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Second half smells like…….Victory

I had to rush on this one there’s a game tonight. So I might have made a few errors, if you see any put it in the comments please.

1-Short kickoff good return. Poor coverage by Giants special team, they must improve this aspect of the team.

2-Blackburn taken OUT, nice gain by Bucs on run up the middle.

3-Tried it again for little gain this time.

4-Freeman had to get rid of ball, good coverage. Incomplete.

5-Excellent coverage by Coe, almost INT in endzone, incomplete.

6-FG by Bucs.

7-Wilson is explosive almost took it all the way. The Giants must get this kid into their offense. Maybe if Tryon had got his block off it would have gone all the way, Tryon is starting to really piss me off.

8-Nicks first down on right side, good blocking now.

9-Of course when I say the line is blocking well they don’t and Brown has no hole, lucky not to get tackled in backfield.

10-Pass to Bennett on left side 6 yards.

11-Incomplete pass blocked at LOS.

12-Punt to Bucs inside 20.

13-Penalty False start on Bucs

14-Poor coverage wide open receiver, no pass rush.

15-Short run up middle, they are attacking the middle. Blackburn is not hitting anyone and being taken out of plays. He must be replaced by Herzlich, I had enough of his non play. It’s not that he plays poorly, he doesn’t play. On so many plays he’s just not in on it and taken out or doesn’t fight to make a play.

16-Nice run to left again Blackburn does not pursue. He gives up on pursuit thinking the RB was tackled and had to start running again to make tackle. He should have kept pursuit up and let the other players behind him worry about the cut back. His job as the MIKE is to be disruptive and he’s not.

17-Another run in the middle to the left. Again Chase is not getting into the play and letting the offensive blocker just easily take him out of play, he’s looking like the DD of the defense now.

18-This is just bad. Chase completely whiffs on easy tackle, very poor technique and no explosiveness on run to left, off tackle.

19-JPP and Kuhn blow up inside run for -1 yard, nice.

20-Punt again missed blocks, the specials need work.

21-Run right by Wilson, reverses field, Eli throws block, too funny. There was nothing there, this kid is dangerous. He can score on any play.

22-Throw down middle to wide open Brown. The Giants can do this all day.

23-Poor blocking, Eli throws ball away.

24-Finally they call pass interference on Bucs.

25-Brown run right.

26-Cruz down the middle short gain.

27-Short run by Brown. The Giants are moving.

28-Incomplete pass. Cruz looking for flag.

29-Flag pass interference, they are calling some of them.

30-Good hard run by Brown following his blocking with his head down and legs moving. That is the correct way to run up the middle.

31-Nicks down the middle for nice gain.

32-Eli drops ball and Brown picks it up, good awareness.

33-Great play by DB to knock a TD away by Bucs.

34-Bad pass by Eli, incomplete.

35-FG by Giants, another missed TD opportunity.

36-Kickoff by Giants better coverage.

37-Nice hit by KP, incomplete pass. This is the KP I have not seen in a long time.

38-Freeman freezes with happy feet in the pocket and throws an INT to Webster, BIG play.

39-Eli to Bennett for nice gain. End of third quarter.

40-Brown just follows the flow left for a nice gain, good blocking. Where is the flag? He was tackled like 5 yard out of bounds!!!

41-Brown left no blocking, no gain. Barden no effort to make a block like Nicks does. Nicks is a great blocker.

42-Fake into line and Eli just over throws Bennett by inches should have been a TD.

43-Eli just gets rid of ball for a gain to Nicks.

44-It looked like ball knocked away from Cruz, another TD that should have been.

45-No blocking on run by Brown.

46-Eli throws it away.

47-FG good, Giants just not executing in redzone.

48-Kickoff, good tackle by Coe. Coe is turning out to be a good player and good pickup by Reese.

49-Short run, someone please tell me why Blackburn refuses to get into the pile? He seems happy to just be around the action and does not really hit anybody.

50-Short run good tackle by Tuck from behind.

51-Happy feet Freeman, short pass.

