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The Giants need a……

Tight end, the Giants need a tight end in the worst way. I am sure Jerry Reese as you read this is pouring over every draftable, free agent, UDFA and some from the Canadian league players to find some tight ends. We have NONE. Bear Pascoe is a player I like, a tough, hardnosed player and throw back like Ballard and Hynoski. Seriously though, he is not a starting TE in the NFL and even Ballard is borderline.


I think Ballard will come back okay, he’s not a speed guy and knee injuries do not hurt the performance of his type of player as much. But when will he be back? At first it didn’t look too bad but it’s a torn ACL, he will be out for a long time and it will take time to get back to 100%. Beckum I hope will not be coming back, I hope he’s alright and recovers from his surgery, in all honesty he does not have an NFL body, he cannot take the hits and is always injured, time to cut ties with him. Too bad, he is a talented player that like many just never made it in the NFL.


So the Giants need some tight ends. A team must have 4, 3 on game day and another stashed. It’s a position where the player takes a beating, going into the secondary taking hits when they catch the ball, also having to block or chip some very big players too. It takes its toll on a player and you must have a few on your roster. Bear is great because he can also play full back. So that’s one, Ballard is two when he comes back, we need two or three or more on the roster. The question is where to find them, you have to figure we need about six or more coming into camp for some competition. Plus it’s good if they can also play another position and special teams. That’s over looked, a second and third TE is also going to be on special teams and must perform well there too. The reason Ramses Barden has not seen playing time at the WR position since he is not a starter according to Tom Coughlin is his lack of special teams playing ability.


Where are we going to find five or six tight ends? This is a priority, forget trades, they just don’t happen all that much these days and there aren’t that many quality ones in the NFL. So it’s a free agent or a draft pick. There are going to be a lot of names with TE after it on the preseason roster. There was a point when the Patriots also needed a TE and they drafted Gronkowski and Hernandez, both turned out to be great players from the beginning. I really liked both in that draft even though Hernandez is small and more of an H-back type, Gronkowski is the prototypical NFL type TE. You have to forgive Hernandez for dropping that ball, he made the same mistake countless professional receivers do in the NFL. It’s the simplest thing that even your peewee coach tells you, look the ball into your hands before you turn up the field to run. It’s amazing, I see it all the time from NFL players. By the way for pats fans, that catch by Welker would have been impossible no matter what anybody says. It was sailing and not dropping, it was still very high and the nose of the ball was not down if I remember correctly. It would have been hard even if he was a few inches taller. He had to twist around as he was jumping, it would have been an impossible catch to make so cut him some slack. He’s a great player period. Nobody fewer than six feet tall would have made that catch no matter what he said.


So let’s look at what is out there on the free agent market for tight ends. First is Jermichael Finely from the Packers, I watched him and I don’t like him all that much, plus he wants a ton of money. In the big game he dropped passes from Rodgers, no thanks. He’s a very talented player, at 6’5” and 250 he runs like a WR, I don’t know how good a blocker he is and those drops stick in my mind. Fred Davis from the Redskins was franchised by them so forget him. John Carlson from the Seahawks, he coming off shoulder surgery and Seattle might want to keep him. All teams know they need two good TEs these days as they take a beating. We don’t know if he’ll be healthy and how much he wants, a good player at 6’5” and 250 pounds, he would fit what the Giants do but has not reached his potential as a player yet. He has too many question marks. Of course there’s always two ex-Giants in Shiancoe and Shockey on the market, I’d pass.


