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This Line Has Been Offensive

This season up until the Green bay game the offensive line has been, well,

offensive. They were not blocking well at all. They were giving Eli time

against the better pass rushing teams but were not making any substantial holes

for the running backs. Part of the problems have been the running backs and part

of it is the play calling. The fact is they just did not make any holes for the runners.

During the Green Bay game that changed and I am going to look at the reasons why

and some of the very recent history of the offensive line.


Just a few years ago Tiki Barber ran for over 2000 yards. Yes he was a great

back but that line had a lot to do with it. Some changes were made but the core

remained the same. We always had a good running game up until this season. Even

with all the injures to the offensive line last season we had some success

running the ball. The best line these past years has been Diehl at left tackle,

Seubert at left guard, O’Hara at center, Snee at right guard and McKenzie at

right tackle. They weren’t the biggest nor the best individually, but they did form

a cohesive unit. A smart group of guys who knew each other’s moves, they had a

collective muscle memory. There were certain deficiencies and one reason I

thought Eli was inconsistent was because of the offensive line. He was

constantly being called out for throwing on his back foot and having poor

accuracy. I feel this is in part due to the offensive line. Many times they

allowed a push from the middle not letting Eli Manning to step into the ball, a

simple but absolutely necessary technique for pinpoint accuracy. For that matter

he was also not able to step up into the pocket,  because there was no pocket. But

overall they held their own against most defensive lines and allowed the team to

achieve great success winning a Super Bowl. I think they will go down as one of

the better offensive lines the Giants had when we all look back many years from

now at past Giant teams.


Lets look at last season, Mr. Reese knew father time was catching up with this

group. He had drafted a few players and it was getting to that time when it

would be make or break for those players. Koets played well but once again the

injury bug hit him we eventually cut him. Beatty filled in very well and with

Andrews at LG they formed a powerful line that had a good run not letting Eli

get sacked even once. Again the injury bug bit, Beatty went down, Andrews whose

back could just not hold up went down. It seemed like we had a subway turnstile

for the offensive line. I can’t even keep track of who played were and when,

you’d need a score card a mile long. Yes of course I exaggerated for effect, it

was that bad though. I must say Andrews was the best offensive lineman we had,

it’s a shame he has so many injuries not many offensive lineman have that size,

base, quickness, raw power and technique, he would have been a hall of fame

player had he been able to stay healthy.


Fast forward to this season, due to the shortened off season the Giants had

little time to have their new look Oline jell. Beatty took over at LOT after

showing a lot of promise last season, Diehl moved to LG. Both stalwart O-lineman

Seubert and O’Hara had off season surgery and were cut. O’Hara might have been

kept and but was put on IR but had a huge contract. We signed a very good, competent

center in David Baas from the 49ers, the line being finished off by Snee

and McKenzie. we let go of Andrews and signed his brother as a backup, on a

serious note his life might have been saved due to a serious condition and he is

out until next season. On paper that line looks as good as anything we have had.

Well paper can be used for many things, that piece of paper was best left in the

trainers restroom. Baas was hurt, Diehl’s play was unexpectedly terrible, I was

very surprised at how bad he was. Beatty started off pretty good and was getting

better then nose dived, probably due to a detached retina and back issues. Snee

also was the worst I ever saw. Mckenzie looked slower than ever, this group was

a horror. Eli did some great stuff due to him just playing catch with Cruz and

Manningham many times. There was no run game at all, Bradshaw was hurt, Jacobs

was tip toeing truth the tulips and Ware is an average back at best.(for those

who do not know what tip toeing through the tulips is google it).


The Green Bay game saw a much maligned offensive line pull together and play

it’s best game of the season. Lets look at that line and why in my opinion they

improved. Diehl moved back to the LOT position were he seemed to regain some of

his play. Boothe played center and other than a few poor snaps did a good job.

Snee who was also playing terrible, probably due to injuries looked much better

and McKenzie too regained some quality to his play. In my opinion the key to

this improvement in the line play was at left guard, Petrus played a great game.

Where has this guy been? I must say when I first saw #62 I was impressed with

his base, base is a nice way of saying BUTT. Having a good base for an offensive

lineman means having a good anchor and it’s important to develop those glute and

hammy muscles to have a good base. He also looked bigger through his chest and

shoulders. What really impressed me was his foot work, he looked nimble and

active. His play made me feel he just might be the future at left guard. I felt

that he could be when he was drafted. I knew he had the potential and it would

take a few seasons but I think he has arrived, we’ll see the rest of the season.

