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Eagles Beat Giants 17-10


The Giants, plain and simple, did not deserve to win this game. Nothing going on offense, too many mistakes, and didn’t capitalize on turnovers, as the Eagles beat the Giants 17-10.

The Eagles started the scoring with a 33 yard field goal. After a 51 yard punt return by DeSean Jackson, Steve Smith scored on a 14 yard touchdown. The Giants got on the board at the end of the half, with Tynes connecting on a 48 yard field goal to make it 10-3 at the half.

Victor Cruz started the scoring in the second half, on a 24 yard touchdown pass. Riley Cooper scored on a 8 yard touchdown pass late in the 4th, to make it 17-10.

The offense just couldn’t get going at all. No run game. Dropped passes. False starts. Pressure allowed. Just putrid. You can’t beat any team when your offense isn’t producing. The line looked pedestrian, at best. Just nothing going, and made it hard to watch. Yes, there was a great drive in the 4th. Huge pass to Nicks. TD to Cruz. But I’m talking over the course of the game, and it wasn’t good. And the fumble at the end of the game was just absolutely awful.

The defense wasn’t bad. 3 picks. McCoy was mostly contained. Vince Young is not that good, which helps. But a pretty decent performance. Not a lot of pressure. But they did their job. Without the Jackson punt return, this is a different game. That last drive, however, was not good, and that’s when it counted. Couldn’t stop them on third downs, which killed them.

I hate how the Giants played. Just flat. I don’t care if the Eagles are struggling, they are still a dangerous team. This has always been an issue for the Giants, but it’s something that has to be corrected. I also don’t want the Giants to always have to come from behind. It’s great that they can come back, but hey, let’s get a lead and keep it, shall we? The Giants had so many opportunities to capitalize on mistakes by the Eagles, and they didn’t. The Giants made it interesting late, but that fumble at the end was just painful. Tough loss, awful loss. And the Giants are going to be kicking themselves for letting the Eagles back in the race.


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18 Responses to “Eagles Beat Giants 17-10”

  1. RussellA says:

    Defensive and offensive schemes suck! Both are geared not to lose!

  2. rich says:

    Jacobs reminds me of Ron Dayne. When will the Giants get rid of this do nothing back.

  3. PC says:

    You can’t ell me its not the way these guys are coached? Im sorry you just can’t!!! They are dinosaurs sticking to the same old plan. Running the ball when its obvious the run sucks this year. They won’t let Manning run the show. Let him loose we have tons of weapons with our receivers.
    Also they had no answer each and avery 3rd down tonight.WTF? Now on to our typical late season meltdown. I just hope at the end of this year the Mara Family fires Coughlin and his staff. Please!!!! Please!!! They suck(period…) I don’t wanna hear it from any of you Coughlin supporters. He is an old shitty coach. There is a reason no one in the NFL wants to play for him. He sucks!!!!!!!! Kildrive sucks even more!!!!!

  4. Chris says:

    Atlanta and Chicago will take wild cards as Cowboys win division. So gmen miss playoffs again. The payoff? We’re finished wil Killdrive and that crappy special teams coach. Coughlin misses playoffs third year in a row and even Mara will fire him. A new coach with an innovative off coordinator and Eli will shine.

    • Steve says:

      I can’t remember the last time the Giants made a big play on special teams. It’s just plan awful. We might as well have Bill Sheridan coaching special teams.

  5. PC says:

    @chris AGREED! Eli really would be ELITE with the right coach(especially OC). We really do have the best WR I have seen on this team in 3 decades. They are all still peaking too!!! I also think Eli has his best years ahead. Now is the time to make a change.

  6. Steve says:

    Awful coaching, again…The way they played tonight reminds me of the last two Novembers. They didn’t deserve to win based on their offensive play and coaching. Dropped passes, poor blocking, typical Kevin Gilbride plays. Stop playing Brandon Jacobs…I would rather see Scott play. We lose to the Eagles without some of their top weapons. I give credit to the defense for stopping the run. Too bad they played the whole game while the offense goes three and out for the whole first half. Our special teams have sucked for three years. I think Perry played way too conserative tonight. Man, this is so frustrating. This game was critical and it’s going to make it that much tougher to get into the playoffs. I hate the Eagles…

  7. stuart a says:

    the defensive line did absolutely nothing. Peters dominated Umenyiora. Tuck stinks.

    The giants offensive line is offensive. Snee is not what he was. Beattly could not hold Peters jock strap.

    this team is doing the elfoldo again….

    the defense has missed assignments every game. In the 4th when it mattered the D wet the bed as it has done for years except the superbowl run.

    cruz is a good young player but he makes so many mistakes. Ballard looked good tonight. the first drop was only maybe a 30 play….

    • Steve says:

      I thought Ballard did a poor job tonight considering he dropped three balls (I believe that was the number). As far as the Defensive Line, I thought they made some good plays on the run. Can’t say the same thing for rushing the QB. Our offensive line has progressively gotten worse since last year. The Giants didn’t play to win tonight; however, neither did the coaching staff. Such crap tonight.

  8. stuart a says:

    They could not get any pressure rushing 4. BTW they rushed 3 numerous times.

    I do not understand why they would not blitz and rush 5 or 6>>> I do not understand fewell but compared to gillbride and quin he is bellichek…

    another giant implosion coming….

    the seattle game was the killer…….

