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First Quarter

1-Kickoff by Eagles- Giants get back fast and set up nice wedge. Wilson has outstanding return.

2-Eli rolls out, OK Eli is not an accurate thrower on the run why did they even try this? Is it something they have been practicing? Even if Eli runs he must stop, set and throw to be an accurate passer.

3-85&65….Beatty and Bennett completely miss their blocks and allow both defenders to tackle Brown. Bennett did not get into his man and Beatty ran by his and then tried to get back to get a piece of him. Just poor awareness by Beatty and lack of technique and effort by Bennett.

4-Poor snap on the shotgun, Baas does have a hand injury. Eli just gets ball off, complete breakdown by offensive line but Cruz makes great catch for first down.

5-Eli tries jump throw as he was getting sacked and completely missed receiver on left sideline, Bradshaw. He ended up on his butt, another break down by offensive line. At this point it looks like it’s going to be a long day.

6-Again Eli is rushed, a break down by offensive line and throws incomplete.

7-Offensive line with Bradshaw and Bennett in to block does not give Eli enough time to make completion. Eagles are out playing Giants, they are playing with fire and the Giants look flat.

8-Good punt by Weatherford leaving Eagles on their 10. This is where Chase belongs, he did a great job of blocking, releasing and running down in coverage, textbook play. Blackburn is a great special teams player.

9-Eagles run left, Williams takes man and allows Blackburn to come up behind him to make tackle with Rolle. Good defensive scheme if by design to get Blackburn free to make play.

10-Good coverage, Vick feeling the heat and throws it to nowhere/no one, incomplete pass.

11-Zone blitz 3 man rush, Kiwi lined up on center and bull rushes to Vick, Tuck in coverage. Vick gets short pass off otherwise it’s almost a safety, close to it. Nice look that fooled and confused Vick.

12-Punt by Eagles-nice return by Randle, almost blocked by Will Hill.

13-Really nice run by Bradshaw, no hole he found a small crease on right side and picks up 5.

14-Nice idea, I have been talking about for a few years of using the old style two back system. Bradshaw and Wilson where in. But it was a poor call in terms of execution, nobody seemed to have the timing down. This is really not the time to be using little tricky plays, that is something the Giants do not do well and should save for later in the season when they have practiced it much more. If it had worked it was a big gain, Boothe was in front and nobody was there. With Wilson’s speed it could have been a big play. Save this one and work on it.

15-Excellent pass and run by Bennett all called back, holding on Beatty. Hey Gilbride he needs a little chip help there. Nice downfield blocking by Hixon.

16-Nice pass and run by Bradshaw, if Baas had held his block it would have been a big gain.

17-Punt by Giants good coverage even with the missed tackles, they came in waves.

18-Was that a safety? Did Vick ground the ball? A penalty in the endzone is an automatic safety. I even wonder if Vick’s knee touched the ground in the endzone for a true safety.

19-Draw play good solid defense by Giants.

20-Giants go to soft coverage, Webster releases on his press coverage and loses receiver for big gain. Why change what they were doing, it was working. They went into this thing of out thinking themselves and giving up a big play. It looked like Rolle was confused and did not give help coverage he should have.

21-KP hurt on this play. It was called back, holding on Eagles. Even so the Giants did not get good lateral pursuit.

22-Finally Blackburn shot the gap and made a good tackle. The Eagles watched film and thought they did not have to account for Chase, he did make a play he has not made since last season.

23-Pass down the middle for 7 yards. Williams did not have good coverage.

24-Kiwi offsides.

25-It looked like a catch but the receiver did not keep control of the ball and lost it.

26-Punt by Eagles- Will hill almost blocked another one, punter flops and fools nobody. Randle for 2 yards, poor blocking by return team.

27-A play I have been calling for, Hynoski up the middle for 4 yards. It’s a good simple play that allows the offensive line to fire out and just block.

28-Pass to Cruz on right side, short gain.

29-Flag on Eagles pass interference.

30-Eli incomplete to Bennett. Just over throws him a bit.

31-Short pass to Hixon to right for a first down.

32-Nice 8 yard run up the middle to Bradshaw.

33-The Giants forgot how to block, Bradshaw -5 yards.

34-Eli was lucky he did not throw an INT. Broken up by Hixon.

35-Punt-a little too long by Weatherford, touchback, Eagles on their 20.

36-Vick incomplete to right side.

37-Vick threw down the middle, originally called incomplete. Challenged and ruled a catch. I have to watch this one again.

38-Vick scrambles left, nobody open, picks up 3 yards.

39-Blackburn poor tackling, McCoy picks up 5 yards.

