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The quest for perfection.

I cannot really do an in-depth review of the game yet. The Giants did not play a perfect game but they did play a dominating one. This is something they needed, this is something I needed and something every Giants fans needed.

Now the wounds can heal, the nicks and dents can heal and hopefully the Giants will get at least most of their team healthy for the next game. Now they know how good they can be if they execute, no check that, how about GREAT. The kick coverage team was much better. Many area’s improved, so many little things that mean so much.

But the real story is Ramses Barden and Andre Brown. They both played the way Jerry Reese thought they would when he drafted them. Yes it took about 4 years but finally Reese has been vindicated and proved this is what he saw for these players, this is what they can do. Whether they ever do it again in a game is of no consequence, the talent Reese saw is an indisputable fact. Brown ran like a true NFL power back not a bruiser but a hard quick runner. No fancy jukes or shake and bake moves. Accelerate, follow your blockers, break out and shift to a higher gear if there is a hole, and never let your legs stop moving.

As for Barden he did something I mentioned that would get separation. He used his long strong arm to push the defender away, it’s legal within 5 yards(maybe 10 for an offensive player, I’m not 100% sure). He never did that, he always tried this move that just never worked. Now he does this move that will always work. I’ll go into that in another post.

This is a talented team, they must keep working, it’s the quest for perfection. That’s what any coach wants, execution, that goes back to Vince Lombardi, maybe before him.

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31 Responses to “The quest for perfection.”

  1. Jason C. says:

    I knew this game would be fun, as we would see the young kids play and hopefully do what we know they could, and they did. I just didn’t think the game would be THIS fun, I would marry this game if it were legal. Play this way next Sunday in Philly and we’ll be on our way to where we need to be.

  2. Russo757 says:

    Man I’m so excited to see Barden and brown step up. I’ve been telling people for years that we had the next Plax in Barden. About time he showed up. Brown is going to give Bradshaw a run for the starter spot. Hard for TC to deny the numbers he is putting up.

    It was sad to see Scott get the snaps in garbage time. That tells
    me Wilson is still in the dog house and won’t be playing much this year.

    Hello Osi! About time the guy recorded a sack. Now time for Tuck to step up. He got close but no cigar. I’d like to hear what the All22 shows on his play. He is being oddly quiet this year.

    • Big Daddy says:

      Wilson needs to focus and work harder, he’ll be worked in slowly until TC can trust him. Just like Scott who proved his worth and will be used more and more this season, I hope that is, he is talented. The honest truth is Bradshaw sucks now. He has no explosiveness and acceleration, his skills are gone due to injuries.

      Osi played well but got sucked in too many times. That was and will always be his weakness. He cannot play the run, he got caught just standing there and could not make a move. He can still rush the passer but his skills have dimished too much, he’s a liability on run downs. He never protects the edge which is so important for a DE. That means the WILL has to cover him on run downs and be aware of the RB getting around Osi. Osi can still probably run a 4.5-4.6 40, yes he’s that fast. But lost his lateral movement maybe due to the hip injury. He literally locked up when he tried to move on a Williams run, I bet it’s the hip.

      The tape don’t lie, Bradshaw was terrible. DD was terrible and Blackburn is terrible. Two down and one to go. I HATE to say what I just did they did so much for the Giants but their time is over. I cringe at the idea of watching Blackburn on the replay of the game.

      I though Marvin Austin would play but I did not see him out there. Maybe he’ll be ready for the Philly game. Prince flashed a bit as did Hosley, they need snaps as does Hill. These guys are the future. I think Kuhn should lose some weight and move to DE.

      • Brooke says:

        Austin played.
        2nd half.
        Slow off the ball.
        But good to see him in uniform.

