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Thoughts and Musings

Hey all, its JW here holding down T and M for Fuchs today. You know I love covering them for him. Let’s delve in!

– Tough, tough loss. The Giants tried to win another mariclous comeback, but to no avail.

– Poor play calling by Gilbride. Third and two on the ten yard line and you run a draw? Are you kidding me? Everyone knew it was coming.

– Yes, Eli Manning threw two interceptions, but he played great. Another terrific 4th quarter. Manningham needs to come up with that ball.

– Give the 49’ers credit. They’re legit.

– Boley’s hamstring injury could be troublsome. Early indications are that it isn’t good. One can assume he’ll be out next week. Ross’s quad bruise will likely force the Giants to activate CB Prince Amukamara this week to provide added insurance.

– Movie Interlude: Saw the new Harold and Kumar Christmas movie. Not bad. Had it’s funny moments. I think, and it might be just me, but the white castle one was the best one.

– Early indications are that Eagles QB Michael Vick won’t play, either. He suffered broken ribs in yesterday’s loss to the Cardnials. Some of the Eagles beat writers believe it will be Young, not Vick, who goes Sunday night.

-I’ll re-post what Fuchs wrote last week, because it’s true. “Linval Joseph is really coming along. He’s so big, so strong, and he gets a push in the run game. He and Canty, who is also playing well, have been great inside.” Jospeh recorded a sack in yesterday’s defeat.

– The niners exposed the Giants LB’s for sure. Without Boley they can’t cover the short to intermediate routes. They’ll have to rely on getting even more pressure.

– I think Ware played a solid game. Had a few good runs and catches. Ware does block very well, too. But one thing is clear. The Giants need RB Ahmad Bradshaw back.

– Manningham had a great game for someone who nearly didn’t play. He needs to come up with that ball, though. Manning laid it right in there and Manningham couldn’t come up with it. Killer. Manning almost did it again.

– I honestly think this loss will make the Giants realize they can’t leave it to the last quarter to come back. They need to be strong for all quarters. Maybe this was a wakeup call.

– Beer Interulude: Who doesn’t love a nice brew? What’s your favorite. I’ll post mine to your responses!

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11 Responses to “Thoughts and Musings”

  1. alfonsait says:


  2. I Hate Onsides says:

    Oh great Vince Young…a guy who has just been waiting for a chance since getting traded. At one time he was considered good…one good game against the Giants and philly has a QB controversy midway through a dismal year.

  3. JW says:

    Love Rolling Rock and Guinness. Me, though, I’m more of a Bud Light Bottles kind of guy. Not sure why, but I love it. Taste like soda to me.

  4. Big Daddy says:

    I think the big issue with this coaching staff from day one was this:

    They live in 1995. They are much too conservative for 2011. The new younger coaches are into taking calculated risks. In his great days so was Parcells, even Belichick. I noticed Belichick has lost that and Coughlin never had it. Coughlin is not into using rookies period unless he has no choice, but he does not prepare them with snaps first, this happened to Goff and now his replacement. It happened with this kid Scott who looks dynamic and has to take over for a below average Ware and ineffective Jacobs who looks SLOW.

    Killdrive is terrible, I think he calls a poor game and has a terrible game plan. He has called a few gems but those are few and far between. Too many basic fundamental errors with his play calling.

    The speacial teams are still terrible, when will that change?

    I think everybody, well everybody in their right mind has figured it all out and see this coaching staff for what it is. A mirror image of Marty Schottenheimer’s teams. Coughlin got lucky, he had a perfect storm, Eli, Strahan and Spags, it was magic that is NOT going to happen again.

    It’s not going to happen again, remember that, it was a one time deal. It was poised to possibly happen again but Plax ruined that and Killdrive ran the same plays with Hixon. Duh somebody should have pointed out to that football genius Hixon is NOT Plax.

    So we have seen enough years as have the rest of the NFL to know what the Giants do, are and are not. It won’t change until we have a new coaching staff with a fresh new approach.

    • Jason C. says:

      Well if it were to happen again he would join a VERY short list of coaches that won two Super Bowls. Stop being so negative, he WON A SUPER BOWL, it’s pretty impressive in its own right. How many does Andy Reid have?
      About them being too conservative, I don’t get it, they take more chances downfield than every team other than possibly Detroit. I know it’s getting obvious that they’re going to run on second if they don’t on first, and that takes the element of surprise away, but will usually result in a little more manageable third down. If trying to provide balance is the issue, I can deal with that.
      I think I might be in the minority, but I took more good out of this loss, than I did out of the Buffalo and Miami wins. I understand at the end of the day it’s the W that matters, but I’m more confident for the immediate and distant future of this team today then I was 2 weeks ago, that’s for sure.

    • Jason C. says:

      And about Scott, he wasn’t that great coming out of college, he’s a project, there’s NO chance he gets regular playing time in an offense that stresses blitz pick up on its running backs. In fact the answer to your question was right in front of you, when he tried to take the ball out of the endzone and got stopped at the 10 on the run back, decision making isn’t his best attribute and we can’t afford to put a ball in the hands of someone like that right now.

      • Big Daddy says:

        Exactly he’s doing something now he should have been doing in preseason. Coughlin waits and then tries to force feed a young player when he has no choice but to use him. To mean the decision to use Ross returning was idiotic when we already lost Thomas.

        You don’t look at a college player’s career. If that were the case were are all the Heisman trophy winners? In the NFL it’s about fitting into that style of play, College careers mean nothing. Same thing for high school when entering college, it just means that some have more apptitude at that time. Read about drafting.

        Jason you are contradicting yourself, reread what you wrote in your first reply. As soon as you say it was obvious your whole argument fell apart.

  5. BoomKentucky says:

    Sam Adams Oktoberfest and Boston Lager, Blue Moon, Left Hand Milk Stout, and many others.

  6. JW says:

    Ah, Blue Moon. A classic.

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