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Thoughts and Musings

A wise man once said a win is a win is a win. And this week is no different. It wasn’t pretty, but the Giants averted disaster.

-I don’t think anyone is outplaying Aaron Rodgers, but I think Eli Manning is a close second. He’s just been on fire. In command. Winning games for the team. Making other players (Jake Ballard, Victor Cruz) better. I can’t speak enough to just how good and how valuable Eli has been.

-I see you, Justin Tyron. Great tackle on Reggie Bush there.

-Speaking of Bush, he has two career 100 yard rushing games in his career. Both are against the Giants. I’m not sure if that’s weird, bad or just a coincidence.

-Interested to see what happens with Hakeem Nicks. Don’t like seeing him injured like that.

-Credit Miami for showing up and playing their hearts out. They’re not Sucking for Luck.

-Speaking of Luck, had the chance to watch a good amount of the Stanford-USC game. Great game, by the way. Luck is something special. I don’t think the talent around him is that good. I think Luck makes them a lot better. He reminds me a lot of Aaron Rodgers. Huge arm, accuracy, can run it too. Is he worth giving up your whole draft for? Is he worth 3 number one picks? I’m not sure. I don’t know if anyone is worth that. But, he certainly is a damn good player.

-I’m not liking how the run game is progressing. It’s so inconsistent. Jacobs isn’t providing anything much. I think he wants out (always find it interesting that guys play poorly when they want out. What value are you to other teams? What are you going to say to teams? “Don’t worry, I was tanking on purpose.” No. Play well. Force teams to pay for you.

-Girlfriend interlude: Like I mentioned, the girlfriend met the parents this weekend, which was why there was no game coverage. And it went fantastic. They absolutely loved her. Which is great. I know how much you care about my personal life (not really) but this is going somewhere folks. Stay tuned.

-This defensive line is just awesome. JPP. Osi. Tuck. Kiwi. That’s fearsome. Fearsome. How many offensive lines can neutralize that? I think the only way the Giants are going to have a poor pass rush is if they don’t come out with effort.

-Corey Webster doesn’t get the publicity. But he should. He’s been fantastic this year. We need a nickname. Something along the lines of Revis Island. Webster’s Way? Like, Webster’s Way is a one way street? What do you guys think? Put some suggestions in the comments.

-I think it’s good the Giants pulled this one out. Because here starts the brutal schedule. Hey, we’ll see what the Giants are made of, that’s for sure.

-I think, looking ahead to New England, making sure Wes Welker doesn’t get free is key. I think he is key to what their offense wants to do. Yes, they also have Hernandez and Gronkowski, and that’s going to be a challenge. But Welker runs that offense.

-Good to see Manningham getting involved. Like I keep saying, if he picks things up, it just opens up the field for everyone else.

-Snow interlude: I’m just giving up on weather. Nor’easter? In October? I can’t take this anymore.


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13 Responses to “Thoughts and Musings”

  1. Big Daddy says:

    My thoughts:

    1- Reese is a great GM and has given this team so many good to great players since he has taken over the position. Sleepers like Cruz, Ballard and pickups from other teams as well letting go of players when they are no longer useful. Every year he comes up with players nobody else saw or picked.

    2- Coughlin holds back young players for stupid reasons.

    3- Were is Da’Rel Scott? Oh I forgot about Coughlin’s thought process, Scott must stink at the way he ties his shoe laces. Forget about his 4.2 speed, good size and power and the fact that he ran for 200 yards in his last college game, means nothing if you cannot tie your shoe laces the way Coughlin wants.

    4- Jacobs is a mental case and needs to be axed…NOW. Deon Grant is terrible, just about anybody would be an improvement, even someone not playing now. I think some guys were just cut that can play better.

    5- For all their talent some Giants are just injury prone and need to be replaced and I mean Tuck and Jacobs. Even though I love both players it’s time to let them move on and use the money for someone else. Beckum, Sintim and maybe Barden, all players I really like but have just no worked out because of injury. Barden still has time, Beckum cannot run routs well and can’t block. Sintim has injuries I cannot see him returning from.

    6- Now that Osi proved he can still rush the passer as good as ever and still can’t play the run, trade him him please and let the defense go to a 3-4. With JPP and Joesph at DE we just need a man in the middle. We have depth at the ends even for a 3-4.

    7- This draft is filled with linebackers I expect to see Reese get at least 2 or 3 with 1 or 2 being true studs. Manti Te’o is my guy and would fit into Fewell’s defense at MLB right now since I expect to see him and everybody else still coaching this team next season.

    8- Gilbride is a terrible OC.

