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Thoughts And Musings

It’s a Super edition of T and M, as the Giants are headed to the Super Bowl.

-Can you believe it? Seriously, can you believe it?

-If you told me Devin Thomas would be one of the heroes, I would have laughed. But his awareness on the first fumble to recognize it hit his knee was crucial.

-Huge props to Jaicquan Williams for the strip. He’s really come into his own as the season progressed. 6th round pick, forced into action because of injuries, he has far exceeded expectations.

-Lawrence Tynes, two NFC Championship winning kicks. Pretty impressive.

-Steve Weatherford with a heckuva job picking up that low snap.

-Eli was under siege all day. That San Fran line is good. New England’s isn’t as good. But the O-Line needs to play better.

-Not much Jacobs. Not that they were running the ball well anyway.

-All three receivers played big. That’s so key going forward.

-Other than the two Davis touchdowns, D played well. Obviously, New England has Gronk and Hernandez, but still. Secondary has really been stellar.

-Eli Manning is a terrific QB. Elite. No question about it.

-San Fran is going to be competitive for a long time. Great defense.

-Tom Coughlin has been to 4 championship games, won two, and has at least one Super Bowl. Very, very impressive.

-No one’s calling for Tom Quinn’s head anymore. Other than the lack of explosive returner, this has become a solid group, led by Thomas.

-Thomas was a former second round pick of the Redskins. Didn’t make it; bounced to Carolina before here. Rebuilt himself as a stud special teamer. Not ideal for a second rounder, but kudos for being humble enough to do so

-Some stupid penalties that will have to be rectified.

-I’m surprised the Giants are this far. After an offseason of turmoil, after two losses to the Skins, and other embarrassing losses, after all the injuries, this didn’t seem likely. But here we are. This team has come together, gotten hot, and taken off. It’s been a wild, but awesome ride.

-We’re going to have a ton the next few weeks, but tell me: what special features do you want on the site?

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18 Responses to “Thoughts And Musings”

  1. Big Daddy says:

    Would you believe I missed the second half of the game. My back went out and I was in bed on medication.

    The Giants better tighten up some things. Killdrive was calling a terrible game. I don’t know what he called the second half but some of the calls in the first half were just terrible, low percentage and easy to diagnose plays. One was very dangerous and Eli has throw those for interceptions and easy scores. Third and one calling a pass play in the flats to Bradshaw on your own 20….bad. I guess from what I saw the coaches have lost confidence in Jacobs,

    As we all thought low scoring and it would come to a field goal.

    Right before my back went, I noticed the Giants were gaining the upper hand then lost it and the Niners were coming on and scored. Then it happened and to bed for.

    I do have a question since I didn’t see the whole game, does anybody feel that the Giants experience helped them? I know Eli played like Eli because of that experience. What about the rest of the team? Was it a factor?

    • Russo757 says:

      Cant agree more. Gilbride sucks. Always has and always will. As happy as I am for the Giants, its a shame that their recent success may have saved his job for another season. The second half was worse than the first. Eli was under heavy pressure, especially on third down and for some reason they kept calling passing plays that involved routes that needed time to develope resulting in a sack or a thown away ball. The short slant was killing SF all day, you would think that 3rd and 3 would call for a quck drop pass.

      Also I wasnt happy that they opted to run the ball on 4th and short against the best run defense in the league. Especially with Jacobs not being very productive.

      Hats off to the niners. They played their hearts out and had a monsterous showing on D. Hopefully after a tough day in the trenches like this one going against NE will seem like a jv scrimmage match.

      • Jason C. says:

        The 9er defense adjusted to the slant, if it was still there, they would’ve still used it. Give some credit to the best defense in football this year.

