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The Loss of Steve Smith And The Ineptitude of The Giants

First, before we begin, let’s take a deep breath. Every one. On the count of three. 1. 2. 3. Breathe. Feel better? I do.

Yes, last night’s news of the Eagles signing Steve Smith is both shocking and frustrating. Smith has been a fan favorite since Day 1, he’s a friend of the site, and seeing him go anywhere, especially the Eagles, is tough to swallow. But, it is not the end of the world. It’s only football.

This post is going to be structured in two ways. First, we’re going to explore what the loss of Steve Smith means. Second, we’re going to figure out, in the words of my cousin in an email to me, what the hell the Giants are doing.

We’ll start with Smith. Yes, it’s a tough loss. But, Smith was not set to start the season on time. The Giants have been preparing for life after Smith. We wrote extensively about the options to replace Smith the other day. Smith still has to return from a bad knee injury, and we don’t know how he’s going to respond and play.

That said, Smith is a Pro Bowl Receiver, who is one of the best on third downs. Eli knows and trusts him, and time after time, Smith has come up with a big catch. He’s been clutch, starting with one of the smartest plays in the Super Bowl.

Smith also took pressure off of Hakeem Nicks. Nicks is the number one receiver on this team, but the threat of Smith, particularly across the middle, opened things up down the field for Nicks. With the third receiver a question mark, opposing defenses are going to force Mario Manningham to beat them. Defenses are going to do what they can to take Nicks out of the game. With no real tight end to speak of, there’s not as many people to open up the passing game.

It’s a huge loss, there’s no doubt. It will be interesting to see how Smith responds from his injury.

And now, onto a rant. The Giants, since the lockout, have, to be blunt, messed up. They did not attack with a clear plan. They did not sign guys they needed to sign. If you’ll indulge me, let me compare the off seasons of the Eagles and Giants


  • Trade Kevin Kolb for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
  • Sign Jason Babin
  • Sign Nnamdi Asomugha
  • Signed Cullen Jenkins
  • Signed Vince Young
  • Signed Ronnie Brown
  • Lost Broderick Bunkley
  • Lost David Akers
  • Lost Ellis Hobbs
  • Lost Jerome Harrison
  • Lost Leonard Weaver
  • Lost Mike Bell
  • Lost Quintin Mikell


  • Signed David Baas
  • Signed Daniel Coats
  • Signed Ben Patrick (retired)
  • Signed Mathias Kiwanuka
  • Signed Ahmad Bradshaw
  • Lost Barry Cofield
  • Lost Kevin Boss
  • Lost Shaun O’Hara
  • Lost Rich Seubert
  • Lost Deon Grant

Now, why were the Eagles able to replenish the talent they lost, in addition to adding to it, while the Giants, by and large, were not? Simple. Better cap management.

Take a look at the 2010 Eagles. Who has a big deal? Vick. Asante Samuel. Jason Peters. Trent Cole. That’s it. Jackson, Maclin and McCoy are still on rookie deals. Their defense, outside of Samuel and Cole, was cheap and young. And they were still good. McNabb was off the books. So, they were a team of good, young, cheap talent. They drafted very well (When’s the last Eagle bust? Freddie Mitchell?) and they keep their homegrown players. The Eagles had a very good core. They have the most exciting QB in football. They have two great receivers. They have an emerging running back. And a good defense. They had an asset in Kevin Kolb. And they had cap space. They used that to their advantage. And they vastly improved.

Take a look at the 2010 Giants. Who has a big deal? Eli. Jacobs. Canty. Bernard. Tuck. Umenyiora. Webster. Rolle. Boley. McKenzie. Andrews. And some of those are really big deals. So the Giants put a lot of money in a few players. Some, like Tuck, Eli, Osi, Rolle have been great. Would you give a huge deal to Bernard if you knew you were going to lose Barry Cofield? You don’t. Do you give a big deal to Rolle and Webster if it meant losing Kevin Boss? You start to re-think.

