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Draft Carousel: OT Anthony Castanzo, Boston College

The Next position I’m going to tackle (hahahahahahahahahahaha, no more bad puns I promise I can resist), is the Offensive line position, a position that many fans believe is the top priority for the first round. Someone in my last profile requested “The top OT” which is where the fun of the draft comes in, at this moment there is no clear-cut #1 offensive tackle and over the next few weeks and months Nate Solder, Derrick Sherrod, Gabe Carimi, and Anthony Costanzo will be jockying to be the #1 offensive tackle drafted in 2010.


Up first in our tackle series has a Tom Coughlin connection because he comes from Boston College, but is he a fit for the NY Giants let’s take a look.


Results are in from SeniorBowl Weight in:

6071, 315 pounds, 10 6/8 inch long hands (good big hands), 80 7/8 inch long wingspan.

Castanzo has surprising size for what people thought his size was which was good for him.

Video (these come from

The first one is from Florida State in 2009, the Second one is from North carolina when he played vs Robert Quinn (a potential top 5 pick in the draft), and the third one is from is USC in 2009.

When I can find some video from 2010 I’ll update this.

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Scouting Reports


Position Ranking: #2

Strengths: Costanzo is a high effort player who consistently shows good overall technique. Has sound fundamentals, well coached, and uses technique to gain leverage on opponents in the run game. Works to get inside hand placement and plays with consistent knee bend, playing balanced and disciplined. Ideal height and arm length for the position. He will extend arms at the snap and jolt oppenent with heavy hands. Puts himself in proper position to handle outside speed rush; good initial kick out in release to get depth in his pass protection. Shows enough quickness to consistently get to the second level and neutralize linebackers and safeties. Can pull and trap effectively to open running lanes inside with above-adequate quickness. Has enough foot quickness to re-direct on double moves in pass protection. Tough. Plays to the whistle. Good lateral quickness to angle block. Consistently plays over his pads.

Needs Improvement: Athleticism is only above-adequate. Won’t be able to drive opponents off the line of scrimmage with the same consistency unless size and strength improve. Not extremely quick off the snap, can be buckled back against athetic opponents with a good combination of quickness and strength ; may always have trouble with elite edge rushers ((Bartolis note: think Cole, Trent; Ware, Demarcus; and Orakpo, Brian). Shows some trouble handling a quick initial inside move which may lead to holding calls and a loss of leverage. Will have trouble adjusting quickly in space against some NFL linebackers. Size and bulk must improve to be elite.

Bottom Line: A four year starter at Boston College, Anthony Costanzo is a coach’s dream and won’t make many bad decisions along the offensive line. He’s smart and is quick to recognize what an opponent hopes to do against him; very aware of stunts and loops. Costanzo’s effort will never be questioned as he’s a high character player in this regard, but isn’t extremely physical, nor does he play with a mean streak. Overall strength and athleticism won’t allow him to be the dominant player he was at times during his career at Boston College, and must improve to become an elite tackle in the NFL. Foot quickness isn’t impressive, but neither a detriment to his overall game. I feel Costanzo’s commitment to sound technique, along with his football intelligence will allow him to grow into a quality starting left tackle in the NFL, but he may need to begin his career at right tackle. Anthony Costanzo is the most technique savvy tackle in this draft class and won’t be available long once the selections start.

Draft Projection: Mid 1st to early 2nd round.


Positives: Intelligent, heady… Very good athlete… Solid pass blocker… Plays with good overall technique… Natural knee bender… Good length and long arms… Agile with reasonably quick nimble feet… Good initial quickness, sets up quickly… Good body control… Quick kick step… Good lateral movement and slide… Good blocking range… Does a real good job mirroring defenders… Solid run blocker… Very good short area quickness… Carries his pads well… Does a good job bringing his feet along with him… Gets into defenders quickly… Solid strength at POA… Good quick punch… Can get to the second level… Reasonably good flexibility and COD… Does a nice job blocking in space… Plays with good balance… Tough… Works hard to finish blocks… Can play Left Tackle but is a perfect fit as a Right Tackle in ZBS, similar in many ways to Houston’s Eric Winston.

Negatives: A little thin, needs to add 12-15 lbs (like I said he’s bigger then people intially thought though)… Needs to improve his footwork, especially when re-setting against speed rushers… Not real strong or powerful… Needs to improve lower body strength… Doesn’t hold up especially well to bull rushers, can be knocked off balance… Will occasionally reach or lean on the edge versus good speed… Doesn’t always break down well in space but generally gets in the way of defender… More of a wall-off blocker than actual contact maker in space.

CBS Draft Scout

Pass blocking: Good initial quickness out of his stance. Gains depth efficiently in his kick-slide. Plays with good balance, moving on the balls of his feet with his knees bent and shoulders square. Shows good lateral agility to slide and mirror the pass rusher. Appears to be quick enough for the cut-block on quick throws. Prototypical long arms to grasp the pass rusher and has improved his strength to control. Can struggle with leverage and be walked back into the pocket by short, stout pass rushers able to get into his chest. Lacks the sand in his pants to anchor sufficiently.Run blocking: Gets a good initial push, but loses the leverage battle quickly and struggles to sustain. Gives good effort and has made significant improvement in this area over the past three seasons. Has a tendency to get his hands too far outside the numbers, but with greater strength would have more control. Relies on positioning and technique and lacks the power to drive defenders off the ball, despite improvement in this area. Flashes some leg drive when he gets under the pads of an opponent.Pulling/trapping: Has above-average straight-line speed and is surprisingly effective changing direction and hitting a moving target blocking in space. Technically refined trap blocker, though his lack of bulk and ideal strength make him less effective. Good athleticism overall. Should continue to improve in this area.Initial Quickness: Good initial quickness off the snap. Eases out of his stance into pass protection and is typically able to secure the edge. Can be beaten by pure speed rushers able to turn him and get under his reach. Gains an initial advantage in the running game due to his quickness and is often able to turn and seal his defender from the action.Downfield: Lacks ideal balance and strength, but not effort, in blocking downfield. Works to sustain. Has made improvements in this area over his career.Intangibles: Has started all 53 games of his career, tying the Boston College all-time record. Was the first true freshman to start the season opener on the offensive line in 10 years. Enrolled as a biochemistry major in the College of Arts & Sciences and was an Illinois State Scholar in high school. Won the Scanlan Award, BC’s highest honor, after his senior season. Goal is to one day conduct cancer research.

