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Giants can’t find a rhythm, lose to Redskins 28-14

The New York Giants will start off the season in a hole. They’ll be 0-1 and not much to build on. They couldn’t find a rhythm at all. They’d have a couple of good runs, or a string of good passes, but couldn’t build on it. They were absolutely horrendous on third downs, and couldn’t convert on a pivotal fourth down attempt, either. The only good sign was, at times, they could get to the QB. However, the secondary was terrible, showing how much they’re going to miss CB Terrell Thomas and this years 1st round draft pick Prince Amukamara. If Rex Grossman is going to throw for over 300 yards against the Giants, then what will Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or Michael Vick do?

Giants QB Eli Manning struggled, when he wasn’t getting crushed behind the line, and couldn’t find a rhythm, either. Manning and Nicks showed they can be lethal when they connect, but Manning could not seem to find any sort of rhythm in the loss to the Redskins. The Giants offensive line was below average at best, and I’m getting tired of using the 3/5 players on the line are new excuse. Eli Manning took an absolute beating. When your new center, who has had just a month to get acclimated is your best offensive linemen, you have problems. Eli Manning was sacked just 16 times last year. He was sacked 4 times today, and should have been sacked 7-8 times. The line didn’t look good. It’s going to be a long year if the offense can’t get it going and the Giants secondary doesn’t pick it up. One of the achilles heals for the Giants has been there punt coverage unit, which was terrible once again. They let up a 24-yard punt return, showing no signs of fixing that problem.

Troy Aikman summed it up “We just don’t know what the Giants have offensively.”┬áHe’s right. We don’t. Jake Ballard showed flashes of being a solid backup tight end. But he’s nothing more then a situational guy. We didn’t get to see TE Travis Beckum play today, as he’s nursing a hamstring injury. Another question mark left unanswered heading into week 2. We know the Giants have a solid running game. They have two very, very good WR’s, but they can’t seem to put it together. Simply said, they can’t find a rhythm. The only positive spin I can put on this is, that it’s not the end of the world. It’s week 1 in a lockout shortened off-season. The Giants will play better then this. Someone will step up and emerge. If this was week 10 or 11, I’d put even more doom and gloom on this. But it’s not the end of the world. One game. On to the next one.

The Giants will travel home to face the St. Louis Rams next week on Monday night football. Winners and losers to be posted in the next few days.

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22 Responses to “Giants can’t find a rhythm, lose to Redskins 28-14”

  1. CMH says:

    of all of the poor performances in this game, our new Center was the worst. He made a rookie 12th round draft pick look like an All Pro.

  2. Joe P says:

    Kevin Gilbride needs to take a turn on the chopping block for this one. He abandoned the run. The preseason showed that this passing game was not up to speed… so we take this and then make the pass our number one priority?!?!

    Where was Jacobs on that 4th down try? Where was Jacobs in general? Ahmad and Jacobs should have been the primary offensive weapons today… what the hell is this old man thinking??!?!

    • CMH says:

      This. He played right to the Redskins strengths by abandoning the run.

      Put all the hyperbole aside- If Gilbride were available on the open market, is there a team out there that would name him their OC?

    • uconnjoec says:

      Honestly, if Bradshaw and not Jacobs is ever in on a 4th and 1 again…..I’m going to lose it. What the heck do you have Jacobs for if he doesn’t get the ball there? Unbelievable.

      Having said that, Hoynisky (sic?), JPP, Tollefson, Kenny Phillips a couple times played well…

  3. BlueManFla says:

    Is a 1-15 record this year too optimistic?? That was a total fiasco. I thought we may miss the playoffs and finish maybe 8-8 or 7-9, but that was based on the defense holding us in game.

    The defense was a joke today. The only good thing was that they gave the rookies some playing time in certain spots. That should prove very benificial with our high draft choices next year.

    The offensive line was horrible. Nice job by Reese by not addressing it in the Draft. Oh yeah, another nice job by him by signing a center who can’t block to a 27 mill contract.

    I used to be a big management and coaching staff supporter, but I honestly believe that there will be mass changes soon. If not during this season, then more than likely next. However, except for a few players, I’m not sure any coaching staff could win with the roster we have now. Just a bunch of quitters and no talents.

    • Fumblesnout says:

      David Baas shut down Barry Cofield for the majority of the game.

      And Reese did draft Brewer in the 4th round and always takes BPA – you should know that.

      Don’t overreact, it’s one game. The world isn’t going to end.

      • bob in nh says:

        yes, one game. one game that is very indicative of a long and disappointing season. sigh.

        • Fumblesnout says:

          So due to the fact that we lost the Skins, we are now going to lose every game hereafter?

          The Eagles lost to the Skins last year – they didn’t go 0-16.

          People need to stop overreacting

          • Joe P says:

            I love the crowd of people who comment on this website that love posting the standard “OMG STOP OVER REACTING, YOU’RE A BABY. I’M BIG AND TOUGH BECAUSE I’M DISMISSIVE ON THE INTERNET.”

            Keep being an Ostrich and stick your head back in the sand.

