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Thoughts And Musings

Well, that was a fun win, don’t you think? To go into Philly, all banged up, that’s an impressive win.

-Absolutely loved what Victor Cruz did today. Broke a number of tackles on the first touchdown. Came up with a grab in double coverage that, frankly, should not have been thrown. But he came down with it. Two big plays.

-The Giants needed him to step up with Manningham out, and he did. It’s tough to deal with injuries, but that’s what you need to do. Next guy in line, step up. Cruz did just that.

-I thought Aaron Ross played his best game as a Giant. Not just because of the two interceptions, which were both timely. But because he stifled Jeremy Maclin all day. He needed a statement a game. He’s been awful lately. Let’s see how this propels him.

-It almost makes you think about Corey Webster. He was much maligned. Had a few good games late in the season before the Super Bowl run, and then played great football from then until now. Does Aaron Ross do the same thing?

-Webster was also great against DeSean Jackson, who was a non factor.

-If Vick doesn’t get hurt, who knows what happens. But he got hurt because the Giants were pounding him. They were getting pressure on him all day. Even if it wasn’t sacks, it was hitting him and hard. The entire line was fantastic today. That’s how you need to play to beat Vick, and that’s what the Giants did.

-I thought Michael Boley was fantastic today, as he’s been throughout the year. Jason Pierre-Paul had a terrific game. I thought Kenny Phillips played really well, but, ironically enough, in a run support role.

-I think Jaicquan Williams could be a star. When he was drafted, all the reports said “fast”. Yeah, he’s fast. Fluid athlete. All over the ball. Could be a steal.

-I was so impressed with the creative play calling, on both sides. I thought Kevin Gilbride was flawless. Truly do. I thought they put together a lot of different looks, and didn’t go to the old tried and true. Fewell mixed up pressures from different angles, and that worked. I want to see this every game.

-LeSean McCoy is scary good. He’s so slippery. I think he could be even better, too. Scary to think about.

-Maybe I’m old school, but I have a real problem with all the after the play crap. Yes, I know emotions get heated, and yes, I know this is a rivalry. And maybe if I was on the field I would feel differently. But, you really have to control yourself. Stupid penalties like that could have cost the Giants the game. I think Antrel Rolle, in particular, needs to just play under control. He’s too all over the place emotionally, and it could cost a game.

-Flag football interlude: We won our first game! About time. We’re starting to get more guys interested, so we don’t have to all play both ways. Although I’m usually the center, today I was the linebacker (remember, it’s 7-on-7. So there’s two lineman, 1 backer, and 4 guys in the secondary.) My main responsibility was to blitz, although I had to read the running back. If he was going out, I would cover him. But we had a few interceptions returned for touchdowns, and our quarterback is very fast. Lots of fun.

-I thought the offensive line was just terrific. They’re starting to gel. Will Beatty shut down Trent Cole for the most part. It’s hard to do, and Cole did get through a few times. But he played very well. I think Baas is starting to get comfortable.

-A great game by Eli Manning. No mistakes. He played really well. Not much else to say. He carried the team in a lot of ways. The running game wasn’t spectacular, and Eli made a lot of awesome throws into tight coverage.

-The Giants still have to work on running the ball. They had the one big run by Bradshaw. But, nothing really consistent. The good thing: Bradshaw and Jacobs were both heavily involved in the passing games. When they don’t contribute one way, they contribute another way.

-Great job by the special teams to make tackles and not mess it up.

-As I mentioned a lot during the lockout, football is great because it’s social currency. Case in point: during the game I was either texting or on the phone with friends from New Jersey, St. Louis and Pittsburgh. As well as everyone on Twitter. That’s a diverse group of people. And I was talking to all of them about a common thing. Obviously, it helps if the team is winning. But to be able to communicate with people from all different walks of life about the same thing is just very refreshing.

