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Big Daddy’s post combine Giants Mock Draft

Now that the combine is over we still have pro days to look at and those can be a little more accurate to judge a players abilities. Most players that will be drafted have performed at the combine, although many times players do get overlooked or snubbed for some reason. For anybody who says the combine doesn’t mean that much, oh how wrong they are. If a person picks up a book on Quantum Physics and reads it will he understand it? NO, unless he knows about Quantum Physics, right, that makes sense. So for those who watch or read the workouts of a player the question is do you know what you are looking at and looking for? For instance what does a fast 40 mean as applied to actual football? They all have meaning and it’s about being able to decipher what and how much it means for each player and position. Drafting players is an art based on science. I learn something every day about how to scout players and what these things all mean. It would be a lot easier if we were privy to all the information NFL scouts and general managers get, we aren’t. So we make the best of what we can scrounge up from the internet.


Getting back to the combine, here is a perfect example of how important it is. On film Vontaze Burfict looked like the possible second coming of Ray Lewis, but there were red flags and that dropped his stock, like undisciplined play. At the combine his performance was terrible, he also blamed his on the field problems last season and off field issues on his coaches. Now he had more flags than the United Nations. Vontaze Burfict might be un-draftable unless you are willing to take a chance. I wouldn’t draft him, not a MIKE who runs a 5.09 40 yard, with a bad attitude, a poor work ethic and who does not look athletic at all, this is the NFL. He lost millions of dollars because he showed he was immature and not prepared.


It’s not only about the player’s performance, it’s about their physical and mental make-up. One thing that is SO important is arm length and you will notice so many of Jerry Reese’s picks have long arms. There are many other little things here and there that can separate groups of players. There are so many reasons why but this article is about a Giants mock draft not the process of selection. The Giants have a problem, they pick last in every round. To the Giants it’s not a real issue because it means they won the super bowl. But as a draftnik it makes things so much more difficult to make the picks, due to value. The Giants first round pick will probably carry a second round value unless some players were passed up. That happens a lot and some GMs pick for need and reach for players, especially with Franchise type quarterbacks. Kenny Phillips fell into the Giants lap because the Pats lost a pick thanks to Mangini, things like that happen. So the Giants got lucky.


There are some other issues to look at too. One is compensation picks, we all know what they are and that moves the pack so that you might have to take 5th round value in round four especially picking last. Something new just came out and that too will move the pack. The Saints are going to be punished for having put out bounties on players. They will probably lose some draft picks and that will help teams get a better player when they pick. As soon as we find out which picks the Saints will lose and what comp picks there will be all these mock drafts will change again. It seems that it’s possible the Redskins are also going to be punished by the league, maybe other teams too. This could mean a bounty for the Giants in terms of moving up the board. A terrible way to do it, I knew this existed many years ago and I thought the league had cleaned it up, they didn’t.


Another thing people talk about is BPA, best player available, some say it’s the way to pick players, nobody does that, they never did it’s a fallacy. They use an equation, you take many factors into account when you pick, it’s not just best player available. If you have a franchise quarterback in his prime do you use a first or second round pick on one if he is the BPA, no, you can trade that slot to a team who needs one. There is also cap space to take into account, if I am not mistaken rookies go against the cap. So if you are close to the cap do you want 10 draft picks? The Giants lost some players who signed lucrative contracts, which means they will get some higher picks for compensation. The Giants might get as much as a fourth round pick plus some later picks too possibly, I’m not exactly sure and right now neither is the NFL. It also has to do with how many free agents the team signed, that works as an offset so the signing of David Baas will offset the players lost.


I am hoping Jerry Reese does some wheeling and dealing and moves into a position to get more useful picks earlier in each round. The Giants don’t need more late round rookies coming into camp? I think there is enough back end players already on the roster, they need a few talented people to fight for open positions which are few. Most of the positions on the Giants are already filled with established veterans unless Reese really purges the roster because of cap issues. The roster has enough late round picks that contribute, we won a super bowl partly because of those players. The Giants need some top end talent not more late round picks. Yes you can and do find gems but they take time to materialize, like a Victor Cruz for instance.


Two positions are real issues, they are middle linebacker and tightend. I am pretty sure Reese will sign a veteran MLB and a fill in TE. He will also draft some, but who and where? Since you cannot trade compensation picks I am hoping Reese uses his late picks and also trades out of the first round to move into the middle of the second round with up to three picks there. I think right there you can find three players that will give minutes from the beginning of preseason to maybe starting later in the season. There also might be some offensive lineman that can start right away at right offensive tackle. Although I have a feeling you will see some veteran players signed at other positions that are solid lower tier type players, nothing spectacular. Some positions like OG, DT, TE and LB, maybe even a CB depending on which players we lose or cut loose and are let go by other teams, maybe Reese fills in with lower tier veterans for depth purposes. There will be a lot of cap space casualties this season from every team. Reese tends to be conservative in all aspects and that limits personnel mistakes.


