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Eagles Sign Steve Smith

Here’s a shocker: The Eagles have signed Steve Smith. No I am not kidding. It was widely assumed that Smith would re-up with the Giants. Now he’s heading to Philly, on a one year deal. More later.

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45 Responses to “Eagles Sign Steve Smith”

  1. Bryan H says:

    This is unreal

  2. CMH says:

    I feel sick to my stomach.

  3. Dman552 says:

    How in the heck…??? The EAGLES??? I would accept the Redskins and even the Cowboys, but the EAGLES?? They are turning into the most hated team in the sport. It would not surprise me if they signed him just to keep him away from the Giants. They have no need for him. With Jackson, Maclin, and Avant they’re pretty set at the postion. Ridiculous.

  4. Bryan H says:

    Well lets TRY and look at the bright side.
    He is coming off major knee surgery and as we seen with Phillips, he wouldn’t have been much of a contributor this year, regardless.
    Maybe after his one year in Philly, he comes back. (if we as fans actually can stomach that)
    This also gives the opportunity for other WR’s to step up.
    Manningham was excellent as a #2 receiver as well.
    Jernigan, Cruz, Barden (when off the PUP), Hixon, and my sleeper for the most productive out of the bunch, Devin Thomas.
    He was a former second round pick who was drafted by the Redskins and got caught up in the celebrity life and never focused solely on football. Not too mention, he had Campbell, Grossman, (then when picked up by the Panthers), Jimmy Clausen and Matt Moore, throwing him the ball. I truly believe he is focused now, and if given the opportunity I believe he will become a dangerous weapon for Eli Manning, and he will show why he was a 2nd round pick.

    Again, Fellow Giants fans, this is another extremely hard hit, but this is a resilient group and we must have confidence in our team. Our defense is still excellent, running back’s are very productive, and we have good (potentially great) young receivers.

    • Ed Horan says:

      I’d like to beleive it, but I don’t. I think it’s a bad year for Reese and ergo a bad year for the Giants

  5. G-MenfaninCO says:

    This is just absurd. Jerry Reese, once considered one of the best GMs in the game needs to lose his head over this. Mara and Co. should be ashamed of what they have/have not accomplished this off season. A total embarrassment. Giants fans should boycot game one ofthe season! The entire Giants organization is a joke right now. They need to understand you need an offense to go along with defense in order to win in this league. Who’s left for Manning? Several players who couldn’t cut it on other teams? Ughh, I’m with you CMH, I want to puke!

  6. CMH says:

    Steve- Thanks for your contributions. You were great here.

    Now please go blow out your ACL.

  7. jerseyjb says:

    this is unbelievable. first boss, now this. Jerry Reese please take tour thumb out of your a** and secure our players, find us some o linemen, and then please retire your services are no longer needed here

  8. Bobby H says:

    What the Hell is going on? This is insane! See you guys next year. This year is over already. I have never seen anything in my 35 years as a Giants fan. Totally imbarassed for the whole organization.

  9. VicInDallas says:

    He’s coming off major knee surgery, won’t be much of a player this season. I’m mad I misplaced my #12 Steve Smith jersey……I don’t have the satisfaction of burning it!

    I’m starting to have doubts about Reese. Just gotta see how the season plays out.

  10. Bobby H says:

    I am so frigging upset that I can’t finish my thoughts.

  11. Jeffield1 says:

    JR should be relieved for malfeasance.

    How could we have been so unprepared?
    How come Eli hasn’t restructured?

    Eagles go all in.
    They have the eye of the tiger…

  12. twerp says:

    They just look totally inept. Signing players who retire 2 days later. Letting the Jets and Eagles take the top 2 receivers from the ’08 Team. Everyone else found a way to spend money why didn’t we?

    • Jason C. says:

      “Everyone else found a way to spend money why didn’t we?”
      Very interesting point, maybe someone can ask Jerry next time they interview him.

  13. Bobby H says:

    So basically the only guys that will play for the giants this year are the ones that can’t leave.

  14. Big Daddy says:

    The sky is falling OMG Smith is gone. Smith the slow running one year wonder who has a knee issue. Our passing game is ruined now!!!!! Oh wait we have Nicks and Manningham to start and Hixon and some other really talented young receivers all pushing for playing time.