52-Short run right.

53-Joseph makes great play, run right, he breaks in and hits Martin for a loss.

54-Short pass to left, soft coverage but Coe makes good tackle.

55-Punt by Bucs Giants start on their 12.

56-Short pass to Brown down middle.

57-Incomplete to Nicks.

58-AWESOME!!! TD pass to Cruz. I take my Salsa with chips.

59-Nice power run by Brown. He just drove into the endzone, his legs never stopped moving, 2 point conversion. Nice blocking.

60-Kickoff, better coverage by specials.

61-Nice run down middle by Martin. They are attacking the middle for a reason, is there a reason? I think so.

62-Giants blitz and Freeman throws it away.

63-Giants blitz again, Tryon has good coverage for once, incomplete.

64-Punt, Giants have good field position on their 33.

65-Incomplete pass to Nicks, his foot was hit and stepped on too.…ouch!!!

66-Pass to Bennett on right side.

67-Pitch and catch with Nicks, this is fun to watch.

68-GREAT catch by Bennett for a TD. This is what he can do, nobody can take him, he’s so tall with a great wing span.

69-Extra point is good you can see the Giants just know they have this game.

70-Kickoff a little mix up in endzone by returnman.

71-Run down middle, Hosley cuts in and makes good tackle.

72-Pass down middle, why is Blackburn just standing there like the Cowboy game?
73-Pass to left Boley misses tackle, that’s a first.

74-Clark finds a spot and gets the pass for a nice gain.

75-TD Bucs-Tryon has a nice bead on the ball but forgets he’s a DB not WR. The Bucs WR just jumps and takes the ball away. His job was not to intercept, it was to make sure there is not a completion in the endzone. Very poor football instincts by Tryon. This is a technique issue as well as knowing it’s the end of the game and it is imperative he does NOT give up a TD. It’s not about a personal stat of having an INT. He did something similar last game, it’s time to replace Tryon.

76-Kickoff Giants at their 20.

77-Barden is wide open and catches the ball, everybody celebrate and do a dance other than a Salsa please….ha ha.

78-Not the right time for a penalty Locklear.

79-Nice pitch and catch with Nicks. He was tackled by his ankle, it obvious he’s in pain and hurt.

80- Shades of the super bowl, they were going to let Brown score so he just fell down to run clock down.

81-Brown scores TD. Extra point good!!!

82-Kickoff-short kick nice run back.

83-Pass to left out of bounds to stop clock.

84-Complex ruling, but correct ruling of incomplete pass. The refs got it wrong of course it had to be reviewed. I pretty sure they thought it was a completion when in fact it was obvious if they knew the rules.

85-Boley intercepts the ball, game over or is it?

86-WHAT WAS THAT???????? I have been watching football for 50 years plus, high school games, college NFL, AFL, USFL, CFL, I even coached Pee Wee league and I never saw anything like that. That was one of, if not the worst showing of poor sportsmanship I have ever seen. Yes technically you could say there was nothing wrong but…..a Giants Gab poster brought up the rule about a player giving himself up and going down like Brown did a few plays ago, the one before the TD. He’s therefore unable to defend himself. I wish I had a rule book but it’s probably expensive and huge.

The Giants won and against a very good team. I mentioned that Freeman is just not a great pocket quarterback, he is much better on the move. So why does this coach expect him to be like Eli Manning? Coaches like this come into the NFL once in a while and either they learn fast or they blow up and leave fast. He has not devised an offense built around his QB and that will be his undoing. Either he finds a pocket passer or he must change his offensive scheme to fit his personal. Other than the sore loser reputation he will have with him throughout his NFL life he’s an adequate coach who has his team playing good fundamentals. He did not go after the Giants weak points enough and his team has some holes.
As for the Giants a must needed win and as usual Eli Manning proved he is a great quarterback. That’s what great quarterbacks do, win games like this. Eli is a master technician, he has improved every year he is in the NFL. Yes he makes mistakes but look closer at those mistakes, there’s reasons, and it’s not always his fault. Sometimes he just has to throw it away and doesn’t, he tries to thread a needle. Sometimes it works.