So my mock draft might look a little strange to some because I am taking into account that we pick last in every round. That means we don’t get the value, for instance our third round pick will probably have a fourth round value on it. You might say why pick him he won’t go until later, that’s a reach, well that’s the reason. The thing is that it’s not a reach at all, the players who had value for that round are probably all gone, especially in the mid rounds depending on how many comp picks were doled out by the NFL. And to those who are not sure, yes we have all our picks, 1-7.

First round- Colby Fleener TE Stanford 6’6” 247 pounds. If he’s not there I would go to Orson Charles TE Georgia 6’2” 251lbs, but only if he runs a sub 4.6 on his proday, if he run a 4.6+ he’s just an undersized TE/H back that doesn’t fit the Giants offense. It also has a lot to do with who gets passed up, someone might fall to the Giants they can’t pass up even if it’s another pass rushing DE. If that does happen I say trade down with the second pick and still try to get Fleener. The higher rated at one time Dwayne Allen looks stiff and cannot block, he’ll drop when the real draft starts as he is now in mocks. The fact is Fleener has the makeup of a prototypical NFL tightend, he’s young and can add weight on to his frame, plus if willing he can learn to block, he is athletic and stronger than people think.


Second round- George Iloka safety Boise State 6’4” 225 4.66/40, 34” arms, long arms like an offensive lineman, that means he can bat away passes and can be a disruptive force in the secondary. He has that reach that makes a difference between a catch and not since it is a game of inches. A little slower than you would want but his size and physical makeup is perfect to defend what NFL offenses are doing. He might end up moving to linebacker, but he is an opposing figure in the secondary and should really help right away on defense and special teams. I have a feeling this player will be a standout and have a long NFL career.


Third round- Nigel Bradham OLB Florida State 6’2” 241 4.64/40, 33+” arms this player does not get a lot of mention, in film he looks pro ready and can cover, another player with long arms and good speed. He might be able to play from day one and could possibly play all three linebacker positions. He looks the part and should have a long NFL career like Iloka. He uses those long arms to fend off blockers and takes them on, stacks and sheds to make the tackle, very good pro technique, he doesn’t run around blocks. I think you can just pretty much plug him into the MIKE for the Giants. Really nice hand techniques, more like a good DT does to fend off blocks, these are the little things most people miss when watching film. He doesn’t stand out because he is not an explosive player, he is a really good solid NFL type player.


Fourth round- Brain Quick WR Appalachian State 6’4” 220 4.55/40, 34+” arms, this guy is so much better than McNutt who is rated in front of him for now, I think he will be moving up the charts and past McNutt. When watching the two it’s like night and day. Quick is compact, smooth with his moves and strong, he looks like a first round pick and probably would be if he ran a 4.4/40. I don’t see any deficiencies in his game except he played for a small school and does not have blazing speed. I think he can contribute from day one.


Fifth round- Ryan Miller OG/OT Colorado 6’7” 321 5.27/40, he is rated higher on some boards and mock drafts and lower on others, so who knows where he will go. He looks like a tackle but played guard. I think he is the type of player you plug into the right tackle position and leave him there for 10 years. Being able to play guard helps his draft stock, Reese looks for players who can play multiple positions.


Sixth round- Chris Greenwood CB Albion 6’1 3/8” 196lbs. 4.3/40, a small school standout, nice size and speed. Looked good from what little I was able to get a look at, you can’t ignore his physical ability, that’s what the late rounds are for players with questions but ability.


Seventh round- The following players can all be 7th round picks or UDFA but if Bryce Brown is there I take him.


Other UDFA or late round picks to take into consideration:


Chase Ford TE Miami 6’6” 258 4.7-8/40, this kid left Kilgore College to go to Miami and never really played, we’ll see what he does on his proday. He had a good east-west shrine game but is an unknown. He looks the part and has the intangibles, what happened to him, I really don’t know the whole story. But he might go in the mid rounds of the draft. If not he’s a guy to look at as a UDFA or late pick.

Joe Martinek RB/FB Rutgers 5’11” 221, 4.6/40?, Martinek had a very good career at Rutgers but his last year more talented players took his snaps. Looking at film you know he can play and at worse should be an outstanding special teams player. He can run, catch and block, go back a few seasons and look at film, he can even run the wildcat. I have a feeling he will be a productive back if given the chance. He seems like a forgotten solider and someone will remember him, I hope it’s Reese.

Wesley Kemp WR Missouri 6’3 3/8” 223 4.55/40, tall lanky good looking receiver, needs to add a little bulk to his frame, very athletic looking with pretty good hands. I did not see a lot of film but what I did see impressed me.

Bryce Brown RB Kansas state 6’ 220 4.4-5/40, a combine snub for some unknown reason, he’s a quick compact runner who runs low to the ground and has good moves that he has developed over time. He has a great spin move that freezes defensive players, he used it back in high school where he looked like a man playing against boys. He’s a sleeper that did not excel in college due to issues that are not known to me. Unless he’s some kind of problem child someone is going to get a very good running back. He might go in the mid rounds, I would not be surprised, if Reese took him in the fifth that would be great.

