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Giants Draft Roundtable Discussion

We are bringing our vintage Giants roundtable discussion to a special NFL Draft style edition. The discussion will include talks about the Giants, and other prospects in the draft. Enjoy!

Do teams really honestly draft the “best player available” like they say they do, or do they draft the best player available at a needed position they have?

Jeremy: I think, ideally, they would. However, if a need outweighs the best player available, then they go for need. The best drafts combines need and best player available

JW: I have to agree with Jeremy. If you’re a team that’s currently contending, you might be able to draft the best player available and let him grow. The Giants did this when they drafted Kiwanuka and Tuck in the same draft (Both the BPA) at that selection. Your thinking, the Giants are crowded at D-Line now, and it ended up paying dividends. Teams who are at the bottom might feel more inclined to draft for need.

You’re on the clock. Who do the Giants take with the 19th overall selection?

Jeremy: In an ideal world, BC OT Anthony Castanzo. I think he can start at left tackle from day 1, move David Diehl back to guard, and really solidify the line. However, I’m starting to believe more and more that he won’t be there at 19. I think he’s going to go to Detroit at 13. I think the next guy the Giants should take is Illinois DT Corey Liuget. With Barry Cofield probably going to go, they need a DT, and at 19, Liuget will be the best one available

JW: I agree, again. I wish Castanzo is still on the board at 19. However, I just don’t think he will be. He’s too ready to go from day 1 to fall that far. The Lions are a decent team. If you can protect Matthew Stafford and actually allow him to play, he will help them, a lot. While the Lions might want to draft a Da’quan Bowers and improve that defensive line, they need to protect their franchise QB. I have a feeling with Castanzo off the board; the Giants will look at Mike Pouncey. However, he too could be gone. He’s an option. So is DT Corey Liguet from Illions. Don’t rule out the Giants’ trading down, either.

Who is one late round selection you think the Giants should target and why?

Jeremy: I think late round selections should always be guys who are high risk high reward. They’re late round picks for a reason. If you get someone who has fallen because of character concerns, you roll the dice on their talent. That’s why I think Florida S Will Hill should be a late round target. On talent, probably the best safety. Of course, it’s not his talent that’s the issue, it’s his character. Irresponsible, think he’s arrived. He has things to work on. If the Giants can get him to focus on football, he could be the steal of the draft. Prototypical free safety.

JW: I think some late round selections should be guys who are high risk, but those are the guys who fill out your roster. Guys with potential. Guys who can be down the road starters and contribute on special teams right away. I think a guy like Will Hill is an intriguing option, but I don’t think he fits with what the Giants do. I like Alex Green, the RB out of Hawaii. I think he could come in right away and be a short yardage back. He might end up being the steal of that class. Reminds me of a poor man’s Steven Jackson, a lot.

Biggest risk in this years draft class and why?

Jeremy: I think it’s Auburn QB Cam Newton. I think he’s very talented. But, given where he’s going to be selected, he’s not going to have the time to develop properly. He’s going to be thrown into the fire, and he’s just not ready. Besides the character concerns, he needs to learn how to play in a Pro Style offense, and going to Carolina or Buffalo, he just won’t have the weapons needed to get by on talent alone. Ideally, he needs a year or two to sit. He’s not going to get it. So, he’ll be forced to start like Day 1, and I think, like Vince Young, after an initial spark, he’s going to flame out.

JW: I think it has to be Da’quan Bowers. Not so much for his play or potential play on the field, but his knee. According to many reports, he’s going to eventually need microfracture surgery on his knee, and there’s no guarantee he’d be the same. He has tremendous ability. But is he worth a top 15 pick if you might only get 2-3 years out him? Something to think about.

Most overrated player in this year draft class and most underrated player in this years draft class?

Jeremy: The most overrated player might be Mark Ingram. That’s not to say he’s bad. But the Emmitt Smith comparisons are a bit much for me. The most underrated player, I think, is Patrick Peterson. He’s getting top 5 consideration, but I think he should be the clear number one pick. I think he’s, far and away, the best player in this draft. He will be a shutdown corner, much like Charles Woodson. Will be an impact returner. Those players don’t grow on trees. You think, if people knew how good Revis was going to be, he wouldn’t go 14? He would be in consideration for number one overall. Peterson should be the pick for Carolina.

