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Thoughts and Musings

Well this is certainly going to be a happy version of T and M. The Giants are headed to the NFC Championship game!

-After all the offseason turmoil. after all the injuries, can anyone honestly say they thought the Giants would be here?

-I know I did not think that. The Giants have persevered and, to their credit, have not let it affect them.

-The Giants are hot. Hot teams usually win in the playoffs.

-Eli Manning was absolutely terrific. A smart, fearless game, by a smart, fearless QB. There’s no questioning Eli anymore.

-Hakeem Nicks wants some of that attention given to Cruz.

-If he’s not a top 5 wideout, then he should be. Such a fun player to watch

-That Hail Mary was a thing of beauty. That play almost never works. Is someone on the Giants’

-Run game didn’t do much, but when they did it was with important plays. That Bradshaw run that set up the hail Mary was terrific and smart. The Jacobs touchdown was a great way to seal the deal.

-Larry Tynes, you’ve gotten away with two misses. No more.

-The pass rush didn’t turn on until late in the 1st half, but it was certainly hopping the rest of the game.

-The secondary has just been so terrific the past few weeks.

-I’m loving Jaicquan Williams, who’s really growing into a nice player.

-Michael Boley’s presence was felt.

-Osi, when used just as a pass rusher, is really dangerous.

-Good for Chase Blackburn, who was close to accepting a teaching job, and now had a huge fumble recovery.

-And great job by Phillips to knock it out.

-Don’t know what the deal was with the refs, but just some awful calls.

-Don’t want to suggest some bias, because I like to live my life with at least a little faith in people, but the non-fumble that was just so clearly a fumble, the Osi play, those are just awful calls and those are inexcusable in a game of that magnitude.

-The Giants have a ton of confidence right now, and rightfully so. They’re playing their best ball, and just knocked off the best team in the league.

-They made Aaron Rodgers look human. Not many teams have done that.

-Good to see Mario Manningham get involved. Looks healthy.

-San Fran is a formidable opponent. Best front 7 in football. They obviously have a little mojo going. And no one can stop Vernon Davis on the Giants.

-But they don’t have the offense that the Packers do. Key is stopping Davis and not giving the ball away.

-49ers bring it on defense. Justin Smith, Aldon Smith. Two great linebackers in Patrick Willis and Navorro Bowman. A good, ballhawking secondary. There’s a reason the Niners are this far, and the defense is a big reason why.

-They also did get lucky because the Saints giving the ball away 85 times, but this is a still good team.

-A healthy Michael Boley, and an improved Jaicquan Williams could make a difference.

-I think we can all be excited as to how far the Giants have come, but when you get this close, you want more.

-Seriously, how excited is everyone?

-Tom Coughlin is a great coach and gets unfairly bashed too often. This was a remarkable coaching job.

-Giants are clicking. All facets. They keep this up, and, it may be premature, but they could be thinking Lombardi.

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14 Responses to “Thoughts and Musings”

  1. Jason C. says:

    Opening line San Francisco -2.5, looks like Vegas is starting to respect the Giants.

    • Big Daddy says:

      What are the refs betting and on who?…..ha ha….that was bad officiating yesterday.

      • Jason C. says:

        Well the 2.5 makes it a lot easier for the refs to put their money down on San Fran than the whole 3 would’ve been.
        I’m not a big fan of make up on men, but when you’re on TV you do have to look alive, Bill Leavy looked like an albino ghost yesterday.

  2. Dan says:

    I think 9 times out of 10 (or more accurately 16 times of 18 this year) refs are remarkably accurate considering the incredibly hard job they have and how much they have to look for.

    With that said, the 2 games against GB this year were such a disgrace that even Mike & Mike on ESPN commented on both games. Osi getting called for barely touching Rodgers but not when Clay Matthews destroyed Eli twice, the obvious fumble by Driver, and the blatant facemasking later in the game. And in the first game negating Ballards TD and giving GB that ridulous jumbled catch TD.