Yes, you have to pay to keep talent. Good talent is going to cost money, and that is a fact of life that cannot be ignored. Still, you cannot put all your eggs in a few baskets. The Eagles have built their team through the draft, giving out big deals very rarely. When they built that foundation, they were able to spend money, and spend on good players. The Giants built their team through the draft, and they spent money. So, when you try to keep your homegrown players, like Webster, like Jacobs, you’re going to have to spend, but you’re going to be up against it. So you can’t re-sign Barry Cofield (perhaps the biggest loss of this offseason). You have Chris Canty, who is not as effective as Cofield, but is taking up room for his deal. You need a tight end, but you can’t match Oakland’s offer, because your money is tied up in a few players.

I generally like how Jerry Reese has drafted. I think Jason Pierre-Paul is a star. So is Hakeem Nicks. Terrell Thomas, too. He has drafted well. He has signed depth players well (Kevin Boothe, Bear Pascoe, etc). But there is a weird mix of trusting your young players too much and signing big name veterans. Giants have their priorities wrong. So, instead of spending money on a good linebacker, because they believe in Clint Sintim, or Mathias Kiwanuka, they spend money on Canty, where they have depth. They lock up Webster to a huge deal, even though they have corner depth (injuries now not withstanding). They have Jacobs and Bradshaw signed to big deals (although, Jacobs did restructure)., when you can find good running backs cheap. Eli Manning has a huge contract, and has yet to restructure.

The Giants have their priorities wrong. Antrel Rolle was a very good signing, but was he worth that money? Was Brandon Jacobs worth that money? What about Chris Canty? Yes, you need to pay Tuck and Eli and guys like that. But you can’t pay everyone big.

The Eagles have been able to improve their team vastly. The Giants have been weakened. Both teams were 10-6 last season. But because of cap management, because of team vision and priorities, one is heading towards the sky, and one is falling hard. I bet you can guess which one is which.

The loss of Steve Smith will not break this team. He is not the essential player, the missing ingredient. Possession receivers can be found. That’s not the problem. What is the problem is that they can’t sign guys they need. They can’t sign Kevin Boss. They can’t give Osi a new deal, and he may hold out. They couldn’t re-sign Barry Cofield, who is so under appreciated, but so good. They have corner depth issues, but they can’t go out and sign a veteran. They haven’t had a true outside linebacker for years. They can’t sign a tight end that stays on the team. Their offensive line is a question mark, after cutting their two most dependable guys, which forced them to move Will Beatty to left tackle. Do you trust him protecting the blindside of Eli Manning?

I’m generally an optimist. I think it’s important in life. I’m also,  however, realistic. I look at this team, the dysfunction, the losses on the field and in the locker room, and I see 7-9. Yes, the games are played on the field. And in football, anything can happen. And yes, the Giants are evoking 2007, an us against the world mentality. But, without Osi, Justin Tuck can’t slide inside to rush the passer. Without Steve Smith, you don’t have a possession receiver. You don’t have Kevin Boss stretching the seam and making big plays. You don’t have a Kawika Mitchell type at linebacker. You don’t have Barry Cofield to stop the run. This is not 2007. This is not the same team.

I was talking to my cousin, who has taught me so much about football, and has so much insight into the Giants. I told him that I see 7-9. You know what he said? 4-12. I’m not sure about that. But with Nicks going to face double and triple coverage, Jacobs and Bradshaw only going to be able to run right, Eli being protected by an inexperienced left tackle, the lack of quality defensive tackles, a defensive end at linebacker and limited corner depth, it’s not hard to see his point.

We’re Giants fans. We love our team. We love them through thick and thin. We experience their highs, their lows. We stick with this team. We stick through this. It’s been an offseason from hell. It truly has been. I’m realistic.But I’m a fan. And I’m not going to let this offseason from hell take that away from me. I’m going to root as hard as I always do. I suggest you do the same. I suggest you don’t panic. We know what the problem is. We can only hope that the men in charge of this team do to. Until then, Go Giants.

