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Thoughts and Musings

Well that sucked, didn’t it? That was a winnable game, and the Giants did what they often do. For years, seemingly, this is a team that very often, just comes out flat. It’s an issue.

-If the Giants were playing the Packers, this is a blowout. The Giants were only in this game because, let’s face it, the Seahawks aren’t that good. They fumbled twice near the end zone. They let the Giants get back into the game. Then the Giants shot themselves in the foot.

-What always kills the Giants: Penalties and turnovers. Same yesterday. Just can’t do it.

-I think I’m starting to realize why Ahmad Bradshaw couldn’t find a starting role somewhere else this offseason: He’s not a feature back. He needs to be part of a duo. He was not great yesterday, and without Jacobs to spell him, it caused a lot of issues.

-My oh my, is the line bad. Yes, Baas was out, but even before that, it wasn’t good. Kevin Boothe is not good. As a depth guy, fine. Ask him to start? No, he can’t do that. They were not opening holes in the run game, and the Seahawks had too much pressure for my liking.

-Get well soon, Chris Snee. We need you.

-Where have you gone, Mario Manningham?

-If they double cover Nicks, like teams have been and will be doing, he can’t do much. So, it was great to see Victor Cruz step up again, but, Manningham needs to be the guy on the other side.

-I think we can all say: Welcome back Osi. He’s looked terrific.

-The losses of Goff and Thomas are really creating a ripple effect. For one, the Giants are mostly playing two corners. They’re playing 3 safeties. Rolle is playing a quasi-linebacker role, not Grant, and Grant is not as good in coverage. Rolle is better in run support than Grant. So, the Giants are weakened in the secondary. They need a corner who can play. Maybe when Prince comes back, he’ll be that guy. It’s causing an issue. Grant was a second late on two balls he should have picked off. If Rolle is back there, does he make those plays? We don’t know, but you have to think he has a good chance of making at least one.

-I don’t get Kevin Gilbride. Against the Eagles, he called a magnificent game. It was perfect. The Cardinal game was good too. And then today, back to the same old conservative stuff. Look, the Giants are always going to be a running team, but if you have weapons like Cruz, Nicks and Manningham, use them! Be creative in how you use them. I think the reverse to Cruz early on was a good start (Although, reverses never work, unless you’re playing Madden). But you have to be creative in using this talented trio.

-By the way, if you’re looking for the next great safety, it’s Earl Thomas. So fast, so instinctive. And he’s only in his second year. Pleasure to watch.

-Few observations from watching the game live:

-Jaicquan Williams is fast. Super fast. He made a break on a ball towards the sideline when he was in the flat, and broke the play up. You could see him read the QB’s eyes, and his speed did the rest. He’s a keeper.

-Linval Joseph is a big dude. A really, really big dude. I feel like he might be better as a 3-4 nose, but he’s been doing a good job.

-Aaron Ross is playing the best football of his career.

-Da’Rel Scott led the Giants out of the tunnel today. Maybe it’s me, but shouldn’t that be a veteran? Not a rookie. Maybe I’m old school.

-Jason Pierre-Paul is not human. He’s completely ripped. He’s just freakishly athletic.

-I think Michael Boley is on his way to a Pro Bowl berth. Just playing fantastic football.

-Girlfriend interlude: As I mentioned in the game preview yesterday, I took my girlfriend to the game, her first Giants game. She’s a Jets fan.  But, I came in with a goal of converting her. How did it go? Well losing didn’t help. But, I did get her to root for the G-Men. And I got her a Giants shirt. She’s not fully converted. But she’s more open to the Giants than she was before. I’ll get her there, guys, don’t worry.

-I really think the Giants will be their best possible version when Kiwanuka is a defensive end. He’s there part time. Needs to be there full time. Of course, that means getting a guy who can play strongside backer. But, I hate messing with a guy’s position, unless it’s necessary. And while, personnel wise, it’ s necessary, he’s just so much better as an end. So much better.

-A safety? Really? C’mon guys.

-A win would have been nice, what with the Eagles losing. But, there’s a lot of season left. Plenty of time to right the ship.

