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Is Eli Manning the best QB in the NFL? YES

It was my opinion and I have been saying this for a while here, Eli is as good as Brees, Brady and Rodgers. Guess what, I changed my mind I think he’s better. He does not have to get into a rhythm he can wing it and sling it as good as anybody ever and I mean EVER. I have seen everybody from Johnny Unitas to Joe Namath to Montana to Elway, I’ve seen them all and Eli is as good as any of them if not better. If he could run a bit they would already be making his bust for the hall of fame.

Unfortunately I was not feeling well because of a bad back and could not enjoy the game, but I watched it anyway. Now that Eli has the receivers and they are all contributing and injury free you can see how good he is and always was. Finally he has the talent and they are letting him run the show.

I am however very unhappy the way Jacobs is running the ball. Even though he scored that TD he is running technically very unsound. It worked once and it was lucky we scored, the way he’s attacking the LOS is not correct and he has to change that for next week. That defense is not going to allow the things Atlanta and Green Bay let the Giants get away with. It won’t work so although it was a great win we still need work on technique to beat that niner defense next week.

I know our defense can handle the Niner offense, but we have to tighten up the offense a bit. Also Delvin Thomas cannot run routs, terrible, please leave him off the active list. And Tynes, I never liked him as a player and he has to focus better, he almost gave the game away.

Last but not least, those referees have to be suspended including the booth people. The way the game was called you would think they all had money on the game. That was obvious and totally unacceptable. If Wellington Mara was alive that would have never happened.

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8 Responses to “Is Eli Manning the best QB in the NFL? YES”

  1. Michael S says:

    Refs sucked bad. They were on the packers d*ck all game.

    Doesn’t it feel good when you don’t hear the giants haters talking for once?

    Funny how people are gomna jump on the bandwagon now. I lol at those people.

    Eli is in the top 4 hands down.. Tonight he played better than Rodgers and showed it but Tom Brady had a pretty spectacular game also although it was vs the broncos. Eli is the 2nd best qb left I’m the playoffs after Brady. Stats would say. I pick Eli though.

    And for the haters, keep hating… The giants and Eli will always sucks. So as they, the giants are an amazing team, buttttt you won’t like em 😉

    NYG ALL IN**** Mike S from MTL

  2. Michael S says:

    Gonma= gonna
    I’m= in
    Sucks= suck

    My bad iPhone corrections

  3. Roxanne says:

    I agree with just about everything you said. I have fights with my brother daily regarding Eli’s future in the HOF. I say yes, if he continues to play the way he’s playing, my bro says no because of his interception stats. The thought of Eli running though leaves me with a sick feeling. Not something I ever want to see and when I do see it, I get this overwhelming “oh dear god NO” feeling. It is never pretty to see him run, its the most uncomfortable feeling ever.

    The absurd amount of blown calls are ruining games. I was convinced that blown fumble call would be the end of our season. Luckily the Giants have their stuff together and continued to kick ass during this game. He’s an idiot. Simply stupid. No shin, calf, butt cheek, wrist, elbow, head, shoulder, knee or toe was down and to not rule it as a fumble has me kind of questioning the legitimacy of these calls. To leave it up to ONE persons OPINION is ridiculous. Facts are facts and the fact is it WAS a fumble and the guy is a moron.

    The Giants played a fantastic game overall BUT Green Bay had a lot of missed opportunities that helped the Giants reach this victory. Entirely too many dropped balls by Green Bay. Very uncharacteristic. Rogers looked a little scared at times too. Muahahahaha loved it.

    Getting really sick of seeing the prevent. I’m trying to think of any time this season the prevent didn’t net decent yardage by the offense.

    I find it amazing and comical that Eli will have played in and hopefully won the NFC Championship game BUT he’s third string to Brees and Rogers in the Pro Bowl. Doesn’t that alone speak volumes?

  4. Mpa425 says:

    I cant agree that eli is better than brady rodgers brees or his brother, but he is quickly making his way to be the no doubt fifth best qb and maybe on their level. Anyone doubt if hes better than big ben or rivers now? Didnt think so. He wins and wins, thats all he does. Will he ever make the jump those others made and pull a 45+ td single digit int season, doubt it, but his HOF bust may as well start being made. He has become as deadly as any player in the NFL. And on the refs, that fumble call was attrocious. It was so clear on every replay that it was a fumble, god awful job. I thought itvwould have swung the game in the packers favor, but the giants held the pack to 20 points and both tds were a result of awful calls. Its gone to far for the giants to lose now. 4-0 in championship games, lets make it 5.

  5. Jason C. says:

    Sorry about the back, hope you feel better for next week, for as long as you’ve been a Giants fan you deserve to enjoy every second of what our team is giving us. Speedy recovery.
    That said, glad you’re giving Eli the love, I saw something in this kid a long time ago, and I think it mostly is the way he’s able to handle the New York media. With all the scrutiny that goes into it, I don’t think any of the elite QB’s in the league today could handle the job of New York Football Giants QB. Green Bay is far from a media hotbed, San Diego is more interested in hacky sack, Boston is all about their SAWX, New Orleans is jazz and crawfish, and Pittsburgh cares more about their linebackers and made a Super Bowl with Neil O’Donnell. As great as all these teams fans are, it’s clear the pressure is not nearly what is expected from being a QB in New York and although some people take him for something of a bumpkin, I think his attitude is just what he needs to succeed here, and succeed he has done, and will continue to do.
    Ask Mark Sanchez how it is being a NY QB, the media is already giving his job to a guy with a broken neck.

  6. Diana D says:

    Im very sorry your back is is mine..not an easy way to watch a game and trust me I was moving with this one. Hope it heals asap!

    I agree with you regarding Tynes and referee. There have been questions regarding some of the calls by referees and bugs me to no end that they get away with it. Eli truly shined and has always been in shadows..first his brothers now Rogers and Brees..well, no more 🙂 Thanks for a great blog and rest up ..I know I will.

  7. CHeeKZ Money says:

    eli is a HOF…. not best in the league.

  8. Big Daddy says:

    Thank you for you kind words about my back. Sorry to say it’s not going to get better. It’s a permanent situation, a lot of damage and degenerative decease.

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