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Thoughts and Musings

Well that’s not how you want to start a season. Pretty, pretty¬†disappointing.

-Big ups to JW for covering the game for me, as I had a prior commitment. I was unable to watch live, but through the miracle of DVR, I was able to watch it.

-So, the Giants looked bad. Really bad. Granted, the defense didn’t look as bad as I thought it would. But, just a sloppy performance.

-This is starting to become a trend, the sloppy play, the lack of focus. I can’t tell you for sure why it is. Is it because Coughlin lost the players? Maybe. But, I still think that players play for themselves, first off. They have too much to lose, if they don’t. Is the overall character of the team just poor? Maybe. But you have so many good guys on the team, hardworking, prideful guys. Doesn’t make sense.

-I don’t know what the causes are, but I do know this: it has to be fixed. And fixed soon.

-The offensive line just didn’t look good. Too much confusion and chaos in the backfield for my liking.

-I love that JPP had two sacks. Like we’ve been saying, he’s a star.

-But, boy, that secondary is bad. Aaron Ross might be the worst starting cornerback in the league. He’s a bust. The two corners picked ahead of him in 2007? Darrelle Revis and Leon Hall. Both would have been good.

-If I were the Giants, I would strongly consider moving Antrel Rolle full time to corner, and putting Deon Grant as the starter at safety. Rolle is a much better option at corner.

-But, I can’t see that happening. The Giants don’t usually make the right personnel moves at the right times.

-I hate to call for someone’s job, but something has to be done about special teams. Tom Quinn isn’t getting it done. A change has to be made. A blocked field goal, poor coverage, it’s just enough.

-Rex Grossman should not have played that well. I’m sorry.

-Dropped passes are really starting to annoy me.

-We need an infusion of depth, and fast.

-Flag football interlude: I joined a flag football league, which had our first game this weekend. I’m the center. Yes, weighing in at 5-10 and 175 pounds, I’m the center. The team we played this weekend had two guys who were 6-4. Both were rushing the passer. I landed on the ground many, many times. But the game was fun. 7-on-7, lots of action, overtime, even though we lost. Great exercise too.

-I really think Eli needs to take more vocal control. The team is just in sputters, and he’s the leader, whether he likes it or not. I know that’s not who he is, but they need a kick in the ass, and it has to be Eli.

-At least the run game should be good. As should Nicks and Manningham.

-We shouldn’t panic yet, but we should be very concerned. The effort, or lack there of, is troublesome. The mistakes are worrisome. But it’s one game. There’s plenty of time. But, a solution soon would be great.

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10 Responses to “Thoughts and Musings”

  1. bd98711 says:

    The O-Line was just atrocious. Baas didnt look like he fit in. He couldnt pull when he needed and there was a ton of penetration up the middle. Beatty couldnt make the cut block that led to the INT-TD. I didnt think Eli played a bad game. It just didnt look like he had so much time. Ross was beyond bad. He doesnt look like he knows what hes doing. Coughlin is going to have to crack some skulls this week in practice. Whoop them into shape. They all look out of sync.

    • dylanroth says:

      I dont agree…i do agree that the giants played an abysmal game, but i thought baas was the best one out there. He looked pretty solid man. Also, that wasn’t beatty, it was kareem who couldn’t make the cut-block to kerrigen. All in all though, the giants were awful, and their secondary was sad. Aaron ross looked like he just learned how to play football. The guy got spun around seven times in the end-zone when armstrong caught that touchdown. Lastly, Manning looked confused out there. Something wasn’t right, he wasn’t moving well in the pocket and his throws seemed so off. The Giants have to understand that they do NOT have the same team as last year, and they just have to move on.

      • bd98711 says:

        I stand corrected that it was Mckenzie on the block on Kerrigan, not Beatty. But Baas was just terrible. The Redskins rookie had 2 sacks both on Baas and there was more pressure up the middle. Also, on the 4th and 1 that Bradshaw got stopped, Baas didnt pull deep enough and didnt allow Bradshaw to find any daylight. And to top it off everytime they say Baas on the TV I think its Boss and still think and hope we have our old buddy Kevin.

  2. Russo757 says:

    Eli didnt have time to think let alone scan the field for an open receiver. The giants are going to have growing pains at the line which unfortunately is going to have a nasty ripple effect. Ross should be let go after this season. He was abused and exploited yesterday. Lucky for us their receivers dropped a few passes or the score would have been a lot different. Playcalling was also poor. Have never liked Gilbride and wont be happy until he is gone. Lets forget that he is predictable as all hell, why on earth doesnt he use Jacobs on short yard downs? 3-1, 3-1, 4-1 should go to the monster back who falls forward. If the giants are that convienced that he cant get 1 yard then he should have been released and his salary used to fortify other positions that they knew were going to be weak.

    Giants management needs to wake up. They cut/ let a lot of people go wihtout a solid plan. I have to disagree with taking BPA when you have a glaring weakness. LB corps have been subpar for a few seasons now. Fix it. If your going to cut two vet linemen, sign someone who can fill it and make an impact early. If your going to let your 1000 yard rec walk and a reliable TE go, make sure there is someone worthwhile to fill the void. This year maybe the start of a restructuring year for the GMen. Time will tell

    • Jason C. says:

      Who exactly did they cut/let go that would’ve had any impact on Sunday.
      Smith if I recall didn’t see the field, Boss was out with an injury (surprise surprise), O’Hara and Seubert both are rehabbing from injuries. Where management went wrong was YEARS ago, when they knew they needed to bring in a real deal tight end, and just never did anything about it.
      One things for sure, this year is looking more and more like an audition for next year and less like a championship contending season.

  3. Kaz says:

    Thank you I was waiting for someone else to mention the short yardage runs. If the line is so bad why dont you put a lineman sized back to run the ball. What else do we have him for? Also pretty convinced a high school corner could have played better than ross. All this hype in the off season on how hes going to come into form. absolute garbage

  4. ej says:

    O line, secondary and SPECIAL TEAM will be our downfall. Even without injuries these were the question marks going into the season. At least nobody got hurt for the remainder of the yr, i think.

  5. Sergio says:

    Yeah, Ross probably is the worst starting CB. The Giants need to send his ass back to Texas. When the offense goes south, our “leader” needs to step up and grow some balls. His sissy looks are not cutting it. Also, is it me or are the Giants really boaring to watch?? Like the last 2 years its been getting progressively worse.

  6. Sergio says:

    Giants should really re-construct Eli’s 97.5 MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT. Thats an avg of 16.3 million a year!!!! Re-construct it and have incentives like they did Jacobs.

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