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Thoughts and Musings

JW here again filling in for Fuchs. I wish this was a victory T and M, but it isn’t. Anywho, Let’s dig in.

– Well that was bad. It wasn’t just bad, it was terrible. No pressure on Brees and no coverage by the linebackers. It looked like 7 on 7’s with Brees sporting a red jersey.

– We knew they would have trouble with second-year TE Jimmy Graham and RB Darren Sproles, but geez, they got killed. I guess, they tried to make some adjustments, but they had no answers. How can you? Without LB Michael Boley, who could cover Graham? Williams, Herzlich, Paysinger and Grant all tried. They stood no chance.

– The running game was terrible. Jacobs, at times, showed some ability to get to the second level, but he isn’t consistent. Well, he might be consistently awful. He had a few nice runs, but he isn’t the answer. They need RB Ahmad Bradshaw back before it’s to late.

– QB Eli Manning was outstanding. Manning completed 21 straight passes in the and went 21-24 for over 240 yards and had two touchdowns all in the second-half. Manning, who had another elite game, had little run game to help him. Without his #2 WR Mario Manningham, he continued to stay on page with WR Victor Cruz who had another great game. Cruz had two touchdowns and needs just 43 yards to amass 1,000 yards. The UDFA from U-Mass is no longer not just a great story, he’s a great player.

– Where was the sense of urgency? Was it there? Giants head coach Tom Coughlin thought so. I didn’t see it and I bet you didn’t, either. The Giants, who got carved up by Saints QB Drew Brees will travel home to face who? Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. I wonder what he’s capable of against them. It won’t be pretty if they play like this. New Orleans, a dynamic offense scored 49 points. The Packers, who haven’t lost in forever, could drop 60.

– I didn’t like how the Saints kept passing when the game was way out of reach. There’s a common coaching code followed in the NFL: When your team is up big, you generally take your foot off the pedal. You don’t go out and pass three straight times and go for it on 4th and 1 when your up 20+ points with less three minutes remaining. I thought it was un-classy. Sean Payton knows better. One day, he’ll be on the other end of this and he won’t like it. I know many Gabbers already disagree with me. The Giants deserved it, but you still don’t do what Payton did. I’m not bashing them on the fact that you keep killing, I’m bashing the fact that Payton broke a coaching code. My Twitter blew up with people saying the same thing, so I guess I’m not the only one. He did a no-no.

– While you can dwell on the horrendous, horrendous loss, the Giants aren’t out of it just yet. With a loss to the Packers and a boys’ win against the Cardinals, they’ll be two out. They play the Cowboys twice, which means they’re not out of it. If they beat the Packers, which is possible, it’s even more open. It isn’t over yet. It might feel like that, but it isn’t.

– How about DE Jason Pierre-Paul. He didn’t quit. The former first-round pick ran sideline-to-sideline and played until the whistle blew. He wen’t all out. Jason Pierre-Paul, not DE Justin Tuck, should be the teams defensive captain right now. He’s setting the example.

– Regarding Suh’s stomp: I think he should get a two game suspension. I can see three, but not one. Suh isn’t just dirty, he’s filthy. Speaking of fines, expect S Kenny Phillips to see another 20,000-plus fine for his hit on fellow “U” alum TE Jimmy Graham. In Phillips defense, both he Miami grad Antrel Rolle went right over to check on Graham. It wasn’t malicious like Suh’s play, it was just a bang-bang play.

– I don’t see many killing OC Kevin Gilbride this week. He called a pretty good game when the Giants were in it. He get’s a pass this week. Still predictable, though. Needs to open up the book and be a tad more creative. Coaching will need to coach em’ up and get them ready for another tough one. I’m interested to see how the defense bounces back. Having LB Michael Boley back will help. That’s if he’s back, though.

– Alcohol Interlude

– We talked about favorite beer last time I did T and M. It was well spread, but one thing was evident: Us Gabbers like a nice cold one. What is your favorite non-beer drink? I’d like to know. Post your comments about your favorite non-brew drink alongside your Giants comments and I’ll tell you mine!

