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The Referee Saga.

It’s simple, logic rules in everything in life. Let us all look at the reality of it all. The NFL owners are a bunch of money hungry rich guys. Y’all know who I am talking about right? They are part of that 2% in this country that we keep hearing about. So they tried to treat the players like slaves, that didn’t work. Hey I have an idea to save money we won’t pay the referees, we can get fill in refs, that will work right. Guess what… didn’t.

These guys just don’t get it. They talk about billions of dollars and pinch pennies on one of the most important aspects to the game. They are businessmen who do not understand football at all. Goodell talks about player safety and everybody knows they are full of crap. So what happens, their plan backfires, on Monday night TV the refs blow it, big time!!! It cost a game that later could have repercussions in terms of the playoffs. It could mean the difference between making the playoffs or not and whether the team gets home field advantage. So that was the reason the real refs are back right? NO!!!

The reason the real refs are back is because they screwed Las Vegas and every other gambling establishment legal and illegal. In fact the Las Vegas group gave bettors their money back to save face and not lose the whole enchilada with their gambling business. I’m sure some powerful people who are part of the 2% where on the phone with Roger boy.

So now amazingly the refs are back, it was not because the fans or players wanted it. It was because some powerful people, probably more rich and powerful than the NFL owners told them to do it. I would love to hear some of those conversations.

I don’t want to get political here but I will. This is just another example of the way the 2% operate in this country and the rest of the world. They do not care about the people, it’s all about profit. If you do something to effect another group in that 2% you have a problem. If it doesn’t affect the 2% nobody cares, the other 98% really don’t matter and this is a perfect example of it. This is why there is a player’s union and a referee’s union.

In the past the people that owned NFL teams loved football. They were not completely profit motivated, yes it’s true they wanted to make money and keep in the black. I’m not being nostalgic, it was more about the game than anything else with those original owners and their families. Slowly that changed and now I find a game is unwatchable with all the commercials and nonsense that goes on during a broadcast.

The money I spent to see replays of the games on my PC was money well spent. I can watch it on my PC in three modes, the regular broadcast, a condensed version and the ALL 22 which is the coach’s version. Of course I am giving more money to an entity that already makes billions, the NFL had to offer this service as not to lose watchers. They know their broadcasts are a horror for the hardcore football person like me. I don’t care about anything other than the game. I don’t care about players jersey’s, what Kim or some other bimbo is doing, what other HORRORIBLE programs you are touting for during the week and I don’t care about women’s hygiene products. I just want to watch football with competent referees. I gave up on the idea of having competent broadcasters.

To sum things up from the perspective of a hardcore football guy and part of the 98%, Mr. Goodell you are not fooling anybody. I should say you are not fooling everybody some people don’t get it. We all know you are full of crap but as long as you eventually do the right thing all is well. If it not for the fact I write for this blog and can get the replays on my PC I would not even watch a game, that is how painful for me it is to watch a regular broadcast.

Remember whatever happens in football is happening in every other corporation, they are no different. That is the problem, it’s a complex economic international entanglement and partly brought on by globalization. David Stern of the NBA closed down offices in the USA to as he said save money, yet he opened up new ones in China and Russia. It just echoed what the rest of the corporate world has been doing.

The referees are back because RICHER guys than the ones that own the NFL told them to. It directly affected their ability to make profits, it’s that simple. Integrity of the game…..give me a break, Goodell only uses that when he wants to screw someone.

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13 Responses to “The Referee Saga.”

  1. Private Snuffy says:

    Your argument is sound, however, I would like to share the blame-game with some other parties as well.

    #1) The NFLPA. You all are pathetic. You allowed a bunch of scabs to take over the game and then had the audacity to bit*h about the officiating? Let’s analogize, shall we? The plumbers union goes on strike and the carpenters union stays working. The carpenters allow scab plumbers to come in on their job site. They don’t blow up the rat and let them go about their business. Then they go home and bit*h to their wives that the plumbing in the building isn’t up to standard. Are you kidding me? The NFLPA and every other union that conducts business with the NFL should have joined the referees strike. You all showed your true colors and are no different than the owners.

    #2) The Fans. You continue to bend over and take it hard but still pay big bucks to see the games and buy the snacks. I gave up my tickets when the Giants asked for a $20K PSL per seat. Old man Mara is rolling over in his grave by the way his spoiled brat kids have treated his beloved fans. But who cares? You all still show up, blow 40% of your income to follow a sports team, and continue to buy the drug. I am guilty of this as well, but why do we continue to allow it.


    • Big Daddy says:

      It’s like voting, if you did not vote don’t complain. Yes you can do something but honestly the American public is too overworked and tired trying to just live. Football for some is a way to lose themselves and they don’t/can’t give it up, yes like a drug.

      I wouldn’t go too hard on the fans.

      The players could have easily had a quiet job action. But one question is this, was their getting back to work agreeing to NOT side with other unions like the refs? We don’t know what agreements were made with the corporation. Transparency my butt.

      • Private Snuffy says:

        I think that the players, by working, demonstrated that they weren’t particularly interested in the refs grievences. If anything, it was an unpleasant annoyance. If they cared, they would have formed a more collective voice of support.