I wonder if he was ready why didn’t Coughlin pull the ineffective Deihl for

Petrus, that’s another issue I do have with Coughlin and I will discuss that in

another blog later in the season.


The future of this offensive line rests in the hands of Beatty, Petrus and Bass.

Beatty must stay healthy and continue to improve, Baas is already a proven solid

pro and we’ll see what Petrus has the rest of the season, unless Coughlin pulls

him for some reason. Snee is starting to get to the point his play can degrade

at anytime, though I think he still has some good years left in him, I’m sure he

does. McKenzie is just not cutting it anymore, neither is Diehl. With his

contract I think Diehl might not be wearing blue next year and Big Mc is a free

agent. I see a line of Beatty, Petrus, Bass, Snee and X the unknown. I think

we’ll see an offensive lineman drafted but not counted on to start, so expect

another free agent for right tackle and as backups with Boothe and Andrews



Interestingly we signed Tony Ugoh Wednesday. He was a high second round pick by

the Colts. I think he went too high in a very small group of tackles that year’s

draft, it was a desperation move by the Colts. It back fired, he was thrown to

the wolves and expected to produce right away, he was clearly not ready. They

asked him to protect Peyton Manning’s blind side, although he was a great

physical specimen he never lived up to that as with many of those types, they

never do. Ugoh is wearing blue now and we have an excellent line coach.

Hopefully he’s more mature and we can make him a serviceable lineman as we did

with many other castoffs like Boothe. Maybe he’s the X lineman next season at

right tackle.


So the offensive line’s future looks cloudy, a lot of unknowns and expectations.

I have trust in the personnel decisions of Jerry Reese, I cannot say that about

Coughlin. So expect to see a new group of guys and lets hope they get together

early in the preseason and stay healthy allowing them to form a cohesive unit in

time for the regular season.

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9 Responses to “This Line Has Been Offensive”

  1. Keelan says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m a long time reader and a huge HUGE fan of this blog. It has great insight and has been my one-stop site for giants news for roughly the last 3 years. I like the simple lay out, the frequent updates, and the great daily-musings. I need to be frank though; the content is starting to lose the same quality it’s had for such a long time. Typos have been starting to run more and more rampant which, granted, for some is probably less of an issue but I’ve been spoiled by a few years of rather immaculate writing from you guys. I really like the direction and content of this post but seriously… try to make it look like you spent more than 15 minutes on a toilet writing this thing. Would it kill you to try to make it look like more than just a continuum of thought that you parsed together loosely with punctuations?

    I don’t mean to come off as harsh. I know you guys are probably doing this in the same capacity that I read it- as a dedicated fan of the Giants- but a blog is a step up from the comments section, you need to put a little more thought into the content. What could have been a really enjoyable article just kind of came across as a 7th graders random thoughts in study hall as he scrambled to finish his English assignment.

    • Big Daddy says:

      You know that’s exactly were I wrote it, sitting on the bowl. You have a point, honestly I was not 100% happy with it. I think I got my point across which in a blog is more important, however it was written under duress. I’m not one to make excuses but I was and still am pretty ill, I was given medication that I had an adverse effect from for my diabetes and was at the doctor yesterday. I will do better in the future. For some reason there are some grammatical errors that were not there originally, I will have to look into that.

  2. Jason C. says:

    Can you at least TRY to not throw in that little dig at Coughlin at the end? I don’t mind the format like Keelan apparently does, but the whole Coughlin hatred gets to the point of being juvenile when it’s mentioned in every post.

    • Big Daddy says:

      I couldn’t help myself Jason, the play of Petrus made me question why didn’t Coughlin shake up the line earlier knowing that there were injuries. He’s playing injured players and Petrus isn’t even active. I just have to question Coughlin’s personnel decisions.

  3. Jason C. says:

    I hope they go out and make a move similar to when they picked up McKenzie when it comes time for them to find his replacement next year. Getting a hungry run blocking monster will help move this team along in the direction we know they should be headed.

    • Big Daddy says:

      I would love to see less finesse type of line and more of that older man for man style with bigger offensive lineman getting into the second level. That’s what drives a great running game, offensive lineman getting into the second level leaving holes and good blocking from the wide receivers.

  4. Justin says:

    Tiki Barber never ran for 2,000 yards.

    • Big Daddy says:

      You’re right it was 1860 yards and 2309 all purpose yards. I should have said close to 2000 yards, 1860 is pretty close and I don’t think we’ll ever see that again from a single Giant RB.

  5. CMH says:

    Love the way Petrus plays. Nasty and hustle. would like to see us trade Osi for a physical RT. Diehl and McKenzie look done.

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