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Why Don’t The Giants Use No-Huddle More? Gilbride Explains. And It Makes Sense

Giant fans have been clamoring for the offense to move to a no huddle offense, for years now. Eli Manning is seemingly more effective in the no huddle, and it keeps the defense off guard. So why don’t they use it more? Let Kevin Gilbride explain:

“The no-huddle at the end is basically doing something which we don’t want to do — we’re just throwing,” Gilbride said. “It’s a little bit easier sometimes in that respect because you’re not worried about balancing. You have 50 seconds before the half to score. You have to do whatever you can to get the ball in the end zone. The last drive you have to get the ball down the field. You have less than two minutes to do it. So from that standpoint, when it’s been no-huddle in that respect we’ve been very good.”

It’s something that I think can be effective as a change of tempo (in other parts of the game),” Gilbride said. “I don’t think it’s a fantasy and I think you have to be careful. We’re trying to help the defense. We’re trying to hold onto the ball and slow the game down so that we’re on the field as much as we can. If you’re not careful, that sometimes can backfire.”

Basically, the Giants are trying to slow the game down, win a ball control game. No huddle doesn’t do that. No huddle accelerates things. It leaves more room for mistakes. It’s effective for the Giants when they use it sporadically. Think about it: The element of surprise is more effective than the status quo. So, if the Giants are to use the no huddle in late game situations, when ball control doesn’t matter, when they don’t have to set up the run, it’s more effective. If it’s the middle of the 2nd quarter, and the Giants have been using it all game, defenses are going to adjust. But it you use it sporadically, use it occasionally, it’s going to work. I know we harp, a lot, on Kevin Gilbride, and maybe some of it is justified, but the guy knows a heckuva lot more about football than we do. Our goal, then, is to begin to understand why he does what he does, rather than blindly criticize it.

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10 Responses to “Why Don’t The Giants Use No-Huddle More? Gilbride Explains. And It Makes Sense”

  1. busaccam says:

    O I’m sorry I must have been mistaken all these yrs when I thought the pt of the game was to score pts. I missed that rule change when u got pts for winning the ball control battle. But ur right we celebrate Brady, brees, Rodgers, vick, and peyton because they hold on to the ball! Not because they score pts! Hellllloooooo “you play to win the game!”

  2. littlebaldguy says:

    after reading these comments by Gilbride…..I understand Buddy Ryan a little bit more!
    busaccam hits the nail on the head….you kind of need to score points to win….unless you now get points for a 3 and out and a punt.

  3. PC says:

    Whats a stupid excuse. Scoring points is how you win games. Blindly criticizing? Really? Kildrive sucks. He should have been replace two years ago. Simply conserving the clock and sticking to the same thing is the status quo for him and its why we missed the playoff two years in a row!!!! Theres a reason he was never given an oppurtunity to be a head coach!!!!

  4. Big Daddy says:

    Yeah it makes sense in 1970, again like I say it’s 2011 and you need to score a lot of points.

    These guys are stuck in a time machine…..1995.

    And now with no running game gee I think it makes perfect sense to use it a lot more in fact.

    What a moron……..KILLDRIVE is a moron and proves it every time he opens his mouth.

  5. NYG_Brazil says:

    Nah, people, it makes sense, yes. Football is not only about scoring, but also about avoiding the other team to score. So, yeah, time control is important. The problem is that the Giants haven’t been able to do it with success.

  6. NYG_Brazil says:

    Anyway, Killdrive doesn’t work really good anyway. He should walk.

  7. Jason C. says:

    I agree with Gilbride here, we don’t need to constantly run a no huddle, but if nothing else is working I see no problem trying it out if say the D just got off the field quickly. I think the main problem with the Giants offense is that when the players aren’t executing the way they should in a certain facet, Gilbride never seems to make the right adjustments by putting players in better positions to make plays. Also they don’t seem to have plays designed for specific defenses, instead just situational plays for times in the game, down and distance, etc. This is what makes the Giants offense so predictable and why it always seems to be so much harder for them to execute.

  8. nycsportzfan says:

    That dosen’t make sense!!!lol Obviously when you run your hoping to get a decent amount of yards to get yourself a 1st or close to a 1st and on runs of 1-3 yrds on first down your still setting yourself up to have to stop the clock with incompletions or whatever Running or passing you are trying to get first downs and TD’s! No huddle is the way to go! U have to and u still can run outta a no huddle by the way!

  9. jeremy P. says:

    Our goal, then, is to begin to understand why he does what he does, rather than blindly criticize it:

    That’s called tolerance, the opposite of fascism.

  10. Big Daddy says:

    Our goal is understand why the Giants haven’t fired this clown.

    Just win baby……

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