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Thoughts and Musings

Another Monday, another edition of T and M. I hope your weekend was fun. Now, let’s talk Giants.

-I think Barry Cofield is a goner. I’m not sure about Kevin Boss. I’m leaning towards saying the Giants keep Bradshaw, but haven’t fully decided. Kiwanuka, it all depends on his medicals. Which is something I’m not sure about.

-Of course, if the CBA goes crazy, then everything goes out the window. This assumes a CBA is signed before March 4th.

-If it is signed, I would love Chad Greenway, who would solve our strongisde ‘backer problems. Will they get him? Don’t know.

-Back to the lockout. I still can’t imagine a scenario where it actually happens. Where week 1 comes around and there is no football. Maybe it won’t get done by March 4th. But, I think the NFL realizes how important it is, and how much money stands to be lost if there is no deal, and it will come to its senses.

-But, that’s based on logic and reason. And logic and reason can go out the door in these situations. I have absolutely no idea what will happen. I’ve heard a lot of things from a lot of people. But no one is sure. From some of the people I’ve talked to, here’s what I’ve gathered:

  • Half the owners are on Team Jerry Jones, half are on Team Daniel Synder
  • Those positions aren’t entirely clear. No one really knows what Jones and Snyder really want
  • Revenue sharing is at the heart of this. The players want at least a 50-50 split
  • They aren’t going to get that
  • I believe it’s 75-25 now, but don’t quote me on that.
  • I’ve heard a compromise of 60-40, 65-35, but I’d be shocked if it’s anything other that 70-30
  • Owners want 18 games. And why not? More money, more revenue. I’ve heard 18 games with two preseason games
  • I’ve heard 18 games with six preseason games
  • The six preseason games would feature either two or four games featuring players that are on the bubble. That would actually make for interesting television.
  • Ticket prices may be reduced for those games
  • I’ve heard a “soft cap” being floated around. The NBA has one. It basically means that, under certain circumstances, like keeping a popular hometown player, you can exceed the cap. Good explanation of it here

-But all of that is hearsay, and I think it changes a lot daily. I’m writing this Sunday night. It could change by the time it posts Monday morning. So, it’s hard to say. I think common sense is the way the deal should be made. Increased benefits for retired players. Stay with the current revenue sharing plan (or, increase it for the players a bit). 16 game schedule.

-But, again, I just don’t know, and I don’t think anyone truly knows. People say, “Oh, it will get done”. But, I’m really not sure.

-If it’s not done by training camp, I’ll get worried. Because then the season would have to be delayed. If it gets delayed, it could easily get locked out.

-And no one wants that.

-Music interlude: I created a killer playlist on iTunes. Classic stuff. Eagles, Clapton, Skynard and more. Great guitar stuff. If I knew how to share a playlist, I would. But, alas, I do not.

-I keep thinking that the Giants will not draft a college defensive end and make him into a linebacker, but then I remember: Mathias Kiwanuka, Clint Sintim, Adrian Tracy. Some people like chocolate. The Giants like converting undersized defensive ends into strongside linebackers. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

-I wonder, though, if Kiwi comes back, healthy, will the Giants try him out at linebacker again. He wasn’t terrible. He was good actually. With JPP showing a ton of promise, you could put Kiwi there and maybe not worry about the position.

-Or, maybe Adrian Tracy comes through. Doubt it though. Coming from a small school (William and Mary) is hard enough. Now, he has to change positions after being injured for a year. Tough

-All I want for Christmas is a kick and punt returner who can actually, you know, return kicks and punts. I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

-I also want a linebacker, an offensive lineman, and an explosive playmaker. But, let’s not get greedy here.

-But, like Gordon Gekko said, Greed is good.

-And, to further the metaphor, is that what owners are thinking? Fans love football. We love money. Let’s be greedy and give everybody MORE of what they want! That line of thinking actually kind of makes sense. I don’t buy it. I think owners want money and don’t care about the fan. But, that’s just the cynic in me. Maybe there’s a win-win here.

-If players are assured of better benefits for retired players, better benefits for disabled players, and a little bit more of revenue pie, 18 games won’t be a problem. At least that’s what I think. Maybe players can get paid, owners can get paid, and fans have more football. Why do I feel that that’s not going to happen?

-Random interlude: What’s with the phenomena that states if you see a person one time, meet them once, run into them once, you will continue to see them everywhere? Is it some law? Or is it just that you always saw them a lot but never noticed them cause you didn’t know who they were? I’d say the latter, but it’s just freaky. Also freaky: The fact that I’ve been seeing numerous lookalikes of people I went to high school with in the past two weeks? Like, is the universe playing some sort of mind game against me? Cause if it is, I’m losing. Badly

-We have selected a new writer. Thanks to everyone who applied. Lots of great people, hard to choose. I’ll allow him to introduce himself later, but let’s just say GiantsGab is about to get all scholarly up in here

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  1. Jared says:

    He was just tagged!

  2. I write this blog last year, but I’d like to see a 17-game schedule with two bye weeks, plus one neutral-site game for each team. Check it out!

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