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Boley and Ross Day To Day

Good news on the injury front: Both Michael Boley and Aaron Ross are day to day. Losing them for an extended period of time would be awful.

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6 Responses to “Boley and Ross Day To Day”

  1. Adam says:

    We had the ball up one in the 2nd half. On 3rd down Eli rolled right and under little duress missed nicks short for a would be first down and more.

    The game could have been soooooo different.

    Come on G-Men, got to rally after this one!

  2. Big Daddy says:

    This hurts, 2 places we are thin at. As usual people get hurt at places we do not have depth, why does this happen every year?

    I have been reading other blogs and forums and find it humorous how people use stats to make their argument. Like politicians do, take a stat and you can make an argument either way. The fact is stats mean nothing, only wins mean something. Stats deceive, it can make a player or team look better than what they are. They are only indicators. Like most teams that win have a much better turnover ratio but that is NOT always the case. One or two really bad games can turn your stats upside down. Talk to a statistician……or a mathematician.

    The fact is Gilbride is very predictable and Eli is too. Gilbride is too conservative and Eli some times takes chances he shouldn’t. That does kind of help each other by offsetting. But why does Eli take chances? Because he has to, because Killdrive puts him in situations to have to win games.

    It’s complex and people tend to use things they grasp onto without truly understanding what they are using to make their argument. In other words they really don’t grasp it, nor understand it. They jut use it because it sounds good. Like Qb ratings, that means nothing really, it’s about efficiency, that goes out the window when your receivers drop the ball a lot. They used to drop a lot more balls on Eli then they are doing now. Eli is pretty much th same Qb but with a better receiving corp.

    Danny Ware is not the answer at RB. IS Scott? we should have had that information this preseason, people forget he ran for 100+ yards against the Pats in the last game. If he did that why was he inactive for most of the season? Why was Cruz IR’d last season? Why is our first round pick still out when Fewell says he can play? Now that Ross is hurt we could have had this guy almost up to speed, instead Coughlin is throwing him to the wolves as he does with all new players who have to come in because of injuries. He never prepares these kids with game time snaps. This is gogolfing’s MO, year after year.

    • PC says:

      at Big Daddy

      Right on the money my man! Im am completely over these lousy coaches who are still coaching like is the 8o’s. I don’t care how far the Giants go this season these coaches need to be replaced please no More Coughlin and Company in 2012..please!!!!!

    • Jason C. says:

      Nice use of “stats” on Scott’s preseason game against NE. You fail to mention it was against on the bubble fourth stringers and 65 of the yards came on a trick play, fake punt.
      And seriously you people need to make up your mind. Do you want them to be less conservative or stop coaching like it’s the 80’s, because if they adopt a more modern offensive philosophy it will be WAY more conservative. 2/3’s of the teams in the league use some form of a modernized west coast offense which is ultra conservative and boring.
      I understand there’s always going to be complaints after a loss, but let’s at least be consistent with our gripes.

      • Big Daddy says:

        Missing point.

        Coughlin is by far a better coach then most in the NFL. But he has his limitations. As I said Belichick too has shown signs he is overwhelmed and cannot handle both GM and coach positions. His personnel decisions have been questionable.

        As for killdrive, he has always been horrible as with most of the coaches Coughlin hires. Look at how many HAD to be fired. Look at our terrible special teams. Coughlin even said they were prepared for the onsides kick yet the Special teams coach blew it. So one of gogolfing’s major weakness’s is hiring coaches which is hat he does, not Reese. I’m sure Reese would want to change that. Why would Buddy Ryan punch another coach? I saw that on TV when it happened. Many times I wanted to punch Gilbride too.

        Scott’s performance against the Pats showed that, like Cruz last preseason they have the potential to be successful in the NFL. Anybody that rushes for over 100 yards in 12 carries needs to be looked at as a potential starter or rotational player sooner rather than later no matter how he made those yards.

        I think if Cruz had played some last season he would have been even better this season. Do we have to wait for Scott too?

        It’s really not a matter of being conservative or not, it’s about knowing when to take advantage of the other teams weakness and exploitinging it. I don’t think the Giants do that very well. Like a boxer knowing when he has the other guy hurt and finishing him off. Its about taking the will out of the other team, the Giants don’t do that and many teams feel they can win, they can beat the Giants. How many teams feel that way about the Packers right now? I credit Spags, Strahan and Eli with making sure the other Giant players were convinced in their minds that the Pats were beatable that one magic day at the super bowl.

        Here’s something to think about. Take Eli out of the game like Peyton was and how would the Giants do? Pretty badly like the Colts. Take Smith out of the 49ers and replace him with an average QB and they would probably be the same. Add Eli to the niners and they would be the Packers.

        I can live with Coughlin, there aren’t many better. But Killdrive stinks as does our Specials coach. Fewell is just OK and nothing special, his defense is looking more like the Spags defense in a lot of ways. Too bad most of the time the camera is on a cheerleader and not the whole field so it’s hard to tell what defensive scheme they are in. There was recently an article about the poor TV(camera) coverage of the NFL in one of the major newspapers, how many people read them anymore…LOL.

        As men age they by nature become too conservative, some don’t, but most do, I see it on myself. I just think we need some fresh thinking and approach in the Giants coaching philosophy, whether it’s the whole staff or parts of it. We need to get some young blood in there with new ideas and a fresh more modern approach. Especially when dealing with young players. Change for the sake of change usually is NOT a good thing. Change with the idea of taking the next step going forward is the right concept and one that the Giants ownership never seems to grasp, ever.

        I think Reese gets it, I shudder to think about when Reese’s contract is up. He’s going to go to another team that will give him more power and freedom. I’m sure he wants to hire his own coaching staff and put his mark on a team. Coughlin was EAs hire. Coughlin hires his coaches.

        • Jason C. says:

          Well I hope you’re right and Scott can have the same promise that Cruz had, the thing is, Cruz had made mistakes, and one of them cost us the game in Seattle. Now don’t get me wrong, he also was the reason we won games against Philly most notably, and has been a key part of all of the 4th quarter drives, but he does drop balls. I think the thing that most scares the coaching staff about Scott is the blitz pickups and the possibility of fumbles (which I believe have been insanely limited by our RB’s this year after last years debacle). Though I do think a few plays a game wouldn’t hurt, and I think we will begin to see that eventually.

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