JW: To me, it’s Tyron Smith, OT, USC. I see how much potential he has, I do. But to be considered a top ten pick? I just don’t see it based on his play. He will be a LT eventually, but not right away. Can you justify taking a kid in the top ten when he isn’t ready to play LT right away? He’s raw.

Who is the player you think falls the most in this year’s draft and why?

Jeremy: I think Auburn DT Nick Fairley. Clearly talented, he has so many questions about work ethic. Too many comparisons to Albert Haynesworth, or even worse, Johnathan Sullivan. On tape, Fairley is so explosive. Almost unblockable. But, the issues off the field will make him fall more than he should.

JW: I think its Ryan Mallet. I like the kid; I think he can be a stud in this league. But character concerns have a first round talent type player falling into the second, maybe even third round. He has the best arm in the draft, and is accurate. Why isn’t he garnering talks about being in the first round? Off the field issues. He will slide come draft day.

Has Jerry Resse gotten to much credit for the last few drafts? He’s still been unable to find that impact linebacker. Will this year be the year he gets his “impact linebacker?”

Jeremy: He hasn’t been able to find an impact linebacker, but he found Jon Goff, a 6th round pick, who’s going to be very good. Some credit there. I don’t think this is the year for an impact linebacker, just because I don’t think there is one. Other than Von Miller, who’s a 3-4 linebacker and a top 5 pick, there just aren’t any Ray Lewis types in this draft. Inside, outside, it doesn’t matter. There is no slam dunk, impact linebacker. There are guys with talent. But they also have question marks.

JW: That’s a very good point. People tend to forget that. Goff was a 6th round pick. It seems he’s whiffed on Sintim and missed on a few other mid round selections, too. Overall, he’s done a solid job. No complaints from me. This won’t be the year we get our impact linebacker. As you said, maybe only one guy will make a big impact and he won’t be ours.

Any other things to add?

Jeremy: I think this draft has to accomplish a few things: Offensive line depth, particularly center, defensive line depth, secondary depth, and an impact player. If they do that, it will be a good one.

JW: I agree. We need line depth on both sides of the ball. Particular the interior. We need guys in the secondary who can find the ball, make players, and get players in front of them. I’m just glad were talking non-lockout things for an extended period of time.


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3 Responses to “Giants Draft Roundtable Discussion”

  1. Steve B. says:

    Interesting report that the Steelers really want 2 pair up the Pouncey brothers, and are looking to trade up in the draft.

    I would really like to see the Giants trade back in the first round, and by trading with Steelers (Giants do have ties to Steelers), we would get their 2nd round pick also. I dont think Castanzo is gonna be available at 19, and not really crazy about anyone else. Couple options at 31 could include Carimi (possible LT, but like him as RT), maybe Mark Ingram, maybe Ayers.

    Personally, I am not crazy about Pouncey, I actually like Stefen Wisniewski a little bit better in the 2nd round, a pure center (maybe even if we trade back to 31, depends who is available).

    Will be interesting to see what happens

    • sam says:

      Yes Steve B.! Thats the deal we need to make man, trade back with the steelers and get their 2nd rounds picks that’ll be beautiful! We can probably get Ben Ijalana or Muhammed Wilkerson at 31 or maybe even take Akeem Ayers which I HATE at 19 but dont mind at 31. I really think the value of this draft is at the end of the 1st through 3rd rounds.

      P.S Dan I feel the same ay about Jimmy Smith I really like him I feel like we should take him because hes GOING to be the Best Player Available at 19. I also dont want to take the chance of seeing him in a Eagles uniform. He has the size Reese likes plus hes faster then any of our DBs which is good because we need some speed back there bad!

      Draft Board at 19 Anthony Castonzo,Trade Back,Jimmy Smith,Mike Pouncey and Muhammed Wilkerson are even

      I think teams go BPA but this do what Parcells said on ESPN, they put DNF(Does Not Fit) so It doesnt matter how good someone is if he DNF what we do.

  2. Dan says:

    Hey guys, love the site. Couple quick things: Goff was tech a 5th rounder (2 picks before 6th) and tuck was ’05 and kiwi was ’06 (not the same draft), but I get your point that they’re clearly not shy about shoring up trenches.

    What % chance do you give in the G-Men trading back and landing a Rudolph or an Ayers? There seems to be more than enough OL depth to not “reach” for Pouncey or Carimi @ 19. I like Steve B’s idea about the Steelers.

    Also- Jimmy Smith? I see him going to Philly but is that a headache the Giants would chance?

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