There is a bunch of free agent TEs, quality wise they are all about as good as Pascoe, there’s really nothing to get excited about at all. I suspect Reese will sign at least one out of that bunch maybe a player like Leonard Pope or Kellen Davis, big guys(6’7”-8”) who may just need a little coaching to improve their play. There’s also Donte Rosario who’s a bit smaller but had a good year with the Panthers in 2010. A lot of lower tier tight ends still in their twenties who might respond to some coaching. We have a great tight ends coach in Michael Pope who Tom Coughlin calls the best tight end coach in the NFL, I’d have to agree. So many of these lower tier tight ends might take a step up under Pope and that is something I am sure Reese is considering when he signs one. He has to say can this player be coached up to improve his play and can he do something else like play the H or Full back, maybe long snap or other special teams play. Some thing as crazy as being a backup punter, all these things have to be considered when you sign a backup player. You have to also consider many other teams will be looking to add players so bidding wars start and marginal players end up getting over paid, Reese does not get into that for a player. In this case it can work for the Giants, there might be some descent players cut to save cap space that were over paid and released. So that will be somewhere to look in the off season. I was kind of shocked to see that there wasn’t one free agent tight end in the whole CFL, so forget about Canada Jerry, as far as I can see.


How about what’s doing with the draft, a lot of tight ends there. I don’t see any real big time players but a lot of good players who might end up being the next Kevin Boss or better for the Giants. I hope we don’t use our first round pick on one since we do have other more important needs. You can get by with good tight ends, you don’t need great ones when you have a great receiver corps like the Giants do. I doubt that a tight end will even go in the first round, maybe two in the second round and then later in the draft you should see some more. I think there are so many marginal ones most will probably be UDFA (undrafted free agents). It is said you are better off being a UDFA contract wise than a seventh round pick according to the CBA. I see a lot of NFL type bodies on these guys but their college statistics were poor. Not many are thrown to in college, they do more blocking or are just there in case nobody is open for the QB to dump it off to. This is where the keen eye of a talent scout can make the difference and Reese has that, he found Boss and Ballard. The combine and pro days for these players will be very important. A big body and soft hands will mean a lot for a player who doesn’t have a great statistical history in college. There are a lot of Jake Ballard types coming from college into the draft this year, that is not a bad thing in my opinion. He does not have to be a so called threat, we have them, he needs to be a solid professional that plays the game the right way.


The best of the bunch in college coming into the draft and only possible first round pick is Dwyane Allen from Clemson, he’s not the behemoth type at 6’4” and 255 pounds, he’s more compact, quick and powerful. I’ve seen some film of him and I like him. I figure he might go early second round unless someone falls in love with him and picks him in the first. I just don’t think he has elite speed to go first round, we’ll see at the combine. If he does run under a 4.6 you bet he’ll be a first round pick though. I also don’t think he’s 6’4” and looks more the H back type not a true TE that is best lined up at the LOS with the lineman. He will be a productive NFL player, of that I am pretty sure. After him it’s mostly smaller H back types and slow footed Jake Ballard types but one guy looks interesting, he’s not the Giants type of player though. That’s Josh Chichester from Louisville at close to 6’8” and about 250 pounds he’s not a blocker but could be a real matchup headache for defenses. He will get a lot of attention because of his size and athletic ability, no doubt he’s a project but the risk reward factor makes him an attractive middle round pick, I just don’t thinks he’s a Tom Coughlin type player, we tried going in a different direction with Beckum and that did not work out.


There are some interesting tight ends that fit the Giants needs and can be had later in the draft. One player is Rhett Ellison from USC at 6’5” and 250 pounds, although he’s moving up the draft chart, another is Coby Fleener from Stanford at 6’6” and 250lbs he is definitely a talented receiver but suspect blocker as far as I can see, he might go middle to late second round depending on his combine and Michael Egnew whose stock is dropping. A few interesting prospects have little chance of playing in the NFL due to injuries and medical issues, they were locks to make it but will not. One player has had concussion issues, one just stopped playing after transferring colleges and one has type 1 diabetes, I just don’t think the NFL will clear him, too bad they were all very talented.
There are some more of the bigger TEs out there. For me a bigger TE would be 6’5” and over and at least 255 pounds. Like George Bryan from North Carolina state at 6’5” and 265, a slow footed but good blocking TE who has shown to have good hands, like I said a Jake Ballard type, like Chase Ford from Miami at 6’6” and 258. There is a slew of smaller H back/TE types, David Paulson from Oregon 6’3” 248, Kevin Koger 6’3” 262 Michigan, Brian Linthicum 6’3” 249 from Michigan state, Orson Charles maybe going in the second round at 6’3” 240 from Georgia.


