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2nd Quarter

1-Eagles run for -1 yards

2-Could that have been caught, great job by Vick to get ball off while being sacked.

4-Punt-Almost blocked, another flop by punter. No return.

5-Bradshaw no hole, for 2 yards.

6-Nice bit of faking, screen to Bradshaw for a good gain.

7-OK Hixon should have kept running he looked back and it slowed him down. That made it look like Eli over threw him. But there was a flag anyway, holding on Locklear.

8-Nice run by Brown, the Giants cannot hold their blocks without holding. So far a very bad game by the Giants offensive line.

9-Eli tried to get it to Randle, so far Randle looks like he doesn’t know what he is doing out there. He runs a terrible rout and is slow off the ball. I do not know what is up this this guy. Even Collingsworth had some negative words about him. He obviously ran the wrong rout. The Giants have to simplify their pass routes for young receivers, that’s why it takes so long for them to pick up the system, it is overly complex and does not need to be. Let them run, that’s what they do best. Incomplete pass.

10-Nice pass play but for nothing, penalty on Eagles, but it’s there for the Giants. They have not been executing and the play calling has been questionable.

11-Eli to Cruz, they are giving the Giants the short pass.

12-Short run by Bradshaw, why can’t the Giants offensive line hold their blocks for a little longer?

13-Run by Brown a little better blocking.

14-Eli might have had the short man open for a first down but tried to throw for a longer gain. This was a mistake by Eli. Poor throw and the receivers where not running good crisp routes, very sloppy and getting no separation at all.

15-Punt-A little too hard, touchback.

16-All game long the defense has been punishing Vick, knocking him down but he still is trying to make plays, incomplete pass.

17-Run right for -3 yards, Giants D looking aggressive and over powering.

18-Bootleg Vick just short of first down.

19-Punt-Nice tough run by Randle.

20-Short run by Bradshaw again no hole.

21-Nice screen play but offensive line is late to block, short gain.

22-Total blocking breakdown, Eli running and throws incomplete. Too bad he did have Barden open.

23-Punt-Weatherford shanked it.

24-Blitz Vick throws it incomplete.

25-Vick dumps it off down the middle for nice gain. Boley missed tackle.

26-Osi jumps and gives them 5 yards.

27-Great pressure Vick throws incomplete.

28-Quick pass to McCoy for nice gain. Vick was plastered to ground. Vick is hanging in there under extreme pressure and getting hit constantly by Giants defense. I am NOT a Vick fan but I do give him credit here, most other QBs would have been bruised and battered into submission by now.

29-Nice quick pass to left outside, McCoy gets nice gain.

30-Another quick short pass, this time down the middle. The Eagles are trying to take what the Giants are giving them, the short stuff. It’s working……

31-Run down the middle, -1 yard, McCoy just went down. Osi is right about him.

32-Vick scrambles to left side for 4 yards. Osi took the wrong angle and allowed Vick to get outside him, he always does this and is predictable. His job was to contain and he gave up his gap to try and get a sack.

33-McCoy turns the right corner, it looked like holding on their WR. Osi slow to get off his block and make play.

34-Short pass right for loss. Stevie Brown makes nice play.

35-Simple blown coverage and TD. Ex point good. Two men let Jackson go and he was alone in the endzone. NO EXCUSE!!!

36-Kickoff-one man and it would have been a TD by Wilson. Just a little better blocking. Wilson is a dangerous runner, the Giants MUST somehow get him into their offense. But it’s for nothing, holding call and it’s brought back.

37-Great catch by Hixon, it’s the place Eli had to put it.

38-Bradshaw fell asleep on his blocking assignment, he just dozed off I guess but Eli got it off for a short gain to the left side to Hixon.

39-Again to Hixon on left side.

40-Why try a long throw, in my opinion it should have been a quick play to try and move the chains, not try to score. Incomplete pass.

41-Nice catch by Cruz on right side. Much better routes run by receivers on this play.

42-Pass to Cruz again on left side. Boothe fell asleep on blocking and let someone through.

43-Short pass to Bennett on right side.

44-Endzone pass to Hixon almost INT.

45-FG-good…….should have been a TD here.

46-Kickoff-end of half.