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16 Responses to “Thoughts and Musings”

  1. Russo757 says:

    The bad line = bad running game. I wouldnt blame Bradshaw or Jacobs. WIth the current line gilbride needs to be creative in his calls. Bradshaw was running fine in open space. Do a pitch or a screen. (I think I saw one, maybe two yesterday and one came back for a hold). Jacobs doesnt have lanes to run thru to he runs as hard as he can into the back of a lineman and gets 2 yards. Awesome! Creativity and misdirection in playcalling can overcome some of this but Gilbride isnt that guy.

  2. Mark says:

    Very very few things to be happy about yesterday.
    Positives- 1.Victor Cruz showed that if he can stop turning the ball over, he has the potential to be one of the better receivers in the league in a year or so.
    2. Jake Ballard looks like the new Kevin Boss. Even though everyone labeled him as average to nothing more than a blocker. He is getting better every week, and he had a mismatch all game, that Gilbride failed to utilize other than a few throws. If he becomes a staple piece on this offense for third downs and big plays, we will be much better off. Gilbride needs to watch tape of the Patriots and Packers the two best offenses in the league and see how important tight ends are to becoming an unstoppable offense. They’re not just there for blocking.
    3. Osi is back!! A few sacks and a forced fumble, and nice pressure all game. The only knock is that he really is struggling against stopping the run on his side and it’s becoming a liability.

    Negatives:1. O-line and running game are abysmal, they’re actually getting worse by the week. Huge concern.
    2. Defense cant stop the run for our lives. Marshawn Lynch had his biggest game of the season, when did we become the Eagles when it comes to run defense???
    3. Gilbride going back to killdrive. The run on first down for a safety and the stagnation on third downs (1 for 12) say it all.
    4. Special teams, we can barely manage a decent return and we are horrible at keeping punt returners from starting their offense with good field position, putting additional pressure on our defense. Also I dont trust Lawrence Tynes leg outside of maybe 41 yards, he’s banged up and having a bad year.
    5. We returned to sloppy, flat, turnover prone football this week after essentially 4 weeks of playing mostly clean games. We gave the ball away 5 times, unacceptable!

  3. Big Daddy says:

    I had said in a previous thread a few months ago Killdrive always reverts back after a game or two of really good play calling to his normal terrible self.

    When is Mr. Mara going to see that the super bowl was won because of Spags, Strahan and Eli’s magic which he proved he can do. BUT he can’t do it every game, nobody can. Especially with the lousy play calling of Gilbride.

    Gogolfing(Coughlin) is past his prime. I never thought he was that good a coach, like Marty Schottenhiemer he will get you in the playoffs and that’s it. Notice nobody has hired Marty as a head coach becuase they knew what they would get, 11-5 and a first round lose in the playoffs. And he’s way past his prime.

    Gogolfing is too conservative and this is 2011 not 1995. The Giants play like they are in 1995.

    How many coaches survived having to fire their staff? How many times was gogolfing forced to fire his staff.

    Mr. Mara wake up, Coughlin’s time is up, time to move on. He is making too many tactical mistakes on and off the field in terms of strategy, father time has caught up with gogolfing……it’s time for him to go golfing and retire.

    • Jason C. says:

      Yeah you’re right, Coughlin never has playoff success, he’ll NEVER win a Super Bowl… (sarcasm)
      If you don’t like him, and think an injection of new blood is what this team needs, that’s one thing, but your comments are ridiculous, were you sleeping in 2007-08, I know it’s a couple years ago now, but it DID happen. Favre hasn’t won a Super Bowl since the 90’s and he’s all over the news anytime he opens his mouth (or his pants).
      A champion will always be a champion, and your opinion is fine, but to not give the man the credit he’s due is pretty disrespectful.

      • Big Daddy says:

        That’s my point he did NOT win a super bowl, Spags, Strahan and Eli did.

        Take away Spags from Gogolfing’s record and it doesn’t look nearly as good.

        Do the math, take away the 2 years with spags and add up the wins and playoff wins…….not nearly as good.

        The special teams have never been that good under Gogolfing.