-I think this is a statement game. This team is battered, bruised. But they found a way to win, and guess what: They’re 2-1. I think after that Redskins game, coming out 2-1 would have been a shock. But that’s where they are. They’re in position to make some noise in a competitive NFC East. This wasn’t a perfect game, by any measure. The Giants had a lot of trouble against McCoy. But they found a way to win. I think, when we’re looking back on this season, this win is going to stand out.

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13 Responses to “Thoughts And Musings”

  1. BoomKentucky says:

    Agree with the above statements. Awesome game. Perry Fewell knows how to play Vick. Counting last year the Giants have basically shutdown Vick for 11 of 12 quarters, but that one quarter was a killer. Giants would have smashed the Eagles if is wasn’t for McCoy he is tought. Tony Siragusa said before the game he thought he was the best back in the league. Great Game Go G-Men!

  2. Joe P says:

    Well said, Jer.

    Still riding high after this. Can’t wait for the Cards now… This team needs to build on this win and get a big convincing victory at home.

  3. as up lifting a win ive seen in a long time

  4. Jeff says:

    Good notes, but here’s the few I disagree on:

    – The run game, I thought Bradshaw was very solid. He didn’t have many huge gains, but he picked up good yards almost every time he touched the ball, and kept the giants out of 3rd and long a bunch.

    – I love Rolle’s play, but he already did potentially cost us a game against Washington. If he doesn’t get that personal foul the giants get the ball back down 7 and who knows what happens there.

    – Beatty did okay against Cole, but he got a lot of help. Big up’s to Kevin Gilbride for realizing that Beatty couldn’t have done it alone.

    Otherwise, I agree completely, good point.

    Also, Cruz was really impressive, especially outmuscling Asomugha. Cruz should play outside, he’s not meant for the slot. Unfortunately so is Manningham. The Giants have 3 healthy outside threats, and no solid options in the slot.

  5. Jared says:

    I am not sold on Asomugha. Yea, he was good in Oakland, but who were they playing? He was in the stellar AFC West and no wonder no one ever threw towards him when they could pick on the other CB…which was…..? Oh yea, no one can even remember him!!

    That was an awesome game, although I can’t wait until the Giants can consistantly and convincingly close out games. Years of ups and downs have made me a bit jittery and I just don’t trust they will finish a team yet. I have seen too many games come down to the wire…. My nerves can’t take it anymore!!

    • Jeremy Fuchs says:

      Just a note about Nnamdi. He’s really good. I think right now he’s adjusting to playing in the slot, which he didn’t do in Oakland. But he was so good in Oakland that no one threw his way. You don’t see that in the NFL. I think the Eagles should play him on the outside, but they have their reasons for keeping him in the slot.

  6. All Cylinders? says:

    The game yesterday was good and we saw what the Giants could do as a team firing on all cylinders. Hardly any penalties and no turnovers and some good play calling go a long way. My only complaint were the couple of 3 and outs the offense had. It seemed when philthydelphia wanted to force a 3 and out they were able to and get the ball back.

  7. jce says:

    Hey Jeremy,

    You forgot to mention that pass that Steve Smith
    mishandled for a giants int. Mr. Williams looks
    good! All around team effort, keep it up Gmen!!!
    Note to Vick, your QB style will end your career.

  8. EJ says:

    Last week I was critical of Eli’s passing skills. This week I’ll give him credit for playing a very good game. Big Kudos to the entire team for going to Philly and shutting them up.

    There is nothing better than beating the iggles.

  9. Jerry says:

    …..Cruz made Eli look very good on a throw into double coverage. Also the run after the catch on the 75 yard play….
    Much better outing for Eli….now he is 30 and been at this a while….wish he could cut down on the rookie mistakes…

  10. Richard Kosse says:

    I think somthing that has been overlooked Eli didn’t change the called play much. He went with the OC’s call and the results are evident…

    • BlueManFla says:

      Good point. Everyone always knocks Gilbride or “Kildrive” as the 12 year old crowd loves to call him. My contention has always been that Eli changes the calls at the line so much that you can never really tell who is to blame for the call. I think your outlook on it proves the poiunt.

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