    At least the 1st time I understand that GB was going for perfection but why be biased this time? You would think you would want the underdog anything-can-happen-in-the-NFL story.

    Either way great job Big Blue winning the game that really counts! Let’s avenge another loss next week against SF.

    PS the calls were so bad multiple articles were written about both:

    see slide 3 of 7

  3. Michael S says:

    NYG ALL IN**** <3

  4. amber says:

    I seriously cannot stop watching highlights of this game. The GMEN have looked amazing the past few weeks and I hope we see the same team show up in San Fran!

  5. walter says:

    Rise of the Giants coincides with the return of the underrated Chase Blackburn? Anyone listening?

    • Jared says:

      Yes! I was really surprised when they cut Chase in the offseason. I always thought he did a great job as a special teams guy and a very good job as a back up MLB. I don’t think this team’s turn-around is to his credit alone, but he does make a huge difference.

  6. Jared says:

    I know I love my team and this may sound like a “homer” statement, but I really believe the other three remaining teams are going to have a tough time beating the Giants.

    They are on such a roll right now and they have that “us against the world” mentality going on. If there is any comparison to the 2007 team it is just that, they believe in themselves when no one else does.

    Also, did anyone else feel extremely refreshed to hear Osi’s post game interview on the field when he talked about how his team loves their Head Coach and how they took on his personality and his toughness. Considering how this season played out in Giantsland I thought that was very telling about this team and where it is heading in the next few weeks and maybe years to come!

    Oh, and another thing; if I hear from the media how this year’s playoff run was/is a fluke just like the Super Bowl 42 win was a fluke I think I am going to flip out.

    The radio heads are already saying the Packers lost yesterday’s game and the Giants didn’t win it!

  7. Big Daddy says:

    I think we can beat anybody right now.


    There are a few things that need to be fixed. They are not totally broken but need adjustment. The only thing that might not be able to be fixed is Tynes kicking, he has always been inconsistent.

  8. I Hate Onsides says:

    Yeah they are playing really well and I havent seen any killdrive mentions for over a month.

    Winning sure does solve everything doesn’t it?

    Personally I have liked the playcalling recently…not giving up the run and trusting eli on 3rd downs.

    I still get nervous on third downs though…I dont think I will ever truly have confidence in the Giants, just been burned too many times before but who knows that might change if Eli and receivers keep rolling.

    Jeremy Fuchs….You still havent responded to your New Orleans statement “that nobody is going to get past them”. Just admit you got all caught up in the “Brees” along with all the analysts. I love the fact they lost…I just hate how Brees is all “I’m just glad to be on this journey with all you guys” after he broke Marinos’ record.

    Brees’ just seems fake to me along with tim tebow and all his crap…FAKE.

    • Jeremy Fuchs says:

      I was wrong. I loved their offense, and take away 5 turnovers, they win. Brees is terrific But I was wrong. Happens often.

    • Jason C. says:

      Brees is soft, he has a mauling godsized offensive line protecting him and he plays his home games in a dome (where he puts up astronomically different numbers than he does on real football fields). I never did, and never will include him in a list of top quarterbacks because of that. He’s a great player, don’t get me wrong, but it’s unfair to compare him by stats alone. What get’s me is all the FLUKE talk about the Giants playoff run in 07/08. What about the Saints run a couple years ago? If they weren’t able to clinch home field throughout we all know where they would’ve ended their season, on whoever’s field they would’ve had to play. I’d rather a fluky QB than a soft one.

  9. Sam says:

    I’m so happy we are facing the 49ers because I have a great respect for the way that team has done things this season.Great character guys hard nose team with a tough defense and running game.mad respect to what Alex Smith has been able to do to help this team.They remind me of a young New York Giants. Tough D and Running game and a qb that is just finding his way. Go Giants baby #ALLIN Lets stay focused and get this game.

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