I’m sure I missed a lot of players, we will revisit this after the combine and some pro days were you get a better feel for these players. Jake Ballard proved it’s more important to hold onto a ball than how fast you get there. It’s also a huge issue about blocking, it’s an art and there is a lot to learn, most college tight ends are lousy blockers. They do not understand about leverage and chipping a pass rusher, so these techniques will be new to them. Without a doubt they all will need time in the weight room and work with coach Pope whoever they are, whether rookies or young professionals they will be coached up to the high standards Giants tight ends have shown under his coaching. I have trust that Reese will find players and they will produce. We had a great history at the tight end position even before Mark Bavaro, I know that history will continue.

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16 Responses to “The Giants need a……”

  1. rory says:

    Ladarius Green out of La. Lafayette. The guy is an animal. Built like Vernon Davis. He would be a steal in the second round.

  2. Big Daddy says:

    I knew I’d miss a few, they are there and I know Reese will find them.

  3. DAN says:


  4. EJ says:

    Who is the tight end the Giants traded for last season who decided to retire rather than play for the Giants?

    I hope he’s enjoying his retirement.

    • Big Daddy says:

      I think it was Scott Chandler, we signed him off the Dallas practice squad and he ended up in Buffalo. He’s a free agent now.

      That’s someone the Giants might resign since he knows the offense already.

      I thought he left the team but he was waived, I don’t know the whole story but Eli likes the guy and mentioned that he was glad he was getting playing time in Buff.

      There are a few guys I missed, I knew I would.

      This is an ongoing thing so other articles will be coming in the future about this since it is a priority now.

  5. CHeeKZ Money says:

    i like Allen. I like Charles, he has been clutch in GA. Both H back types.

    We are really bear here, won’t be surprise if reese really makes TE a point in the offseason, either via free agency or draft

    • Big Daddy says:

      That’s funny, Bear here, since the only TE’s name we have is bear.

      Yeah even over linebacker, I hope not. I hope we look for linebacker first.

      But we have some needs and I know some Giants should cherish their ring or rings because they won’t be here next season.

      I expect some Giants are going to restructure their contracts too.

      • CMH says:

        Would like to see Reese trade down and pick up an extra pick or 2 so we can grab Charles in round 2.

        • Big Daddy says:

          I don’t think anybody wants our pick. I would like to see us trade a few players maybe. But trades in the NFL don’t happen to often. Our #1 pick is about like a #2 pick value wise.

          I wonder what the difference between the #32 pick in the first round and a later pick in the second round is as far as contracts. Maybe you have a good idea if it saves us some cap relief. Not having a first round pick might let us off the hook for a million dollars, who knows? trade our first pick for something in 2013’s draft to save money.

          Reese will prove himself this off season, it’s going to be wild. He’s going to earn his money dealing with agents and players, cutting people and trying to replace them with cheaper options so we can stay under the cap and still be competitive.

          Watch closely this will be a learning experience for those who want to learn how to operate and run an NFL team.

  6. Michael S says:

    I like Bennett from Dallas! HE could be a good starter for us, not to expensive.
    As for 1st round draft, I’d go with o-line 100%.. That was the weakest position this year. Jus sayin… Then TE, maybe LB but we have good young ones, RB if they release jacobs, S depth, and a crazy kicker. I’d say LB 1st round, if, Osi gets traded and Kiwi is moved back to DE. If Osi is traded and Kiwi stays at LB, then I’d draft a freak DE and make him learn behind JPP n TUCK
    Manningham, Ross, Thomas or any of those leave, then we need WR n CB depth.

    • Big Daddy says:

      Be more specific, what player at what round, who wants Osi for what?

      If you want to get in the mix have some information Michael, do your homework. You have some good ideas there.

      Which freak DE do you mean, my man?

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