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Second Half Giants-Eagles

Sorry it took so long, from now on I will do the first half on Wednesday and the second on Thursday.

1-Giants kickoff-return, Eagles start at their 20.

2-McCoy right for no gain

3-Short pass with some YAC, it looks like Williams lost coverage and Blackburn was late to react.

4-Penalty Giants, JPP jumped.

5-McCoy up middle for 4, it looks like the Eagles just came out firing.

6-McCoy right side for big yardage, the Giants defense looks a little tired here. Boley almost blew the play up but there was nobody there behind him. Blackburn was blocked but did eventually make the tackle where were the safeties? The real culprit was Prince. He stood there went for the fake and started running the wrong way. Poor technique, look at the belt buckle not the fake, this is something I taught in Pee Wee football. He still almost over ran the ball carrier, Chase made the tackle from behind. Blackburn cannot stack and shed otherwise this would have been short gain, Tuck was also blocked well and Kiwi was taken out with a cut block.

7-Now this is ridiculous McCoy does it again down to the Giants 1 yard line. This is what I have been saying about having two big slow linebackers in, it doesn’t work. Kiwi and Blackburn do not have the quickness and lateral movement to be playing in the same unit together. It should be one or the other. They were holding Kiwi for sure, no flag.

8-Giants stout on the run, no gain.

9-Giants stout again, Herzlich is in with Blackburn.

10-McCoy runs wide left and fumbles out of bounds on Giants 2 yard line. Boley makes big play here.

11-FG is good, Giants dodge a bullet to only give up FG.

12-Kickoff-Wilson is dynamic, he runs to the 45 yardline.

13-Short pass Eli to Barden right side. This is what they should have been doing the first half, using quick plays like this to set up other things.

14-Much better blocking Bradshaw for 5 yards off left side. Hynoski made the key block as usual.

15-Draw play, this is what I am talking about, now they are taking what the Eagles are giving them. Bradshaw for 9 yards, nice hole. It looked like pass and they fooled the Eagles defense.

16-Bradshaw left side for a few yards. Time to switch gears and throw it long or try to. Hynoski again throws key block. I think Hynoski is pro bowl bound.

17-Again Eli short pass, quick play not giving Eagles defense time. Hixon makes nice catch.

18-Brown nice run, no hole so he just plowed ahead for 4 yards. The Eagles don’t know what is next. Great play calling and execution so far. Although it seems like maybe Eli made some audibles and changed a few plays.

19-Almost caught in the backfield, Brown spins and gets 3 yards. This is where the Giants have not been successful, in the redzone.

20-Great play, just a quick pass to Cruz for a TD. This drive was done on good play calling, quick hitting and not expecting the offensive line to hold their blocks. Ex point good.


22-Vick throws long, incomplete. No rush but good coverage. Boley and Williams in with Blackburn, I guess Fewell figured out what I did.

23-Vick to TE down the middle, wide open. Blackburn asleep but this was not man as far as I can tell there was a mix-up in coverage. Someone had to account for the TE Celek. Big gain.

24-JPP makes difficult tackle of McCoy for 1 yard.

25-Vick scrambles right for big gain. The Giants just do not have the lateral speed to cover the ends. Blackburn ran the wrong way in coverage, this is what I mean about not having recovery speed. A faster MIKE could have recovered and maybe made the play for a much shorter gain.

26-McCoy for nothing, he does not run with power at all. If he sees no hole he falls down.

27-Vick pass to right side, broken up by Webster, incomplete.

28-Vick pass short right broken up by Prince, incomplete.

29-FG good by Eagles, the Giants defense dodged another bullet.

30-Kickoff-Wilson one step away from breaking it, Giants at mid-field.

31-Fake into the line pass out in the flats to Hynoski for 0 yards.

32-Eli to Bradshaw for 9 yards.

33-Bradshaw right for no gain.

34-4th down Eli to Cruz down to the 7 yardline.

