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Thoughts and Musings

Let’s muse, peoples.

-Mario Manningham is no longer here, as he signed in San Fran. Not sure that he’s going to be the number one there (at best, number 2 if Randy Moss falters. But even if he does, he’s still 3, because most passes are going to Vernon Davis anyway). Manningham had the Super Bowl catch, but was wildly inconsistent and injured during his tenure.

-Here’s the catch, for old times sake:

-Now he has to be replaced. Jerrel Jernigan? He’ll be the clubhouse favorite. They might draft someone. But, we all know how the Giants like their own guys. So odds are it will be Jernigan.

-Can Jernigan do it? We did a profile on him last year, and I really liked him. Here’s what I said:

Jerrel Jernigan is a guy who should REALLY interest the Giants, in the second round. Reminds me a lot of Dexter McCluster. Not a traditional receiver, but a slot guy who can wreak havoc in the middle of the field, in tight spaces. Return game, out of the backfield, maybe as a WildCat QB. McCluster had a ton of success as a rookie for Kansas City. Jernigan could do the same. He’ll be available in the 2nd round, I think. He could be the answer to the Giants return woes, as well as give them a dynamic threat on offense

 He hasn’t really produced yet, but I think he’s a natural fit in the slot.  He knows the offense. The adjustment period is over. That said, we need to see it on the field. But a lot of potential.
-Cowboys spending, Redskins really spending, but who didn’t? Giants, Steelers, Packers, etc. The consistently good teams win in the draft, not in free agency.
-And all that money to guys like Laurent Robinson and Pierre Garcon? Seems like way too much. You have to develop guys. The Redskins don’t do that.
-I think Manning will sign in Tennessee, but I have no idea. I still wouldn’t take a risk on a 35 year old coming off his third neck surgery and missing a season. But that’s just me.
-I’m starting to think the Giants have to draft a safety. This is a pass happy league, and safeties and corners are in high demand. For the safety spot, Deon Grant is gone. You need someone. Corner is less pressing, but we all saw how every corner, basically, went down last year. You need depth. I think there are a lot of interesting guys out there and drafting 2 safeties and a corner, or 2 corners and a safety or something like that, would be great.
-I think the linebacker position is being marginalized, in favor of guys who can get after the passer and guys who can cover. I think a guy like Lavonte David will be in high demand. I would love David in the 2nd round. I don’t think he’ll be there. He’s a cover guy who is a tweener between linebacker and safety, and I think those guys are going to get a lot of interest. Zach Brown. Sean Spence. In the past, those guys didn’t really have a spot. I think now they will. Brown is a first round prospect. David is a second rounder, but if the Giants drafted him at 32, I would be more than okay with it.
-The Giants won’t draft a tight end high after signing Martellus Bennett. I think they might draft a developmental guy late. But Bennett will be the guy next season.
-Will he be effective? He wasn’t really used to much in Dallas, as he was behind Jason Witten. He has the skill set. Good blocker. Can run down the field. Big. Lots of problems with drops and, reportedly, maturity. He’s on a prove-it deal, so he should be focused and ready to work. I think Eli will really like throwing to him.
-I think you’re going to see a running back drafted, and I think it’s going to be in the later rounds. I really like Vick Ballard from Mississippi State, who’s a hard charging, powerful guy. They’ll give Da’Rel Scott a chance, but they need a more powerful guy, now that Jacobs is gone. Scott isn’t a powerful guy, he’s a speed guy. Ware is better out of the backfield. So, they’ll need someone to fill the Jacobs role, the short yardage guy.
-Jealousy interlude: My friend, who lives in Nashville, texted me Saturday night saying, “Just met Tollefson, O’Hara, Weatherford, Tynes and Thomas. Thomas is the man. Just touched Tollefson’s 07 ring. I’m in heaven.” They were there for Zak DeOssie’s bachelor party. How my friend ended up at that bar is beyond me, but he’s a huge Giants fan and must be over the moon right now.
-I can’t tell if the Giants are going to draft a right tackle, play Diehl there, trade for one, sign one, or pull a shocker and put James Brewer there. I do think Will Beatty will be the left tackle. I just have no idea who will be there at right.
-But that’s typical Giants. They’re not going to sign a big name guy. Maybe a vet. But they know their roster better than anyone. They know what they have in James Brewer.Brewer came out raw, but he now has a year of development. So we’ll start to know more in camp.

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16 Responses to “Thoughts and Musings”

  1. ArthuroMolenda says:

    What they’re gonna do with the OL is interesting. We don’t have 5 proven guys right now.

    Beatty, Snee and Baas seem set at LT, RG and C.
    Will they make Boothe a starter ? Move Diehl at RT ? Throw Brewer in there ?

    You’re right about LB and that’s why we won’t draft one high. With Tuck being injured so much and Umenyiora’s future unknown, I actually believe we need a DE.
    Corner seems alright but we definitely need a safety.

    I heard that if Tolbert were to be signed in Carolina they would look for a trade for Stewart. We’re not so much into trades though, and we don’t want to invest too much in RBs.

