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Thoughts and Musings

Hey, it sure is nice to be tweeting after a win!

-That wasn’t a pretty game. But it’s a win. Giants didn’t look cohesive on offense. Manning has not looked good. The running game looked good, but they didn’t really use it. Manningham and Hixon injuries are worrisome, obviously. It explains some of the lack of passing, but the lack of 3rd down conversions isn’t good.

-I don’t get Aaron Ross. He has all the talent. He’s just awful. Benched for a bit. He’s getting burned. There’s no real solution, not at least until Prince Amukamara comes back, and he’s not a given. It’s really concerning.

-Loved what the front 7 did, especially the linebackers. I thought Jones and Boley were terrific. Boley had the fumble recovery, and made plays in the backfield. Jones really snuffed out the run. Good stuff.

-I thought the line was great as well. Tuck played well. I thought Canty and Bernard were terrific.

-It’s really the secondary that’s awful. A good passing attack is going to eat it alive.

-I like when a punter comes in and we don’t have to worry.

-I loved the opening play, play action, bootleg, find a wide open Manningham. More of that, please.

-Congrats to Victor Cruz on his first NFL Catch.

-I loved when the Giants came out in a sort of diamond formation, with Pascoe and Hynoski opposite each other. Worked great for the run.

-Like I’ve been saying, more innovation on offense.

-Antrel Rolle has been very quiet.

-Liked what Jaicquan Williams did. Good little player

-I think Kiwanuka needs to play on the line, for depth, and unless Williams can play full time, or Herzlich, not sure that it’s going to happen.

-I think Sam Bradford is going to be a star and soon. Needs weapons.

-Flag football interlude: We got crushed. Demolished. Last I checked, it was 35-0. It might have ended 45-0. We started the game off taking a safety. All downhill from there. All the guys were former D3 football and basketball players. I was center. I had no chance of blocking these guys. But it was fun.

-I really think Eli needs to step up his game. He’s been terribly inconsistent so far. No explosiveness.

-Sure, he’s not getting great protection, and he has guys missing. But when he has guys open, he overthrows them. It’s an issue. He shows moments of being Eli ,and then moments of being awful.

-Stick to the run! It works. Don’t abandon it.

-Jacobs has looked great. If it’s working, stick with it.

-I think the Giants need to stay in man coverage as much as possible. They don’t have the chops to play zone.

-Chris Snee is a heckuva pull blocker.

-Next week is a big test, Vick or no Vick. I’m curious to see how the secondary does. Could be rough.

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9 Responses to “Thoughts and Musings”

  1. Jason C. says:

    The problem with the run has been when it looks good, it looks GOOD and when it looks bad, it looks BAD.
    One tidbit to add to yesterdays game, Boley’s return gives us more defensive touchdowns so far this year than ALL of last year, here’s to a few more on top of that one!

  2. Jared says:

    I am a big supporter of Eli, but he has got to get his $#!T together!! We barely beat the Rams. What is going to happen when they play the Pats, Jets, Packers, Eagles, etc….??

    I think we are in for a loooooong season. A long, stressful season.

    • bd98711 says:

      They won the game. Thats what Eli does, he wins. It doesnt need to pretty as long as they get the W it doesnt matter. Move on to the next week.

  3. EJ says:

    Eli does a lot of things well as a QB but passing is not one of them. Last night he had a wide open receiver but the ball took so long to get there that the defender was able to pick if off. He lacks arm strength and accuracy. He is now in his eighth season and I’m convinced he is never going to get better. If his name wasn’t Manning and if the organization hadn’t invested so much in him, he would be a third string QB on Seattle. All over the league there are rookies and back-ups who throw far better than him.

    • Jared says:

      Believe me when I say this. Eli has been wearing a little thin on my nerves and patience lately too, but there is no way in hell that Eli would be backing up Tavaris Jackson and/or Charlie Whitehurst in Seattle? Really?

  4. PC says:

    Aaron Ross flat out sucks!! He is so clueless!! Tackling, coverage, you name it. I think he needs to be released and we need to bring in some experience now or this season is done, period. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are going to embarass him to the like of Cant Cover CC Brown.
    Eli is typical just like every year. Flashes of good but flashes of really bad. He is what he is unfortunately I dont think he will ever be elite in this league.

    • Brendan says:

      Agree that he will never be elite and is somewhat of a draft bust for a first rounder, but, for right now, the Giants don’t really have any other options. He showed some signs of life last night. Let’s see how this all shakes out.

      Although, they will probably get torched next week, with or without Vick.

  5. LIGiantfan says:

    I think bashing Eli doesn’t make much sense. The o-line has looked dreadful…i.e. slow, fat Fred Robbins sacking Eli untouched before Eli was 3 steps from center!

    Granted it Eli hasn’t played great but he’s better then most current qbs…or past G-men qbs.

    And I don’t like the play calling. We rolled out once and made a nice gain. Did we ever do it again? Kildrive does one unconvenient play a game and then goes back to predictable.

  6. Chris H says:

    I think it’s pretty telling that the only time Eli looked real good was during the 2-min offense at the end of the half. Eli, just like his brother, seems MUCH more confident when he actually takes control of the offense and everything rests on his shoulders. Since he was drafted, I’ve always said I love how Eli plays in no-huddle, 2 min offenses and wish the Giants would keep using them when they need sparks.
    Something about the typical play calling of Gilbride doesn’t look like it sits well with Eli. Just sayin…

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