End of 3rd quarter

35-This is what I mean by mental mistakes. Eli just threw an INT in the end zone. Bad throw, right into coverage, he had someone open on the right side for a short gain. He fell right into the trap.

36-Beatuiful run by McCoy to reverse field for 6 yards from right to left. If McCoy had some guts he’d be a great RB, but I guess he knows he’s easily injured and doesn’t look for contact.

37-Will Hill lost coverage and Avant gained 23 yards.

38-Nice miss-direction, the FB Havili up the middle for 7 yards.

39-McCoy up the middle for 10. They blew Chase out and McCoy followed the blocking. Time to blow Chase out of the lineup.

40-The defense looks slow and tired. McCoy looks fast and made another nice run.

41-Vick makes quick throw to Havili down the middle.

42-RB Brown runs off left tackle for a gain.

43-Vick has time but throws incomplete. I think someone ran the wrong rout.

44-Kiwi misses tackle on Havili. Nice gain off right tackle.

45-Vick tried to scramble but like I said the Eagles felt they did not need to account for Chase and he sacks Vick. There was nobody on Blackburn at all, this time it backfired on them.

46-FG is good. Giants again dodge a bullet.

47-Kickoff-This time the Eagles try to kick it away from Wilson and it worked. Wilson really took the wrong lane, if he had cut to his left he might have had a bigger return.

48-Hixon did not hold his block otherwise Bradshaw would have had a bigger gain off the right side. Hixon is a pretty good blocker though.

49-Fake into the line held up the defense for a split second enough for Barden to get open for a big gain.

50-Hixon WIDE open down the middle, to the Eagles 8, they must score a TD here. This is where both teams have not done well, the redzone.

52-Nice draw play but for only 2 yards, but the team executed well on the play. That means a lot, it makes the defense have to think which slows down their reaction time.

52-Bear is wide open down the middle, they forgot about him, wide open. TD, extra pt. good.

53-Kickoff-Short kick but good coverage, Eagles on their 16.

54-Blown coverage by Webster big gain to their 36. Here we go again, no pass rush at all.

55-The Giants defense looks like they are stuck in mud, McCoy again for big yardage to the right off end.

56-McCoy for 5 on left side.

57-Soft coverage, Vick pass to left side for 7 yards.

58-McCoy right for 1 yard

59-No containment, Vick scrambles right for 13.

60-Quick pass short left to Celek.

61-McCoy up the middle for 7. They caught both backers moving one way and McCoy cut back on them. No gap integrity.

62-Prince saved a TD, he has speed, Brown was on his way, run to right and clear to the endzone.

63-Brown down the middle for 2. Chase made a nice move around the lineman to get player from backside. But again nobody looked for Chase to even block, this backfired on the Eagles.

64-Osi shows his speed here, Vick sacked while scrambling to his left.

65-FG good. Amazingly the defense comes up big again in the redzone.

66-Kickoff-Another great return by Wilson, he’s just like a bolt of lightning. Giants on their 37, this is now do or die.

67-Cruz is wide open on the right side, Eli missed the throw, incomplete.

68-Bad snap, Eli picks it up and throws out of bounds.

69-Cruz on right side for 9.

70-Pass interference on the Eagles, it would have been a big gain to Barden.

71-Bad choice by Eli he had Bennett open on left side streaking but threw it to Cruz incomplete. Almost INT, he looked down Cruz too long.

72-Incomplete, short right to Barden.

73-Pass interference on Eagles, pass to Barden.

74-Draw play, Bradshaw looked like he had room to run. The line could not hold their blocks.

75-Barden saves an INT. I think if Barden doesn’t do what he did the game was over. It was a bad pass by Eli. Barden flagged for pass interference. There was no need to try and score a TD, they just had to get some more yards for a field goal. Why take a chance? I don’t understand this play call. This is a similar play that got Gilbride punched by Buddy Ryan. But after reviewing the play it should have been pass interference on the Eagles, the DB was pushing Barden out of bounds making contact, you can argue he was going for the ball. If they had looked at the replay before they called it they would have seen that. Bad play call and bad call by the officials.

