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Grading The Giants

The draft is in the books, and now the grading happens. Of course, grading after a draft is probably pointless; we really have no idea how these players are going to fare. But based on what we know about the players, we can get a somewhat good idea.

-David Wilson

Grade: B

I like Wilson. He is explosive. Big play ability. Can return kicks and catch out of the backfield. Here’s my issue: One, he’s not a short yardage runner, which the Giants needed. Two, I think that there were some better players out there: Courtney Upshaw, Cordy Glenn in particular. Obviously, the Giants had Wilson as their best player available. I’m not opposed to the pick. I think it’s good. I think he adds a new dimension to the offense. I’m just not sure if it was the best pick.

-Rueben Randle

Grade: A

Their best pick. Randle had a first round grade by the Giants, and others, but fell . I think the Giants were surprised he was there at 63. Randle is a smooth, athletic wideout. Not the fastest. He comes from a run first offense at LSU. But that does mean he knows how to block. Look, this is a great value. He keeps Victor Cruz in the slot, where he belongs. The Giants will continue to use a lot of 3 wide looks, and Randle will be able to step right in and contribute.

-Jayron Hosley

Grade: B+

You worry about his failed drug test at the combine, which is just stupid. But as long as that doesn’t become a habit, Hosley can contribute. He is athletic. Fast. Can jump. Ball hawk. Makes plays. He needs to bulk up and play more physically. But, they’re not asking him to be a shutdown corner. They’re asking him to be a 4th corner and play on special teams. I think in that role, he will excel. The B+ represents, mainly, the failed drug test at the combine. It’s just plain stupid, and you hope that it’s not an issue for him.

-Adrien Robinson

Grade: C

Adrien Robinson was a bit of a surprise pick. Not many knew him. But very athletic. Height, weight speed guy. Has everything you look for. Long arms. But raw. He has a lot of good traits, but didn’t produce in college. He probably could have been had later. You like his skill set, but he might be a long way from contributing. The Giants seem excited about him; he could have some special teams potential this year. And with Bennett, tight end wasn’t a pressing need. So they can allow him to develop. Is he practice squad material? Or do the Giants envision a bigger role for him? Time will tell, but from what I see, he’s a ways away.

-Brandon Mosley

Grade: B+

I like this pick. I think Mosley has a lot of talent, and potential as a right tackle. Here’s my question: Why draft him when you drafted James Brewer a year ago? And then why, as we’ll talk about later, draft McCants later? I think Mosley, while he needs some work, isn’t too far off. Former TE and is coming from a spread system. But he’s so feisty and gets after it, that I think with some time in the weight room, he could potentially start this year, if not next. I like him, but I struggle with Brewer and then McCants.Interesting, to say the least.

-Matt McCants

Grade: C-

I don’t get it. McCants has some skill and has great size and is still raw after only starting playing his senior year of high school. It’s not that I don’t like McCants, because he does have potential, but you draft Mosley and you have Brewer from last year. Is Brewer not working out? Look, Mosley is going to be a RT. McCants has LT feet and potential. So does this mean that they’re giving up on Brewer? I like drafting developmental tackles, but do you really need 3? There were questions about Brewer’s work habits; these picks could be a reflection of that. I don’t want to speculate though. If they were to just pick Mosley, that would make sense. But McCants seems unnecessary. Why not draft a linebacker? Or safety? Or a guard where the need is larger? You know, neither Mosley, Brewer or McCants project as guards. That’s fine, but it’s not like left guard is a strength. So I don’t know. I struggle with the idea of having 3 developmental tackles on your roster. I feel like one is enough. Yes, the Giants won the Super Bowl, but this was a 9-7 regular season team and they do have needs. I think safety is a huge need. I think that they could’ve gotten a pass rusher. Hell, a developmental QB would have been better. I like McCants, I just don’t get the wisdom of this pick. Clearly, the Giants feel differently.

-Markus Kuhn

Grade: B-

Kuhn is an intriguing guy. German. Came to play at NC State. A bit older. Works hard and it shows. Relentless. He’s gonna get in the backfield and make plays on effort alone. Not a special talent, but you love the intensity and energy he brings. He has good size, but doesn’t stand out for anything other than his work rate. He will make plays and stick, and will carve out a niche as a rotational try-hard guy. A perfect 7th round pick.


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19 Responses to “Grading The Giants”

  1. Hilton says:

    Or they liked so muc hwhat they did with Brewer,that the Giants wanted more 2. And i think that is more about Diehl aand Beatty, they compared mosley with Diehl,andboth can play G/OT. McCants probably will go to the PS wahtever,and the Giants love competition.

  2. Hilton says:

    Or is more simple, they thin that Brewer isn’t more a developmental tackle. and how i told before, that moves has more to do with Beatty(FA + injurys) and Diehl(age and average playigng), so next year Brewer would ha been the only tackle.

  3. Hilton says:

    So this Year the Giants may carry Brewer+Beatty+Diehl+Locklear+ Mosley with McCants in the practice squad. Those are good moves.

  4. Jason says:

    They didnt add a linebacker when we need one more then a DT

    • dog says:

      They did get a linebacker with their 5th round pick from cinci. Allready have Boley, Kiwi, and a Butch of young guys.

    • Jason C. says:

      I’m actually glad they didn’t take a linebacker, unless it would’ve been someone who was considerably faster than who we already have on our team, or someone ready to start from day one. We are loaded with good young linebackers and crowding the position with more mediocre kids will just make it harder to find the one or two really good one’s we may already have.

  5. Big Daddy says:

    I think some players are going on the offensive line. I have a feeling Diehl is going to be a late cut, he has looked old and slow. they will keep him until the last minute and like Blackburn if he’s sitting home and the Giants need a lineman he will get a call. Petrus will be the sixth lineman, both draft picks unless they suck will make the team and Locklear will be the starting ROT.