They call it heroes and goats, so who are the heroes of this game? For heroes it would be Eli, Nicks, Cruz and to some extent Brown, Bennett and Beatty. The goats you could say are Eli also, there were a lot of mistakes the Giants made. Nobody can play a perfect game, the Bucs are a good team that played hard. The fact is as I had said the Giants are just a bigger better team. There are some issues that need to be fixed as the season goes on for the Giants to continue to win and get into the playoffs. I won’t even say have success there, just getting there is difficult enough.
One improvement has been the offensive line with Beatty and Locklear at the tackles. It took a bit of time for Locklear to get his right side hat on but he’s doing better. I have my fingers crossed that Beatty’s back holds up and he gets healthy. He has proven to be a superior pass blocking LOT. The run game still needs work but it will get there too as long as they stay healthy. Snee can pull very well and lead the blocking like a fullback, Boothe cannot and I wish they would stop trying to use him like that so much.

In fact there are a lot of things I question about the offensive schemes and formations. Why was Bennett constantly in motion and moving from side to side, it had NO effect on the defense at all. Some of the play calls were questionable but it was one of the better called games by Gilbride. The lack of execution by the team was the issue. Again it was Bradshaw who is just not playing well, he was not hitting the holes quick enough and many times did not follow his blockers. Brown did and looked much better. Guys Brown is not a top back, he’s average at best, could you imagine if the Giants had a really good back. They do but he’s just not ready to take over, maybe we will see some more of Wilson tonight, he scares a defense.

The defensive line has not played well. JPP is getting doubled all the time. Tuck has to step it up. Joseph has played well as have some of the other lineman. Kuhn had a big-time play and Bernard has been good. Osi has done nothing really. Fewell is going to have to blitz more. Did y’all notice that the Bucs ran down the middle a lot? Why? It is my opinion that Chase Blackburn is now the David Diehl of the defense. He looks old and slow, he does not fight off blockers and does not attack most plays. He looks like he’s conserving his energy or something. He’s playing so soft, it’s on film go look for yourself. I just sat there and was saying to myself he just does not have it.

He is easily blocked and shows no aggression. He’s very stiff and has no body bend, he cannot stack and shed at all, the list goes on. He looks so un-athletic, he must be replaced with Herzlich, let the kid play, he’s a beast. Yes he’ll make a few errors but overall will make plays. Blackburn does not make plays and the Bucs were running right at him. The two DTs in there and especially Joseph made sure the Bucs did not take advantage of the obvious weakness.

Let’s just face the facts, Chase was never that good and now he totally sucks. Ask yourself what team would he start on? None, so there is your answer right there, he is the worst middle linebacker of any 4-3 defense in the NFL, there is no question about that after watching this game. Plus his pass coverage is abysmal from what I see. I won’t even go into that because I do not know what Fewell wants him to do exactly. I just don’t think Fewell wants him to stand there like he’s stuck in mud, does he?
Tryon stinks, he made one good play though. Coe is good, he has to get healthy, and I noticed he can be out muscled. Hosley is a little beast get this guy out there. I am hoping Prince can play against the Panthers, Rivers too, this defense needs some speed to beat the Panthers.

The special teams looked a little better, they still need work. Some of the players have to improve their blocking and tackling. Speaking of blocking Ramses Barden totally sucks at blocking. Nicks and Hixon are out, PLEASE put Randle in there, let’s even see some of Douglas in the slot. Give JJ a chance too. But please no more Ramses.

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7 Responses to “Second half smells like…….Victory”

  1. Brooke says:

    40-Brown just follows the flow left for a nice gain, good blocking. Where is the flag? He was tackled like 5 yard out of bounds!!!

    Right!?!?! Like…that is exhibit A about why the real refs need to return. That sucked.

    Hey Daddy, go easy on Tryon man…he’s our 5th best CB. He is supposed to be kinda crappy. What do you expect him to be? Who the hell is the 49ers best CB? or Green Bay? They kinda suck too.