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31 Responses to “The Loss of Steve Smith And The Ineptitude of The Giants”

  1. 5 technique says:

    Great post. Makes me love my team.

  2. Rick Heller says:

    I only have 1 thing to say, Jerry Reese destroyed our team and we have been on the downslide since Accorsi left. Him and Coughlin need to go.

  3. Matt says:

    Your cousin is an idiot. I’ll re-post after week 17

  4. Overreaction! says:

    First off, your cousin is a Moron and Im willing to bet whatever amount of money he wants that the giants win more than 4 games. Now on to my point….I loved Steve Smith as much as anybody on that Superbowl Roster. However, you cant give a guy $4 Million when we have bigger needs (TE), and you and your doctors dont trust he can produce. Remember, NOBODY plays well the year after their major Knee injury (See Osi and Kenny P). Even if Smith is on the field, he isnt the same guy you remember snagging 100+. We still have a one of only about 10 guys at QB capable of winning a superbowl, we still have one of the most dynamic group of YOUNG offensive skill players. Our D line will be dominant (especially if JPP emerges), and our secondary is filled with first and second round talent. Although we didn’t sign anyone who makes us much better (aside from having a healthy center), we do have a ton of players who I believe can take that next step and make this team BETTER than last year. JPP, Beatty (Hopefully), Kiwanuka back, KP, Ross, Joseph, ect, SHOULD all have better years. This team is NOT a 4 win team.

    • Mark says:

      @Overreaction, I like your enthusiasm and temperament here. I am as die hard of a Giants fan I think as anyone I know, I actually lost a bit of sleep over this Steve Smith BS. Now Im back to my senses and can see both your points and this author’s. I want to preface by saying that I think our Defense will be better than last year, especially if OSI stays, which it seems like he will. Our Offense is what is making me a bit more nervous thou. I believe we still have a top 5 Running back and Wide reciever unit on this team. Actually had we got the red zone threat in Plax and been able to keep Steve Smith long term, we are the best WR unit and it’s not even close. Now we lack the true slot possesion threat and hopefully Cruz or Jerrnigan will become the next Steve Smith. Our Tight End unit is a joke however, and I dont think we have enough Tackle depth. I think we need the other Andrews (Shawn) back to compete again with Beatty, as he did a fantastic job when healthy. If the O-line can stay healthy and develop quick chemistry and Eli can make better decisions with the ball, we have as good a shot as almost any team to make a run.

      • David says:

        I am with you @Overreaction! Finally some sense. It has been 20 years of following this team and we have NEVER been big FA players. Two years ago when we signed Canty and Bernard and Boley I was the most surprised person on earth. The truth is, you can only sign these players at a specific number that helps the team when your QB is making 20 mil. * mil for Boss and Smith is bananas. Smith would be a 3rd reciever when he returns WEEK 7!! How many times in the history of the Giants has a potential weakness become a strength by the seasons end? Our WR corp two years ago and our OL 3/4 years ago are recent examples. DO we need people to step up? ABSOFRIGGENLUTELY! Is it so far out of the relm of possibility? Absolutely not. In fact, its likely that one of our young WRs steps up and fills that role admirably. And the Eagles chos the wrong season to sign so many free agents. It will be until week 4 or 5 before any of these guys have any idea what is going on. The Giants are winning this division. No doubts about it. This season more than any other in memory is about continuity…

    • david says:

      I can’t stress this enough. The Giants did not mis-manage the cap. I know that a lot of you think I’m full of it, but I study the cap very closely and I see the dynamics that are involved with it and how it’s affected by different circumstances. I can assure you that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to this subject.

      The Giants found themselves with $8M less to work with. They then had to make some difficult decisions regarding players whose skill had diminished due to age or injury or both.

