsistency. (Despite Harris’ words, Shannon was ultimately fired.) Ran track for Miami as a freshman in the 60 meter (indoor), 400 meter (outdoor) and 4×400 meter (both). Good bloodlines. Coached in high school by his father, Tim Harris, USA Today’s National Coach of the Year (2007). His brother, Tim, Jr. was a four-time All-American in track for Miami. Only needs to serve a two-month internship to earn his bachelor’s degree in Business.

Bottom Line on Brandon Harris:

Brandon Harris is an exceptionally quick cornerback whose athletic ability should allow him to thrive in man coverage in the NFL. He has just decent size, but he plays with a surprisingly-physical, aggressive style. He doesn’t stand out on tape because he doesn’t make a lot of impact plays. But he is one of the best cover corners in the nation.

Other possible suitors

I think any team from 13 (Detroit) to 19 (Giants) could look at Brandon Harris.

Especially Detroit, Jacksonville and San Diego.

A team can never have too many cornerbacks so I think Harris could be gone before the Giants pick.

Big Board Rankings

MockingtheDraft 16th overall 37th

ESPN Scouts INC 29th

SidelineScouting 17th

NFLDraftBible 35th

FantasyFootballToolbox 44

CBS Draft Scout 26th

Where the Mocks Have Him Falling

CBS Draft Scout’s Chad Reuter: 1st round 13th overall Detroit Lions

CBS Rob Rang 1st round 23rd overall Philadelphia Eagles 2nd round pick #40 Dallas Cowboys 1st round pick #24 Seattle Seahawks

Bartolis Final Thought

I’m in the Brandon Harris support camp. I love his game play, and I love his style. I love how competitive he is and I love how willing he is to play in run support. Harris gets his hands on the ball a lot but doesn’t intercept them, but I think that can improve. I don’t think it’s a problem that can be overcome.

Brandon Harris plays very fast and he plays with a swagger which is something that is very good and would be welcome to the NY Giants.

Harris is one of my five favorite prospects, at this moment, for the Giants at #19 in the N.F.L. draft (if they stay at 19).

But I’m not sure he’ll be one of the Giants favorite prospects, in fact I think when all is said and done they will like Cornerback Jimmy Smith more (profile coming later), but I have no problems with the Giants drafting Brandon Harris at 19th overall.

The only things that would make Harris more attractive to me for the Giants at 19th overall would be if he was a good return man, if he intercepted more passes, and if he had a little more height with his speed (though his height is not a hinderance)

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I’ve done a cornerback, a running back, two linebackers, and a Tight end now what’s the next position or player you guys want to see next?

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12 Responses to “They Might Be Giants (Prospect Profiles): CB Brandon Harris, The U”

  1. Joe says:

    You should do a tackle next.

  2. Steve B. says:

    Top OL in the draft, Need future C, RT and possibly LT

  3. jeremy P says:

    I will put on record that your posts are not too long. I come here for information, the more info the better.

    Reading his profile I didn’t find any reason to not draft him in the first round. He’s athletic and he tries hard, thats a great combo. He should be quick enough to guard the slot and is a good blitzer in the mold of Ronde Barber.

    I voted draft him at 19, but not necessarily a priority. I hate when people get hung up on value, never wanting to draft players too early. I think thats dumb, as long as they’re good football players and will produce on the field it doesn’t matter how early they are drafted. This guys looks like a gamer.

    With that said we probably could trade down and still get him. I know I’m one big walking contradiction. LOL!

    I really want some early day 3 draft picks, they really come in handy. There are always good prospects that slip through the cracks and I want the best chance to get some of those guys.

    Why don’t the Giants have any athletic LB’s on their team. I’m getting really upset. Especially when I see a receiver runs wide open over the middle of the field or a RB back catches a 3 yrd dump off pass then scampers 10 yrds for a first down. When the HELL is Sintum going to start making plays. Being a Giants fan is so frustrating, AHHHG!!

    I’m also starting to hate the Steelers they win too much in spite of their QB. Ben Roethlisberger isn’t even that good. He just runs around the field like a chicken with his head cut off pump faking until he sees someone he thinks is open. There’s no difference btw him and Jay Cutler. That might be a hyperbole but you get my point. I wouldn’t trade a crippled horse for Roethlisberger. Besides I believe Eli is undefeated against miniature Ben Roethlisberger anyway. BOO Steelers, BOO!!!!!

    I’ll be rooting for a 20-6 Packers win.

    • All right good toknow. that’s my philosophy too, the more information one can gather the better.

      I’m with you on the Steelers-Steelers win Because of their DEFENSE which is consistently excellent and because their division is filled with two incompetent teams. I’m rooting pack too.

  4. Geeeeemen says:

    Alright this guy is sick. Draft him. Draft everyone.

    It’s funny that when I watch a guy’s highlight reel I think he looks like Revis… because every time u see Revis it’s breaking up a pass. His real career is just a series of highlight plays over and over again!

    Anyway, this guy seems to be great at man to man – like Revis is. But Fewell runs a read and react, even though Webster and Thomas are probably better for man to man. Why don’t we adjust the scheme to the players, instead of making the player switch to the scheme?!

    Another thing I like about Harris is his speed. Let’s face it – we need to start drafting guys who can keep up with our division rivals’ speed on offense. Desean, Maclin, Mccoy, (Vick), Dez, Felix Jones, Austin, Armstrong/Banks are hurt us with speed. The Eagles drafted Jun Runyan mainly to block Strahan.

    LB/RB/CB in 1st round and i’ll be happy.

    • Steve B. says:

      Giants do run some Man to Man on D, but they do mix it up with zone. Just FYI

      I Do think we will draft a CB in the first 3 rounds, seems like a good corners class. I remember the stat I saw here awhile back, stating that the Giants were top 3 against #1 WR (Webster), top 7 against teams #2 WR (Thomas), but against teams #3 WR, they were ranked 31st. That is a problem with the slot receiver defender, who was mostly Aaron Ross.

      I do like Brandon Harris, wish he was 2 inches taller, but love his speed/willingness to get better.

      And it would be kind of funny to have 3 players from the U in the secondary. All you would hear is “from the U” on NBC Sunday Night game. Theres Kenny Phillips, Antrel Rolle, and possibly Brandon Harris

      • Jason C. says:

        The problem is if they draft a CB, unless he’s insanely talented off the bat, he will not supplant Ross as the nickel back, they need to address this position in free agency with a proven corner who can share time with Webster and Thomas against 1’s and 2’s as well. I do also think they should draft a corner, but later, around round 3 to fill depth. The amount of dead weight this team signed in the secondary throughout the season was atrocious.

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