      • Jason C. says:

        Bradshaw is still one of the better backs in the league in terms of pass blocking, and he’ll be the starter based on that alone, however I can see Brown pushing Bradshaw to step up his game for sure. Loved how Brown ran last night though, just really smart football, always making the right move (except once looked like he had the outside and tried to cut inside into two defenders, but I’m sure you’ll go over that, there might have been a guy out of the camera view holding the edge). Either way, 10 glorious days await us, I’d like to thank the NFL Network pregame crew for all picking the Panthers, we just seem to like it that way.

  3. Brooke says:

    David…are you jokin?
    You cant be serious?!?!?!

    • Big Daddy says:

      He was making a comment to me Brooke.

      He’s banned now, he was being a smartass. For the one thing I was wrong about Brown, but he had to be a wise guy. So he’s banned and any post with his email address will be put in the spam folder.

      I warned the guy about that attitude and disrespect for me in my house. Giants Gab is Big Daddy’s house. All he had to say was hey Big Daddy you where wrong about Brown and I would have said yes I was.

      What he was referring to was that I thought Brown should have been cut. He was only cut 7 times by other teams including the Giants. He ran well in one game, not others in the beginning of preseason and made a bad fumble in a preseason game near the Giants goal line. He was on the bubble and just beat out Ware. He was kept because he was the only power back the Giants had.

      I still say Joe Martinek should be with this team and was not given a chance.

      Brown ran the way almost 20 or more backs in the NFL would have. Yes he did well but I can name off hand a bunch that would have done as good if not better.

      Brown did what the average good NFL back would have done, like Shonne Green of the Jets for instance. Better yet tell me he’s better than the Panther’s Williams who has a career average of 5 yards a carry and 1000 yard seasons. He’s nothing that special, it’s not like he ran for 200 yards. He ran well and blocked well, he belongs in the NFL. But he is not the second coming of Jim Brown.

      Could you imagine what a young Jacobs would have done to this team. He might have had a 200 yard game.

      • Brooke says:

        Oh ok,

        Damm, I thought that guy was serious.

        About Brown:

        I think he is more than an average back. You may be selling him a bit short. He was fast coming outta college, and had the size…but this kid has suffered some pretty awful injuries. Achillies, ACL. (I am pretty sure about the ACL…not 100%)

        I think we might be seeing a kid who is getting healthy and realizing his potential.

        I do agree that a young Jacobs would have killed it today…so would have a young Hampton (my favorite Giant RB ever).

        But this kid has it. Not Arian Foster, AP type juice, but he is solid.

        Your very correct when you say he is the power back we need…but I would like to think he is someone that has overcome some crap injury to blossom late.

        Would you agree about that?

        • Big Daddy says:

          Yes he’s looking solid and that is what you need now in the NFL. Let’s see him do it all season long. He was hurt twice and shook it off.

          So before we anoint him he has to do it consistently without injuries. I believed he was a good back coming out of college, remember he was a 4th round pick not a first rounder. He had skills and is showing them now. I would be very happy seeing a rotation of Brown, Wilson and Scott. Scott has put on a lot of muscle and needs some reps too, he ran a sub 4.3 40, his last game at Maryland he rushed for over 200 yards.

          So we are OK at RB. Bradshaw looks old and slow because of injuries. Maybe this one will let his legs heal and he will come back. I have to doubt it though, broken bones and screws are not a good sign for a running back. Plus he makes a lot of money, Reese does not like players who make a lot of money and do not contribute to match the money.

          I did not realize Austin even played, it will take him a few games to get up to speed. That is one reason they needed a game like that. Those minutes for the backups are invaluable for the players, it helps so much just getting in there.

          The talent level and depth is as good or better than any team in the NFL, it’s all about heath. If the Giants stay relatively healthy there is a good chance they win another super bowl.

          I have been saying it for a while, Eli is the best QB in the NFL right now period with Rodgers right there with him only because he can run. Eli is the best pure passer.

          Cam Newton has so much talent but he is too immature to lead a team. He has to get over himself and start acting like an adult to lead men you must. Eli is, Newton is still playing this child’s game. The Bear’s QB is another QB that cannot lead men, he acts like a spoiled child. The players look to the QB and he has to be an adult, like an elder statesman even if he’s 23 or 33 it doesn’t matter. That is something Mark Sanchez is learning now.