      Next they weren’t about to overspend for a free agent – take for instance Kevin Boss. Great player, great guy. But he was the fifth leading receiver last year on the team – does that make him worthy of being paid like he was the top receiver? Would you pay top dollar for a product that was ranked the fifth best of its kind according to Consumer Reports? Probably not.

      Same with Steve Smith. The guy will be lucky to play half a season – did you really want to see the Giants devote $2M guaranteed ($4M total) for a guy who won’t go the fuill season? That’s like buying a tin of caviar, eating a spoonful and then letting the rest sit on the shelf and spoil – you just wasted money.

      These are the decisions that go into managing the cap. I really don’t understand why some of you can’t grasp this concept. It’s the very same concept we employ in our every day lives in managing our respective budgets.

      • BlueManFla says:

        “Next they weren’t about to overspend for a free agent”

        Are you kidding me???? Spending over 25 Mil for Baas is what I consider over spending. In my opinion, thats why the Giants were in the salary cap bind and unable to make decent offers to retain the people theydrafted and molded.

        I used to be a Really big Reese supporter. However, he has steadily gone down hill since 2007.

        Like everyone says, lets see how the season plays out, but looking at it realistically, I don’t see us making the playoffs. Especially if Eli’s has another year with turnovers like he did last year or even a worse year since he lost his 2 safety valves.

        Hope I am wrong though

  5. Pat says:

    Last time I checked, we had all of those guys the past two seasons and didn’t make the playoffs. Boss dropped too many passes and couldn’t get the separation to be considered elite. Smith is a blow, but wouldn’t have been effective this season anyway. O’Hara and Suebert are old and injured. Yes they didn’t go out and get huge name free agents, but the O line will be better than you think and the defense will be nasty in Fewell’s 2nd year. Calm down, we were 8 mins away from winning the division against the ‘dream team’ and blew it. Injuries happen, who knows maybe Vick goes down in week 6. Lets just wait and see what happens

  6. Earl Finley says:

    Much too pessimistic. Loss of Boss hurts but we have 2 young DTs behind Cofield, depth at CB (webster and Thomas backed up by Ross and the Prince), and a very deep roster at WR.

    We have Kiwi and Boley as the starting OLBs. Tuck, JPP, and Osi (he’s still there) as DEs. Rolle and Philips (rounding back to form) at Safety.

    I’m not saying the Lombardi Trophy will be ours this year but you make our team sound like the 2010 Panthers or Broncos.

  7. jeremy P. says:

    I can’t argue with anything you’ve said Fuchs, but I will say this. If they really wanted Barry Cofield they would have signed him two years ago like they did Tuck or an Osi, or a Jacobs or Webster. Remember our major priority was Bradshaw and we locked him up. with regards to Boss, he is a good blocker but not a good receiver. Blocking is easily replaceable. They wanted Steve Smith, who wouldn’t want an ex-probowler, but they weren’t going to give a third string slot receiver coming off micro-fracture surgery who is abysmal after the catch a long term extension, when they must pay their second string receiver after this season–manningham. You said it yourself they must be responsible with your money. You and I know the Giants value defense over Offense so as fans we must exspect thats were the majority of our cap space will be invested. (I will also note tuck will be getting a raise in two years, on the bright side Canty will surely be off the books and possible Rolle as well)

    Just like Rolle and Canty, the Eagles guys must learn a new playbook, become acclimated to a new system but without the advantage of mini-camps or OTAs. I doubt they will be the punishing super-team everyone makes them out to be right away. The Cohesion of multiple players takes time.

    (Skip Bayless says Nnamdi is over rated and I agree cause he was never tested. For example who would you rather throw at Webster or Ross. Essentially thats who they had lined up across from Nnamdi a 3rd or 4th corner at best)

    I feel the Giants went into this year wanting as little turnover as possible with the lockout extending all the way up to August. They didn’t want a bunch of new guys coming in and stumbling over a very complicated playbook. I honestly believe the Giants intention were to cause as little confusion as possible.