    9- Our special still stink. It’s amazing Scott is not being used to return kicks and punts with his speed, try him at least.

    10- We win this divison and go one and done in the playoffs as usual.

  2. A says:

    Jacobs has to go. I’m just furious with him. Get him out of that locker room now.

    Agree with the above comments on Gilbride. I think yesterday was one of the worst called games of the Eli era. I want him gone. We don’t win yesterday without Eli’s stunning play. Gilbride is a liability at this point.

    Re Webster… Corey’s Corner …

  3. Roxanne says:

    I call Webster “The Web” because something is bound to get caught up in him be it player or ball.

    Coughlin not playing young guys really irks my nerves. The impact Cruz is having this year could be so much greater had he not been perfectly healthy on IR last year. He needs to reevaluate his stance on these issues to get these young guys the experience and the improve the skills especially WR because guys get hurt. Fingers crossed for Nicks.

    Manningham seems to be stepping his game up…we should thank Cruz for this.

    Jacobs needs to keep the bench nice and toasty. He’s a classless, lazy, whining jerk. Sure, nothing opened up, but isn’t that part of what made us love Jacobs. He didn’t need holes. He was perfectly content with running thru people.

    Eli is so hit or miss. You never know who your gonna get with him. He was throwing some rockets yesterday and look great. Only saw him shrug a few times. Gotta find the stats for shrug:INT ratio.

    I know the schedule looks horrible. Giants seem to rise to the occasion in the past. They have this problem with beating the best but losing to teams like the Lions, er wait, the cant us them either, San Fran, damn. Teams like the Colts. The harder the schedule the more confident I am in the Giants. I do not think they are a one and done playoff team this year.

  4. e double says:

    pardon meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    im walking into SPIDER WEBS(ala spider lockhart for all the grandfathers blogging)!! leave a message and ill call you back.

    C’MON MAN this guy is shut down. dont ever wanna hear the words revis island on OUR SITE again. this guy isnt playing his heart out this year he’s been doing it for the last few seasons.

    and as for our QB ELIte he is. this guy is making people look great. and he does it with class and integrity. sure people who still hate on him and want phil rivers cant s ck it. no body and i repeat no body is a better 2 min qb and when players dont show up outta the backfield (#27) to catch passes the guy doesnt explode and try to show him up on the sidelines.

    by the looks of it and our feriocious pass rush. the NYG’s are the real deal and we are SUPER BOWL BOUND BABY!!!!!

  5. PC says:

    If we can get the passing attack going early we will eat the Patriots alive!!1 Their defense is one of the worst in the league this year. Horrible DB’S especially!

  6. How bout Webster’s Web ?

  7. rory says:

    webster’s laboratory? (used by chris webby, but it still works)

  8. sam says:

    I know its cliche but it fits our team this year more then EVER! I think we go as far as we can run the ball and stop the run.I think theres nothing more and nothing less.If we stuff the run our pass D and pass rush will improve dramatically.If our run offense improves,Eli can get the deep play action pass going and it’ll help our already potent passing attack get even better.we match up great with the Pats so I wont be surprised if we get a win..Only reason why i’ll be surprised is because Pats rarely lose at home and they especially dont lose much after losing the week before.If we can stop the run what is a team like San Fran going to do?if Frank Gore gets shut down what is Alex Smith going to do with Osi,JPP,Kiwanuka and Tuck chasing him down.We just need to get this run defense right so we can make these teams one dimensional.I cant emphasize more how important it is for our team to get this run problem we have on both sides.Go Giants lets get it right so we can attack this brutal schedule.

    • Jay says:

      Looks good on paper, but I just read Bradshaw is out with a priained foott.. (didn’t this guy just have surgery on both feet in the off season?) Maningham is out,, Nicks is Questionable.. May have to run B.J, Ware and De’Rel Scott… Activate Ramses Bardin, and pray for the best! If we can shut the middle down, and have the FS pull up as a rover, we can stop getting beat for long yardage on the run!!! I guess we wil se Sunday!!!..

  9. Quan says:

    the defensive line with JPP, Osi,Tuck and Kiwi should be called the Fantastic 4. 🙂

  10. Jay says:

    Corey Webster’s Nick name should be Cory “The Spider WEBster… I am a die hard Giants fan, but wonder why we take a while to crank up, sort of like an old Buick… I am interested to know what Coach does not use Da’Rel Scott a bit more in the backfield rotation, as well as kick off returns. I like Aaron Ross, but on KR??? Lets protest.. Add more speed, and gas to the tank if Bradshaw is injured, and Jacobs is struggling!!!! ( LET’s GO BLUE!!! )

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