          The NFL is a man’s game, no children allowed. Many are off the field very different from what they are on th field. Eli is a good guy, a great guy, but on the field he is as cut throat as anybody. He wanted that last TD before the half.

          Th Panthers where outplayed and out coached.

        • Big Daddy says:

          He was being sarcastic, just a troll.

          Hampton was great, such a natural. He did not like to workout and practice. Actually Parcells did not want to draft him, one of the reasons he left, I think.

          My fav running backs of the Giants were Ron Johnson and Doug Kotar. And Tiki until he lost his mind.

          • Brooke says:

            Ya…Tiki really broke our hearts.
            And he really seems like he doesnt understand how much
            he is doing it too…never seems to shut up.

            Loved Joe Morris.

  4. EJ says:

    I like this kid Hosely; he is a PLAYER. He is going to be very good and possibly great.

  5. PC says:

    the future is now! the depth of this team showed up big time….

  6. Brooke says:

    Ok…so Here is what I saw and felt from todays game!

    1) EVERYONE contributed. There were alot of good things done by many players…Stevie Brown, Tryon, Will Hill…role players made plays today and that really helps morale.

    2) If Eli is not the best QB in the game right now, than who is? (past reputations dont count)

    3) Black Unicorn is a headache playing alongside great players that space the field. Add that to a QB that makes TE’s look awesome and you are talking about a Pro Bowl year for this man.

    4) Our O-line is so much better with Locklear at RT. Big Daddy has been singing this song all season…and its the right tune.

    5) Perry Fewell direct quote “The game is not too big for Jayron Hosely” damm straight, this is the starting CB of your 2012 NY Giants. Not Prince. Instincts matter, and he is oozing with them.


    7) Brown is more NFL ready than Wilson. But this doesnt mean that Wilson will not have his moments this year. The guy is just too damm talented not to make a couple big flash plays.

    8) Boley and Williams are our best LBs. Its a passing league and they play the pass game the best.

    9) It was nice to Marvin Austin lining up and getting after it. Lets all hope that him AND Prince can stay healthy cause all they need is REPS.

    10) Great gameplan by the Defensive side. They never over pursued anything. They played in a similar way to how Alabama pounded Michigan. They just played a wall…and let the play unfold. Great scheme.

    11) I hope Antrelle is ok, we cant lose him…not just his talent but his balls and courage. I love Antrelle.

    Big game.

    Great momentum heading into an Eagles game. The line looks like it should hold up well against the pass rush the Eagles bring. But we have to make sure we do similar things next week we did this week.

    That is to not over rush on the edges. Philly burns us with draws and screens like no ones business. If Maclin is not playing then we can load up on Lady GaGa and play soft zones all game. This will allow our fast backers to keep an eye on Vick.

    I hate the Eagles. Alot.

    Lets beat them down!

    Go Giants.

    • Jason C. says:

      Yeah, Prince played great I thought, bottled up a few slant routes, kept his coverage tight and the personal foul call on him was a joke (sorry to bring up the refs because it was refreshing not having to bother with them most of the game because of the results). Anyone hear anything on Hosley’s injury? Webster and Rolle should be fine, but nobody is mentioning Hosley.

    • sam says:

      We have a lot of good linebackers( I never thought I would ever get to say that again) Rivers plays the pass very well too. I think Hosley is ready but Prince will get there with more reps. I hate the Eagles too my man, I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Phishphood318 says:

    Was overly Impressed with Ramses Barden… What a heck of a start and stepping up while hixon and nicks were down. I think he is workin his way into some of Hixons minutes for sure. Andre Brown has been dominant the last 6 quarters of football. All these holes and running room with great blocking we did not see when #44 was on the field is perplexing. I will not give up on Bradshaw I mean he is only 26 years old. But there seems to be a glaring difference right now. Let’s just hope Ahmad comes back healthy after this neck injury and we can have a little thunder/lighting combo.