    SS wasn’t the set back we drafted his replacement, Boss was and he’s a slow, lumbering TE with history of concussions. I’m glad he’s gone. Do you know how many easy passes he dropped last year? I’m scared of Beckum’s blocking too but his receiving should be a welcome improvement over Boss’s.

    We can no longer protect the guys on the back end of the depth chart. Just like the colts when one guy leaves another guy must step up.

  8. Rick Heller? says:

    Hey Ricky Boy. Know your facts! Downside since Accorsi left? Reese won the superbowl his first season, and he was a BIG part of that. HE signed Kawika Mitchell, Drafted Steve Smith, Boss, and Bradshaw (all made a HUGE impact in our Superbowl run). Since that SB, he also drafted Nicks, TT, Phillips, Manningham and more. Dont call for Reese’s head before we even get to see this team play on the field.

  9. Chris says:

    First of all, let’s not make Cofield out to be Merlin Olsen. He was very good, but not great. I feel good about the two young DT’s. 2nd, possession receiver can be taught/coached. Smith would run out 6-7 yds., read the linebacker, and turn the opposite way. He’d “sit down” in the seam, as the lingo goes. That can be taught. That’s not too difficult. It’s different from teaching a Nicks to make a huge play based on his natural talent. I think Cruz and Hixon can be taught to be possession receivers – they need to study Smith’s 107 catch season. Lastly, the first part of the season is critical. If they go 5-2 and sort out TE, they may make 10-6. Who knows? The Eagles may be one injury or two away from a blown season. Dallas and the Eagles will be at each other’s throats – they are already trash talking – and that may benefit the GMen.

  10. Dave says:

    Lets take a step back and talk big picture here for a second. The Giants have not had a losing season since 2004 – Eli’s rookie year, despite playing in one of the toughest divisions in football. This puts them in a pretty elite company of consistently winning teams (Pats, Colts, Chargers, Steelers and Eagles). Despite some painful failings down the stretch the last few years, the core of Manning / Coughlin / Reese have fielded a consistent winning team. I put a lot of value in consistency in the organization and on the field, as I always have a team to root for that is competitive on Sundays with a chance in the playoffs. Look at some of the smoking craters around the league (Redskins, Raiders, 49ers, Browns, Bengals, Denver, the list goes on and on) and ask yourself again if you would rather have their owner, coach or GM instead our own. With that said, this season will be the biggest challenge for the team since winning the super bowl.

  11. Big Daddy says:

    It’s nice to see some of the posters here get it. They understand just how hard it is to field a competitive team and have quality people from the GM down to the towel boys working for a franchise. The majority of NFL teams do not have that, the Giants do.

    I am no fan of Coughlin, never was but he has made this team into a consistently competitive one. Gilbride is not a top quality OC but better then most. I hate the offense and his play calling. Nothing is perfect and it could be worse, I just wish it were a bit better.

    We have had too many late season collapses but who would you replace these people with. It’s not that easy, same goes for players. You cannot have 22 super stars in the NFL, it’s not like baseball or the NBA even.

    You have a fairly hard cap and that’s like a budget. Simply put if you spend too much on your gas for the car you cannot pay your electric bill. So we gave up some luxury to field a better team all around. We have a lot of talent spread all over the team. Some of these young players will step up and some players we like will be gone next season too.

    The useful life of an NFL player is short. A few good years and then injuries set in. Some players can play through the injuries and at a high level some can’t and some get injured too much.

    Steve Smith was a good receiver not great. Boss was a very good TE not great. They are replaceable, we have a bunch of WRs in the wings. But the TE position will be a weak one. Not the worse position to be weak at, it could be worse it could be LOT or QB. Could you imagine having a rookie QB or a washed up veteran, so not having an elite TE is not the worst thing in the world. I feel the key to TE play is the blocking on most downs, a TE that can receive is a bonus not a normal expectation.