  2. Keith says:

    I just can’t see Jernigan being the answer. Yes, he could be trouble in the slot, but why take Cruz out of his best position? Cruz is the indisputable number 2, but like Steve Smith before him, he puts up number 2 production while working out of the slot. The most important quality for a slot receiver is intelligence, and Cruz clearly has that. Why mess with it? I’m more interested in seeing what they can do with Barden, and perhaps even Hixon. I think they will definitely take a look at some big receivers in the later rounds. A true number 2, at least one who plays on the outside, needs size- neither Cruz nor Jernigan have that. Manningham wasn’t excellent there, but he at least had the speed to stretch the field. If you can find a guy to run solid fly and post routes, then you’re in good shape with Nicks and Cruz running the more complicated stuff.

    • Jeremy Fuchs says:

      Cruz is probably good enough to play outside. Remember they drafted Jernigan before they had any idea what Cruz would be. They could get an outside guy (Nick Toon from Wisconsin comes to mind. Marvin McNutt, Juron Criner), keep Cruz in the slot and use Jernigan as a 4th wide, a guy to create mismatches, but that doesn’t seem like the Giants. They’re most likely going to put Cruz outside.

      • Keith says:

        I don’t disagree. I think that’s exactly what the Giants will do. But I also think that it would be a better move to keep Cruz at the spot that he has thrived in. We’ll soon find out that Manningham wasn’t such a tremendous player; the Giants shouldn’t have a terribly hard time replacing him. Rather than mess up the offense that won them a Super Bowl by taking Cruz out of his best spot, keep him there, and find someone else to put on the outside. The slot has become one of the most essential components on the offensive side of the ball, and a dynamite slot receiver isn’t all that easy to come by. Just look at the Patriots. They would never move Welker to the natural wideout spot, even if he is basically their number 1 target.
        Cruz definitely has the talent to succeed on the outside, but I would surmise that his numbers would not reach the levels he put up this year. If Cruz gets moved to the outside, then the search for a solid slot guy starts anew once again. Jernigan is the obvious answer, but can he replicate Cruz? Who knows. I guess Jernigan is a major wildcard in all this. As are Hixon and Barden. As usual, the Giants will build from within, so we’ll see who they choose to put where.

  3. Kaz says:

    Just a huge shot in the dark here, but if we need another wide out… Mad Chad Johnson? With Lloyd signing in NE its all but over for Chad. If he does get released is he worth the risk? He can still play, and with him being a 3rd option on the team, I think he will be in good enough shape. Put him opposite Nicks, Cruz in the slot. For those saying hes a headcase… He stopped all twitter noise, and he was pretty much a disappearing act from what he used to be once Belichick told him to knock it off. Coughlin can do that same exact thing. Thoughts?

    • ArthuroMolenda says:

      No way, it’s not how Reese does things.

      I believe they’d rather draft a WR.

    • Russo757 says:

      He was a disappearing act on the field. Guy made maybe a handful of grabs and 1 or 2 TDs all season.The current “talent” needs to step up. Braden has had plenty of time to develop. Time to play or go. Same with Sintim. They both seem like dead weight if they can’t contribute after 2 or 3 years.

  4. Michael S says:

    its stupid that manningham signed with the 49ers i find. first it was only a 2 year deal and i thought he wouldve wanted a long term contract. second, he said he wanted more playing time yet hell be behind moss and crabtree as the #3, the same spot hed be in if he was still with the giants..

    • ArthuroMolenda says:

      Moss is done, he’s not taking playing time away from anyone.

      Mannningham’s plan is to get more touches, show what he can do in SF and sign a new deal in 2 years. If he plays well it’s smart.

      • Jason C. says:

        Regardless of where he sits on the depth chart, there is no chance (now that Peyton is a Bronco and not a 49er) that he will put up bigger numbers in SF than he did with the Giants. Just use the NFC Championship for an example. How many completions to WR’s did Alex Smith make? His game isn’t going to change, he moves the pocket, throws to Walker, Gore and Davis. They run the ball in running situations, run the ball in passing situations, hell, they even run the ball on the sidelines when the defense is on the field. Bad move if he’s looking to put up numbers. Good luck to him though.

  5. Jason C. says:

    I was scouring the free agent lists and found two running backs that piqued my interest, feeling they will fill a role that the Giants need and aren’t huge free agent splashes that would require a whole lot of spending. Tim Hightower and, on the even lower end, Mewelde Moore. Mewelde is great at the blitz pick up, adept in short yardage, and even has returned kicks. Hightower would be the threat out of the backfield that Eli’s been missing since Tiki ran his mouth out of town. Anyone else feel the Giants should look into these guys (remember we’re not in the best cap situation and need to secure some of our own guys so big name guys aren’t available to us at this time.)

    • ArthuroMolenda says:

      If I remember well Hightower did ok with the Redskins at the beginning of last season. When I say he did ok I mean that he did enough for us to have a look as a second option behind Bradshaw. He can catch too.
      He’s 26 but back from surgery. His contract last year was fot $1.2M and I don’t see why he would be more expensive now.

      I don’t know much about Moore. He’s 30 though.

  6. ArthuroMolenda says:

    I can’t believe the Panthers signed Tolbert to be a FB. Or better, I can’t believe Tolbert signed to be a FB.

    Such a waste.

  7. PC says:

    Ross goes to the Jags.. Have fun with that!! haha!

  8. PC says:

    I guess no one will be there to watch Ross get burned…

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