Big Board 28th overall 17th overall Late 1st round/ 16th overall

CBS draft scout 25th

Possible Landing Spots

The Colts-I know they pick after the Giants, but if they ever decide to trade up and grab a player who is made for them, Castanzo is it. I think he’d be PERFECT with the Colts as the LT protecting Manning until he retires.

Minnesota-there is a believe that the Vikings could look to upgrade their OL and secure the future after Bryant Mckinnie.

Detriot-they seem to love Jeff Backus, but they could use someone to keep Matthew Stafford upright for once.

These are the three main teams I see considering Castanzo and I think he will be available when the Giants pick at 19th overall.

Where the Mocks Have Him Falling 1st round pick #22 Indinapolis Colts 1st round pick # 29 Chicago Bears

CBS Rob Rang’s mock: Kansas City Chiefs 21st overall

CBS’ Chad Reuter’s mock draft 1st round pick 19 NY Giants 1st round pick #19 NY Giants

Bartolis Final Thought

Castanzo is an interesting one for me because to me (and I generally don’t like going this way) Castanzo as a possibility for the Giants is reliant entirely on what the Giants think William Beatty can be.

What I mean by this is Castanzo is a technical, savvy, blocker with underrated athletic ability. Castanzo is the modern day Blind side tackle because his strength is in his ability to wall off pass rushers to keep them from getting to the quarterback. I don’t know if he can play the typical right side unless he gets bigger and stronger as a mauling blocker, but he can play RT in some schemes.

Which could be a problem for the Giants if William Beatty can’t play right tackle. If Beatty can be the RT of the future Castanzo might make a ton of sense for the Giants as he could be the future at LT will Beatty holds down the right side and the Giants would have a theoratically productive Tackle pair for the next 10 to 15 years. However, if Beatty can’t play RT and Castanzo can’t play RT they have two pass blocking LT, and while that’s not bad it’s a bit redundant and useless.

I always am a proponet of drafting the best available player and letting that sort itself out and if I thought Castanzo was going to be the best player available at that time I would be all for it. But I don’t think that’s the case.

I think he’s a safe player. He has a good work ethic, he has good technique, he has good length, and good athletic ability he should be pretty good and solid all around player, but I don’t think he’ll be the best player available.

Player Comparison: Sam Baker (out of USC) currently on the Falcons. Baker came into the league as a much better pass blocker than run blocker and at about the same size and with a similar pedigree as Castanzo. Baker has improved his run blocking and is a very solid player for the Falcons.

Or the Colts Offensive Tackles of yesteryear. I’m talking about the one before Tony Ugoh (who’s name escapes me now) I think Castanzo could excel playing for the Colts where he’d be asked to be a player that understood the scheme and just kept defenders away from Peyton Manning, but also was able to use his athleticism (I think he has underrated athletic ability) to run the stretch play and just don’t get out of position or overwhelmed at the point of attack.

I’m not anti-Anthon Castanzo, but again this is not a pick I will jump for joy for the Giants in the first round, which is how I feel about a lot of these players (which just goes to my opinion that it’s kind of an average draft). There are a few exceptions, but I think the Giants can find some quality in later rounds.

Castanzo won’t embarass a franchise and will be productive somewhere which is always something nice to have, but I’m not sure that he fits the Giants system as much as he would in other systems so even if I think he’ll be a good player I don’t think his best spot is with the Giants for him personally (like I said the Colts for one he’d be really good one, and the Patriots as well, and any team that also runs a zone blocking scheme.

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Don’t be shy about letting me know what you guys think about Castanzo

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10 Responses to “Draft Carousel: OT Anthony Castanzo, Boston College”

  1. jeremy P says:

    I would rather not see a lineman drafted with the 19th pick but if we did this guy seems smart, doesn’t quit and has good technique. So he wouldn’t be a wasted pick.

  2. Jason C. says:

    I think offensive line will be adressed later in the draft, however Beatty is probably the future at left, so if they do go after a tackle I hope it’s a HUGE right tackle. I feel they draft a center to take over after next year, or if O’Hara is injured again.

  3. Joe says:

    I’ve seen Tyron smith mocked to us a few times. Reports are that he is only280! I’m real intrested to see what he is all about. Would he be the thinnest linemen in the NFL? Maybe he can start a new era of OL being only muscle and speed. No fat slowing them down. That type of thing…… I don’t know I’ve just never heard of a guy being only 280 before.

  4. Adam Y says:

    does anybody see the chance of the g-men picking up logan mankins? it seems like the patriots arent going to bring him back this year

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  6. Tuck n Rolle says:

    Anthony Castonzo played some left guard in the Senior Bowl, which was a failed experiment. He also surrendered a sack in the second quarter to Brooks Reed, displaying ugly footwork.

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