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Fan Fight 2: Who Would Win A Coach Swap?

We continue with our posts with Obnoxious Boston Fan at Here’s our latest fan fight: What would happen if the Giants and Pats swapped coaches?

Today’s topic: How would each team fare with the other’s coach?

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Jeremy Fuchs says:

While I’m happy with Tom Coughlin as the coach of Big Blue, I don’t mind engaging in a thought experiment: What if Bill Belichick was the coach of the Giants?

We can start with the premise that the Giants would use a 3-4 defense; something the Giants would be ill-suited for. The Giants don’t have one decent middle linebacker, let alone two.

Much of the discipline will be the same. Both Coughlin and Belichick are no-nonsense, and, as we’ve seen, willing to boot players who don’t adhere to the system.

We also have to think of the media. Coughlin isn’t exactly Mr. Warm and Fuzzy, but he’s at least cordial with the media. He’s not like Belichick, who looks legitimately pained to be up there at the podium. If he could, I’m sure he would prefer sitting in his lab, tinkering and tweaking, than facing the media. And his holier than thou schtick wouldn’t exactly fly in the Big Apple.

Unfortunately for Giants fans, Coughlin’s teams have a tendency to fall apart as the season progresses. The trend goes something like this: a 6-2 start where they look like worldbeaters, followed by a 2-6 finish and limping into the playoffs, if they’re lucky. Belichick’s teams don’t do that. Even with Tom Brady hurt, they didn’t do it. The Pats have been a model of consistency in Belichick’s tenure. While Coughlin can boast at least one Super Bowl victory, prior to this postseason, he didn’t have a playoff win since Super Bowl 42.

Belichick’s Giants would also take more chances on so-called guys with character issues. He’s taken chances on Jonathan SullivanChad Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth. Despite them not working out, this risk taking is something the Giants generally don’t do, Plaxico Burress notwithstanding. Giants fans would appreciate taking in someone like Ochocinco, despite the queasiness that he gives fans. He’s talented, and that’s what fans want.

The Giants don’t horde draft picks like the Pats do; that would change. The Giants generally don’t trade up, only occasionally. The Pats move up, down and back around again. While this provides excitement, and at least some annoyance from draft day fanatics, this is something the Giants, hopefully, would not adopt. Their method works just fine.

Above all, we would expect a different air about a Belichick coached Giants team. There?s a different swagger that surrounds Pats teams, a swagger developed perhaps by the fact that the players know that they are playing for one of the best coaches in history. There is complete buy in, while with Coughlin, there has been rumblings of discontent.

Despite Belichick being the mad genius that he is, the multiple rings, and the name that his tenure would bring, I’ll take Coughlin. Coughlin fits this Giants team. He isn?t flashy. He?s never gotten the recognition he deserves. And he wins. We’ll take that any day.




Obnoxious Boston Fan says:

Tom Coughlin might not even around at this point had the New England Patriots gotten off to a 7-7 start like the Giants had done this season. That’s not so much a shot at Coughlin as a statement of the bond between Belichick and the Kraft family. We’d put “In Bill We Trust” on the backs of each dollar and coin circulated in Patriot Nation if the Secret Service would not put us in prison for doing so. Tim Thomasmight be doing that already.

Belichick and Tom Brady go together like fish and chips, ham and cheese or Pat Sajack,Vanna White and margaritas. And like Lennon and McCartney – can each succeed on their own – but never quite worked as well as they did when they played together

The true testament to Belichick’s system was the Patriots’ 11-5 finish after Brady’s injury in 2008. Given Coughlin’s background and expertise on offense, Brady’s game might even be more diverse and explosive than it is now. Thanks to a big helping hand from former QB coach Chris Palmer, Coughlin’s turned Eli Manning into a winner – no small feat.

Coughlin’s fate is as much intertwined with Manning’s as it is dependent on him. Offensively, Brady and the Pats would be in solid hands with Coughlin at the helm. Coughlin and Belichick matched wits back in the day when each was a coach with the Giants under Bill Parcells and got their first Super Bowl rings thanks to the Billy Cundiff-like foot of Scott Norwood. It was Belichick’s secondary vs. Coughlin’s wide receivers in practice back them. No word on who got the upper hand. Coughlin is not shy about expressing himself during games but doesn’t operate in the ultra-coach speak of Belichick or the bombastic braggadocio of Parcells.