            OR, you could open your eyes a bit and take a look at the incredibly weak performance on and off the field today. Then, when you’re done, take a good look at the second half of the schedule.

            Does anyone truly feel confident that they are going to win any of their second half games after they were convincingly beat by the Redskins today… arguably their weakest divisional opponent?

            Oh, but you’re right… it’s just the first game of the season… I’m sure we’ll get it together!

  4. Hating Eli says:

    When I watched the saints vs packers Thursday night I guess I kind of got spoiled because I was watching 2 real QB’s play the game. Eli’s performance today was atrocious and not the level of play I have come to expect from a guy who says he considers himself a top 5 player. He has nowhere near the talent required for an NFL starting QB, and just like dale earnhardt jr. he is making a living off his last name.

  5. Jared says:

    How many balls were dropped? I am so F-ing sick of seeing receivers drop balls! WTF! Nicks, Manninham, Cruz, Bradshaw…..all of them dropped at least 1 ball!! WTH!

    I am pretty damn confident that there is a new coach and coaching staff in NY next year!

    Defense gets a bit of a pass due to having half of them on IR, but for Christ sake that offense SUCKS!

    Speaking of injuries, can we PLEASE get a new strength and conditioning team as well?

    • Jared says:

      And the worst part of this day in football is that now I have to root for ROMO to have a good game in order for me to win my fantasy league game!! GRRRR!

  6. sam says:

    Secondary has looked like this since last year, its nothing new. We have a bunch of awesome players back there that seem to not work well together or something,don’t know what it is exactly but this isn’t a new problem.JPP is a F-ing BALLER! cant wait to get Osi and Tuck back and our defense will be sick once again, I’m not worried about the D.The problem with the offense is that Eli has no go to guys. Eli cant force everything to the outsides and down field,he has no one working the middle and has no go to guy on 3rd downs and he has no trust in people to be where they need to when is being blitz’s like Steve Smith was. Hands down we need to run the ball! We need to go back to 2007 when we ran the ball and Eli just managed the game and that’s not a shot at Eli it speaks volumes of our running game,ITS THAT GOOD!

    good spots

    Greg Jones needs work but shows promise
    David Baas did a great job on Cofield
    Kenny Phillips did some good things
    DT Canty and Joseph,good job
    Running game looks great
    Hakeem is a baller

    • Joe P says:

      This would be great advice… it’s a shame that our offensive coordinator is too much of a hack to realize this for himself.

      They paid Ahmad. Maybe more than he deserved, and then there was no cap room to get Smith and Boss. Make him and Brandon earn their check. Run first, pass second. I have faith in them. Aside from Nicks, I have little to no faith in all of the receiving corp.

  7. Jason C. says:

    Rex Grossman sliced through our defense without much effort at all, this had to have been his best effort in his entire career. That said, I’m not so sure if it was all his working, our defense did make it a bit easier on him.
    I feel really bad for Kiwi, he was playing all over the field doing everything he could for the team, and played well (how nobody else pointed this out I have no clue).
    The offensive line looked pretty bad, but they need time to get together as a unit. I don’t think Baas was as bad as some people have said, though that one play where their NT came right up the middle was pretty bad.
    The secondary gave up so many big plays that I’m starting to think it has more to do with Fewell dialing up zone at the wrong times (3rd and 4 and NOBODY is up on the line??) than the personnel (though injuries do hurt).
    This loss makes week 3 against Philly that much more important (if they lose next week the season is virtually over).
    Nicks was facing double teams ALL day (and still was pretty successful), but we need someone to step up and take that safety away from time to time. Manningham didn’t do to well, and I know we’ve gotten more from him in the past so STEP UP.
    Greg Jones has a great motor, and if he plays all year he can possibly be a leading tackler for the team.
    Eli needs to wake up and start stepping up on 3rd down (though Gilbride can help some), the running game looked atrocious today as well, anytime it was a straight ahead running play, we let Washington manhandle us at the line of scrimmage.
    Finally, JPP, he’s serious about playing, he wants to win, and if the team doesn’t rally around him right now, he might lose his interest (he’s not a lifelong football guy).

    I don’t think the world is over, I don’t even think the season is over, but as a realist and someone who TRIED to give Reese and Co. the benefit of the doubt for this past offseason, the results were very weak, I expect a LOT more next week, don’t disappoint us.

  8. Dan says:

    Well the good news is that Tuck, Osi, and Prince will be back soon enough and for a 6th rder, I didn’t hear Jones name once all game which to me means he did as much as you would expect someone in his position to do. Also the Giants were DESTROYED by WAS and GB in the first 2 weeks of 2007 so don’t sell the farm yet.

    I think it was Mike and Mike who said that TC will be fine if NYG flounders b/c of injuries but will get fired if it’s sloppy play. The preseason and yesterday are definitely the latter. Baas actually looked pretty good but the left side looked sorely overmatched (particularly Beatty), WRs can’t catch a 5 yard screen, and NY continues to make stupid decisions that cost big (see: Rolle, Antrel). And STs is still a joke. And for all the talk of Fewell’s D style creating tons of turnovers, I just don’t see it. Personally, I would love to see Spags take over as head coach, but he’s got a good start going in STL so that wont’ be happening.