    We have enough offensive weapons to not have to worry about how many catches the TE makes. We do need improvement on the red zone scoring percentages, yes a big TE would help but there are other ways too. Unfortunately Gilbride is not the best at utilizing his talent. But we do have more then most teams do, a lot of speed now and raw talent. In fact I never saw a Giant team with this much speed on offense.

    I could not see spending that amount of money on your third receiver who cannot play until maybe the middle of the season. Not to mention that a knee injury takes at least a year to heal and there is ALWAYS a mental issue with coming back from one. So Smith might not be effective this year at all and MAYBE back to his old self next season, maybe not. You want to tie up 4 million dollars for that? Not when you have other needs and other players with great potential at that position.

    To have a wiggle room under the cap is a good thing. There are positions we are weak at depth wise and if someone is injured will have to sign or trade for a player, we need that cap space. And it also goes into the future, we cannot tie up money for next season and the season after that as the players we have and want to keep will expect raises with their new contracts or they too will go else ware.

    You have to let players go even though you don’t want to just to keep other players on the team. That’s why the draft is more important now then it ever was, as is the signing of rookie UDFAs to find gems there. Reese is still one of the best GMs drafting and his record will prove that if you care to compare it to other GMs in the NFL, I have and he grades out as one of the best. It takes minimum 3 years to grade a draft.

  12. Evan says:

    I think the biggest issue here is that the Gmen went into free agency with 4 guys under the age of 27 that won a superbowl with us (cofield,steve smith,boss,bradshaw)… we re-signed only 1 of them. I understand the arguments against boss/smith, but I think of the 2 we needed to re-sign one. Oh, and there’s no way we should have let Cofield go. How do we accomodate paying these young free agents with little cap room? You can solve the D-line issue by cutting Canty (little over 7 mil) and re-signing Cofield for the 6.4 mil or whatever he got from the skins. Get the better d-lineman and save over 500k. Next, tell Eli he has to re-structure his deal. I’m not saying anything crazy like a Jacobs cut, but even just 1 million per year (less than 10%). This is not outlandish given his interceptions last year and 2 straight years of not making the playoffs, add that to the 500k, and what do you have? You have Barry Cofield, younger than Canty, better than Canty, and at a cheaper rate, and you either have Boss, Smith, or enough $ to sign a decent FA tight end (Bo Scaife?). That way Nicks wouldn’t get double teamed, Eli would have a reliable middle of the field guy, and we’d have a better d-line. Jerry, is this really too much to ask for?

  13. CMH says:

    A couple thoughts on Reese.

    – Overall, he’s done a great job. You can’t argue with the results.

    – I’m not as unhappy with losing these guys as I am concerned that we don’t really have a plan to replace them. It’s fine to say that Kevin Boss isn’t worth $4M/ year. It’s not fine to say we are replacing him with a lesser player.

    – The philosophies of drafting and carefully developing your own players (like Cofield, Smith, Boss etc)and self indulgent FA signings that set the market (Canty, Bernard, Rolle) are not compatible. Hope he’s learned that.

    – Why didn’t we use the uncapped year to front end load some deals and lock up our own guys?

    – The ’09 draft is looming as a disaster for us, other than Nicks. With 6 picks in the next 4 rounds, we had a chance to either use those picks to set up some real depth, or package some of them to trade up and grab a guy like Laurinitis. Instead, we got a Tackle who projects to average at best, an OLB who is too slow to make an impact, a small school WR who probably doesn’t make it out of training camp, a guy who plays a position (H Back) our OC doesn’t use, a RB who has already been cut several times and is probably too slow/ small to ever amount to anything, and a QB no longer with the team. That’s a major botch.

    – I get the sense that 2012 may be year 1 of the Cowher era.

  14. jeffield1 says:

    The Eagles now have Eli’s top 2 favorite targets: Steve Smith and Asante Samuel

  15. LIGiantfan says:

    To say we’ll go 7-9 or 4-12 is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard!