  2. Chris says:

    Actually, if you vote you and your guy wins you can’t complain. Your giving that person credibility; you’re santioning him and what he stands for. If you vote and lose you still can’t complain because you are taking part in a bankrupt, corrupt system that is destroying the country. If you don’t vote (the Constitution does not say you HAVE to)that means you don’t want to take part in the system becuase it stinks. If they then do something to you that you did not authorize, you have a right to complain.

  3. Private Snuffy says:

    I don’t vote because I live in an undemocratic, liberal state.

  4. Chris says:

    We live in the best system in the world. Get over yourselves and vote or dont, either way stop excusing laziness. I bet TC votes. haha

  5. Peter M says:

    Listen bleeding heart I dont know many jobs where you actually work 1 day a week for at the most 20 weeks and make over a hundred thousand a year and want a pension. You sound like a typical lib.

    • Big Daddy says:

      I guess you are talking about the referees. To be an NFL referee you must study all the time, there are restrictions on your personal life, you must go to sanctioned get togethers. They just don’t show up for a game and say yeah I’m ready, they are constantly tested to make sure they are. It’s not a 20 day work year, it’s a 365 day work year and most of them have other jobs too, like doctors and lawyers.

      Give them pennies and expect them to do a job that has now been proven to take a high intelligence and to be in great physical shape. So you expect men and women to work for pay well below their qualification, that sounds like Communism to me.

      Did you ever referee a game? Could you memorize the rule book? NO……they get paid because they are the best at what they do and deserve it. That is the American way, to be rewarded for your excellence and hard work. The philosophy of Communism is to pay you the same wage whether you are great or stink at your job.

      If you haven’t noticed the people that replaced the regular referees did a terrible job. So you are saying they should get the same pay as the referees that do a good job? That does not make sense.

      So you are saying that bleeding heart liberals believe in the American capitalistic system. That’s the way it reads to me. It also reads like a person who doesn’t know of what they speak which is a sign of ignorance.

      Being a referees is more than just knowing the rule book. It’s about being able to within seconds identify what happened and make ruling quickly. This all happens so fast the average person could not do it. Even the replacement referees still were skillful, some did a good job. Overall no they did not as a group, individually there where some that did OK.

      • Jason C. says:

        You get it BD, see the reason most of us are upset about the upper crust controlling all the money is because they aren’t the best at what they do, they cost companies billions of dollars a year, which trickles down (yes they love that term when it works for them) to us. The bailouts that conservatives blame on Obama were caused by CEO’s who destroyed companies from the ceiling to the floor, and then were given the same positions in other companies just because of their name. If billionaires were earning that money based on being the best at what they do I really don’t think many of us would complain that much (not all, some people just have to complain, but others just want what’s fair). Sorry for being overly political, but when people just start throwing around “bleeding hearts” so loosely it upsets me, there’s never any substance behind it.

  6. Jason C. says:

    Uh oh, Big Daddy, you have to know that once you even mention the word politics the idiots come out to fight haha.

  7. giantsfan73 says:

    Really good point in this article… it is Vegas that controls the NFL. That’s why the NFL is so popular… I mean, you have the fans like us who love the game itself, go on websites like this one, etc… and you have a lot of other people who just like to gamble, and football is the perfect sport for point spreads and over/unders. Put those two types together and you have the largest most rabid fan base of any sport in the country.

    Re: the politics… I don’t see this as political in the sense of Democrat or Republican. Both parties have massively wealthy people funding them, and the majority of the voters are people who will never see that kind of money but vote for the candidates because they agreee with some facet of their ideologies.

    I was rewatching the Godfather recently and I dont know the line exactly, but Vito talks about how the “bigshots” control everyone on strings, like puppets, and he never wanted to be on a string… the point was true then and is now and will be 500 years from now.

  8. Big Daddy says:

    NFL is political because America as a country runs off it’s business, it was designed that way. All great civilizations ran off their ability to make profits. So it’s all part of a chain, to deny it is to be in denial.

    Yes I agree about the rich guys screwing up yet getting paid. As in the CEOs that ran companies into the ground and walked away with a 50 million dollar bonus.

    It’s all there in black and white for those who want to read it. Or you can put your head into the sand and make believe it didn’t happen.

    For anybody who wants to find out what America is all about I suggest you read Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. What they said then is relavent now and will always be.

    There was a Governor who understood the class system, Huey Long was kind of the Ron Paul of the democrats in the 1930s. I suggest you also read his quotes too. America was founded by brilliant men and is being destroyed by a bunch of greedy chumps.

    The NFL is a business and anything they do is just what other business’s do. The teams are not owned by nice guys who care about humanity, they are owned by ruthless businessmen. As is ALL of the corporate world throughout history in every country and society and in every civilization throughout the history of man. If they where nice fellows we would not have had things like the oil spill in the Gulf and a thousand other tragedies and wars over the past millennium.

    It’s about human nature, to understand that is to see the big picture and understand how all things work in a society.

    END of politics at Giants Gab.

  9. Big Daddy says:

    I said it was the End. Some people do not understand what the end means.

    I will delete anymore political posts.

    If it is not football related do not post it please.

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