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1st quarter Giants-Panthers

1-Panters kickoff- Giants On their 20

2-Eli takes 5 step drop and throws to Cruz on right side, can tell the Giants are ready to play.

3-Nice gain on right side to Barden. The DB is giving him way too much room, he should be up on him in press coverage that is the book on Barden.

4-Brown run left. Well designed play, Eli runs to the RB and hands off as the RB has a full head of steam, they should use this play more often. It would have gone for a lot more yardage Bear did not control his man, that player perfectly controlled him to make the tackle.

5-Eli sacked, he had to get the ball out a bit quicker but they were on him. The blocking broke down.

6-Really nice run, Eli froze the defense by faking it to Hynoski first. He handed off to Brown who bounced out off tackle and accelerated very well. He just squared his shoulders and took off. That’s the way to run now in the NFL. Missed tackle by Beason.

7-Same run as #4 play. Did not work it was diagnosed quickly. Different formation though, which was good.

8-Short pass left side to Hynoski.

9-The Black Unicorn scores and does that stupid dance from South Korea. That was just too easy.

10-Kickoff-Much better coverage, they kept their spacing and moved laterally to slide into the runner.

11-Run off left tackle Kiwi was a little slow to get there, Blackburn did stack and shed to help. I thought it would be the MIKE’s job to move into the hole and not wait for the contact. I don’t know what Fewell is telling Blackburn, whatever it is I do not agree.

12-Way over thrown, Prince had great position on the receiver…YAY.

13-Big Blitz and nice stunt on front line. Newton had to throw it away, Webster good coverage on left side.

14-Bad, bad, bad, poor coverage by Boley but way too late on any help by Rolle he was sleeping out there. Rolle needs to play up tight and KP in the deep zone, he can break on the ball faster.

15-Nice work with that option thing they run. Very hard to defend. Left side run, the Giants tackled three people who they thought had the ball, a little confusion.

16-Stright hand off down the middle for nothing.

17-Wide left, JPP is just too fast and strong, makes the tackle look easy.


19-Bigtime power run, Brown squared his shoulders and let the blocks open up, he accelerated and broke a tackle for a big gain….NICE. The blocking looked like you drew it up on the old blackboard, outstanding.

20-Short pass on right to Barden. Smart play to know where the DB was, he turned around away from inside coverage and got some YAC. Barden looks like a 10 year all pro vet to make that play.

21-Draw play to left, this is where Brown lacks real top end speed. He could not accelerate fast enough to break through the hole. Although if Locklear made the block on the Rookie #59 he would have had a big gain. Kuechly was a good pick for them and will be there a long time.

22-Short pass to Wilson on left side. He showed good toughness.

23-Wide open Cruz on left side, they cannot give him so much cushion.

24-Play didn’t work, their linebackers are small but quick and smart. It was a short pass to Brown on right side.

25-Short pickup right side to Randle.

26-Almost intercepted down the middle. Eli threw poorly.

27-FG Good.

28-Kickoff- Again good coverage.

29-Blocked pass by JPP, almost intercepted the ball, oh well.

30-Nice run on the option for good yardage. NOW….everybody that can watch this game on their PC or on disc please tell me Chase Blackburn held up from plowing into a blocker and possibly blowing the play up, he absorbed the double team, was he protecting his gap responsibility or avoiding contact? The first blocker fronted Chase and the second one took him out of the play. He should have immediately launched himself into the first blocker getting leverage (Stack and Shed), the blocker was coming at him very high. But did Chase feel that Osi was in front of him so he could not plow into the blocker for fear he would also take Osi out of the play too? Also Osi could not move to his right it looked like he was just locked up because of the option. The possibility that Newton would have kept the ball. The Giants were thinking a bit too much on this play and not watching the ball, they were watching the player which is when this system works. I looked at this 20 times and when I watched it on the condensed version as opposed to the coach’s version it looks like Chase just plain gave up on the play and did not give it his all. I saw that last game, like he’s saving himself for later. He’s taking plays off, at least it looks like that to me.

