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Thoughts and Musings

Let us muse.

-We are officially one month out from the draft, which is so exciting. Our prospect profiles are poppin’, we have a first round NFL mock, and a Giants mock. So check everything out, join the conversation. We are draft crazy here at the Gab. Prospect profiles every day, discussion, rumors. We got it all.

-Speaking of draft, I think a lot of people want Luke Keuchly of BC to fall to 32. Previous common thought was that Philly would take him at 15. Philly traded for DeMeco Ryans (which, by the way, is a terrific trade for them. Ryans is awesome). I think they could still take Keuchly and play him at Sam. If not, does he fall? Possible. I think the Steelers would be interested. I think the Bengals could be interested. Heck, even Seattle at 12 could be. So its not a definite. But if he’s there, I think he has to be the pick, because he’s a ready made, 100+ tackle guy.

-The Colts will take Luck, the Skins will take Griffin. I don’t think there should be any question. Luck is more pro ready than Griffin. Not to say that RG3 won’t succeed, because I think he will, but there is a transition that Luck does not have.

-I think the Giants should draft a running back. I really like Vick Ballard, who will be profiled in the coming days. Ballard is an inside runner. Not too explosive, but can push the pile.

-Da’Rel Scott is more powerful than given credit for, but I think he’s best used as a speed guy, change of pace to stun tired defenses.

-Tim Tebow is in New York, with the Jets. I don’t think he’ll ever be a quality QB, more of a gadget guy, but it takes attention off the Giants, which they like. Pour it on the Jets, and let the Giants do work.

-By the way, Jeff Saturday to Green Bay–brilliant. They are a top notch franchise.

-You build through the draft, sign key guys, no one flashy, just solid veterans who help you win. That’s how you become successful. Spending a lot on free agents doesn’t work in football. Not really any sport (maybe basketball, thinking of the Heat). ¬†It’s the draft, it’s developing players and staying within a system and sticking to a philosophy. That’s how you do it. That’s how the Giants do it, the Steelers, the Packers, etc. You plug in with free agents when you need. You sign a Jeff Saturday who is cheap and experienced and upgrades the line. But you don’t go crazy. There’s a reason the Redskins haven’t won in forever, a reason the Cowboys haven’t won.

-And for the teams that don’t spend, the smaller market teams, they have to draft well. A lot of teams don’t. That’s why this draft is crucial for the Browns. They made that Julio Jones trade, have to capitalize.

-Now, you can sign a big, elite free agent. Mario Williams is a great signing. That could change a franchise. I’m not saying avoid free agency. I’m saying avoid paying mediocre guys big money. You draft well, you fill in holes. Hey, if the Giants got Mario Williams, I’d be ecstatic. If the Giants were in need of a QB, and got Peyton Manning, yeah, I’d be excited. But the Giants didn’t have to do that, because they draft so well. You would think all teams would draft well. But the Bengals just added two scouts. They’re now at 3. They had 1 scout for years. You have to invest in a scouting infrastructure. I think the book War Room, by Michael Holley, is all about this. I’m in the middle of it, and describes the “Patriot Way” and then its offspring, with the Chiefs and Pioli and the Falcons and Dimitrioff. They have a system, they have a language, and it leads to results.

-Luckily for us, the Giants are great drafters. With the last two Super Bowls, all the major contributors were mostly draftees. Eli, obviously. Tuck, Osi, JPP, Webster, Ross, Nicks, Manningham. Tyree, Strahan, Linval Joseph, David Diehl. Boss/Ballard. Bradshaw. All draftees. They needed a center, they got David Baas. Chris Canty was a free agent signing, and it’s worked out. Michael Boley. They needed a punter, they got Weatherford cheap (now he’s paid, but he’s worth it). That’s how you win.

-Wedding interlude: Went to a great wedding Saturday in NYC. The daughter of my dad’s best friend from college. Been family friends with them since birth. The brides parents are my godparents. Great wedding. Great food (there was this tuna tartare¬†hors d’oeuvre that was incredible.) Fun, the band was awesome. Cannot complain one bit. Fun weekend.

-I think the NFL was sending a message to the rest of the league by suspending Sean Payton for the year. Bounties are an ugly part of the game. Players have spoken out about its prevalence. I’m all for player safety, for reducing concussions. The suspension is serving as a deterrent. Payton is a high profile coach. Saints are a high profile team. So this is Goodell saying “don’t mess with me.” Other than David Stern, he’s the most powerful commish.


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6 Responses to “Thoughts and Musings”

  1. Big Daddy says:

    Speaking about bounties nobody talks about what the Egals did to Toomer. I think they purposely injured him and we lost him for the rest of the year. They hit him hard on a touchdown play, I don’t know why the NFL never looked into it. I always thought it was because big mouth Shockey said something about their secondary so they took out Toomer.

    Does anybody remember this? I think it was 2006 and he only played 3 more years after that.

    I think that’s one reason Toomer said those things recently about Shockey, he hates him because of that. I’m thinking, everytime Toomer wakes up with a painful arthritic knee now he probably curses Shockey, it was a pretty bad injury. It could have shortened his career a bit too he was always in great shape.

  2. Jordan says:

    With Saturday signing with GB does mean Konz could be an option for the Gmen? C at 32 worth it? Worried about this injuries with Konz but Bass had such inconsistent year.

  3. Big Daddy says:

    Talking about Mario Williams I think he is a very good player. I watched him and I just never saw the greatness, that’s why they moved him to the LB in a 3-4 and made him stand up. He’s a 4-3 DE(not a linebacker) but not as good as JPP. The Bills overpaid for him and he will be a cap casualty next season when they do nothing again and don’t make the playoffs. Or asked to redo his contract.

  4. Jason C. says:

    I have to disagree with one thing. It is impossible to win (over a period of time) by drafting players and developing them with the way the salary cap is structured. We developed Steve Smith, Boss, Manningham, Ross, and now Cruz, Nicks and JPP. And if we want to keep any other players on our roster we would be sacrificing the chance at re-signing one of those three guys. I don’t think it’s fair that we find the guys, pick the guys, sign the guys, groom the guys, and then let them walk to a bad team with no idea of how to develop their own talent, because they have the money to sign them (due to their own picks being busts and getting cut prematurely). There should’ve been a clause in the CBA letting teams extend their cap to sign their own players.

    • CHeeKZ Money says:


      • Big Daddy says:

        That’s why this draft is so important. Every pick means something now. You never know who you’re going to lose and will have to make tough choices. A GM must take everything into consideration and the Giants are lucky they have a GM who has foresight and plans things out with every detail in mind. There are only a handful of GMs that do that in sports.

        You can’t throw away picks anymore, they all must count as either trade chips or trying to find diamonds in the ruff.

        This is not a deep draft and I am hoping Reese does some wheeling and dealing to come up with some real potential playmakers. As far as I read next year’s draft is much deeper so I would be more inclined to keep those picks no matter where we draft. But this draft, after the second round it’s a lot of big question marks. Even the first round I think you’ll see a lot of teams reach for need because the BPA is just not that good a player. So they’ll try and fill a need instead.

        I have never seen a draft with so many slow players, especially linebackers. But some of the receivers are just blazers, same for some CBs too. That’s were this draft is strong, at those two positions. I’m hoping we are able to pick through the leftovers and come up with some gems at those positions this draft.

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