    It’s always the same thing, when Shockey left, when Tiki left oh that’s right we won a super bowl without Tiki. When Luke was cut and on and on.

    Jerry SUX!!!!!!!!!!!! Like any GM even the GREAT Bill Parcells, JR has some mistakes, some miscues and some bad luck as with Chad Jones for instance. But overall his ability to find talent is amazing and anybody who thinks he is incompetent does not know football. The great Kevin Boss who we lost out on was drafted very late by Reese. So in one breath people say he stinks because we lost Boss but forget he was the GM who found him when everybody passed round after round.

    Watch for Jake Ballard to be our starting TE. I still haven’t given up on Barden and Sintim, injuries have derailed these guys.

    • jeremy P. says:

      Also another very sensible reaction.

      Although, we need more production out of our starting TE than Jake Ballard can provide. I’m hoping Beckum steps up or we run a lot of three and 4 wide with Bradshaw and our 7th round pick this year (his name escapes me) coming out of the backfield.

  15. k.g. says:

    He’s coming off major knee surgery,our top 2 receivers are good(one of the best duos in the league)so we just need a third receiver. Giant’s fans calm down. The offense is the least of this team’s problems.

    • jeremy P. says:

      A very sensible reaction KG.

      This isn’t baseball it’s the NFL, so impossible to have superstars at every position for extended periods of the time.

      We cannot keep everyone, especially over priced slot receivers who will be at best our third wideout.

  16. twerp says:

    How if offense the least of our problems? O-Line shakeup, unproven guys behind Nicks (Manningham is a tad overrated), average running backs, and who is playing TE for us?

    Bottom line is if this team disappoints, the front office have themselves to blame.

  17. Matt says:

    I just don’t understand this at all. There must be something really wrong with Smith or the giants should just be incredibly embarrassed. I don’t get it, he was so important to this team as was boss and now they r both gone with very little in terms of a replacement. Don’t tell me we have options at reciever, he’s a pro bowl player and we have no answer going into this year. We have two dry good recievers instead of 3. This team is getting worse and worse on paper every day. Let’s see the year play out but I don’t see anything but a mediocre season. Jerry R looks like a deer in the headlights as tons of moves are going down in the division and the giants are doing nothing but push internal names at us as answers. Worse o line, no smith, no boss. Our offense is looking very rough if Eli dosnt straighten himself out a bit. Anyone think the giants might have high hopes for jerrelle jernigan in the near future as a slot reciever?

    • Matt says:

      * very good receivers

      • Jason C. says:

        I’m thinking that is the only reason here, it has to have something to do with Jernigan’s play, it can’t be Reynaud or Thomas (who apparently are killing it in camp, but doubtful they’d let Smith go because of them, Thomas being hurt now).

  18. jeremy P. says:

    Steve Smith witnesses a team draft his replacement in jerrel jernigan, then refuse to give him a multi year deal after two years of exceptional play.

    I don’t blame him for leaving!!!

    He would have been no better than third on the depth chart. Why would the Giants pay a third wide receiver big time money? Money cannot be tied up into 3 wideouts, Manninghams contract is expiring soon, so we must reserve money for him.

    (While I was shocked SS chose the Eagles, I wasn’t surprised he left. But on the bright side we did add another compensatory draft pick.)

    Ease off the cliff, put down the pistols Giants fans, it isn’t the end of the world. We must rely that much more on Eli that is why he gets paid the big bucks. Eli is the most blitzed QB in the NFL losing Steve Smith is only going to exacerbate that, so Beckum MUST step up, I mean 60 catches 9 TDs, stepped up.

    PS: Rogers Cromartie is not that good, he’s all flash. I guarantee you manningham can abuse him out on the field. Nnahmdi vs Nicks will be the matchup to look at.

  19. twerp says:

    I don’t blame Smith for this at all, he did what he had to do.

  20. Jared says:

    How much did they pay Smith for his Giants playbook? He is not even going to be on the field until October/November. That’s exactly what the Eagles did, buy the playbook. They knew they have a new D-coordinator and they need every advantage they could buy. Smith is going to spend a lot of time in the film room before the Giant/Eagles games….

