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Giants Lose 23-10

The Giants made their playoff goals much more difficult, as they lost 23-10 to the Skins. And they looked awful. Awful coverage. No rhythm on offense. Didn’t come to play. Too many mistakes, dropped passes, penalties.

Their season is all but over. Have to win out, beating the Cowboys in Week 17. Does anyone think that will happen?

Not sure why this malaise is happening–more in T and M. But there’s just a general indifference here and it’s costing the Giants the playoffs. Changes, I think, might need to be made.

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11 Responses to “Giants Lose 23-10”

  1. jce says:

    Today, it was the bad Giants that played.
    Still, very young team.

  2. rory says:

    that was the worst game i have ever seen played by the giants. nobody really played well, but biggest play was the hakeem drop.

    • Big Daddy says:

      This was the worst game you ever saw because you were not around during the late 1960s and the 1970s. That was bad football, this was nothing compared to those seasons.

      But it still was pathetic in every way.

      The only thing worst would be Coughlin being fired and Killdrive or Perry Fool taking over as head coach, now that would be a horror.

      I think this game proved that gogolphing can not get a team ready emotionally, nor can he fire them up like Spags did.

      Please Mr. Mara hire Mr. Cowher, make him an offer he can’t refuse.

      I think sitting back like he has let him learn some things by seeing the big picture. Coaches mistakes were easier to see sitting back and he might have learned a few things to become a potentially even better coach. He is a Giants type of coach, kind of old school but maybe smart enough to see how the game has changed. That is something that irks me to no end, the Giants coaches are living in the past, clueless to how the game has evolved.

  3. scooter says:

    first of all, tom has to go. it’s time. nice man, good coach, brought us a super bowl but his expiration date has arrived.outside of spags, his choice of assistants has been awful. special teams are horrible, yet quinn stayed for years. choosing bill sheridan and his complicated, reactive scheme was ridiculous after seeing what spagnolo’s attacking defense could do. perry fewell has been even worse than sheridan…. as bad anyway. his soft, passive, mamby pamby zone defense is unwatchable. yeah, the giants have alot of injuries, but as some point you have to allow your players to at least try and make some plays. fewell has no balls whatsoever. kevin gilbride never saw a good drive he wouldn’t at least try to destroy with ill-timed deep throws. bye! getting pissed on at home by seattle, philly and washington, all mediocre teams, should clue the maras in that it’s time to back up the truck.

  4. Chris says:

    The Coughlin era is over – I hope. 8 years is enough – he’s too old to motivate young players – that is obvious. If he goes with the entire staff with him – I will throw a party. Fewell had decent blitzes last year, but has none in 2011. The DLine is starting to get old (Osi, Tuck, Canty), and the OLine needs work too. LB, OL, DB, LB, OL, TE in the draft. And Grant will be gone, thank God for that. We’re stuck with 40 I.Q. Rolle for awhile, unfortunately. Way overpaid for that troll.

  5. bd98711 says:

    What a horribly played game by the Giants. Receivers dropped balls Eli throwing picks, pass protection was not good. D-line got no pressure, LBs cant cover (wgere was J Williams the whole game), DBs are always out of place. I used to be a huge Coughlin supporter and wanted him to stay but I think its time for a change of the guard. Him, Gilbride, and Fewell are just horrific. Bring in Cowher with Spags (we all know hes getting canned after this year) and get a good O coordinator. But they do not deserve to make the playoffs.

    JPP played great again and so did the running game. Other than that this team didnt show up. Tuck is useless on the field because he is ALWAYS injured. Osi has been useless because he’s also ALWAYS injured (but atleast Tuck tries to give it a go). DBs are brutal. We are really missing Terrell Thomas this year. We need an OL, RB, LB, and DB in this coming draft/free agency.

    I really think Coughlin must go. If a team doesnt show up to play its the coaches fault.

    Beat the Jets please….

  6. Kman says:

    Prince and Rolle look like they just started playing football today, if you play zone def, you still have to eventually close on the receiver and they can’t even do that.

  7. RussellA says:

    You are correct Big Daddy.Unfortunately I remember those days. But on a relative scale, or any other, they sucked today. They will not fire Coughlin during the season. Besides the biggest problems are the coordinators and his refusal to fire them. The only reason why we won the Super Bowl was Steve S. Coughlin almost got fired before he was hired. Since then…nothing. Get him back as the defensive coordinator. Fewell’s stats are worse than Sheridan’s. As far as Gilbride, he was never any good. It seems that one we are on the ten or so, the only play he knows is the fade to the corner.

  8. Peter M says:

    All of you Gfans dont get it, Mara is the real problem. You can tell about a person very easly, in Maras case look at the stadium he built. The most non-descript less than average piece of garbage in the NFL. Look at the coach he keeps, he does the same thing every last part of the year. Everyone knows it wont get better with Coughlen but Mara just does the ordinary or even less. Maybe we will get lucky and Mara will finally let a real football man run the team. We have had them in the recent past but that was before this version of a Mar

    • dave says:

      PEter, get a grip.. it isnt the Mara’s fault, the giants have won 3 super bowls with them as owners in the last 25 years..

      over the last 3 weeks, ive been becoming a Fewell hater and now, he must go.. not only is his defense in the ONLY defense in the league who is NEVER near a wide receiver, now ive seen it all.. 3 and 1, ball on the 35 giants down 10-3.. he brings in the short yardage defense that has DEON GRANT, lined up as a defensive tackle with JPP on his right shoulder.. are you friggen kidding me.. the defense is not only AWEFULL., the scheme is flat out retarded, has been all year.. no blitzes, no gimmics, no clue, utter confustion, and worst of all ZERO PASSION.. lead by Tuck, who does nothing but look like he’d rather be anywhere but on a football field.. that dude has ZERO heart, he always looks injured and uninterested..

      Rolle SUCKS… his mouth runs more than he does, Ross is an utter waste and amakamura looks and is lost in a scheme that as i said is retarded.. add in the fact that Nicks drops two easy touchdown passes, Eli throws 3 picks and the game is un-winnable..

      truthfully, I think they beat the Jets who suck worse than the giants, and then the giants get ripped by Dallas who probably wins a first round game and then gets blown out by Green Bay in Round 2…

      Coughlin will NOT be fired, he hasnt done anything wrong with this team except for hiring crappy coordinators, Fewell heading that list.. Couighlin however, may retire, hes getting to old for this BS…

      The giants have 3 1st round DB’s and a a couple second round guys who look AWEFULL.. worse than awefull… its either REALLY REALLY bad scouting and picking guys way over their draft slot (everyone has these guys this high, so I dont think thats the case) ORRRRR the Defense coordinator and his schemes suck ass.. I think its the later..

      either way, im looking forward to the draft and a full training camp with a new DC… they cant keep FEwell after this abortion

  9. Peter M says:

    “we have had them in the recent past but that was before this version of a Mara.

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