31-Another run to the left, when Osi is in the idea is to seal him off and turn the corner, which they did again. That’s the way the play was designed. Chase faked a blocker out and ran to knock the runner out of bounds, nice move Chase. You can see how slow he runs though, not lumbering, just stiff. In fact neither Chase nor Boley were ready and Chase was moving the wrong way at the snap. It’s amazing this run did not go for a huge gain. Prince and Rolle stretched it out and allowed Blackburn to eventually get there to push the runner out. Lucky it went to the short side of the field.

32-Monster take down of Cam by Tuck. People did not account for him and you cannot do that with ANY Giants lineman.

33-Incomplete pass, Cam is running for his health.

34-Punt- Hosley misses block, he must do better on coverage.

35-Only 1 yard by Brown but the technique was there, followed his blockers, squared his shoulder and kept pumping his legs. Give credit to the Panthers here.

36-Almost the same play, Brown looked like he was going to do the wrong thing that Bradshaw has been doing and cut right but he followed his blockers and this time it opened up for a big gain. Barden gotta learn how to block better, I think he has poor technique and looks afraid to be called for holding. Brown looked like he was running for a bus on 42st, I know I used to drive the bus on 42st in Manhattan, he moved through the line like the defense were all pedestrians. It was actually kind of funny. Just a thing of beauty, one of Bass’ best blocking effort of the year, he just busted through and planted his man. The defense was stood up. On the condensed version you don’t see the split second indecision, on the coach’s version you do. That’s why I like to watch both.

37-Eli hits Hynoski short to the left side.

End of first quarter.

Very impressive play by the Giants. They were focused, they executed their plays, played with mostly good and proper techniques. Some missed blocks but the Panther defense is no push over. The play calling was good although one play call was questionalale it really would be nitpicking. It’s obvious they saw the same weakness on the same side, that would be to run to the Giants strength the left side. One reason the left side is because that way Snee can pull which is when he is at his best now. Yet he did not pull so far and the Giants are using a simple Zone scheme, very simple. Brown is running it to almost perfection.

Eli got away with one that could have been intercepted, but Eli threw it really hard. I guess it was one of those if my guy catches it great, it’s thrown too hard to be intercepted. So Eli is much more calculating than people think and has superior arm control, more than I thought.

The defense was ready and excellently prepared for this offense on such a short time period. Great job by Fewell and the team. They must know and understand it because they sniffed mostly everything out quickly. Can Newton does not have the poise Eli does, he really needs to keep working on that aspect to his game. The scheme they use works but not against a veteran team like this. I think the Panthers tried it too much and the Giants were ready for it. It got them a few times but the players did not over pursue and everybody kept their gaps covered.

Even though we all know the outcome there is a lot more football to play.

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6 Responses to “1st quarter Giants-Panthers”

  1. SonGod says:

    Watching Eli in college, the first thing that stood out to me, before anything else, before poise, or accuracy or smarts, or anything, was his arm strength, his ability to both throw hard, and to throw deep. For the life of me, I honest to God can not understand how a guy with such a cannon, has had his arm underestimated his whole career. That said, I think part of his early career and even now occasional gunslinging has to do with the confidence he has in his arm and the fact that it has paid off so much (problem is when it doesn’t, its an possible interception)….

    The one thing I am growing to love about Eli, is his ability to elevate his teammates, and develop playmakers. Thats a gift that many QBs including some great ones lacked, and he has it in spades.

  2. EJ says:

    Kudos to the coaching staff for putting a great game plan together.

    • Big Daddy says:

      If they where a V8 engine they where working on 7 cylinders. If they worked on 8 the score would have been 50-0. If your team is working on 7 cylinders most times you are super bowl bound. It’s very hard to get 6, 7 is amazing and 8 is a game for the ages.

      I can’t remember many games the team even had 7 going. That’s how hard it is. Even 5 usually gets you a win.

      People don’t realize like boxing it’s not like hitting a heavy bag, the bag don’t hit back. I tried boxing and you can look great during the workout, nobody is hitting you back.

      Try taking on a team with a player like JPP, he can ruin your day like LT used to. He was a thorn in the sides of the Panthers all game.

      The offensive line looks good and is getting better.

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