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Giants Lose 36-25

The Giants lost a heartbreaker, losing 36-25 to the Seahawks. Turnovers, penalties, and just poor play did them in. They had a chance to come back and win, and were knocking at the doorstep, but an interception return for touchdown negated that. More later

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13 Responses to “Giants Lose 36-25”

  1. baber says:

    why are the passing inside the 15 with a minute left!??

  2. Russo757 says:

    Cuz gilbride is a F-N retard

  3. Jason C. says:

    Why do the refs see every slight budge on the offensive line, but don’t see obvious holds in the secondary on the part of the Seahawks ALL GAME. This game, as well as the rest of the NFL is a fuckin joke, until something is done about this horribly inconsistent officiating. The Giants didn’t play great today, didn’t even play that good, but they did play good enough to beat the Seahawks.
    The run game is horrendous though, we certainly need to invest in offensive line help this offseason.

  4. Hawk_Eye says:

    We here on the west coast don’t want to hear no crying about the refs. We have been saying for years the NFL needs FULL TIME REFS. The Seahawks have had so bad calls go against us for years. Karma, baby Karma.

    • Jason C. says:

      What the fuck are you talking about Karma? Refs made a bad call in your Super Bowl, but it wasn’t against the Giants, so what the hell does that have to do with Karma?? If you don’t know what the things you talk about mean, don’t talk.

  5. bd98711 says:

    The running game!!! If anyone has seen it the Giants just put a wanted poster for it. The second leading rusher: Eli Manning. Enough said. Turnovers is also, as usual one of the main factors.

  6. Big Daddy says:

    Wow this one goes to the refs some what, who did not call a good game at all.


    Killdrive(Gilbride) who calls a wide running play from the end zone, NEVER do that, you run straight ahead to get some room, you NEVER go laterally that close to the endzone.

    Also do you notice how well the offense clicks when they get a rhythm going. Yet killdrive calls these long wide plays…..that go for zero yardage.

    Next is on Fewell who went into a prevent defense. This is the second string QB who is a nobody and they made him look like Peyton Manning. That’s when I knew this game was gone and I shut the TV off as ususal. I have been doing that all season from frustration even the wins. Basic football, second string QB go after him and he will make mistakes that lead to points, common sense.

    This is a good team and players are stepping up, like Jake Ballard.

    But this coaching staff is a horror and this season is proving it more and more.

    Why did the Giants put Cruz on IR when we really needed some depth at WR last season? I’d like an answer from GoGolfing(Coughlin). Cruz is proving that he needs time to mature and could have done that last season, he has the talent, natural WR talent Manningham lacks. Enough with this staying with the veterans even though they suck which is gogolfin’s way.

    It’s time to dump Diehl too, he’s not playing well at all from what little I see since I do turn the games off. Beatty has some issues with speed rushers but what LOT doesn’t, he needs a little more time.

    Why these long passing plays when killdrive knows the OLine is not working well togehter. Snee too is not playing well. It’s the same old, same old thing. I’m really tired of it and this offense is also BORING to watch. Why do we watch football? To be entertainted…

    Are you not entertained…

    If I wanted to watch football from the 1990s I would get DVDs of the old games, I am not entertained.

  7. PC says:

    dude I fell you exactly. I am also sick of watching a great team just turn out mediocre because of Kildrive. He is absoluetly the worst OC. Did you notice how when the team plays in hurry up we can score on the fly in like 3o seconds but when dumbass Killdrive cals some stupid run play when we should pass we go 3 and out way too often?
    We just have the worst luck! If they don’t learn from this game and really dissect it and use it as fuel to come out blazing against Buffalo then we are gonna be a sorry 3-3 going into the bye week. Pathetic!!
    They need to regroup and get fixed up. They are really close but they just put their heads down when they aren’t playing well and no one in that locker room shows the means to pick them up and get them to snap out of it!!! I am looking at you Eli Manning, Osi, Tuck, Jacobs, Webster. You guys are the Vets start acting like it! Coughlin get interesting!! You are so predictable even when you where with the Jaguars! Dial it up!
    Maybe they need some former players to motivate them? This franchise should show some fucking pride. They are the New York Football Giants for crying out loud!!

    • Russo757 says:

      What they need is some new blood calling plays. We have fossils out there. Killdrive fucking sucks. I like Fewell to some extent but the defense looked lazy at times, but then they get that big play. You just dont see a fire lit under these guys like you use to. I became a giants fan because of how they played grid iron football for four quarters straight and the defense was ferocious. Now they seem lost the majority of the time.

      Manningham is def not on the same page as Eli and Cruz needs to me moved up. The O=Line is a HUGE concern. No lanes, no protection, nothing.

      Good take aways is out new TE is worth a damn and can catch. WOuld have been nice to go to him more than the three times they did. Also, why only 1=2 screen plays per game when they were working? Giants have potential to still pull out a good season when tuck returns and Prince comes in to help with the pass protect but Ive been saying it for years.. Gilbride needs a pink slip.

  8. Jared says:

    What about the past three weeks when they came from behind to win? What are you talking about? This team is not lacking leadership, it’s lacking consistent coaching. Think about the Eagles game…..everyone was singing the praises of Killdrive and this week he looks like crap!! He is the problem! The defense has played well considering all of the losses this year.

    Yea, Eli threw 3 INTs today but 2 were not on him! The 2nd was a fluke that bounced right off Cruz’s hands and the 3rd was garbage time. I am not even sure why he was throwing bombs down 11 points with 20 clicks left on the clock…probably a Killdrive call!

  9. dylanroth says:

    fewell-ok…gilbride- horribly inconsistent. That simple, dump him. Get someone else, we are desparate.

  10. nycsportzfan says:

    the bottom line is gilbride will be looking for a job once the yrs out and we miss the playoffs again THere is no way Coughlin is back with another yr of no playoffs and rightfully so and the rest of his coaches will be gone as well(most anyways)

    I would love to see about getting under the radar coach Bill O’brien OC PATRIOTS as a Head Coach in here

  11. Jason C. says:

    Two home games, two basically nobody’s made to look like Jerry Rice.
    Donario Alexander and now Doug Baldwin. This is a joke, we’re the HOME team we need to be more physical and beat these guys up. Unfortunately we need the zebras to get that memo too.

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