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22 Responses to “Thoughts and Musings”

  1. twerp says:

    Why does Danny Ware ever touch the ball? I know that Da’rel Scott can’t block or whatever, but if I’m looking for a spark in the running game, why not try the rookie who runs a 4.3 40?

    • JW says:

      Because Scott is inexperienced and can’t effectively pick up the blitz. He got a chance on third down, he fumbled the ball. A costly turnover. He’s finding his niche as the teams kick-returner, though.

  2. Big Daddy says:

    How many butt kickings do we need to see there are tremendous issues with Coughlin and his coaching staff every season. They don’t go away, they happen every year.

    Once is a fluke, twice is still a benefit of the doubt. But this is every season even the super bowl season had it’s downs that few teams could have overcome.

    Other teams find ways to win with injuries and playing rookies. The Green Bay packers had 15 guys on IR and still won the SB.

    We still have problems in the red zone, how many years is this? we still have issues with our linebackers, how many years is this? We still have late season collapses, how many years is this?

    Enough please bring in Cowher or some young assistant ready to be a HC. Someone who lives in 2011 and beyond, not 1995.

    • Michael S says:

      I’d rather have Coughlin than Cowher.. If they bring in a new coaching staff, they better be young guns wanting to prove something. Cowher won’t be like a young rookie HC who wants to make a name for himself.

    • Jason C. says:

      Talking about not living in 1995 and you want to bring in Cowher?? I wouldn’t be too opposed to bringing in a young guy with an interesting viewpoint, who’s ready to change some things up, while respecting Reese’s image of the team. Cowher though changes things too drastically with a run based, low risk offense and a 3-4 blitz happy defense.

      • Michael S says:

        EXACTLY^ If its a new coach, its gonna b somebody that wants to prove something… Not someone whos expecting the FO to hand over the team. At this point: NEW Coaches>Couhglin>Cowher

  3. Michael S says:

    Thank you!I wasn’t the only one then who found it really cheap to keep passing when the game was over… Whoever says that was classy has a lot to learn. that was fkn cheap.. I was going crazy. I wish I could’ve been on the field and play D. I would’ve played with more heart than any of the giants D this game and would’ve knocked brees. I liked Brees and Payton but that shows 0 class and i lost respect for them after watching the game. Coughlin would never do shows how much they wanna boost up there stats. They shouldve hit Brees soooooo hard… I’m fkn dissapointed in the gmen. It looked like they were playing with no fire and passion. It seems us fans get more mad when they lose than they do. They still get there pay, we dont. We just want them to play good and win cuz we love our team. And Eli is elite. He is a top 5 qb but all my friends don’t think so… He definitely is this year and as much as it pisses me off when they don’t think so, I just gotta laugh and say “haters gonnnn hate”! Now if only all the Giants play like Eli, we might win a game. I’m coming from MTL Canada to watch the game this Sunday. I hope they play the way we know they could.

    • Big Daddy says:

      Oh please, you score points that’s how you win, you never let another team back in the game. One issue the Giants themselves have is lack of a killer instinct.

      THEY KILLED THE GIANTS!!!!!!!!!! killer instinct, keep on scoring and playing hard until the last whistle, anything else is unacceptable.

      I give credit to Payton to keep pressing and scoring and driving the chance of a Giant comeback away. He did the right thing as a head coach.

      Could you imagine if they let up and Giants won, yes every Giant fan would be happy and Payton would be the joke of the week.

      So this sour grapes thing about payton running up the score is moronic.

      • Mike K says:

        No, up 4 scores with a few minutes left you run the ball. That isn’t playing hard to the last whistle, it’s respecting your opponent, and the game.

        • Big Daddy says:

          Well obviously they don’t respect the Giants.

          It’s opinion, mine is if it’s my job on the line I go for the kill and let my players know they are the best when they look at that score. It feels a lot better 49-24 then 35-24 or 42-24. I would have tried to score 60 points.

          It’s also about the other teams they play. They sent a message that you better bring your best or we will dismantle you.

