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Thinking About the Offense

We did this last week and we’ll do it again. Let’s think the crap out of our offense.

-We’re going to use this post by Greg Cosell to guide our analysis. I’m serious when I say that he’s probably the best analyst in football. Breaking down film like he does, no one understands the game so well.

-We’ll start with this quote:

  • Tackles Diehl and McKenzie can be liabilities at times in individual pass protection, Manning tremendous job this season compensating for breakdowns with his much improved pocket movement

Diehl and McKenzie had been such stalwarts on the line for the past few seasons. Love the fact that Manning can compensate for them, and his scramble in the second quarter proved to a big play.

To elaborate, he said this about McKenzie:

  • RT McKenzie struggled in this game, especially in pass protection; He looked slow with his lateral footwork
McKenzie has to be effective against guys like Clay Matthews, who I imagine will be shifting over to rush against McKenzie. If he’s not, well it could be a long day.
-More on the line
  • Manning always willing to make stick throws into tight windows, Nicks 19 yds on 3rd + 8 on 3rd quarter FG drive was a very accurate throw with not much room – Ballard and Ware chip element to help OT Diehl and McKenzie
Interesting to see Ballard and Ware helping out. With Ware likely out, look for either Hynoski or Pascoe to help with the chipping.
-On Jacobs:
  • Jacobs 34 yds on 2nd quarter TD drive came out of “21” straight “I” formation, Guards Boothe and Snee pulled right to the strong side – “Counter” element to impact 2nd level
So the 21 formation is two tight ends, one back. The run game has struggled, but they played well against Atlanta. Look for more of this pulling by Boothe and Snee on Sunday.
-And more on Big Jacobs:
  • Jacobs 9 yds on 4th quarter TD drive same run that produced 34 yds in 2nd quarter

Stick with what works, I guess.

-On the Nicks TD:
  • Nicks 72 yd TD came against “cover 2” with both slots locked in man coverage, It’s a poor play call on 3rd + 3 – Falcons had showed that coverage earlier in the game, Giants play call clearly indicated they anticipated the coverage; Quickly defined throw compensated for McKenzie getting beat in pass protection

Interesting that the Giants are compensating for McKenzie’s weaknesses by having defined throws, by having a set target, by knowing the coverage and attacking it. Look for more quick passes if McKenzie continues to struggle.

-On the Giants offense:

  • Giants methodical and balanced offensive performance, A commitment to run plus Manning making some outstanding throws
That’s a good summation. Balance, stay with the run, and oh yeah, an elite QB to boot.
I think the Giants can keep that sort of counter based run game, make quick passes to compensate for the ineptitude of the tackles keep the balance, they will put up points.

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12 Responses to “Thinking About the Offense”

  1. 007 says:

    G-Men no match for wild indians, as BARRY COFIELD and the REDSKINS embarress the losers at home for a clean sweep. GIANTS are too easy. Heh! Hail to the REDSKINS.

  2. Jared says:

    007? Fitting name! I don’t think your Redskins had that many wins this year. Actually, when was the last time the Redskins were at .500 or better? Get on your own website. Oh that’s right, there isn’t any news regarding the Redskins because they are sitting at home on their couches watching the Giants in the playoffs!

  3. 007 says:


    Homer! can’t see the forest for the trees. We OWN you, dude. Give it up.

  4. 007 says:

    Hey, REDSKINS GAB is my home. Come on over IF YOU DARE!

    • Jason C. says:

      Congrats, you beat us week 1 while we were trying to figure out how to play defense with half our team on IR, and then caught us off guard after a gut wrenching victory in Dallas with playoff implications involved. Not that I’m making excuses, but when’s the last time the Redskins played a game with playoff implications past week 5? So half of your team is on steroids, you have a hall of fame coach, you beat the division champ twice (look up FLUKE in your Webster’s), and you still didn’t have a playoff hope by your bye week, good job!!
      Make sure you come back here next year when your Redskins are embarrassed by us.

  5. 007 says:


    Sorry guy not this year. Another draft and the ‘SKINS will be unbeatable.

  6. Big Daddy says:

    I guess James Bond is bored because his team is home and nothing is going on. This is just so childish, why is anybody responding? This is the kind of thing that turns me off to blogs, forums and such, this childish need to talk smack. It’s too funny when someone talks smack like they are on the team, like they actually are playing, Mr. Bond you do not play football you kill people for god and country.

    Come on over if you dare, what for? To talk with more idiots and morons?

    Football is a game, do you understand reality from fantasy? I think that starts to happen to normal people some time before puberty.

    Please trolls go away and let us enjoy this. Maybe some day the redskins will be back in the playoffs and you can enjoy that. I wish your team luck they seem to be on the right track, at least with beating the Giants.

  7. 007 says:


    So we won’t be seeing you here again? heh! If you can’t take the heat………I understand. It’s embarresing to trade jibes with a winner when you’re on the losing end. Shall we go over to a YANKEES blog? Would you be more comfortable there?

    BTW, the fact is this IS entertainment. The reality of football disappeared with SAM HUFF the day he was miked up.

  8. Jared says:

    We can take the heat. We’re Giants fans, that’s what we do. I just assumed you took a break from the conversation so that you could attend an English class at your local community college.

    Oh, and I did jump over to “Redskins Gab”…… yea, there’s a lot going on over there (insert sarcasm here)!

    As long as Dan Snyder is calling the shots down in DC, the Skins will always be a mediocre team.

  9. 007 says:


    Had to come over here to get a little game. Interest in the REDSKINS a bit thin right now.

    Surprised you caught my typo Jared. Most of you G-chucks wouldn’t know a correct spelling of a word from an incorrect one. Heh!

    Best of luck beating the PACK this weekend by the way. Wouldn’t want you to lose. There’s be no one left in the N.L. East to pick at otherwise.

  10. 007 says:


    Had to come over here, and stir a little interest by being obnoxious. Excuse please. Just can’t get anything going on the REDSKINS gab. Did stir a few hits here though. Later.

  11. 007 says:


    BTW, you’re right on about DANNO. A real bone-head in all matters football related. I knew as soon as his personal bag-man CERRATO came aboard from SanFran that we were in trouble. ALLEN is a solid talent evaluator. Still not convinced the SHANAHANS know how to coach. They really haven’t had anything to work with so far. We’ll get a better understanding about that after the 2013 season. I’m guessing that’s about how long their leash is despite the five-year deal they have with SNYDER.

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