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Thoughts and Musings

I think we can take some positives from this game, but it’s still a loss and the Giants still have an uphill battle to make the playoffs.

-I think you have to love the effort put forth, especially after last week. But then again, shouldn’t we be putting forth this kind of effort every week?

-I think you cannot say enough about how good Aaron Rodgers is. Watching it in person, like I did, you get to appreciate just how good he is. Arm strength is incredible. There was one ball he threw away, but threw it at least 50 yards downfield. He can scramble, as he did a lot. Just very impressive.

-Eli is pretty good too. He’s been doing this kind of performance for some time. Can’t blame for him for anything. Best season as a pro.

-Best I’ve seen Jacobs play in a while. Huge holes.

-Holy Hakeem Nicks. What a grab.

-Gutsy call going with Ware on the two point conversion but hey it worked out.

-Not a lot of Bradshaw, which was interesting. Seemed to favor Ware.

-I don’t think there are problems on offense. This team can score with anyone.

-It’s the linebackers. No answer for Finley (who’s one of the best tight ends in football). No answer for anything in the middle of the field.

-I think that the line is really good. I thought JPP was terrific. I thought Linval Joseph, actually, was terrific. And I think the secondary has problems, but it’s not the weak spot of this team. I think it comes down to the linebackers. Look, Boley is terrific. He’s been great this year. Kiwanuka is a d end. You need a middle backer. You need another outside backer. Until then, nothing’s going to be solved.

-Why in the world was Will Blackmon getting so much burn? He’s not exactly what you would call a *good* corner.

-Kinda expected Rodgers and company to march down the field at the end and win it. Didn’t you?

-I think the Giants have to win out to make the playoffs. Beating Dallas twice will help with the division. But, it’s hard to get in the playoffs at 9-7.

-I think there’s a lot to like about this game for the Giants. We know the offense can play with anyone. The defense has issues, but not every team is the Packers. Can they continue this with the Cowboys? Not sure. We’ll see

-Commenter Big Daddy is joining us on the staff. We’re excited. You should be too. He’s an active commenter, and we think he’ll add a lot to the site. Look for his first post Tuesday morning.

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11 Responses to “Thoughts and Musings”

  1. Roxanne says:

    I thought the Giants played great. Yes a W would have been fantastic, but look towards the positive. If they play this well against the Cowboys, the Giants will play GB again in January. I really thought they’d win this one and am not entirely convinced that they really didn’t.

    There were absolutely some instances that I WISH I could have shoved those yellow flags down the officiating crews throats. I think GB got 2 TD’s that really weren’t TDs.

    Not sure if anyone else noticed but GB first TD I really don’t think it was a TD. I paused the game as they showed the replay and his foot was touched while he was down short of the goal line. Pretty sure that would mean he’s down and there would be no score, but what do I know. Im just a fan with a DVR that can pause, rewind and obsess about blown calls on live TV. And it also isn’t a guarantee that they would have converted that to a TD anyway.

    The other I can’t remember if it was Driver or Jennings, but it was the TD that was reviewed and determined that he did control the ball for a split second. I might add it was determined when viewing the play in super slow motion. I watched the play live again and again and in real time he never maintained possession. (DVR waaaay better instant replay capability the the NFL can afford apparently) He didn’t control it with his left hand. Period.

    I really thought Ballard was in, but when you look at the logic of the game he wasn’t. If your foot comes down in bounds but hits the line at any point its out. Part of Ballards knee came down in the endzone first, but when the whole came down, it came down on the line. Thats a no score.

    That BS illegal contact call on 3rd really pissed me off, especially when there were plenty of GB defenders taking swatches of Giant Jerseys.

    And my last … rant? … if Coughlin loses BOTH challenges in a game, the game is CLEARLY fixed … or there are idiots upstairs that should probably become officials, since they can’t see plays or make calls accurately.

  2. chris says:

    game was fixes

    You need a middle backer. You need another outside backer. Until then, nothing’s going to be solved. been saying this for years know

    JPP omg!!!!!! played lights out a sack would have top your night off

    glad to hear nicks name been a while

    I glad to see peteus start

    why the hell was prince not in over Blackmon……huh!

    Eli I love you!!!!!!!

  3. bd98711 says:

    I thought the Giants overall played a very good game. They showed up against the undisputed, undefeated, best team in football. And even though they lost there is definitely plenty of positive to build on to get some momentum down the stretch. Does that sound familiar to another Giants team? Ala 2007 Giants who lost to the then undefeated Patriots in the last game…Not saying they’re making a SB run but I wouldnt be shocked if the defense showed up for the last 4 games and carried this team into the playoffs.

