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Thoughts and Musings

This is not going to really be an upbeat T and M. Sorry in advance.

-That’s about as pisspoor a performance as I’ve seen. In a game that can help your standings in so many ways, and to come out flat like that, just awful.

-I was at the game. One thing that really bothered me happened during a TV timeout. A video was being played of big hits and plays made by the secondary. Also in the clip was clips of the defensive backfield dancing during warmups. Fine. But then guys like Rolle and Ross starting dancing themselves! Grant joined in on the sidelines. That is just despicable. You’re in the middle of an important game, and you’re hooting and hollering. Plus, you’re losing.

-I mean, maybe I’m old school, but if Coughlin, a disciplinarian, can’t get that under control, something’s up.

-There’s a general malaise on this team. A general indifference. This is a huge game, and if you can’t get up for that, then go home.

-There’s also a lack of talent in the linebackers. A middle linebacker is desperately needed.

-But just all around, this team needs passion.

-Should Coughlin go? Maybe. Has he lost the team? Maybe. But I do think a change, somewhere is needed.

Giants could win out and make the playoffs. Do you have confidence in that? Cause I don’t.

-This team, even the past few years, just can’t handle the pressure. I don’t know why. Again, a change is needed.

– This team is talented. But not talented enough to make so many dumb mistakes all game. Stop the dancing. Stop the hollering. Play football

-JPP is a savior. Without him, who knows where we are at

-Also not a fan of of Rolle. I think he provides a negative influence.

-Changes have to be made. Whether its Coughlin or personnel, something’s gotta give. I guess we’ll find out

-Feel free to vent. It’s healthy.

-The Jets will be a big game. Must win. We’ll see what Giant team shows up

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22 Responses to “Thoughts and Musings”

  1. CMH says:

    Rolle is talented but he needs to go. He doesn’t perform on the field and is a buffoon off of it.

  2. CMH says:

    Todd Haley would be a good OC for this team.

    Getting Spags back to run the D would also be nice.

  3. Chris says:

    Rolle and Grant are negatives. They’re not leaders, perform poorly in crucial spots, and are just downright not that intelligent. There’s doesn’t seem to be a leader on the defense. Tuck has seniority, but because of injuries and he seems quiet during games. Where’s the Lawrence Taylor “we’re going to play like crazed bulldogs” type of leadership on defense? Fewell is also having a bad year – seems afraid to blitz. Ross is average. Coughlin’s had eight years – I think Fassell had 6 or 7. So it’s time to go. That way Killdrive, Quinn, and Fewell are gone too. I’m extremely ready for a change. With Lions and Falcons at 9-5, playoffs look unattainable. Who cares? Giants going to beat Pack and Saints in their places? Not this time. I’d rather losses seal T.C.’s fate and get a better draft choice first round.

  4. bd98711 says:

    I agree I think Rolle has been a bad influence. All he does is run his mouth. The guy never shows up on game day. He is being paid as the 2nd highest safety in the league and hes not even playing like a top 10. If its fiscally possible I would cut him loose (but I doubt that it is). The coordinators certainly need to go as well. This team has no heart. They cant take blame for their mistakes. Rolle throws Amukumara under the bus (even if it was his fault you dont say that to the media), Nicks blames his dropped TD on the sun (c’mon how long have you been catching balls and all of a sudden the sun a problem???). Its just ridiculous that this team consistently performs down to the level of their opponent. I think thats a Coughlin thing. I think he needs to go. He’s obviously a first half coach. Gilbride is absolutely atrocious as an OC. The guy calls the same back corner fade every time they are in the red zone.

    Big changes I would make next year: Drop Jacobs, Rolle, Gilbride, Fewell, Coughlin, Tynes (the Giants have to put every time they are on the 35+ yard line), Osi (the guy cant get on the field and is a 2 down player).

    Offseason needs: DB, LB, OL, RB, NEW SET OF COACHES.

    This team does not deserve to make the playoffs even though they have a chance to. I expect them to come out flat again against the Jets. No desperation for this team.

    • CHeeKZ says:

      Only thing I disagree with is us needing a DB. Even if we let Rolle and Grant go, we should still be able to have Sash and KP play with TT, Webster, Prince and Johnson. You even have the option of bringing Ross back if the price is right. Atleast he stayed healthy this year and can play some saftey. I am pretty disgusting by Rolle, however I am willing to let the next coach make the decision on his future and if he still counts against the books, I would lean more to keeping him.

      LB is a problem. One solved by speed. Everytime we target a LB, he doesn’t fall to us. All I can say is that there seem to be more 1st round LB this year. So I hope we can pull something off. The kid from AZ St doesn’t seem smart, but he looks like an monster.

  5. Big Daddy says:

    I agree, Rolle talks way too much and Tuck does too. They can’t back it up, Tuck because he’s hurt and Rolle because he’s just not that good.

    We need a house cleaning and a new direction. Many players and the whole coaching staff must go. Plus a complete reevaluation of the doctors and medical/training staff, conditioning coach and whomever is involved with player’s medical issues and preparation.