          Give me that kind of coach, it’s a cut throat world and sports has become the same. It’s your job, millions of dollars now for coaches and I would go all out all the time to win and beat a team like they never saw before.

          A few years ago they were saying the same thing until they realized that points have to do with were you are in terms of ranking. It does also with the NFL on certain tie breakers as far as I know. Could you imagine losing out in the playoffs on home field adbecause becuase you came up 7 points short during a game you could have scored at will.

          Do you think Joe Frazier ever game an opponent a break, no he kept hitting him with left hooks until he was down!!!

          • Jared says:

            Here’s the bottom line. It is very clear that they are piling up yards for Brees. I don’t think it was anything malicious, it’s a game and if they choose to keep Brees out there then they also choose to keep him in the crosshairs. All it would have taken was JPP coming off the edge and hitting Brees at the wrong (or right) spot and injuring him for the rest of the season or his career. If you want to gamble your QBs health for a record then that is your prerogative, just know that this is the dice you decided to roll. I for one enjoy watching Brees play (not necessarily against the Giants) and I hope he has a long career but if you play with fire sooner or later you will get burned.

  4. Michael S says:

    I get what you mean but you still dont do that. Its not like it was a 10 point game… They were up25 points or something and still went deep passing and everything.

  5. Justin says:

    I’m %100 with getting Scott more touches. So what if he fumbled? 115 yards on 4 kickoff returns, speed, finds holes…he needs to be in there more! There was a rookie on the team in 2007, he fumbled some, was inexperienced, didn’t really play much until week 16…his name was Ahmad Bradshaw!!!! Give the kid at least 10 balls and at least throw a screen to him 2-3 times then judge his rawness. He needs to learn anyway because Jacobs is gone next year. Also, I love the enthusiasm of our young MLB’s but right now they aren’t cutting it. It will continue to be painful watching opposing QB’s use the middle of the field (I’m already worried about Witten, he kills us every year!). That being said, and as crazy as it sound, we are still in this thing! We have seen miracles before and we will see them again. Will it surprise me if they win on Sunday, not really. Do I think they will? Not really. Ahhh, the life of a Giants fan.

  6. rory says:

    Cruz played very well but his drop in the first half on a 2nd and 10 was an absolute killer. To me that was one of the most important mistakes by the giants. his weekly drops on easy catches are becoming ridiculous.

  7. James says:

    Get over it about passing late and going for it on 4th and short late. They’re supposed to be professionals, stop worrying about getting your feelings hurt and stop them if you don’t want them to score again. You look childish being all “Yeah we got killed, but…but…but they were so mean!”

    This isn’t middle school football.

    • Jason C. says:

      If you want to talk trash Mr. Nawlins, we all know what happened in your “super”dome a couple years back, so let’s not go there. You people obviously don’t know anything about respect and ethics.

  8. James says:

    Also if you want to talk class, go look at Brandon Jacobs taunting everyone after scoring a TD in the midst of getting his ass kicked.

  9. Rob says:

    I can’t believe I’m even seeing this here. The Eagles scored 28 on the Giants last year in less than half a quarter when the Giants took their foot off the gas. You expect the Saints to go easy up by 25? Saints fans would have crucified Payton had the Giants gotten back into the game late. There is no ten run rule in the NFL.

    • Mark says:

      Excellent point Rob on the Eagles game last year.

      And I agree with James on Jacobs. Way too much celebration and nonsense after that TD run. Just gives the other team more fuel. Not a great idea when you’re playing the Saints. Like Lombardi once said – “act like you’ve been there before.”

  10. CMH says:

    Reese has earned the right to pick his own coach. Any candidates? Any specific ones he has a past/ current connection to? How about Gruden in at head coach and Spags return as DC?

  11. som says:

    If you have a problem with them passing/scoring TDs, then STOP THEM. This is the NFL and these players and coaches are paid a fortune to stop them. If you can’t do it then blame yourself.

    • Jason C. says:

      Because there’s a code of ethics, that is brought upon by respect, that just about every other team in the league follows. Maybe you don’t understand what that means, but you’d probably rip your mother off for a quick buck.

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