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2nd quarter Giants-Panthers

1-Eli to Barden, Barden pushes off which is allowed at the LOS and gets free. He finally gets separation by using his long arm and is wide open. Nice fake to Brown by Eli.

2-Nice run by Brown, looked a little like Bradshaw with that move sideways, it’s a good move. It looked like the run was supposed to go off right tackle but Brown waited for the blocking and saw a hole, he accelerated nicely and picked up 2 yards. It was not about the amount of yardage it was about the proper way he ran with his shoulders squared. The Blocking wasn’t that bad give credit to the Panthers.

3-Soft zones Barden wide open with some YAC.

4-Again a nice run by Brown waiting for the hole to open and having excellent vision. Too bad Randle did not block well, it might have been a TD. This is another area college coaching ignores. They just do not teach their WRs how to block. Brown looks hurt but gets up shakes it off and goes back to work.

5-Brown launched himself, I thought he might have been able to just put his head down and drive for the TD, he came up short.

6-This time that is what he did for the TD. The Giants are just too big and strong for the Panthers. Great block by Hynoski. Extra point is GOOD.

7-Kickoff-good coverage and tackling.

8-JPP blocked another Newton throw.

9-Failure of the option offense by Newton, give credit to the Giants defense, everybody kept their gaps and coverage.

10-It looks like Hosley lost his man, big gain down the middle.

11-Osi overruns play, he could have made a stop in the backfield. He’s watching the player not the ball.

12-A run for nothing. I am noticing that Kuhn is playing lower with better leverage, he’s starting to look really good. Marvin better get on the field he lost his job to Kuhn.

13-Newton doesn’t have time on the option play, Osi with a sack.

14-Punt-fair catch by Randle on the 12.

15-Eli to Cruz on left side, he makes a move for some YAC.

16-Hynoski is hitting people better and more often than Blackburn, yes I’m picking on Chase. Brown to the left for a first down.

17-Playing soft on Barden, he’s wide open for a nice gain.

18-Bear dropped one. Eli had to put it behind him, the ball wasn’t thrown that hard, Bear should have had that one.

19-Another good run by Brown, no hole, he changed direction and cut against the flow for a nice pickup.

20-If Beason was a few inches taller it’s an INT, he’s not. Barden catches a nice pass down the middle for good yardage. It looked like Bennett was also wide open down the middle in front of Barden and would have gone for a TD.

21-Draw play to Brown, Bennett blocked a little down field that stopped the linebacker from getting to the play, nice work by all.

22-Eli to Bennett to the right side. Excellent mix of run and pass, he’s working the whole field and taking what the Panthers defense is giving. Kevin Gilbride has the Panthers’ number.

23-Someone missed a block, a Panther shot the gap and tackled Wilson behind the LOS.

24-Cruz on left side for a short gain.

25-Pass to Randle broken up, Eli had someone open further down field, he tried to thread the needle, incomplete. It looked like he could have lead Bennett or Cruz for a completion but he was trying to keep the momentum with quick plays and not go into long passes. I guess they did not want to lose field position with a sack and settled for the FG.

26-FG GOOD…’s been a long first half for the Panthers, they are playing hard but getting nowhere.


28-Hey Marvin is in, he looked OK, they almost got to Newton he got pass off to right side for a first down.

29-Nice pass, blown coverage by Blackburn and poor no tackle by Hosley, he tried to tackle bigger player too high. Blackburn shows no athletic ability, he’s too stiff and looks like he cannot bend his body, yes I am picking on Chase again he looks bad. Marvin did run to ball and help, tackle by KP. He did not just give up on play at LOS, that’s a good sign from Marvin.

30-Another nice pass to the right side for a gain, soft coverage by KP. They flooded the zone on the right, this is why I HATE zone coverages.

31-1 yard gain to right side, Blackburn is not in game.

32-Soft zone again but Newton missed his man who was open on the right. Prince showed good closing speed and would have tackled him anyway.

