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What if?

This post was written by Big Daddy, our newest contributor

What if? throughout our lives we always wonder about those two simple words, what if. What if the Giants had played like that all season, every game. Well this loss would be just that, a loss and not another possible nail in the playoff coffin and possibly the end of the Coughlin coaching regime. There was some outstanding play from so many players on both teams but the Packers proved why they are 12-0 now. They are the best team, the key word is team. They do not have the best defense but they do have the best all around team, offense, defense and special teams. They have shown that the Giants have a lot of talent at a lot of positions but there are deficiencies. One is the special teams the other in my opinion is the coaching staff. Gilbride was not the problem today, Perry Fewell was, all too many times he was in a zone and at the crucial moment he went into a 3 man rush and gave Rodgers all the time in the world to score that last touchdown. How many times have we went into these soft defenses and gave it up, too many this season. Could we have stopped that last TD and won the game, what if we rushed him?

So my usual whipping boy Kevin Gilbride was not the Goat today. That call for the 2 point play was borderline genius and was perfectly executed. The goat was Perry Fewell and his zone defenses, his soft defenses commonly known as the old prevent defense that never prevented anything. It didn’t prevent that touchdown did it? I give credit to the Giants, they played a game that would beat at least 29 other teams in the NFL. Maybe not the Saints, not the Packers, but probably every other team in the NFL. In fact I think if we played like this we would have dominated every other team in the NFL. So I question why have we not played like this all season? Does anybody have an answer for that. All I can say is the buck stops here and here is the desk of the head coach Tom Coughlin.

We will see were this team goes the rest of the short season that remains. This reminds me a lot of 2007. A moral victory but a loss, this was a moral victory, a what if. What if we had just did this or that maybe we would have won. What if we play like this the rest of the season? I can go into many details about things I feel the coaching staff did not do well this season and in past seasons. But what’s the sense? I think we all have an idea of what many of those things are so there’s no need to rehash, although at some point I will, categorically.

So lets at least enjoy a moral victory and hope the team looks in the mirror and says “we need to play like that every game for the rest of the season”. Then let the chips fall were they may. Maybe we get into the playoffs and who knows from there, what if we do. All I do know is that JPP better be in the lineup almost every snap, he is the most disruptive defender we have. We MUST get rid of these zones and soft defenses or for sure that will be a what if, what if we got rid of those soft defenses, maybe we would have won……..What if.

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8 Responses to “What if?”

  1. Lou says:

    I agree with your assertions that Fewell’s soft prevent defensive calls burned the Giants way too many times this season…very evident in the last Philly game at home . This is where I miss Spags…where he would call full-on blitzes with a four man and safety rush. Where was the spy to keep Rodgers off balance? I think…no I KNOW Spags would have been much more aggressive. It was evident in the Superbowl against the Pats…and for that entire season….come back Spags…come back!

  2. frank tronconie says:

    fewell cannot get the job done. If your D – linemen are having trouble this year, sead 5 and not 4. If you send 4 the O – line has them outnumbered by 1. they like that. If you send 5 you still have 6 to cover 5 potential receivers. Sending 5 will also force the offense to keep a running back in to block, or at least have to “chip” off a man as he hoes out giving the D- backs and backer a better chance to cover the 4 receivers who get out quick, abd then jump the back coming out of the back field, all the while putting pressure on the QB.Fewell has to go.
    On offense – Run the double tight zone/stretch type offense you ran with tiki, with bradshaw
    Run jacobs no wider than inside of the tight ends, and use kick out blocks on the D – ends if you want him to get wide.
    Your O- linemen are getting old, and 1 or 2 just flat out suck right now. use a lot of draws and influence type blocking when you can.
    Draft – Backers, O – line, D – backs who can TACKLE, then skill/special teams, in that order.
    I think coflin can stay as long as the Defence sees him getting rid of fewell, showing that he sees the problem and is trying to make is better. Then give his two cents on offense as far as keeping jacobs running inside where he can punish the defense so much they can’t tackle by the end of the 3rd quarter, then bradshaw side to side, with cut back lanes, tiring the defense out.

  3. bd98711 says:

    I’ll never understand why teams play a zone on defense. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Players are always confused who to take when 2 players enter their zone. Why not just man up and play old school man to man defense and let them beat you like that? The defense always has an extra man advantage because the QB and 5 offensive lineman leaves 5 potential receivers (and we know unless youre the Saints there arent 5 receivers on the field). You generally rush 4-5 so that leaves 6-7 guys to cover at most 5 and usually its 4. Play man to man so nobody gets confused and is out of place. Nobody should be expecting safety help over the top so you just stick on your man. I think its pretty simple. I dont think it will work 100% of the time but I always see QBs picking apart the cracks in the zone and I will never understand why defenses wont adjust and play man.

  4. Big Daddy says:

    Zones do have there place. They are very good when you have the personnel to play them, we don’t. They also work well when you have had the same players in the same positions for a few seasons and they know each other well, we don’t have that either. It also has it’s place in certain situation depending on down and distance, but again if you do not have the players to run it then it will not work.

    So in essence Fewell has a very flawed defensive philosophy. It seems Coughlin likes DCs who use these soft zones, Sheridon’t I mean Sheridan, Lewis also ran soft defenses and all too often used zone blitzes at inappropriate times and now Fool, I mean Fewell.

    The only guy who “got it” was Spags. Gee, what if we had some how kept Spags, here I go again with the “what ifs”.

    I still say it was Reese who hired Spags and NOT Gogolphing, I mean Coughlin.

  5. lhotta says:

    Outside of the defensive play calling – this week was clearly better than the last couple of sessions. One thing to look at is the importance of the linebacker talent. Last two weeks we had Herzlich and Paysinger, both good young inexperienced players. THis week we had Boley and Blackburn, experienced players.

  6. Jason C. says:

    It’s hard to change a defense, when half of your defenders can barely even grasp the one you are running. Too many injuries, the defense is pretty much where it’s going to be the rest of the year, any changes will have to come next year.

  7. Pat says:

    Gilbride didn’t make the 2 pt. call, Eli checked to it so ie, Gilbride still sucks and one game doing what they should have been doing all year does not take Gilbride off the hook. Fewell is garbage, the Giants are not a Tampa 2 organization, nd they don’t have the personnel to run it anyway and besides that they are a punch you in the mouth and play aggressive football organization. I’m so tired of mediocrity and what ifs. Bring Spags back, let him be D coord again for a year and then take over the helms after next year. Its not his fault he has zero talent to work with in St. Louis.

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