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First half Giants- Browns

1-Kickoff-Wilson for 11 yards.

2-Run by Bradshaw, fumbles, recovered by Browns. Bradshaw carrying ball not 100% correctly but about within accepted practices hits Snee and the ball bounces out. More of a freak accident than completely Bradshaw’s fault. He was sideways to try and slip through crease made by Snee’s block.

3-Nice run play, Paysinger moved to assigned area, he did not sniff out play and keeps his gap. I am wondering if Fewell’s defense requires linebackers to have gap responsibility that is too rigid in terms of being able to adjust to play. They do not have enough flexibility to use their natural gifts and have to run to a specific spot no matter what is happening on the field.

4-Draw play, Giants defense sleeping in the middle. Both Kiwi and Blackburn taken out of play with good blocks. No excuse for both linebackers over 6’4” and 250 pounds being taken out of run play like that. TD, ex pt. good.

5-Kickoff-Wilson to 22.

6-Eli to Cruz right sideline for 8 yards.

7-Eli had nobody open and avoids a sack trying to get ball in right flat to Bradshaw.

8-Again Eli has nobody open but a penalty on the Browns gives them a first down.

9-Snee jumps, come on no excuse for that from a veteran like Snee. Mental mistakes again.

10-Eli has some time, nobody open, incomplete to Bradshaw on left side. Whatever happened to trying to establish the running game first? This is a team that is 0-4, run the ball up their gut, what kind of game plan is this Gilbride?

11-Screen play on right side for nice gain. It looked a little out of sync. Snee did not get a good block.

12-Eli over throws Bennett on right side otherwise he had a nice gain.

13-Punt in endzone, touchback.

14-Run left stopped by JPP.

15-Short pass down middle for 7.

16-Short pass on left side for first down.

17-Run off right tackle for 5.

18-Someone please tell me how this happened, why was Chase M2M with a receiver? No help, guess what they scored a TD. Too much confusion in the secondary. Ex pt. good. 14-0 and the Giants are sleep walking through this game so far. It was impossible to see their number but the cover person let him go, this is why I do not like Zone coverages for the secondary, they should be able to play more M2M. I can see linebackers in a zone but not DBs. I am not a big fan of the Tampa 2 unless you have the personnel to run it and the Giants don’t really have the linebackers for it to work with Rivers out.

19-Kickoff-Kicked it away from Wilson (smart thing to do), Brown should have downed it, why did he run it out, another mental mistake.

20-Wide run to right by Bradshaw, Snee misses key block otherwise it would have been a bigger gain. In fact the whole offensive line is late on their blocks

21-Eli fakes into line runs right and completes a pass down the middle to Hixon. Nice play and I think maybe Eli has been working on his passing while on the move.

22-Bradshaw right for 3 yards, no blocking. Snee missed key block, I hope Snee is not playing hurt, he is looking very bad right now.

23-Much better job by offensive line, Snee in particular. Bradshaw off right guard for a nice gain.

24-Very bad throw by Eli into coverage on right side to Hixon. Holding on Giants though. Flag on Bradshaw for chop block is accepted.

25-Nice comebacker to Randle. This is what has been done by Giants, they have given Randle a rout and told him to stick with it. That is what I have been saying, their system is too complex for young players so they sit. Simplify things and let these young players make plays until they completely understand the offense. They need their best players in the lineup talent wise.

26-They mugged Randle for pass interfence call.

27-Nice catch by Randle down the middle. This is what I have been saying, why does it take the Giants coaching staff so long to figure out simple things?

28-Randle again for nice gain to right side. Now the Browns have to worry about three or more receivers all the time.

29-Hynoski buries his man, Bradshaw has a nice little crease to run for a good gain inside the 20.

30-Bradshaw shows something here and runs like a probowl runner.

31-Randle again for a nice pickup. Cool little spin move to get some YAC.

32-Eli froze the defense long enough with a fake to Bradshaw, Cruz wide open, TD. Ex pt. good.

33-Kickoff-Poor coverage, Cleveland has good field position at their 36.

34-Poor tackling by Blackburn but he slowed down Richardson a bit, gain on right side but for nothing, holding penalty.

35-Stick figure Blackburn again misses tackle, Richardson on pass for big gain, 22 yards.

36-Joseph stops the run for a 2 yard gain.

37-Short pass to right side.

38-Stick figure holds on for life to jersey, only 7 yard gain. JPP makes tackle.

39-Good coverage by Webster incomplete pass on right side.

40-Pass down the middle for 14. Linebackers not aware of the receiver, again these zones do not work well, the Giants are not a good at zone defense, receivers can find the seams way too easily.

End of first quarter.

41-Beautiful run through the Giants defense for 9 yards by Richardson. Chase completely taken out of play and Prince missed the tackle.
42-Incomplete short left.

43-Nice run stop.

44-FG good. Almost blocked though.