  9. PC says:

    With the Saints and Packers up Next we are doomed!!! Those teams will pick us apart!!!!

  10. Vic In Dallas says:

    What in the HELL was the plan on offense? Jacobs is not quick enough to warrant so many draw play carries. We’re playing Philly! Ran about 15 draw plays, and how many actually worked? Look, the Giants O line is not dominate enough to line up to run it down teams throats. A competent play caller would have quicker RBs running the draw, or at least attempt to disguise the run a little better.

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

    Hate to blame the D too much though, but an 18 play drive covering nearly 9 minutes? Surrendering 17 points is supposed to be enough to win games. This should have been a win.

  11. Cory says:

    Kevin Gilbride stinks.. sick of shotgun draws our o line is the worst I’ve ever seen we can’t keep tryin to win on 4th wtf drives smh hopefully we remember what the saints did to us at the dome and its still crazy that we have to travel to them again but anyways we need to start playing better I’m SICK of November/December collapses too and oh yea can somebody tell me why primetime games are the worat for us SMH I still have hope though can’t wait to read thoughts and musings and mention Prince too he had a hell of a game

  12. DP says:

    Annual 2nd half of season swoon has begun

    Giants fans we have all seen this movie before – – just another repeat. That’s speak to the coaching staff. Playoff’s??? I don’t foresee that happening, although our Genius GM indicated during the summer when he was facing the ‘sleepy Reese’ firestorm that he was confident the team would make the playoffs.

    We shall now begin to see where the NY Giants Football Administration power resides. Does it rest with Reese at GM? or does it reside with TC as coach? Which truly has the Mara’s and Ownership’s ear? What spin would be put on the team if they fail to make the playoffs and retain TC? Reese has been riding the Ernie Arcosi Super Bowl win ‘coatails’ to stardom – – Arcosi basically built that team and had it in place for Reese

    A coaching change will result in the O and D having to learn new ‘systems’ – – – so as appealing as making the TC switch seems, unless we change to a coach that can bring a new attitude to the team, then we will have a ‘built-in’ excuse for writing off next year as well.

    I say keep TC and force him to change his Offensive and Defensive Coordinators. Perhaps by next season TC will trust this rookie RB Scott enough to let him play – – coaches drive me crazy with keeping rookie RB’s out of the line-up because they are slow to learn pass blocking at the NFL level – – yet these same coaches never take any heat for their failure to ‘coach-up’ these rookies to accelerate or advance their learning of this critical technique an requirement.

    Keep TC, hope that Spags get released in St. Louis so he can come back as D Coordinator and find a ‘young’ hotshot Coordinator for the offensive side of the ball.

    It is going to be tough to watch Big Blue play out the end of this season, this year’s version of a collapse might doom the entire regime

    • Jason C. says:

      Do you people really believe this collapse propaganda the NFL has set upon us? Didn’t we all look at the schedule and wonder how we were set up with one of the hardest second half schedules in the history of the league? I think it’s a joke that every five seconds I have to hear about how Coughlin collapses every second half of the season (they even include the year they won the Super Bowl, failing to show a mention of it on their graphics), especially when they were projected by most experts to lose every game in this 6 game stretch. That said, there’s still 3 games left, they need to win 2 of them, it will be hard, but not impossible, Dallas game is a must. I’m not too concerned really, our injuries are way too deep to win a Super Bowl this year, so I’d like to just see some player development at this point (remember first place means next year most likely playing Green Bay and San Fran again next year).

  13. Jason C. says:

    Please let’s not talk about coaching here, this loss is squarely placed on the COMPLETE ineptitude of the offensive line. And not just Boothe or Bass or Beatty, but Snee, McKenzie and Diehl as well. Disgusting, no time for Eli to even look downfield, just about every play was rushed, Ware did a pretty good job of getting away from initial hits 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage, Jacobs hadn’t built up the momentum to smack a guy off of him before he got hit 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage on EVERY play. So let’s not blame schemes, or Jacobs, or even the dropped passes (which admittedly killed us to some extent). The game begins and ends with the offensive line, and the offensive line was an absolute joke yesterday.
    I’ll give the defense some slack on this one, a lot of guys learning on the fly, and also the fact that the Eagles line (mainly Danny Watkins) wasn’t called for holding once I believe, that was pretty questionable IMO. I mean on one play you could clearly see him pulling Linval Joseph’s arm, right in the middle of the field, right in front of Lady Gaga, as he cut around for a first down.
    So please let’s stop talking about coaches, Gillbride’s gameplan, and anything else, the game was lost ON the field, and BY our offensive line.

    • Big Daddy says:

      I half to somewhat agree with you. But I can point to many poor play calls and schemes by the coaching staff. Poor Specials as usual.

      It starts at the top with Gogolfing and works down. The coaches did a poor job from jump street and the players followed.

      Typical of what I said before to you about not going after a team and letting them get comfortable and believe they can beat the Giants, which they did.

      Young is the worst QB in the NFL and with a soft defense let him get comfortable in the pocket and that gave him confidence. A very poor game plan from fewell.

      If Snee was that sick why was he even playing? Another gogolfing call, Deihl should have been pulled too.

      Everybody sucked.

      But it’s time for a coaching change IMO, this is going to be another second half collapse after another shaky start. I’m tired of it and I have been saying this same thing for years now.

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