    So basically it’s the same thing we’ve been saying since the super bowl celebration ended… For some reason this team loves being the underdog and almost seems to back itself into a position to be that way. I don’t know if it’s the coaching culture or what but injuries aside, the Giants have the talent to be a contender and they never seem to live up to it.

  9. dave bassman says:

    4 things NEVER change with this team under Coach Coughlin. #1, they always give up big plays on defense (no matter who the coordinator is) #2, They always make a stupid play with the game on the line (Rolle personal fould after stopping the skins on 3rd down), #3, the play calling SUCKS, it always has under Gilbride (or Killdrive as I call him), you get a big turnover to change the game around and the next three plays are pass run run, then FG attempt?. which leads me to #4, the special teams ARE FIGGEN AWEFULL.. worst in the league. EVERY SINGLE special teams play is an adventure, they must be the most penalized team on special teams in the history of the NFL. I would bet they avg 2 special teams penalties a game. A blocked FG? REALLY? comical.. new punter? we need a big punt out of the end zone and he blasts one 40 yards, really? how about the kick off that no one back there thought enough to catch, that bounced and had to be covered at the 7 yard line, nice starting point. if it wasnt for a bad block in the back agaisnt the skins, there would have been two punt returns of more than 25 yards.. I dont get it..

    that being, this isnt the end of the world, Eli will bounce back (wuold have been nice if Cruz coulda made a catch on 3rd down, or if manningham didnt have 3 drops, (2 on 3rd down) and if he actually used his head and got 7 yards deep on a 3rd and 6 rather than running the route at 5 yards. Manningham had an awefull game.

    LAstly, how many WR screen passes are the giants gonna run a game??? over/under is 5 for next week..


  10. Big Daddy says:

    I call Gilbride Killdrive too.

    He called a very poor game. The only really good call was negated by a Manningham drop, Eli threw a nice ball from his owend-zonene.

    Any offense in the NFL given enough time will kill you. The Giants offense did not do anything and the defense was on the field too long in the second half.

    Again as usual no halftime adjustments from Couglin and company.

    How many more seasons are we going to have to see the same lack of halftime adjustments and late season collapses.

    I am convinced the 2007 season was becuase of 2 people, Spags and Strahan. Had they not been here it would have been the same as is has been without them. Take the seasons with Spags as DC away and you see the real Giants under Coughlin.

    This will be another more of the same until Killdrive is gone and Coughlin too. As usual the team look unprepared and you can’t use the short pre-season as an excuse. Every team has personnel turnover, short pre-seasons, injuries and so on.

    I’m done with the Giants like I did with the Knicks.

    Until Coughlin and Killrive or at least Killdrive is gone I will no longer watch the Giants. I will be watching the Jets who have less talent but a great coaching staff even though Rex is a blowhard they are a much better staff.

    And our special teams still stink.

    • Joe says:

      ^^ Real big fan, right here.

      I hate it as much as you do. I wanted all of these clowns to be let go last year.

      But you don’t bail out. You never bail out.

      • Big Daddy says:

        I suffered though the 70s, I remember Allie Sherman too. Giant fan since I was born, I had a Sam Huff picture over my bed.

        At my age and with my knowledge of the game I just am not entertained. I worked at learning football and coached Peewee. I love football…….

        It’s not about not being a fan or bailing on your team, it’s about knowing what they are doing wrong and watching them do it season after season without fixing it. Watching Reese get players to help the team and watch them get injured or not used.

        Nicks hurt his knee because he refuses to wear knee pads, I knew it would happen eventually.

  11. Rory says:

    Lets not freak out. Its one game, and the Giants did not capitalize on key situations. Cruz’s drop on the first drive was key, and so was Manningham’s later in the game. They did not run enough,and not scoring after the fumble was embarrassing let alone costly. The D was not awful, but can be much better. We should give credit where credit is due as well: the Redskin’s D stepped up and played well, and Grossman made some key throws on third downs.
    *Eli’s int. was not really his fault, but just a very good play by Kerrigan. Aside from the 3-11 start, Eli did well.

    So lets all relax.

    • Big Daddy says:

      I wonder what the outcome would have been had the receivers not dropped so many passes. But for some reason even though Coughlin is a supposed geat WR coach we have had issues with drops over the years.

      I wonder if it’s the way Eli throws the ball, so many drops over the years here. I wonder how many games were lost because of these drops.

      Eli does not throw a hard ball like Peyton does. It looks to me like he has a nice touch and it’s a very easy ball to catch. Although Plax mentioned something about him having to really adjust to Eli’s throws.

      I wonder if it’s more were Eli puts the ball then how hard the ball is. I see a lot of drops because the receiver tries to run before he looks the ball into his hands, instant drop every time and not just with the Giants. I see it almost every game from all teams. That is the most basic technique yet these supposed professionals forget about it, amazing.

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