33-False start on Panthers.

34-Hosely cleans up his coverage and makes INT. BUT if Newton had lead his man it would have been a big gain. This was on Newton, no excuses, he’s having a bad game because the Giants are really going after him.

35-Barden wide open down the middle, the Panthers are sitting in their zones. When you do that Eli will take you apart, just a poor defensive game plan.

36-Eli runs for his life and shows some speed. Not much though.

37-Eli throw to nowhere, lucky no one intercepted.

38-Eli has time to throw and throws a wobbling ball. Again lucky he’s not intercepted. I think he was feeling like he wanted the TD and not settle for a FG this time. He should have tried to get into FG range. Was Eli being greedy or where they going for the kill? He should have just got into FG range, this team does not have the killer instinct yet. Maybe they will as the season goes on.

39-Punt-S. Brown did not know where ball was, he could have had it closer to the goal line. Chase makes good play to get the ball before it bounces.

40-Short run by Panthers-end of first half- pretty much end of the game. The score is 20-0 Giants.

There’s not much to say here is there? The Giants are beating the Panthers in every facet of the game. They are bigger, stronger, faster and overall have more talent. This looks like a preseason game. Honestly though a few plays could have gone the other way and it would be a different game. That’s why they call it a game of inches. Eli could have been intercepted a few times and Cam Newton could have had some big gains had he thrown a better pass. But that’s not the way it was and the Giants are kicking some butt.

I know I was picking on David Diehl in the past and it pained me, he gave it his all but was terrible. I see a parallel situation here, Chase Blackburn is stinking up the field with his poor play or what I call non-play. I know Chase is giving it his all, although it does look like he is taking plays off. His pass coverage is horrible, he is just too slow. Fewell is taking him out on obvious passing situations. He also has such a slow reaction time, it looks like he has glue on the bottom of his cleats.

He’s just not good enough, he’s even horrible during run plays. His only asset is his size, at 6’4” and 250 pounds he clogs up his gap. But he is still easily controlled by an offensive lineman. He does not play with any reckless abandon. I don’t expect him to be hitting people all over the place, I do expect more physicality from a player that big and he is almost passive in his play.
The film don’t lie it’s time to either use Boley as the MIKE with Kiwi and Rivers or put Herzlich in there. Either way would be an improvement over Chase. I think Chase should be on the roster as a backup and where he is really needed, on special teams. His experience has helped on specials without a doubt and that is where he belongs as he always has.

Osi still has trouble with the run, he can be suckered in very easily and I was surprised the Panthers did not take more advantage of that. I guess it was hard because of the rotation, you don’t know when he is in. So the Giants can get away with it, especially with Boley there.

Hosley is on the verge of greatness as is Prince. You can see the mistakes but you can also see the potential and they are making plays. Give them time. I am also liking Kuhn a lot, he has lowered his pad level and is playing with much better leverage. I think it’s possible Reese scored another gem in the 7th round. Even Scott the RB is playing well on special teams, I hope eventually he gets some carries. Hynoski is like another offensive lineman, great blocker. Brown is running like a text book back, not great just technically sound which is what the Giants need. The receivers must work on their blocking, Hixon and Nicks are much better than Barden and Randle in that aspect of the game. Maybe it’s a matter of playing time since there is no contact at practice.

Marvin showed some hustle and I have a feeling Kuhn and Austin will be playing very well as the season goes on. No issues with this defensive line. The weakness on the defense is Blackburn right now, the secondary is improving. Offensively the line is getting better, Bennett is working on his consistency and everybody is focused. I did mention they are a V8 engine and working on 7 cylinders which is good enough to beat any team in the NFL right now.

The officiating was horrible as usual. I’m getting used to it, just some missed calls and confusion. Not as bad as Monday night football though. That was the game I knew would happen, it could mean the difference later in the season in terms of going to the playoffs and/or getting home field advantage. Time to get the regular refs in there Mr. Goodell.