The diplomacy that the Patriots and Belichick practiced with Chad Ochocinco would not have gone on with Coughlin. Ocho’s line about watching the “video game” Patriots offense after Week 1 might have been enough to send Coughlin over the edge. With Coach Coughlin, Ocho would either be a featured deep receiver or have gotten the boot in September.

Coughlin the coach would have struggled with the defensive players provided by Belichick the GM. Albert Haynesworth might not have survived Coughlin’s training camp. The Hoodie made a Super Bowl defense out of the likes of Sterling MooreRob Ninkovichand James Ihedigbo. Couhglin could not find a defensive coordinator who could have done a better job with Belichick’s personnel than Belichick himself.

Belichick has solidified his “Darth Hoodie” reputation with a rampage through the galaxy during the regular season and a couple of “Star Wars” sequel-type performances against Denver and Baltimore. Coughlin is much more like Han Solo. He can get the job done and might even be able to save the galaxy – but he’ll take you for a wild ride and may crash along the way.

I’ll take the “Dark Lord of the Sith” any day.

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6 Responses to “Fan Fight 2: Who Would Win A Coach Swap?”

  1. Jason C. says:

    Well if Bill loses next week that still will be ZERO Super Bowls since Spygate so all we can really say is that Belichick is a better cheater than Coughlin.
    As far as Ochocinco is concerned, I think Coughlin would have gotten a lot more out of him.
    I’ll say Bill is the BEST coach in the league when it comes to breaking down a gameplan, and Coughlin is MUCH better at getting the most out of a player. Anyone can be effective with a 6’7″ manbeast with freakish athletic talents running around the middle of the field all day. Let’s see how they do when he’s got a bum leg.
    I can’t wait until the so-called genius and his wide receiver secondary get exploited next week.

  2. daJudge says:

    It’s funny. Everyone tries to get an edge, and I get that. But Coach Bill actually cheated and cheated bad. He designed and executed a nefarious infrastructure that allowed him to spy on other team’s private performances and game plan accordingly. My old wrestling coach would have kicked my ass for even considering such a scam. Wow. Major advantage, particularly for a brilliant and obsessed man. NFL didn’t seem to care–wrist slap. Crazy devious, and I mean crazy.

    Of course, he is an excellent coach and no rational fan would deny this fact. Nevertheless, he clearly lost perspective, judgment and his shaky moral compass. There is too much of that going these days. He lost his freaking way and never copped, never took real responsibility. He stayed behind the grey hoody. It’s a character flaw but, of course, he accepted, and continues to accept all of the accolades. I’ll take Coach Tom every time, every game, win or lose. I’m old school, but I know honor when I see it and it counts, big time in the big picture. If you don’t think so, choose Coach Bill, the cheater. I hope every NE fan reads this.

  3. Big Daddy says:

    Belichick is th better head coach period, but the thing I always liked about Coughlin was, well it’s his, I mean he always, Oh honestly I don’t like Coughlin that much and as a person Belichick is someone I wouldn’t want to know other than to pick his brain about football.

    Were as Coughlin is a person I guess I would want to know and talk with things other than football as well as football. So Coughlin wins on the person scale but loses on the football scale. I think I would much rather have dinner with Coughlin and/or have him as a neighbor.

    But if I had a football team Belichick would be my head coach or DC although Coughlin would certainly be one of my offensive coaches, he is a great WR coach.

    There are some issues with both in terms of the political nature of the NFL. I question both, integrity is not a priority, although it’s something Coughlin does have the edge over Belichick on.

  4. 007 says:

    GIANTS is the Super Bowl. After that abortion of a season who would have thunk it? HAIL TO THE REDSKINS. At least we won one season round with the G-Men. BTW, please don’t get rid of COGHLIN. We’ve got a coach who knows how to beat his brains out. Now we gotta’ figure out the IGGLES and COWBOYS.

    • Big Daddy says:

      Why are you here? The redskins are your team stay there and help figure out a way to beat another team other than the Giants who are in the super bowl AGAIN!!!!

  5. 007 says:

    Heh! Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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