    Beatty, Boothe, Baas, Snee, Locklear……Petrus and both rookies unless someone is released and comes cheap.

    Reese doesn’t say much, neither does Ross and Coughlin, you have to read between the lines.

    I think Brewer probably is lazy and has not put in the work they asked him to do in the off season. As soon as they saw that at the OTA’s it made them sign a veteran and draft some players. That makes sense to me.

    Both offensive lineman we drafted have the ability to play multiple positions and that was why they were picked. I had watched film of both before the draft. Mosely grades out to guard since he does not have the punch a tackle needs to keep speed rushers controlled, he’s a mauler. McCants to RT, long arms good punch quick feet, needs to get stronger and work on his technique as does Mosley. McCants has more upside and can probably play guard too, I have seen him pull. I’m sure they will workout at ALL OLine positions.

    • Chris says:

      McCants is definitely a left tackle only, according to Coughlin. Good insurance for Beatty in case of injury or he demands stupid money next year which I doubt he will. Mosley is here for competition and depth and I have no doubt he can be starter at some point, watch the Alabama game. He has only played 2 years as a RT and fared pretty well in the SEC. Auburn consistently ran behind him. He will definitely provide depth at guard this year. You may be rite that Brewer needed a firm kick in the ass which he has gotten with Mosley being drafted.
      I really think Petrus is our starting LG this year. Any time your GM and coach start comparing draft picks to you it is a pretty good sign. Our running game was better when he was playing, which is not saying much. I like his skill set and the energy he brings when he is on the field.
      You are unfortunately rite on about Diehl. Every move we have made seems to point to that. I will miss him, played 4 out of 5 spots on our line and Eli and him seem pretty close. But we are looking good and young now. Go Giants.

      • Big Daddy says:

        Right “now” I agree about McCants. If he wants to have a job on the roster he must learn other positions, that’s the Giants way. He was not a first or second round pick so his spot is not secured to any extent. I have watched film and he can pull very well from his LOT spot, so it is possible for him to ply left guard.

        Although it’s not that simple, it has so much to do with foot work. Also other minor things, Beatty was terrible at ROT yet played a very good LOT when he was health. He really started looking the part of a dominate LOT with the help of Andrews next to him. I’m sure they were talking and working together, that left side was dominating.

        I have been listening to Coughlin and company for years now say the same stuff. He says things to just answer a question, he’s not going to give away ANY information. The whole Giants organization is like that since Accorsi left, very tight lipped.

  6. Jason says:

    I woulded liked to see Vontaze Burflict as the 7th pick

    • Big Daddy says:

      I hope that kid gets his mind straight. He has a lot of talent but a very poor attitude and immature mental make up. Guys like that, when they get it, it’s usually too late.

      I would not want him anywhere near my team. The Bungles signed him, good luck kid.

    • CHeeKZ says:

      I don’t know why he chose the Bengals… is it just a cliche now? Trouble players go to the Bengals by law? Seriously, don’t they have a good LB group. I would rather see him go to the Jets as the future replacement for B Scott.

  7. Big Daddy says:

    I dug and found some film of Robinson. A little raw but a hard worker. He has the focus, that serious face of a boxer training. He is a freakish athlete that is for sure. In his press conference Reese described him perfectly.

    If he can play football he might turn out to be the best player we drafted. The question is can he refine his game and learn the complexity of the NFL style play. He needs work in the weight room on his body but not that much, he looks functionally strong and lightning fast, super quick.

    When he gets his foot work down he’s going to be almost impossible to cover. He’s too wide and he will be able to snatch throws defenders cannot get to with his long arms. I watched him work on the fade and he runs it great.

    He has the physicality to block and the natural leverage. He also can track the ball well and looks it into his hands. So he is fundamentally sound about certain things and is not a showboat, he’s very focused on technique.

    I have a feeling 2-3 years from now we will all say this is Reese’s best draft even though I still wish we got Nigel Bradham…LOL.

  8. EJ says:

    I think that the Giants got their linebackers last year with Herzlich in the middle and Jacquan Williams playing a side. Herzlich was headed for a first round pick before he got sick. Assuming he is back now to where he was before, he could be the answer in the middle for a long time.

    Kiwi should go back into the DE rotation. He is a pass rusher!

  9. Jeremy P. says:

    Could Markus Kuhn be the new Tollefson? A do everything extra lineman capable of playing Special teams.

    PS: Not as if this means anything at the moment, But Markus Kuhn looks capable of playing the 5 technique.

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  11. Rich says:

    A lot of graders have second guessed the Giants taking David Wilson over an offensive lineman. Let my pose this question, what if Ahmad Bradshaw was not around? This is not just a hypothetical. We don’t know the status of his health. He had bone marrow injections on April 2 in the “hopes” of avoiding surgery. Having undergone that myself, I know the prospects are poor. Its possible Bradshaw does not play this season. Is David Wilson then an “A”? I think so.

    • CHeeKZ says:

      No B/c you STILL could take a back late. Rather spend two late picks on an RB and one pick on a good Oline, oposed to what we did.

      But again… In Reese We Trust (sigh)

      • Big Daddy says:

        I agree with Rich here, I and I think the Giants staff feel Bradshaw might not be able to give many snaps this season. It was insurance, he is a top RB and Scott although I like is unproven.

        It was NOT BPA it was NEED. I think after seeing film on just about ALL the RBs in the draft the Giants got 2 of the best in Wilson and Martinek. I am a HUGE Martinek fan, I can’t wait to see him, Wilson and Scott run this preseason.

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