        If someone likes Coughlin great, who cares. All I know is he said some things about injuries yet the team during his tenure has been worse. The offense is boring and it’s just a boring team to watch, they make way too many stupid mistakes and have no leadership. It’s an undisciplined team….yet isn’t Gogolfing supposed to be a disiplinarian…hmmmm, guess he’s not.

  4. Chris says:

    I like Coughlin, but he’s too loyal to coaches. So I’d rather see him go just to see Gilbride and the special teams guy go. Maybe a better trainer will come with a new head coach too. First draft need, as we all know: O-line. Then LB. Then WR for more depth. Then more corners for more depth. Grant is washed up – hope this is his last year.

    • Jason C. says:

      I think OL depth should be issued in free agency, as in the BEST LEFT TACKLE AVAILABLE TAKE HIM!!
      Linebacker needs to be round 1 this year, though I can see it being pass rush again, as Osi might be on his way out after this year.
      I can’t wait to see the Prince play, I hope he’s the real deal. If Thomas comes back close to 100%, Prince is what’s expected of him, and Webster, Rolle, and Philips keep up their play, the Giants secondary could be playmakers next year.
      I do hope Buffalo is a good week for us, but for some reason I’m losing confidence (which usually is a good thing with this team).

      • Russo757 says:

        The giants will be making a huge mistake letting Osi go. 3.5 sacks and 2 FFs in just two games. Thats half the stats of JPP who has started all 5. Osi maybe weak against the run but is always causing havoc in the backfield. Beef up the LBs to help with run support and let Osi, Tuck, JPP and Kiwi abuse QBs all day long. Personally Id take Osi of Kiwi any day of the week. But thats just one mans opinion.

        • Jason C. says:

          The difference is Kiwi is getting paid an average of about 4 million a season, while Osi is upset with his average of 7. Osi is insanely talented, but can’t stop the run AT ALL, as evidenced by how inept this entire team is at stopping the run without a healthy Justin Tuck. In terms of cap money, the blessing in disguise is how cheap it should be for the Giants to be able to lock up Terrell Thomas for a couple of years. But, wait, why talk offseason, there’s still a lot more time left in the season, though a loss vs. Buffalo hurts.

      • Chris says:

        Beatty isnt the problem, Diehl and McKenzie are…

        We need to keep Osi and Kiwi if possible

  5. Jason C. says:

    Question, do we root for Philly vs. Washington, as it will be the virtual no-brainer in terms of standings up until this point? Or do we root for the Philly collapse to continue and wait for the inevitable crashing down to earth on part of the Skins?

  6. Chris says:

    The OLine looks bad, real bad….Beatty is ok in pass protection but not a great run blocker…Diehl is a below adverage lineman and should probally be a backup, McKenzie was great last year but he looks like hes lost a step…Boothe looked horrible on a couple of plays…Cordle gets a pass, he didnt stand out as horrible, expecially since he was just signed off the practice squad….any chance that we sign Shaun OHara or Shawn Andrews? We could use the depth…

    Im fine with Kiwanuka lined up as a OLB, as long as he is rushing the QB 75% of the time….which he isnt, he wasnt drafted in the 1st rd because of his coverage ability….we need JPP, Kiwi, Osi and Tuck chasing QBs on every play, thats how we won the SB

    Gilbride, why is it that he only opens up the playbook in the last 2 minutes of the halfs? With the poor oline play as of late, why does he refuse to abandon the run when it isnt working…try screen passes, get it to the RBs in the flat…

  7. Mikes92 says:

    Gilbride is old school which doesn’t work in today’s NFL. Quinn has scrap schemes but the FO is too loyal to fire him. Fewell isn’t playing to the defenses strengths. Kiwi should play DE. Let herzlich, Williams and paysinger show what they can do before saying draft LB 1st round. Tuck, JPP, Osi and Kiwi. If they play together and could keep them instead of running for money, we’d have the best DE’s in football. But, I’m sure at least 1 of them will run for the money aka osi -.-.. O- line is sucking balls. Next year, early prediction for draft is TE first round or O-line. Yes Ballard is playing well but he’s no Gonzalez or Graham or Finley.

  8. CMH says:

    I thought Petrus loked good in limited action last year as a rookie. why is he inactive this year? He may have helped the run game some.

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