45-Kickoff- Wilson is soooo dangerous.

46-Bradshaw 1 yard, no blocking.

47-Eli hits Hixon on the run for big gain in middle of field.

48-Wilson for 4 yards, no blocking again.

49-Bradshaw for 3 yards.

50-Eli short throw to Hixon on left side.

51-Short pass to Bennett on inside right side.

52-Beatty missed a block otherwise its bigger gain by Bradshaw.

53-Bradshaw no gain.

54-Hixon on right side for nice gain.

55-Bradshaw fights for yardage and gets 14.

56-Obvious pass interference by Browns but no flag. Incomplete pass to Hixon on right side. The DB was riding his back.

57-Bad pass by Eli in endzone to Randle, incomplete.

58-Another incomplete pass.

59-FG good. Terrible redzone play by Giants, when you are that close you must score touchdowns against a team like the Browns who are 0-4.


61-Good coverage and pass rush by Giants, incomplete pass.

62-Good defense, Chase misses tackle on backside but the play goes for only 3 yards.

63-Pass dropped, incomplete.

64-This pass was not dropped. There was nobody there and the RB just ran for 38 yards. It looked like the whole defense was asleep.

65-Run right for 4 yards.

66-Stevie Brown intercepts pass and makes very good run. Giants on the Browns 40.

67-Eli hits a wide open Randle for big gain down to the 4. Great play action, Eli is becoming really good at faking the run.

68-Bradshaw just slides through the line for a TD. Good blocking, ex pt. good.

69-Kickoff-Terrible tackling but the returnman fumbles and Stevie Brown picks up the ball and runs. Brown is making plays.

70-Rande drops easy pass, this is what you live with when you play rookies, they make great plays but miss some, veterans do the same thing, but with rookies it’s a rookie mistake. Randle did something I had mentioned I did not like about his technique. He tried to catch pass with his body. If he had used his hands the proper way and looked ball into them it would have been a big play. I’m sure this will be addressed in the film sessions.

71-Bradshaw for 2 yards.

72-Wide open Bennett for nice gain down the middle.

73-Bradshaw for 3 yards. He decided not to follow his blockers, is he losing confidence in them again?

74-Cruz in the left corner for a TD. Nice fake again to Bradshaw. Ex pt. is good.

75-Kickoff-Browns on their 17.

76-Pass incomplete, right side.

77-Draw play to left side, Boley misses tackle but is blocked as he is trying to make tackle. Blackburn again completely misses tackle, Osi makes the stop. Penalty, crackback block.

78-Short pass to left side, another penalty.

79-Draw play to right side, 6 yards.

80-Short pass left side for short yardage.

81-Punt-nice return by Randle.

82-Nice run by Bradshaw for 12 yards.

83-Pass incomplete. Flag on the Browns cost them, the Giants are in field goal range now. Randle is proving that he is not easy to cover and will perform as long as he’s not overloaded and confused.


End of half.

The Browns are a very talented but young team, the Giants are not beating them, they are beating themselves with mistakes. It looks like the Giants are sleep walking through this game so far. Randle is proving why he was almost picked in the first round instead of Wilson. He has everything you need to be a standout WR in the NFL. A few adjustments in technique, he also has to learn the complex system the Giants use and he will be a great player. Why did it take so many games for them to come to the conclusion they should simplify the system until Randle picks it up.

I always have said for rookies with extreme talent you must simplify the system for them. A team must get those players into the game, especially if there are injuries. Yes rookies will make some mistakes but the great ones learn fast and make plays that average players cannot.

The defense is proving my point about having two slow footed in terms of lateral movement, linebackers in the lineup. They are not allowing the defensive line to be aggressive, they are a liability in the pass coverage and when the runners cut back. Add to that simply Chase Blackburn cannot tackle, the amount of tackles he missed so far is inexcusable. The Eagles exposed him last game and this game he is also being exposed as a below average player. It’s time to make a move and see if Herzlich can be the middle linebacker for the now and the future. The Giants have to find out NOW if he’s their man. Blackburn certainly is NOT. Kiwi is playing like crap and I wonder if it’s just chemistry with Blackburn or he just is not suited for the SAM position.

If the Giants keep playing the way they did last week and this half it’s going to be a short and disappointing season. Short as in NO playoffs. I think it’s time for the Giants coaching staff to re-evaluate some things and make some changes.

I am a little confused about Fewell’s defense, is he asking the linebackers to move to a specific gap without any flexibility in terms of what play the offense is running? Yes a defense must have gap integrity but is Fewell requiring this and not allowing any freelancing? Great players have great instincts and I wonder if his rigidity is compromising the abilities of a player like Kiwi for instance. It’s something I have noticed and nobody has talked about it.