    First of all Steve Smith is coming back from a serious injury which Kenny Phillips returned from, but at a subpar level. Everyone says it takes at least a full year to get over. So we can assume that Steve Smith will also have a subpar year…whenever he gets back on the field. It’s safe to say that Smith would NOT have played a dominant role in the offense this year. It seems to me the Eages overpaid for damaged goods.

    Boss is definitely a loss. I thought Boss could be a premier TE prior to concussions and playing on a TE unfriendly offense.

    The rest of the Giant losses are not meaningful. We needed to get younger on the OL and we did. We lost Cofield but have 2 young studs and veterans to fill the spot. We have JPP or Tuck who can be used at DT.

    Redskins, Rams, Eagles, Cardinals, Seahawks, Bills… the G-Men have to come away with at least 4 wins right there and that’s the first 6 weeks of the season!

    So let’s not lose it guys…can we wait until they start to play. I predict 10-6 again…but make the playoffs.

  16. Dave says:

    I think we are in much better shape than people think… my first point, I just do not believe that Kevin Boss is a “very good TE” at best he is slightly above average. Secondly, Steve Smith was definitely a great safety valve for Eli but we simply do not need a possession receiver coming off micro-fracture. As well, spending that type of cash for him would have been insane, not to mention locking up all that money for 3 WRs (2 at 5’11 and 1 at 6 foot). Cofield departure hurts but hopefully L.Joseph can do a little better than his previous namesake William Joseph as well as Marvin Austin.

    Our secondary is going to rock, JPP and Tuck are going to bring the heat and Kiwi is going to have a big year.

    On offense, we will mix it up air and ground, Eli will throw 32 tds, 14 picks.

    10-6, win wildcard game, lose in divisional round

  17. Chris says:

    I couldnt disagree with you more…as much as I would have loved Smith, Cofield and Boss back…

    Reese has done a great job this offseason, as Coughlin said in the combine, the top priority was to add a Center, Baas was the top guy on the market…

    Beyond that Bradshaw was the biggest priority, 4 year 19 mil is a great deal for him
    Talking Osi off the ledge and getting him to honor his contract was also a great move
    Manningham is more talented than Smith anyway, we have great depth at WR
    Pascoe is a super sleeper…6-5 280lb beast, he did great as a FB, but will be much better at TE where he belongs…he had 9 catches for 72 yards but is capable of Boss like receving numbers…Im excited to see what will be known as two of Reeses greatest steals Henry Hynoski at FB and Victor Cruz at WR3

    Cofield was another player I liked alot but to be honest, Canty is better at taking up two blockers and two gaps in the one or nose position

  18. Big Daddy says:

    Look at it this way, What Reese did was not over pay for good players the Giants drafted and developed. Reese proved he could draft well already and now his picks are in a position to make an impact. Reese let the injured/older players go so that there is room for his younger draftees to play. They are NOT going to get better sitting on the bench.

    If indeed these players fail then Reese failed, it’s that simple. BUT if these players failed because of injuries the onus cannot be on Reese if the players never had an injury history.

    I think this Oline will be one of the best the Giants ever had. They are physically bigger and faster then ever before. Both O’Hara and Seubert were a bit undersized. Now our line has been improved in terms of size and athletic ability as well as gotten much younger. Nobody seems to say anything about that. Beatty performed well before he injured his foot as far as I remember he did NOT give up a sack.

    So what did Reese do? He remade most of the offensive line. He let go of some Giant players who played well for us but THEY left for MORE MONEY or were let go because of injury/age issues. I liked Cofield and Boss but they were replaceable, yes solid professional players who played hard but they had issues. Boss with concussions and Co with a knee, he looked like he lost his quickness and explosiveness.

    Before we condemn Reese lets play some games and see were this team is. We might not blossom this season but I am hoping at least we are competitive and by next season all these young players will be seasoned veterans and hopefully play like it.

    • Jason C. says:

      I wish I could be as confident in Beatty as you are, he got called for a couple holding calls in not so much playing time, and that was a bit concerning. I like the upside I just hope he’s ready. I do see the running game getting off to a fine start, I just fear for Eli.

