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Thoughts and Musings

Happy Monday Giants fans! Hope your weekend was good. We’re getting into draft coverage.

-Remember, we’re still looking for a draft writer. Email Me if interested, with a sample article.

-Our Prospect Profiles series is gaining steam. Lots of good prospects this year. Many who can help the Giants.

-I think the Giants will target Best Player Available in the first round. Obviously, if the best player is a QB, they won’t. But, whether it’s an offensive or defensive lineman, linebacker or something else, the Giants won’t reach for need. Never have. Never will.

-Outside linebacker is still probably the biggest need. Akeem Ayers is the best 4-3 outside linebacker, but he’s not ready to start on day 1. The Giants will look hard at him. I like Mason Foster, from Washington or Mark Herzlich, from BC. I don’t want a defensive end that is transitioning to outside backer. Doesn’t work well in the 4-3.

-Why doesn’t it work well in the 4-3, but it does work in the 3-4? Because in the 3-4, outside linebackers are asked mainly to rush the passer. There’s more coverage responsibilities in the 4-3.

-Annoyance interlude: Fire alarm went off in my building at 2 in the morning. Turned out to be a false alarm, the batteries were out or something. But, it was 2 in the morning. I was happily sleeping. Warm, in my bed. It was cold out. At 2 in the morning. Needless to say I was not happy.

-I still have no idea what’s going to happen with the CBA. My heart says, they’ll get something, if just for public perception. 18 games seems like a real possibility. I’m not a fan, but it makes sense for the owners. More games, more profit. If the lockout does occur, I fear the American economy will suffer greatly. To put on one game, think of how many people it takes. Now multiply that for 32 teams, for at least 8 weeks a year. That’s a lot of people who will be unemployed. Add in lost TV revenue, lost ad revenue, lost revenue for bars and restaurants, lost revenue for merchandise, etc, etc, and the league, and the country simply can’t afford it. You’re going to see politicans step in, and I think soon. Too much is riding on it, and I don’t think enough attention is being paid to that fact.

-The real date is not March 4th, but the start of Camp. If they can get it together before training camp, then at least the season won’t be in chaos.

-Still, I think it’s hard to predict what’s going to happen. Logic goes out the window, unfortunately.

-If there is a lockout, and football doesn’t return until 2012, how many people will be alienated to the fact that they don’t watch?

-I won’t, but I think there will be a faction who will. Take the NHL lockout as an example.

-Valentine’s Day interlude: Are the only people who think that Valentine’s Day is just a Holiday made by greeting card companies single? Cause I don’t hear complaining from people in relationships. I don’t really care about the holiday. Yes, ladies, I am single. But that’s not the point. You should show love year round, not just on one day.

– You can use this space to request additional prospect profiles, if you are so inclined.

-Player that I think may breakout: Travis Beckum

-Player that I think may regress: Ahmad Bradshaw, assuming he is re-signed.

-Player that I think will stay the same: Justin Tuck.

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11 Responses to “Thoughts and Musings”

  1. jeremy P says:

    Being woken up by a false alarm in the dead of night is annoying. It happened not to long ago to me in my dorm room- some doush was cooking at 3 in the AM- all the students in the building had to stand outside in the rain until we got the ok to go back to bed. Not fun times at all.

  2. Good points, Fuchs, about the lockout. I’m nearly positive, the N.F.L. is given an anti-trust excemption, so basically they are a monopoly of sorts but the government allows it, that’s why they can step in on issues,I never thought about that possibility though.

    Mason Foster is nice I like him.

    Player to breakout: William Beatty. I think he has the most chance to see a significant increase of playing time this season.

  3. Jeremy H. says:

    politicians steppig in? yea right…the nfl is a private company. politicians cant do diddly. And they shouldnt do diddly either…talk about over-reaching government. I dont see neither side folding for quite awhile.Too much at stake..or should I say too much money. And I live in Indiana I have the most to lose if their is no deal because I want to go to the super bowl in Indy.

    • companies are not allowed to have monopolies in the United States, which the N.F.L. has…thus they are given an anti-trust exemption by the governement which allows them to be operational and not shut down by the government…the government can legally step in, I believe.

  4. BoomKentucky says:

    I haven’t really watched the NHL since the lockout. I was a pretty big fan before but lost interest because of it. I don’t think the NFL will suffer as much as the NHL did but it took baseball awhile to get back on its feet too.

  5. Eric says:

    Jeremy how about Von Miller pretty please? And maybe another tight end or two that might be available in the 2nd through 4th rounds other than Kyle Rudolph who I desperately want when the giants pick in the second round if he is still available(doubtful.) we miss you Jesse!

    • Jeremy Fuchs says:

      A few tight ends are going to be profiled soon. Also, Von Miller. I’ll profile him, but he’s a 3-4 guy, and he’ll be gone way before the Giants pick. Could go to Dallas at 9. But, he will be profiled

    • Thanks, Eric, I appreciate it. I miss writing about the Giants too, but I’m enjoying being the editor at as well.

      I agree with Fuchs that Von Miller will be long gone before the Giants pick, as Adam Schefter (one of the few ESPN guys I actually like and believe) said that Von Miller is going in the top 5…to either Buffalo or Arizona would be my best guess.

      I disagree with Fuchs that teams won’t consider him for the 4-3 because at the Senior Bowl he showed very fluid hips and the ability to cover, and being that he’s good in the run game he might work well as a 4-3 Sam…the probelm his he’s slender. Plays tough, but doesn’t weigh a lot for a 4-3 OLB.

      Tight Ends I like other then Rudolph:

      Luke Stocker (solid pass catcher and solid blocker, faster than Boss…compared a lot to Jason Witten…I’m not sure about that, but he’s a nice prospect in the second round)

      Lance Kendricks, Wisconsin is a good receiving tight end.

      Zach Pinialto is a very talented TE out of North Carolina, but was injured a lot in his career and probably will be a 6th or 7th round pick, but if healthy could be a steal. I like him.

  6. Eric says:

    I hope Dallas does not get him. I would hate Eli being chased by ware and miller twice a year.

  7. Jeremy Fuchs says:

    Profiles coming up:
    KJ Wright
    Marcus Gilbert
    DJ Williams
    Phil Taylor
    Randall Cobb
    Johnny Patrick
    Mike Pouncey
    Corey Liuget
    Luke Stocker

    Working on more, but those are coming up very soon

  8. Eric says:

    Only thing for me is that I’m a little sick of the giants trying to covert these solid 3-4 guys into 4-3 SAMs and we have had no success doing so. I would much rather grab a guy like Akeem ayers who actually plays the 4-3 but if we do something like that it looks like we wasted a pick on sintim. I’m very afraid of him getting burried on the depth chart and him actualy being good. What do you guys think?

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