All I can say is that the Giants made too many mental mistakes and the Eagles did not.
I have to give credit to Vick, he has so far been hit on almost every play. He gets up and goes at the Giants again and again. I’m not loving the play calling and I see that the Eagles just know what the Giants are going to do. Most teams do, very few times well coached teams are fooled. The Giants are just too predictable and when they do try something they do not execute well.

The score is 7-3 and is correct in terms of how the teams have played. The Giants simply are not winning this game and the score is a perfect reflection of it. The offensive line is not playing well, partly because of the play calling. The Giants too many times are not using quick plays, they are expecting the line to hold their blocks and they have not shown to be able to do that. Yet time and time again Gilbride is asking them to. On the other hand the Eagles see that they must get the plays off quickly because of the pass rush and that’s how they got in the position to score. The mental mistake made by the secondary allowed the Eagles TD.

Wilson must get in the offense, the inability of Gilbride to somehow utilize his ability is an indictment on his coaching ability. Same for Randle, he has so much talent yet is so confused, simplify some things for him and get him in there. Use these guys, they will make plays. Any other team would have figured out a way to get both players on the field why not the Giants? This has been one of the things that drives me crazy!!!! If Wilson and Randle where on the Saints or the Packers you can bet they would be putting up numbers, not the Giants.

For instance right now how many teams would Herzlich be starting on? Yes everybody passed him up but right now half the teams in the league would have him as their starting MIKE or ILB, especially 3-4 teams. Yet the Giants start Blackburn. This is the thing that has always been impossible for me to understand about the Giants coaching staff. Other teams find ways to use players successfully that might not be 100% ready by making adjustments for them, not good old Coughlin.

Yes I am a little pissed off, can you tell?

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8 Responses to “2nd Quarter”

  1. Brooke says:

    I totally disagree with ya right now on the play calling BD.

    You had stated that the Eagles were taking away the underneath throws…then berate KB for not throwing short. Also the Eagles have excellent jam-up corners. This game was close cause it was 2 good teams at this point. You can site poor execution all you want on that Wilson drop on the shovel, but that play was going to the house there if the kid catches the ball. The play calling was not the reason we were down to start this half.

    At least thats how I feel.

    Did I disagree with the last play call of the game? Oh hell ya. Big hell ya.

    But look at what happened in the 1st half…we actually ran Hynoski on a great designed play…we had an excellent 2 back set shovel that got dropped…a nice sreen pass.

    We did mix it up I thought.

    Penalties killed us. Execution killed us. I feel its unfair to say get Wilson the ball, then chide the coaches for running a play for him that looked great, but that he messed up. You can have both my man.

    Wilson…Randle…need to show what they got on offence and both have had chances.

    I want both to play too!!! But damm, when Barden goes for 139 then Hixon for 113…where is the room for Randle? If the kids is running lazy routes and pretending this is college…he is not seeing the field. He’s gotta learn.

    Wilson is too jumpy at this moment to make plays coming off a snap. He’s nervous. He has the electric energy in him that I love, but its hurting him right now.

    As for the Chase/Mark debate…well Chase had a good game…made plays. I dont think its on him right now.

    I blame Fewell for not rotating that D-Line enough.
    I blame TC for throwing that stupid 9 route to try and win.

    I blame Eli for throwing a pick and taking points off the board.

    The Eagles dont suck, they were playing at home and have a great defence.

    We had them.

    But its not because we didnt play our rooks…or had a bad gameplan.

    And to your point about the Packers and Saints using Wilson/Randle…I think Wilson is being used great on specials! He’s giving us great field position. And Randle’s work ethic is being challenged. So he doesnt get to play. But looks stable as a PR.

    Randall Cobb didnt see many touches last year for a prolific Green Bay offence did he? Mark Ingram didnt see alot of carries last year? I think all programs have a learning curve.

    Its only week 5…we will see these 2 kids make some moves.

    I am sure of that.

    • Big Daddy says:

      You forget I am reviewing what I see not the whole game. That’s why I do it this way. I am reviewing it as though I do not know the outcome. It’s easy when you already know the whole game. Different view points.

      I only comment on what I see at that time.

      I said the Eagles are giving the Giants the short pass this quarter. I did not include the first quarter. I only comment on what I am seeing and reviewing.