    On defense we played a great game of controlling Cam Newton. I understand the man is Superman but scoring your first TD of your game 6 minutes left of the 3rd quarter down 23-7 maybe he shouldn’t do his superman impression in the endzone. Prince and Jayron Hosley are gonna be the future cornerback duo and I’m excited to see them get better each week. Jayron slid to us in the 3rd round but boy I see first round talent on the field. Led the nation in INT’s the year before turning pro. Boley with three INT’s on the season is awesome to see. JPP looked great and boy was I holding my breath when he was hurt for a brief 3 play absence. Overall most complete game we saw from the giants and just gotta hope this starts a trend going forward. We could have beat those cowgirls and the giants would be looking at 3-0 record.

    Lastly, I know everyone realizes this but just gotta say it. We have the best GM in the league. Jerry Reese is just that damn good

    • Big Daddy says:

      Ramses still has to block better.

      But I never doubted his abilities once he caught the ball or even catching it. I watched him, he made some amazing catches when he played in the past.

      His big issue was getting separation. He would try this double move that Hixon used to do. It didn’t work for Barden, he did not have the quickness needed.

      I did a short post on this a while ago. I studied all his catches. One guy here noticed he jumped for most of his catches for no reason. But the real reason he was not cutting it was he could not get separation. What he did last night was something he hasn’t done. He used that long arm to distance himself from the DB. He did not push off, it’s almost like the swim move defensive lineman use, at 6’6″ all he needs is a little space and he’s open.

  8. Stevoh says:

    OL deserves credit for a great performance both in the running game and passing. Not sure if they are coming together or if Carolina DL is no good. My guess is OL has a ways to go, but we should take this one and move on. More hamstrings! Jayron, Rivers. What do you think about OL?

  9. daJudge says:

    I’ll take an average good power back that runs straight and doesn’t dance behind the line. At least on third and shorts the defense has to think a run is possible—perhaps it will even be successful.

  10. Jerry says:

    Michael Boley was amazing in college at southern
    Mississippi. He will be amazing in the NFL!!’
    Signed Giants fan in Mississippi (home of Eli’s college
    Career too!!!!)

  11. Big Daddy says:

    I also must add that this was one of Kevin Gilbrides better called games. Eli seems to have more power to change the play and did a few times. So between the two they called an excellent game mixing pass and run at the right time.

    The only time I did not like what was done was before the half. It was obvious the Giants where getting greedy and wanted that TD. They settled down in the second half and went back to taking what the defense gave them.

    I hope that this game was a learning experience for Eli and even Gilbride. You take what the defense gives you first and make them have to change their game plan. You keep finding their weakness and exploiting it, even if it means moving down the field in a slow methodical way.

    If that’s what is there take it 3.5 yards at a time, it means you make first downs. That is what it’s all about making first downs, that opens up the defense and that is what allows those big plays.

  12. CMH516 says:

    Did anyone else think Newton’s post game behavior in the presser was highly bizarre? Like “maybe this dude needs counseling” bizarre? The long sighs with his eyes closed etc? This guy is not a leader. Pulling the “I’m Superman” stunt when you’re getting your tail kicked just proves how immature and not ready to lead a wining team he is.

  13. sam says:

    As a fan I love when I call for a roster move and it works out, makes you feel important lol (a little lame but I know you know the feeling lol) I wanted to keep Brown over Ware and man has it worked out. I don’t like all the Bradshaw bashing because if you really look at his career, he hasn’t been a workhorse back but hes still a very good back. I think if Brown keeps it up they should split carries but Brown should get the most reps.

    I loved the way this O line played and I hope we give them another chance vs Philly.I know the Panthers run D is weak but they have played way too good and we were way too bad the first week and a half to not let this play out. I will be upset if we do what we did at the end of 2009 where we had the run game going and we were winning but when O’hara came back we immediately switched the line back and then Seubert got hurt and we fell apart and missed the playoffs.