76-Eli had to throw on the run, of course it was incomplete, he can’t throw on the run. They just needed a few yards, a quick pass for 5-10 yard gain, what are they doing? Then get to the LOS and spike the ball to stop the clock after that, kick the field goal. Another bad play call? Did they have enough time to do that? All the routes should have been come backers to get a short completion on the sideline and go out of bounds. Honestly I don’t know if the Giants have any timeouts.

77- Eagles call timeout, FG was no good so the Giants get another chance. FG no good, game over.

78- Vick kneels, of course Coughlin doesn’t do the low class thing Schiano did.

End of game.

OK here’s my review, the Giants made too many mental mistakes, simple as that. Including Eli Manning and the coaches at the end of the game. The officials blew that last call because had they reviewed it they would have seen the initial pass interference by the Eagles DB. But they did not. Honestly the Giants are the better team, even so they have lost to the Eagles a lot, this is nothing new.

As I have said the Eagles played well, they played tough and the coaches out coached the Giants. Vick played his heart out as did all the Eagles. Are they a very good team, yes but not good enough to win a super bowl. The Giants have too many injuries right now, as usual. Hopefully they will get healthy and get it all together by the end of the season and make a run.

I have to say it, Chase Blackburn is not good enough to be the starting MIKE. The middle linebacker is the heart of the defense, he has to make plays. Yet Chase makes so few. You cannot have a stick figure as a MIKE. You need an active player who can sniff out the plays and almost be there before the play happens. Blackburn has no instincts at all and is easily taken out of the play. The Eagles knew that and did not feel they had to account for him, although it backfired on two plays. I’m sure the Browns have that figured out now, it’s something to watch for.

To go one step further having both Kiwi and Blackburn on the field makes for a slow group with little lateral quickness. You cannot use both. They must get the other players in there and move Kiwi back to the line, his play has been poor at linebacker, he is not making plays. The chemistry between Blackburn and Kiwi is nonexistent, it’s not working. Something has to be done. They are wasting Herzlich and Williams, both need time to get better and faster (picking up the speed of the game), they are the future at linebacker, the future is now.

I know there are a lot of Chase fans. But if you go to the film like I have and watch you will see these things. I am not looking to just go after the guy. Like Diehl who’s play was horrendous, Chase’s play in almost as bad. He is not a very good football player. He never was, even Goff beat him out. He was never the starting MIKE. Why he is now is beyond me. I’d rather have Boely there with Kiwi and Williams and go with the Bison lineup more with Hill and/or Brown. We have a good enough line to do that.

Also I think Fewell should have been rotating the lineman more. Kuhn had a great game last week, why was he in on only a few plays? They looked tired after the first half, even a bit before that. This game created more questions than answers, after the Giants go out and destroys a pretty good team they show up, stink the place out yet almost win. This team has an identity crisis, as usual. The defense allowed these long drives and only gave up field goals. That was really strange, was it by design? Where they tired and just tightened up when they had to? I really don’t know, I wonder if they do.

I do know one thing, it took too long for Gilbride, as usual, to figure things out and make adjustments. This is nothing new, we have seen this for a few seasons now, expect it. Simple, when your offensive line cannot hold their blocks you go to quicker plays to set things up. Once Gilbride figured that out guess what, it worked!!! That unnecessary long pass play was bad, a very bad call and a very bad play. They needed to just get a little closer, spike the ball and kick the FG to win. I do not understand why they didn’t do that. A play like that called by Gilbride almost lost a game and that is why Buddy Ryan punched him many years ago. This time it did lose a game, or was it Coughlin’s call? Whoever is a fault it was poor play calling and time management, I’m not sure if the Giants had any timeouts. The whole sequence was poorly played out by the Giants coaches and players. Eli cannot win every game for the Giants in the fourth quarter.

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