I really enjoy watching the linebacker position, it’s my favorite position to watch on defense and always has been. I see some very poor play from the Giants linebacker corp. Rivers when healthy is a beast as is Boley but they are never healthy. So far Herzlich is an unknown and Williams has played good not great, Paysinger too has played OK nothing special. Fewell is going to have to come up with something to improve the play of this unit, it’s really hurting the defense overall.

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11 Responses to “First half Giants- Browns”

  1. chris says:

    The giants are going to beat the 49ers by double digits. Im just saying.

    • Big Daddy says:

      Chris that would be nice. I’m a realistic person and although I would absolutely love for that to happen, I doubt it.

      I would be happy for a win. If they play like I have seen on film I do not see them winning.

      The only way for that to happen is to shut down their run game and make Smith beat them.

      Offensively the Giants should go to the no huddle and run quick plays to not let that defense set and be ready.

    • Jason C. says:

      I agree, but only if (and it’s a BIG if) the refs call a clean game. The 49ers and their fanbase can’t stop talking about how we cheated them out of their shot at the Super Bowl, they’re going to come in looking to be overly physical and take some names on their way out. If the refs keep things in check and make the right calls, we should be able to take advantage of their aggressiveness and hang a few TDs on them that would’ve normally been held to FGs against this stout defense. If the refs allow the 9ers to clobber Eli without flags and take cheap shots on the sidelines (which they did in the NFC championship game last year) we’re leaving the west coast with an even more detailed injury report than usual, and a big fat L.

      • Big Daddy says:

        Have you ever seen the refs call a clean game in any sport? I have friends in Europe who are soccer fans and they say it’s beyond anything we could imagine, they get paid off under the table. They accept it, I guess as Americans we expect honesty.

  2. […] 1-Kickoff-Wilson for 11 yards. 2-Run by Bradshaw, fumbles, recovered by Browns. Bradshaw carrying baSee all stories on this topic » […]

  3. Brooke says:

    Here are some things that I saw in the game in general

    1) Bradshaw is the new heart of the team…or maybe has been for the last 3 years. The guy really picked it up after his mistake off the jump. He’s a true Giant.

    2) Eli can make anyone look good. I just read all your comments about Randle BD but hey man…the previous weeks Barden and Hixon went OFF. I think its Eli that made the adjustments with Randle in the one on one film session that they had.

    3) It would be nice to have Rivers. Damm…I couldnt agree with you more right now BD about the Kiwi/Chase combo. It forces us to play more zone coverage and allows the cutbacks of RB’s and o line zone blocking schemes to murder us.

    4) Holy Shit Richardson is jacked. And can run that damm football.

    5) Joe Thomas ate JPP’s lunch. I dont know what the his issue is this year. But he is not the same guy as last year. For all the yelling BD is doin at Chase I am doin the same with JPP. I watched him stop pursuit at least 3 times this game. That would have NEVER happened last year.

    6) Hixon is for real. And its gonna be tough for Randle to see the field this year if Hixon is healthy. He has good hands, is good off the press coverage and catches the deep ball well. Plus he is comfortable in the offence.

    7) Jerel Jernnigan caught a PASS!!! (was that his first catch!?!?!)

    8) A healthy Chris Canty in week 7 will be much appreciated. With that being said, its been nice to see our 2 young DT’s (Kuhn and Austin) get some reps. This will only help in the late part of the season.

    9) Didnt hear Prince’s name being called much…a good thing. But those Cleveland WR’s are terrible.

    10) Will Hill making plays!!! Stevie Brown a big play machine!!! Great contribution fellas.

    11) Does our O-line keep Eli clean or what? 4 sacks so far this year. Very good fellas. Now lets keep the run blocking going.

    Ya…it was a slow start, and we made mistakes…but boy oh boy did we pound this team in the ground. Remember, this team took both Philly and B-More to the brink. We didnt. We cancelled them in a hurry.

    The injuries are once again hurting us…but we are finding a way to make it work.

    I’m optimistic about the season.

  4. Scott says:

    #18 – I read in post game interviews that Stevie Brown took responsibility for the blown coverage on this play.

  5. Big Daddy says:

    I think JPP is hurt, I remember a few times he was slow getting up, one time in preseason he looked really hurt. He has a lower back issues, you can see him bend back with his hands on his hips some times, I think that’s when his back might be tightening up. So it’s possible he is managing an injury of some kind.

    I also believe that the whole defensive line is very concerned about their gaps and not gambling as much because of the terrible linebacker play and questionable secondary.

    If the secondary was 100% and Boley/River/Kiwi was in there they would be going wild with Canty and Joseph in the middle. This defense is being held together with string. No Canty, no Bernard, no Rogers, TT is on IR too and it looks like a few starters are nursing injuries. I won’t mention the terrible play of a certain MLB.

    • Brooke says:

      But wasnt it the same group as last year?
      Same team that won the super bowl?
      Minus A. Ross…and an injured Canty.

      I dont think its a scheme thing.

      They are not getting off the ball.

      I am worried.

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