40-This one is also on Blackburn, he cannot tackle for Sh*t, pass play for 17 yards. Is this a joke, I’m sorry but Blackburn does not belong on the starting defense. Again he is being abused and exposed by a team.

41-Run for no gain, the Giants stacked the line and stopped the play.

End of first quarter.

This so far this is a boring game. Both teams seem equal and are cancelling each other out. They are playing hard and it seems like the Giants are the ones who are making minor mental mistakes not being outplayed, especially the offensive line.

Fewell came up with some very interesting and effective defenses to stop Vick. The last drive exposed Blackburn as a poor open field tackler. He looked really bad out there toward the end of the quarter when he had to make a play he could not. The key word is could, he wanted to but could not make a play. It’s about his inability to play at a high level, I ask why is he still in the starting defense?

Gilbride also came up with some things that just did not work. The offense’s execution overall is very poor. They really miss Nicks and nobody has stepped up so far. It looks like Gilbride is trying to finesse a team the Giants can over power, I do not understand this game plan at all.

On to the second quarter later.

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5 Responses to “First Quarter”

  1. Brooke says:

    Here are some things that I saw in the game. Some bother me, some worry me, and some encourage me.

    1) The Eagles D Line stays active cause they rotate alot of guys in and out. Ours gets gassed cause the DTs dont get too many breaks. It was there once again in the second half and has been that way all season…our D Line gets gassed in the second half. Is this conditioning? Is this a lack of depth? Is it the scheme? Whatever it is…we are getting zero pass rush on the QB. And thatmy friends is why we are giving up points.

    2) David Wilson will abviously break one this year, I think that I have said that before here…but I just wanna say it one more time.

    3) Hixon can beat the press coverage. Ya he isnt Hakeem…but I dont think not having Hakeem cost us the game, (I will get to that later). I saw Hixon use his quick feet well at the line and get seperation on numerous plays. He is a solid 3rd option against this team.

    4) We are a better running team with Andre Brown carrying the ball. Ahmad is old. Not age old…feet old. He lost his burst/speed/pop. He doesnt run the ball like Andre. You mean to tell me that a guy who had rack up almost 2oo yards in 2 games gets like 6 carries? He runs patient and with power and straight line speed. Our running game sucked because we went back to the incumbent. Because “hes a solid blocker” gimme a break.

    5) Stevie Brown can blitz…but can he protect the back? We wont know, cause when he was playing the Eagles were going West Coast/Run the Ball. Lets see what he can do…but he did make some plays the last 2 weeks.

    6) Will Hill sighting!!! He shows up on screen cause he is blessed and has instincts. He will be a player for this team. Mark my words.

    7) We all wondered why Rivers was “given” to us in the offseason…is anyone still wondering? The guy must be cousins with Travis Beckum.

    8) We miss Canty. I like Kuhn and have high hopes for Austin. Plus I think Linval is playing like a beast and Rocky is thinking he is still in Seattle…but we need Canty. He is a pressure DT who can crush the pocket.

    9) The secondary…to put it mildly…is a concern. But we have 2 weeks…to get it healthy. Cause Cleveland and San Fran dont really throw deep balls. We should be ok if everyone can just stay as is.

    10) Chase played well this game Daddy…go easy on him

    11) My Last Point….That throw to Barden was a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE Play Call. Whoever called that is in my dog house…KB TC???? All we do is throw right underneath…5 yards…or run the damm draw again for a gain of 2 for Gods sake. Then we have a 44 yard FG that Lawrence handles in his sleep and we leave the Linc laffing at the Beagles fans.

    Instead we do the dumbest thing I have seen us do all year…Throw a toss up ball to our 4th best reciever whos being covered by a league top 5 corner. Eli underthrows it…and we lose the game.

    I like aggressive…but there is a WIDE line between aggressive and dumb in that situtation.

    This was just dumb.

  2. NViddivo says:

    I love this blog. Big Daddy always has great analysis and I also enjoyed reading Brookes comments. Keep up the good work. You both make great points and I hope the Gmen can get healthy and pull it together.

  3. Brooke says:

    BD – you are going easy on him this week…but thats cause he played well. BTW…where has Kiwi been all year? He’s a damm ghost out there. I havent heard his name called once. No big plays. Not stops for losses. No batted balls…no sacks?!!?!?

    No sacks for Tuck?!?!!?

    • Big Daddy says:

      I think having Kiwi and Blackburn on the field at the same time doesn’t work.

      I also feel that Kiwi has been a disappointment at linebacker and should be moved to the line permanently. I would like to see JPP move to DT, he gets doubled even triple teamed anyway. Tuck, Joseph, JPP and Kiwi with OSI coming in as he does to rotate. Get your best players on the field and those are the best lineman right now.

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