  21. Bill says:

    It’s great to see all u giants fans crying. Oh and Jared, the birds don’t need Steve Smith the reveal the giants intricate playbook, they think they done just fine beating them the last six times. Eagles Superbowl!!!!!!

    • rob says:

      paper champs

    • Jared says:

      Hey Bill! Why are you on this site? Why not head on over to….. that’s where you’ll find all your relevant Eagles talk. It must be hard knowing your an Eagles fan and they can sign all of these players and they are still not going to win a ring! Sucks to be you dude!

    • EdH says:

      Even if they get there, they will probably lose as usual

  22. Big Daddy says:

    Yes it looks like the Egals won the off season….wow….LOL.

    Don’t underestimate Jake Ballard, he was very good at Ohio State and but not used much. He’s about as big as Boss just not as athletic, a better blocker though from what I gather.

    I do not really want to see a lot of pass production from the TE position. I’m looking for more break away type plays and have high hopes for Nicks, Manningham and Da’Rel Scott who runs a SUB 4.3 40.

  23. PC says:

    I think it sucks losing Kevin Boss but Eli made Steve Smith good and he will do the same for Hicks(who is a future pro bowler and HOF) and Manningham. Vick is gonna get hurt this season the way he plays and they will have no one to throw them the ball.
    I can’t wait for our corners and safties like Rolle and Thomas to light Desean and Smith up like Chumps.
    Giants are sad when t come to Killdrive, Chokelign and now Reese. We need our defense to step up big time or we are going 7-9 at best. I still say Fuck the Eagles!!!

  24. chris says:


  25. Big Daddy says:

    I think Steve Smith is a bad fit for the egals. He does not run routs quickly and Vick has shown little patience in the pocket. Vick needs speedy receivers and still IMO cannot make use of a possession type WR.

  26. Dman552 says:

    I think the Giants should go after Cotchery. He’s a solid WR and would be a great 3rd behind Nicks and Manningham. Right now on our 4 WR set split we have Nicks, Manningham, and….???? I cant even put a TE in there. I guess right now it would be Cruz and Thomas. That doesnt sound scary at all. And theres no middle of the field threat with a big TE. Go out and get Cotchery as a Steve Smith like possession WR and GET A TE!!!

  27. Joe says:

    I think the “OMG, STOP WHINING, WE’RE GOING TO BE FINE YOU CRYBABIES!!11!!” comments are even more asinine than the pessimistic ones.

    Jake Ballard? Ok, because he was good at Ohio State, I’m supposed to feel completely confident because this completely green guy who played in one game last year is going to step up and block. Great. He’ll be our savior.

    They should go with Pascoe at TE. At least he has some game experience, has hands, and is a proven blocker at the professional level.

    I’m not going to ask for the head of Reese yet, but I will say this… if the Giants passed on paying Boss and now Smith, just so that they can give this money to Osi… that is one of the WORST decisions they could possibly make. Osi is past his prime, and they have depth at his position. There is NO depth at TE, and Smith is a former pro bowler, and a favorite target of Eli.

    If they didn’t pay Smith or Boss so that can give additional money to Osi, Jerry Reese is a moron.

  28. Joe says:

    And I’m definitely in the crowd that thinks the birds only picked up Smith to get a look “at the playbook”, and to get a weapon out of our hands in the second half of the season.

    Jesus… With the events of the last week, it has to be one of two things:

    1.) There are literally pennies left under the cap.

    2.) Coughlin really has no way to connect with these guys, and no one is going to take less or comparable money to stick it out here when there is another option.

  29. DweebNY says:


  30. pataroons says:

    Best of luck to Smith, he was a great Giant.
    Now let’s wait until games are actually played before we declare a winner.

  31. Jason C. says:

    For some reason I have a feeling that after final cuts are made, there’s gonna be a lot more of this kind of talk…
    I still think we’re a playoff contender, I’m just not so sure anymore that it’s going to happen.

  32. Ian G. says:


  33. Jared says:

    So Smith didn’t even give the Giants a chance to counter offer?!? I hope KP, Rolle, Boley and T2 lay his ass out if he’s back on the field when they play the Giants!

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