    • Jason C. says:

      Rolle definitely is that good. He is great in run support and a great blitzer from the safety position, he can even be asked to take on a tight end or slot receiver one and one when other guys blitz off the corner, the problem is he is virtually useless in a soft zone coverage scheme that relies, unfairly, on the front four to get pressure EVERY play, even when they’re being blocked by seven guys. Let’s see more man coverages, more double teams, and less soft zones, I bet he flourishes.

  6. CMH says:


    At a minimum, all 3 co ordinators need to go. I’ve been a Coughlin supporter for a long time and think he deserves a measure of credit for handling injuries etc but it’s probably time for a new voice in the room. Also think Reese’s performance with personnel has earned him the right to pick the coach. Would love to see Cowher or Gruden in the big job and Haley/ Spags as top lieutenants.


    Rolle and Grant have to go. Sign someone like Tyvon Branch from Oakland to pair up w KP. Also would let Ross go. Talent is obvious but ridiculous blown coverages for a veteran. Re sign TT and hope that Amukamara can get better.

    Desperately need a MLB. Can Herzlich/ Williams develop to contribute? Goff is probably gone and who knows what Sintim wil look like? This has to be our top draft priority. Too bad Teo went back to school. Is Kaerchley the answer?

    Osi is a distraction. How about moving him to Chicago for Carimi? Move Kiwi back to DE and hope that Tuck returns to health and form. Also looking forward to seeing what Austin can do in the DT rotation.


    MacKenzie and Diehl need to go. Getting an RT for Osi helps and I think Petrus is ready to step in as a starter. Need some depth at all of the spots but Beatty- Petrus- Baas- Snee- Carimi feels pretty good to me.

    Expect Manningham to leave and would sure like to see Jernigan and Barden step up behind Nicks and Cruz. Maybe they just need the opportunity.

    I still believe that Jacobs can be productive if utilized properly. Bradshaw is fun to watch but you have to count on him being hurt a fair amount. How about taking Lamar Miller in the 2nd round?

    I like what Ballard has shown. Don’t know what to do w Beckum. Talent is obvious but don’t think he’s tough or dedicated enough. Need to get a TE in draft.

    • CHeeKZ says:

      Why settle on Lamar Miller when Lemicheal James could fall to the teens. I know I am wishing big, but it could happen and at that stop he would be the BPA.

      • CMH says:

        Because I want a LB in 1st round before considering a RB in the 2nd round.

        • Big Daddy says:

          Te’o might have fallen to us but he went back to school. He will have a monster year and probably be a top 10 pick next draft. Oh well….

          There are a lot of good linebackers this draft, we need to get two of them. Get a new DC and go 3-4. There is a reason I like the 3-4 and that will be coming in a future blog.

    • Russo757 says:

      Manningaham should be cut if he doesnt leave. He has been with the team long enough not to blow routes. Cant count how many times the guy has broke left while Eli threw right for an int. Its a shame because when the guy is on, he is pretty solid. But he isnt studying the playbook and is inconsistant at best.

  7. EJ says:

    It became apparent to me when the Giants rolled over for the Eagles, a team that humiliated them less than a year before, that this team lacks heart. Coughlin has been a great Giants coach,worthy of our respect and appreciation but it might be time to bring in new blood.

  8. Jared says:

    JPP will be the leader on defense next year. A leader must back it up on the field and he is the only one who is doing that! Tuck, Osi, Rolle, etc….. These guys just want paid and that is it ( hence the dancing on the sideline). This team needs a change in every aspect. A guy or guys who can go in there and fire people up. If you can’t get your team up to play a game that virtually puts you in the playoffs then you have lost the team and you shouldn’t be coaching anymore!!

    • Jason C. says:

      Tuck is dragging his nearly dead body onto the field every week just because he can’t bear to watch what’s going on with this defense when he isn’t out there. Is that helping? Maybe not, but it certainly shows his heart. To say he just wants to get paid is an insult to him, and anyone who enjoys watching him bust his tail week in and week out.

  9. I Hate Onsides says:

    It was a piss poor performance but I think the Giants expected the skins to just rollover. I think they came in over confident just like always after a big win. Its just a valley, next week they will come out big and decimate the jets and have another peak. The question then will be if they go back down into the valley. I hate to quote colin cowterd but it really is about “perspective”.

  10. Roxanne says:

    That game was so atrocious, I can’t even find the words to vent. I will say Coughlin deserves another year. But not those other knucklehead coaches. Spagnuolo might be available again. Just sayin!

  11. Jason C. says:

    I like JPP as much as the next guy, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. He still doesn’t understand the game, makes key mistakes and is in the wrong place a lot more often than anyone criticizes him for. He certainly is the future, and I look forward to seeing how he develops, but he’s FAR from being up on the pedestal everyone’s been putting him on already (though I don’t doubt that he’ll get there).

  12. rory says:

    right after ESPN does a huge segment on Hakeem Nick’s hands, he has the worst game of his career. 3 drops. THE IRONY!
    that first drop was the biggest play of the game.

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