    I understand the business, they don’t want players on the bench that are making big time money but we can’t go back to what we saw in week 1 especially not vs this Eagles front.

    Im not as excited as the rest of Giant nation because they’ve always been like this. They play according to the expectations, if we expect them to win they lose and when they are playing with 3rd and 4th stringers at key positions they manage to play their best. The D has looked very bad the first 2 weeks and the offense has looked weak until the 4th quarter vs Tampa. I dont have an opinion on this team until after the Eagles game and we really don’t know what this team is going to be until the last 4-5 games of the season. I need to see more from Barden, he was playing one on one with a rookie corner. Dont want to rain on his parade because he played extremely well but I have to see more before I say hes the next Plaxico.

    • Big Daddy says:

      Sam you bring up some very good points, things I have said in the past.

      I think the Giants got what they could from a 7th round pick in Bradshaw. RBs have a short shelf life in the NFL. That’s why I do not believe in a featured back anymore. Like a lot of positions it is by committee to keep people from being worn out before their time.

      Bradshaw has some serious issues with his feet and ankles, that is his wheels and a running back lives on his wheels.

      I agree about the offensive line being changed back, it ruined the season. DO not mess with success and I don’t care about a player losing his job to injury. if the guy is playing better you keep him in, remember Lou Gehrig.

  14. giantsfan73 says:

    Big Daddy you’ve been talking for a while about how Bradshaw is not running with proper technique, he is not allowing holes to open… I have seen this sometimes but I also assumed the line was just bad. Well Andre Brown opened my eyes last night to what exactly this means, he put on a clinic in PATIENCE and DISCIPLINE. On so many occasions he would wait, let his blockers to their job, and lo and behold a hole opens up, and he shoots through it. Then some ability to run over people and break tackles…. we are in good shape with him.

    What happened to Bradshaw? I don’t fully understand, because he wasn’t always like this. Do you think he is trying to score every time he touches the ball, so he gets impatient and just runs to any daylight he sees? Kind of like a baseball player trying to hit a homerun every time at the plate usually ends up striking out.

  15. daJudge says:

    Dudes, “A statistic from ESPN Stats and Info pointed to Brown’s determination: “Brown had 71 rush yards after contact, the most by a Giants player since Brandon Jacobs in Week 4 of 2010. It’s the second-most rush yards after contact by any player in a game this season.” Yo. I read this today in the NY Times and loved it. Look, Big Daddy (“BD”) pointed out initially that it wasn’t just a crappy offensive line, but let’s just say, inefficient running. I was very, very skeptical, because it went on so long with different backs, but BD was right. So this guy, with something to prove, and with apparent decent coaching, decides to run like a well-schooled conservative power back. He’s young, he’s healthy and Eli scares the living sh-t out of the defense, so they can’t pack it in if there is any semblance of back. Brown’s opportunistic, smart, runs straight, shoulder’s square but clearly chipped and doesn’t need to be a star. Diehl’s out and Browns disciplined. He doesn’t need to be great (it’s almost better if he isn’t), just all of the above works really well with this team. He really needs to block better though. Boyos, my friends….can you imagine this offense with backs that are actual threats, particularly in the dreaded short yardage situations? BTW, please give Bradshaw a chance to rest and heal. He’ll compliment this attack. Maybe we have our running game back. Loving me them Giants. Class of the league.

  16. Big Daddy says:

    The film don’t lie. You look at it and say what am I seeing. At first you question yourself and after three or four times reality sets in and you realize the truth.

    Bradshaw’s problem is trust, he does not trust his line. It’s that simple.

    I will do a project I am working on how pass blocking techniques have ruined many a run game. The backs today have to run different because of the different techniques of the offensive lineman.

    To totally understand you have to know the difference between the schemes and techniques, they have changed over the years.

    Some things have not changed, a back must square his shoulders to the LOS as soon as possible. But many other things have changed and Bradshaw even alluded that to Wilson.

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