    I thought Eli made a lot of bad decisions in the first half. There was that one pick six but there were a couple of more passes that touched defenders hands. Eli played really well in the 2nd half.

    Nicks and Cruz had amazing games. They are a great tandem and perfect when they line up on opposite ends of the field. Manningham is now the 3rd WR.

    Jacobs played pretty well but I felt like the O-Line finally played a great run game. Maybe it was Petrus opening those holes, but they were really big holes. I thought Jacobs would bust one open and take a long one to the house but I just dont see that burst anymore from him. He can hit the hole hard but once hes touched he goes down so easily.

    Linval Joseph played a great game. Maybe his best as a Giant. He played exceptionally well in the run game. JPP was a monster. And kudos to Tuck for getting a sack.

    I hope Phillips is ok and I was glad to see Bradshaw back on the field. And welcome to the Giants Travis Freakin’ Beckum!

    The season is on the line next week in prime time at Dallas. Better bring the A game!

  4. Mikes92 says:

    REFS WERE TERRIBLE!!!! They made disgusting calls. If we didn’t play the zebras and packers, we would’ve beat the packers. Instead, we got momentum and it showed we could play with anyone in the nfl when we’re on our game.

  5. CMH says:

    Refs indeed sucked but you can’t allow a pick 6 against the best team in the league and expect to win. You just can’t.

    Next week is huge. This team either decides it is capable of being one of the league’s best and plays with the determination to do so, or it somehow finds contentment knowing they are OK and packs it in.

    Loved what Petrus added to the run game. Leave the kid in there. Good to see Jacobs running like Jacobs again. Cruz is awesome.

  6. RussellA says:

    After watching Eli shake hands and chat with Aaron Brooks, smiling the whole time, I wonder if we take losses harder than the players. Now he may have just been putting on a “brave” face and being classy, but I think many of we die hard fans would have been too pissed at that time to be so genteel.

  7. George H says:

    Giants looked pretty good out there against the Packers, although I have a suspicion that the team may have tapped out after this loss. For them to play as motivated and as hard as they did against the “undisputed” best team in football and still come up short, it can certainly be demoralizing.

    Yes refs blow calls every game, yet CMH had it right, when you play a team as highly regarded as the Packers, mistakes can be deadly as we saw with the pic 6.

    On the other hand, Yes the Packers have an explosive offense, but their defense can be easily manipulated. The secondary will jump routes in hopes of a big play, that can be a deciding factor in a game if an opposing offense can burn them on it.

    Lucky for NYG that the Cowboys didnt show up to play against Arizona or else a division crown might be out of reach. This Giants team can either go two ways from here; dig deep inside and unite under this crushing loss and play inspired football the rest of the way, or pack it in and call it a season. Unfortunately, the latter half is a real possibility with the way the second half of the year has gone

  8. Jason C. says:

    Nobody can win a game when their WRs are grabbed, held, and having their jerseys pulled all day without getting calls, nobody.

  9. rory says:

    the game was not fixed but there was a lot of bad calls and non-calls in which the Giants were on the short end of. that pass interference call on j-wIll was bs.

    the d-line played very well. any other qb would have had a ton of trouble with that type of pressure. the one thing i do wonder about the defense is why will blackmon was in on that last drive. you have 3 cb’s that are better than him, why is he man to man against jordy?

    no doubt, Eli is a top 5 in the league at his position. bELIeve.

    the running game was surprisingly not anemic, then again it was the packers w/o hawk and bishop.

    the shuffled up o-line with boothe and petrus seemed to work better than usual which was a nice surprise.

    Hakeem The Dream and the Cruzer. awesome, awesome duo.

    lb is the obvious problem, but if the d-line plays this well they can keep the lb’s from being exposed.

    If they play like this every game the rest of the year, they can win out. its a shame the performance was all for a loss.

  10. WOPNESS says:

    Refs were absolutely horrible and definitely favored the “NFL teacher’s pet Packers”

    With that being said I can blame Eli for that pick 6 to Clay. Come on Eli that was a rookie mistake. Throw that thing away

  11. Big Daddy says:

    How about giving some credit to Clay on that. By the time the ball was in the air he was breaking, Eli never saw him break. It was an amazing defensive play. All great QBs make mistakes like that.

    Clay is a smart football player with amazing instincts, big, smart and pretty quick. Not the best athlete but he makes up for it with savvy. I wish he was a Giant…….

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