Jeff Adams OT Columbia 6’6” 306, 5.00/40 A big framed player that has some quickness, big NFL type body that should be able to play ROT in the NFL with some work in the weight room and improvement of technique.

Brad Sowell OT Mississippi 6’7” 316 5.2/40, a big player with a big frame, not much to know just that he has the ability to play right tackle in the NFL.

Mike Willie WR Arizona State 6’2” 217 4.59/40, not a blazer but has soft hands, very good at tracking the ball and adjusting to it. He might be a very good slot receiver with good height and arm reach to make matchup problems for a defense.

Ishmaa”ily Kitchen DT Kent State 6’1” 343, 5.2-4/40, Short powerful player who eats up space, more of a NT than DT, although most 4-3 lines use the 1 technique with a shade over center, not the old 2 technique anymore for the 4-3. So I am sure he can play the DT over center in a 4-3.

Josh Chichester TE Louisville 6’7” 240 4.7/40, needs to add weight and improve his blocking but he can catch and run. He might get drafted because of that and used more as a receiver until his blocking improves, you have to block and play special teams in the NFL to get playing time. He might be better off dropping a few pounds and playing as a pure receiver.

Sean Cattouse safety California 6’2” 211 4.74/40 A little slow at the combine, I’m waiting to see what he does on his proday and if there is any improvement. He has good size and is a good football player but that is just a little too slow to be drafted for that position. I would sign him as a UDFA unless he runs even slower at his proday.


There are many other players who have some skills that might be UDFAs, especially some offensive lineman and wide receivers, there are a lot of receivers coming into this draft. There are also many players the Giants will miss out on by a few picks because of where they draft, it’s the price you pay for winning a super bowl. Like I mentioned if I were Reese I would be looking to move into the middle of the second round for a few picks and give up my first pick and later picks for a few good men in that round. Do we really need nine or more picks in this draft? I think we can fill in with minimum contract veterans for depth and try to get some quality in the draft. I tried very hard to be logical and realistic but I think some of my picks will be gone when the Giants turn comes.

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5 Responses to “Big Daddy’s post combine Giants Mock Draft”

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  2. Michael S says:

    Nice mock draft!!
    I agree about not needing all these late round picks.
    If the player the Giants want is dropping, trade up, if not, trade away for a first next year and stockpile picks like the pats do.

  3. Mstewart9 says:

    Big Daddy,

    Overall, I like your Mock Draft for the Giants. I understand your concept of the Giants trading down if their player is dropping, but Reese historically doesn’t do much trading up or down. I do have some questions which are:

    1. You mentioned that the Giants could sign a FA veteran MLB, how about attempting to sign Curtis Lofton if the price is right.

    2. If they did sign Lofton then drafting a OLB in the 3rd round (Nigel Bradham) would be wasteful. Instead, RB’s such as Bernard Pierce, Robert Turbin, Ronnine Hillman and Chris Polk could be available. Drafting a RB could be more important than an OLB if Jacobs is released. Also, the Giants did have a pretty good draft in 2011 at the LB position and also signing Hertzich.

    3. You mentioned that GM Reese likes players with long arms, well how about Akiem Nicks out of Regina. He could play inside (DT) and outside (DE) stands 6’5 and weighs 318 with a best time in the 40 yard dash of 4.98. Let’s not forget he has a 84 inch wing span. I think he could be a steal in the 6th or 7th round.

    When will the Giants find out about their compensatory picks for losing Boss and Smith. I understand that Losing Cofield and signing Baas is a wash. I read somewhere that based on the contract and playing time of Boss and Smith, the Giants would receive an additional pick in the 5th (for Boss) and in the 7th (for Smith).

    • Big Daddy says:


      To answer your inquiry,

      1- Lofton is a good choice but I think Reese is targeting Tulloch first.

      2- Bradham can play all 3 positions, I think Boley is on his way out after next season. He is has had injuries and is making a lot of money. Plus Kiwi has not had the breakout that I thought he would at the SAM. Looking forward we need a guy with ability to play all three positions, that’s the type of player Reese targets.

      3- I will look further into Nicks, not much on him.

      People forget about Da’Ral Scott with his 4.2 speed and powerful running. He had over 100 yards in his last preseason game against the Pats. He had over 200 yards his last game for Maryland in college, a bowl game I saw, this kid is amazing.

      • Big Daddy says:

        I finally got some youtube on Hicks, he’s a beast, love him. He’s from a small school in Canada, University of Regina?????

        But he needs to learn to get his pad level down or he will be neutralized at the point of attack every time by smaller men. He is still very raw.

        Honestly I think he would make a better offensive tackle, he has a great punch and nice foot work. Very quick and can control a man while moving side ways. Long arms and strong hands, nimble feet.

        The guy plays DT/DE like an offensive lineman, he looks like an offensive tackle.

        He is a project I would look into more if I were Reese and find out if he was open to making the move to the offensive line. He does have some serious technique issues but you cannot ignore his natural physical abilities.

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