    • Jason C. says:

      Coaches have not lost confidence in Jacobs, it’s called playing to matchups. They know with a tough d-line and fast aggressive linebackers, Jacobs’ size isn’t nearly as crippling to the team they played against. Our coaching staff was great yesterday, you can argue a few play calls, but when you’re playing a defense like that you need to try some unconventional things to get the ball moving. A few too many screens for my liking, but I understand why they were calling them. The problem AGAIN was the officiating and this really needs to be addressed in the offseason. 3 out of 4 touchdowns that our defense has given up in the playoffs were either due to or aided by terrible officiating (you can even argue with the insane amount of holding by the 9er line that the 2nd Davis TD was questionable too).
      Bottom line is, through adversity our team is the champion of the FAR superior conference and now have a matchup that we know we can win, because we already did, in their home. Let’s give some credit to the coaching staff on that one.

      • Big Daddy says:

        If Jacobs would lower his pad level at the right time and drive there would be no issues with his short yardage running, or any rnning for that matter. His height and long legs works against him, but he never worked hard enough on that technique. Plus his technique is inconsistent.

        Believe or not the Niner defense looked like they had studied Bradshaw and notice how he sometimes does not hit the right hole. He tries to run against the grain and they were ready for him. One run he could have had a huge gain had he followed his blockers.

        And the Giants never use players in mismatches anyway. That is one of Gilbride’s deficiencies, he never has a trick up his sleeve, he’s extremely predictable. The things that drives the Giants offense is Eli Manning.

        • Jason C. says:

          I agree with the predictability, drives me nuts sometimes, but I think the credit here should be given to a great 49er defense. Now if they don’t try to confuse NE’s secondary in two weeks, then we have a different story. They play undrafted free agents, league-wide rejects, and wide receivers back there. We HAVE to exploit those mismatches.

  2. Michael S says:

    as a special feature, could you do full player by player and coach by coach comparisons?

  3. West Coast Giants fan says:

    Does anyone have a link to a photo showing Vernon Davis stepping out on the 73 yard TD? Replay showed half his foot out of bounds!

    I guess there isn’t more of a stink because we keep winning but 2 bad calls in 2 weeks (Rogers fumble was clearly a fumble) and no one seems to mention it. Replay officials total blow the call even WITH replay.

    I’d love to be able to show the photo to some dillusional 49’er fans here in Northern California (where it is pretty nice to be a G-man fan right about now!)

    • Big Daddy says:

      He stepped out. Here’s the issue, whomever was the field person who made the white lines made it poorly. The white line had some lighter almost translucent sides to it. That could because of the rain, whatever it is the field was poorly done. He did step on the lighter part of the white line. BUT he did step out, no doubt.

      • Big Daddy says:

        Looks out to me, he was on white. Unless that part of the white doesn’t count…..what are the rules about how white the line has to be? Do they have any guidelines?

        This I think is were the Giants playoff experience helps, nothing effects their play from an emotional level, they are consistent that way. Mistakes or calls that don’t go their way does not effect them, especially Eli.

        • Jason C. says:

          I think Hochuli’s excuse might’ve been that the lighter shade of white on the side might have been the paint bleeding due to the rain, however IMO it is way too consistent across the field to be that.

      • Jared says:

        I like how the “side judge” is right there looking at his feet!

        • Big Daddy says:

          He might have been looking at the ball, then why is he a line judge?

          Draw a line across the edge of his foot and it does intersect the line, no doubt in my mind more than ever he stepped out.

          The Giants respond to adversity, maybe if every week next season they run articles about firing Coughlin we’ll win another super bowl.

          I think now nobody will question Jerry Reese about talent accusation.

          I always said my major issues was keeping the player’s he gets for TC healthy.

  4. CHeeKZ says:

    I don’t care how many super bowls we win, I will always call for Quinn’s job. That man is terrible and we win despite him. Can’t stand our special teams, when our returners get the ball I scream in the bar “just fall down” b/c I am so scared of them fumbling and we have no shot at hitting a big return. No shot. Ever. Not going to happen. I hate Quinn, everyone else can keep their job Killdrive, Fewell (who might be a head coach sooner than he is fired), Reese, Coughlin is coach till he retires now. But Quinn is where I draw the line! He stinks and you know it!

  5. West Coast Giants fan says:

    Thanks Jason C. Thats perfect

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