      I don’t think Chase had a good game so far at all. He did nothing really. Same for Kiwi, I have maintained that Kiwi and Chase together are too slow it should be either not both. I think Kiwi is a better DLineman, I always thought he could do the SAM job but not now. I was wrong about that, I figured with his wingspan, size and 4.7 speed he could do it. Without a quicker more active MIKE it’s not working.

      That’s the thing about Chase Blackburn, he is not an active player. He goes to a place and that’s it. If the play is not there he does nothing. The Eagles are not accounting very much for him and that’s why he might seem like he is having a good game. He is pursuing more than he has though, that is true, mainly because he rarely has a hat on him and is being allowed to. The Eagles really have the Giants number and know who to worry about, JPP and Tuck.

      Judging by their return ability both Wilson and Randle can play. It’s not like the Hester situation, they have specific positions they excelled at in college. Randle looks lost which means he’s confused. The Wilson play was Eli’s fault 95%. Great idea but why not try it again? Did they run it to perfection in practice? There are many things we do not know.

      Hixon played well so far, they seem to be trying to cut off Bennett and Cruz. I say poor play calling because of the fact that the offensive line is not holding their blocks. When that happens you have to change the plays to faster quick hitting plays for short yardage, Gilbride is slow to adjust and make changes. It also means you must do things to try and hold up the pass rush, faking into the line is pretty much the best way. Fake into the line and get rid of the ball on short crisp routes, that will open up the run and the longer pass.

      Lets hope they get a little healthy and don’t have a let down against the Browns.

      • larjoe says:

        if your alittle pissed off when you assess these games then you should take some time off until you can make rational thoughts about said games. how would you know that herzlich would start for half the teams in the league? you got a serious man crush goin on there.

        • Big Daddy says:

          Why don’t you spend the hours I have since preseason watching and breaking down film and than come here and talk like that.

          Did you?

          I doubt it.

          If you take the time and expense of doing that you would see all the things I see. Oh that is if you know what you are looking for or at even.

          I don’t do this for my pleasure I do it for yours. If you don’t like it or appreciate it well go some place else. Oh guess what!!! There is no place else that provides Giants play by play broken down with explanations.

      • Sam says:

        The shovel pass is Eli’s fault, theres no way you can blame Wilson. The pitch was behind him while going full speed between the trenches. I dont blame Manning 100% either because Eli shouldnt even be in that situation. I like the creativity but thats not Eli’s game, thats Cam,Tebow, and Vick type football. When I ask for creativity I ask for them to come up with ways to create space by using players with special ability and force the defense to defend certain ways so Eli can slice and dice. for example, make it look like your going to try running something quick to Wilson or Jernigans(I know Jernigans hasn’t earned play time but Im just making an example) like a screen,middle screen, or swing pass and that creates space. If the defense decides to stay with Cruz and Bennett then get the ball to Wilson or Jernigans and let them use their speed, and if the defense reads a misdirection play maybe one of the WR’s or Bennett can win deep. I dont want the wild cat or double pa passes or half back passes, just spread the field with great play design and allow Eli to pick apart the defense. I want to see Boley or Herzlich play MLB because if their speed and they recognize the play faster than Chase. I think if Boley can handle the middle, I would put Rivers at WLB and our LB Corp would be very good vs the pass and run.

      • Brooke says:

        Agreed about Kiwi.
        I will save my next points for the Cleveland game.

        Right on BD.

  2. Sam says:

    yeah this is where we fit in ” They’ve won two superbowls in five years with this formula” but we really need to get Wilson involved. Especially with Nicks out. If you don’t trust him with the ball then use him as a decoy. Put him out wide make it look like a middle screen. have him run a wheel route like the one we threw to Jacobs vs the Eagles last year,if you dont throw him the ball at least that wheel route will give Bennett space in the middle while Nicks is out. I feel like instead of using him in the current system, theyre trying to think outside the box and theyre calling plays that we never run. They ask Eli to fake pitch and then shovel pass it to Wilson, I like that theyre trying to be creative but thats just too much. Thats not our game. I was hoping that the Saints would be good and Sean Payton would be fired from New Orleans and we could replace Gilbride with Payton. Payton would go crazy with the talent,speed and agility we have.We have a talented starting squad but we have a lot of speed and agility on the bench going to waste, because instead of building the offense around the players available we try to fit players into a system but like I said “They’ve won two superbowls in five years with this formula.”

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