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7 Responses to “2nd quarter Giants-Panthers”

  1. Jason C. says:

    I agree about Prince, I really liked the way he played on Thursday, his aggressiveness has been dialed up and it’s made him a much better player. Our pass rush could be counted on to get to the QB fast enough to play press coverage more often than we have been. That soft zone kills me, unfortunately when our CB’s are all out we have no other choice. Let’s hope Prince can stay on the field. Can’t wait for Prince Vs. DeSean Sunday Night!

  2. Brooke says:

    I agree about Kuhn.
    I think that he has been in the play since preseason.
    He has been around the ball and is able to get some nice penetration in the middle.

    Gimme Rivers Boley Williams and see if folks can play the short pass against us again.

    Let Kiwi start on 1st downs…and move him to the line.

    But I like the idea of speed in our LBS.

    Marvin looked a little slow off the ball, but his hustle was there as it should be, he must be dying to run around after missing football for so long.

    I like Hosely more than Prince, but am very encouraged by both.

    I know the defence has let some big plays hit and gave up points and yards, but its not been healthy.

    Them young corners need time.

    Lets see how they roll against the Beagles.

    I hate those guys.

    • Big Daddy says:

      I had my doubts about Kuhn. I thought he had potential but was a little old at 26 to learn the technical aspects of his position which are more complex in the NFL.

      It seems like he improves every week and that is the sign of a potentially great player. We all knew he had the physical strength but it’s so much more. It’s about learning to use it correctly. How many big strong defensive tackles come into the NFL with great promise and turn out to be a bust.

      One thing that a good DT must do is the dirty work of taking on blockers and having nothing to show for it. So if they are selfish players they do not do those little things that makes a great DT. You don’t get sacks and don’t make as many tackles. A defense is only as good as their DTs who anchor the whole defense.

      It looks like Reese understands the mentality needed for each position and drafts accordingly.

      Hosley has the better instincts, Prince has tremendous physical abilities, they are the future. So is Hill at the safety. Herzlich is at the MIKE or even SAM.

      • Brooke says:

        Ya…I guess for most Giants Gabbers, I mention Hill alot.
        Where is this season?
        I havent seem much of him at all. Even on specials.
        I feel that he is getting the same treatment that Mark is getting.

        Learn the system…wait your turn…when injuries come…you get your shot.

        I am ok with this as we have some fantastic Safeties.

        I do wonder though if this is also about his attitude…his histor, maybe the Giants are challenging his character, seeing if he can remain focused and professional even as he sits and watches.

        I loved what I saw outta this kid in the preseason. He has all the tools, including the insticts.

        He will make plays this year. I know it.

        As a Giants fan, ya gotta be so happy to know that we have so much quality down that depth chart waiting to show what they can do. Jerry Reese knows what the hell he’s doing man…big time.

  3. giantsfan73 says:

    Great job as usual BD. I love this stuff. Also, I want a “START HERZLICH” bumper sticker!!!

    • Brooke says:

      LOLS!!! @giantsfan73 you are feeding the Big Daddy!!!!

      Gimme a “START HOSELY” bumper sticker while you are at it Daddy!

      • Big Daddy says:

        Encouragement is good for people. It is probably not known but Big Daddy is not in good shape, I have spinal issues and am always in pain. I do not go anywhere other than the doctor. I also have other medical issues. Even just typing is difficult for me and causes numbness in my fingers and pain.

        So I appreciate that people appreciate what I do. I do it with my all.

        I liked Hosley from day one, even before the Giants drafted him. First round talent, like Hill and Herzlich. They will all get their chance. Hosley is fighting through a hammy issue, there is a reason for so many hammy issues on the Giants.

        Coughlin explained it, the players are not ready for so much running during training. OK Tom than don’t run them so much and break them in slower to avoid injuries…..DUH.

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