  19. nico b says:

    I admire what the Eagles have done this offseason but I totally disagree that they have drafted well. Since 07, the only guys that they have drafted and are starters are Maclin, Jackson, McCoy, and Nat Allen. They have to start 3 unproven rookies at Guard, LB and safety. Graham, last year’s no. 1 who they traded up to get, may not even play this year (i’m so glad that they traded up to get a DE and we got JPP) because of an injury. Kolb, Bradley, Q Mickel are all gone.

    They went nutty this offseason because they hit the jackpot with Vick and know he’s got a short window with his age and playing style.. but you know what? most of the guys they signed are all on one year deals and will be gone next year… and the young guys they drafted will have regressed another year. The Giants have managed their salary cap in an awful way but they have alot more players with 4 or less years experience that have played, will play and be better players than the eagles (Nicks, JPP, Manningham, KP, Terrel Thomas, Beatty, Bradshaw, Joseph), plus they had a great draft this year.

    This year may be the eagles year, but next year will be different

  20. edouble says:

    i have a hard time dissagreing many valid points were made, but please dont sleep on this team. CONTINUITY is something that we didnt have last year when we were calling recievers off the street. this year eli has been throwing to these guys in hoeboken, as well as now players are hungry. and the word in camp that gets the players juices flowing is COMPETITION. thats what makes good players great. this is not 2007 its 2011 lets not live in the past lets look to the future. today it may seem dim but its only gonna get brighter.gmen 12-4 win the east and STW


  21. Jason C. says:

    Rumors have the Giants involved in talks with the Bills for Lee Evans, does anyone actually believe that??

  22. Big Daddy says:

    BUT, lets be honest as with any team a few key injuries and we could very well be a 6-8 team. It can happen, the key is to stay relatively injury free and hope we have enough depth to make it through this long season.

    I hope we do a lot more rotations of players so that they are healthy toward the end of the season.

    Lets hope for the best and maybe we can see a 11-5 season and a run in the playoffs. We still have a lot of veterans who were here in 07 and know what it takes. We also have a lot of young players who’s time has come to either become solid players, exceptional players or busts and be replaced.

    I don’t think there are many teams that have a group of WRs and RBs with the potential we do. If the OLine performs well and gives Eli some time and the RBs some holes this is a high powered offense. The move of Kiwi to OLB solidifies the linebacker corp into a good group at worst and maybe with the emergence of the DLine that will give the linebackers more chances to make plays. Austin and Joesph have SO much potential to be a tandem in the middle like Minny had a few years back.

    I’m not worried about our secondary at all as long as Phillips returns to his normal self, he’s a play maker. If not his worst is still good enough if the other DBs play up to their normal quality play.

    Again I look for Phillips to make big plays and Ross to emerge as the CB we thought we drafted. He has the talent but injuries have derailed his career as with Phillips and a few other Giant players over the past few years. Thomas and Webster can only get better.

    I am also looking for better play from our specials in all facets of that area. But the question is were is Chase Blackburn?

  23. PC says:

    seeing Smith in an Eagles Jersey tonight was sickening!! I think he is a real chump!! Boos to the Raiders was also hard to watch too. I am sick of players just taking the money!!! I lost all respect for both of them and we will succeed this year. The Eagles are all hype and the Raiders our just a graveyard for NFL players to ruin their career. Smart Move Boss! Way to go Smith your both weak people. Not true Giants! Your jerseys will make great rags to clean my toilet with. I hope our linebackers and corners light up Smith!!!

    • Jason C. says:

      I’m not so hard on Boss in this situation, the Raiders paid him a lot more than the Giants were probably looking, and his wife resides in the west coast so there were factors of interest there. Smith is another story, from what is circulating seems like there was some kind of trickery involved here, a pretty scumbag move on his part, but hey let him get paid, like TT said, glad he stayed in the same division so they can play twice a year and show him the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

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