    Like I said, Mark has to earn his minutes before he gets handed the job. That is the Giants way of doing business. You know this…you have been a fan for a long time. I laugh when I read you getting upset about wanting to change him, and you know full well thats not how we get it done here! But…aside from the great middle blitz by Chase, he was a wall flower. So ya…you have been right all year so far, but Mark will get his turn, and when he does he has to flash.

    Gimme Hosely all day at corner. He could end up being our best pick for this season.

    Since Hakeem is hurt, are we getting a big scoop of Randle or what? Or is it gonna be Barden playing mostly with Cruz?

    Loved seeing some hard running in Brown. He’s got a little bit of Frank Gore in him, only Gore has loose hips and can veer and change angles better. I would start Brown at the RB. Let Wilson play his package…use him when we spread it out. Brown can run between the tackles and might be the kinda runner that we need this year. A positive yardage guy, who can fall down forward.

    I love your breakdown today, you even gave KB a backhanded compliment! I chuckled at that one. He called a great game.

    Whats your prediction for the Panthers?

    I got Giants 24-17

    • Jason C. says:

      Ramses will most likely get the start, but if he isn’t effective (like he was in the Bears preseason game compared to just about every other time he’s been on the field), you can expect Randle to get more snaps. You’ll see plenty of both though, and I’d be shocked if Jernigan isn’t active, expect to see him on the field for a good share of snaps. We find ourselves in the same situation that we did last year when Cruz stepped up, now we have to hope someone else can do the same.
      My prediction is at least one big play down the field to Randle, Ramses getting a TD in the redzone and Jernigan to catch 2 or 3 balls making an electric play.
      Time for all 3 to step up and I think they do.
      It’s good that our team focuses on adding depth at key positions and doesn’t just sacrifice the roster to bring in a primadonna backup QB (no names haha).

  2. Big Daddy says:

    I am picking on Tryon, he’s just not a good football player. It’s not about being the 5th CB it’s about being a football player. If a player just does not have the talent that’s one thing. To not have common sense knowledge of your job, the basics, is inexcusable after being in the NFL for a few years.

    Now I have Blackburn in my sights. I said I call it as I see it. Any player that is not playing well will be exposed. I bring attention to that because you can bet the opposing coaches see it too and will attack that weakness.

    Why did the Bucs try running so many plays just up the middle? Kuhn played well and is going to get more playing time. He still is learning the game but he has something you need to make it in the NFL, it’s more than just talent. It’s courage and the willingness to fight to make a play, something that is lacking in some Giants players right now.

    Hosley had a first round grade until he did some dumb stuff. I still think he will be a better CB than prince, he has better natural instincts. Prince is not an instinctive player, he relies too much on his speed and size, those types never make it in the NFL. That’s why he needs time on field but he’s always hurt.

    I think Prince is or will be a kind of bust like Ross was. You never know who you are drafting and I will say that Reese learns from his mistakes. he was hot stuff in college, I still have hope. Hosley is my choice, I wish he where bigger though.

  3. Brooke says:

    You talkin about V.Young or Tebow…both fit the mold.

    I hope that the Ramses of the Bears game comes to play.
    And I see him stepping up.

  4. giantsfan73 says:

    TC has to hold Barden’s head to the fire. Barden had his one great game in the preseason because it was the day before cuts. It was his last chance. If I were TC I’d really put the pressure on because it seems that is the only thing Ramses responds to.

    • Big Daddy says:

      Ramses is an enigma, so much natural talent and so much lack of focus. How come Nicks can block so well and this guy is 6’6″ and like 240 pounds, he blocks like he’s afraid to make contact. Some men have them and some men don’t and I’m talking about what hangs between a man’s legs.

      Players with them show it and those players win super bowls. Eli’s are HUGE but he just hides them, or maybe his wife has them is a box at home in her dresser draw and gives them to him before the game.

      If I were on the team I would have come up with a name for Ramses, Big Pu**y.

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