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What had happened was… Washington Redskins 17 – New York Giants 16








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Landover, MD – I turn on to the local sports radio station in NY this morning (as I am dropping my son off to the sitter and it is amazing how the so called “fans” all sound the same. “Uh, the offense stunk, get rid of Kevin Gilbride, he’s horrible.” What a bunch of single, tunnle minded individuals who have no clue about how the NFL game works.

It is so easy to blame someone for their faults or mishaps but as I looked at the game from an analytical standpoint there were several factors that led to the Giants defeat to the Washington Redskins. Let’s not forget about OC Kevin Gilbride, he did help the Giants win 2 Super Bowls ladies and gentlemen, TWO!!

The NY Giants seemed to have followed the game plan by being able to  minimize the damage that quaterback  RG III normally hands out to opposing defenses in the NFL. Robert Griffin III was less than spectacular from an overall standpoint however, he was extremely effective in squeezing out a win at home in FedEx field. Let’s break it down with some team stats;


Total 1st Downs: 21 to 20 = adv Giants

Total Net Yards: 390 to 370 = adv Giants

Total Rushing/Passing plays (includes sacks): 63 to 52 = adv Giants

Yds Passing: 273 to 163 = adv Giants

Yds Rushing: 117 to 207 = adv Redskins

So you see the stats and you ask; Mr. Coughlin, how did the Giants lose this game? They had total control of ball possession, they out produced the opponent in most if not all the offensive categories (since most “fans” are only driven by how a team does on one side of the ball, the offensive side) the Giants should not have lost this game, correct TC?

If you don’t already know about NY Giants head coach, Tom Coughlin, he consistently stresses the fact that the game of football is “a game of inches” not yards; Paying attention to detail, and winning in all three phases of the game; Offense, Defense. Special Teams… One thing I noticed throughout last nights game was that the Giants seemed to have the ball deep in their own territory to start their offensive series; around the 10 yd line. On two occassions, C Jim Cordle was called twice for holding on special teams which put a lot of stress on the offense to drive the length of field. No problem right? We have Eli Manning, the comeback KING of the 4th quarter, most clutch QB in the NFL no worries… result in 1st series, FG by Lawrence Tynes. Not bad but a TD would have been better. (will touch on this in another article, stay tuned!)

Back to the task at hand; Giants simply lost because of penalties: 9 – 73 yds (Giants) vs 4 – 56 yds (Redskins). This includes mistakes from all three phases. The offensive line looked out of sync at times; from the false starts to the miscommunications from Eli Manning, Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks. In a division game with so much at stake, things like these are costly and have put the NY Giants in a bind for the last four games of the regular season. Last four opponents; New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, and Philadelphia Eagles… not a walk in the park to say the least.

Let’s temper down people, the Giants have been in this situation before when they won the last two superbowls right? Let me throw you a twist to get your juices flowing; the Redskins have the best record in the NFC East division (3-1) , the Giants only have one more division game left (Eagles), what if the Redskins beat the Ravens next week and the Giants lose yet again? What if the Giants and Redskins end up in a tie; Redskins would win because they have the better DIVISION record… the NFL, its a game of inches.

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5 Responses to “What had happened was… Washington Redskins 17 – New York Giants 16”

  1. Chris says:

    The plays to Bennett were good, and there were a few good plays to Cruz. Bradshaw ran decent, but Nicks and other WR’s need to get more involved. Sent Diehl to Kurdistan forever. Fewell has a lot of film study to do over the off season in order to shut down Bob Griffin (who, by the way, will get smacked and put out in the next four games). Time to step up! Giants win this weekend and Skins lose to Ravens – we’re in good shape.

  2. Kaz says:

    Someone explain the logic in a screen pass on 3rd and 20 late in the game when a normal pass play would have gotten us a manageable 4th. A risk reward argument is not what I’m looking for.

    • Carlos Colon says:

      Kaz- thanks for reading the article, very much appreciated. Your question is very valid and deserves a concise answer; hopefully i can do that for you.

      I kept playing the video and here is what I saw: follow me and try to paint a picture. it was 3rd and 20 on the Giants 33 yd line with 4:32 to go in the 4th qtr.

      Giants were in 11 personnel (1 RB (Bradshaw lined up Eli’s blind side), and 1 TE (Bennett, also lined up on Eli’s blind side next to the L.Tackle) 3 WRs (two on right, one on left)

      Eli’s pre-snap read : Redskins were line up in a man-two deep set, leaving a lot of room in the middle of the field for a big gain (2 high safties and 3 CBs playing man coverage and 2 LBs slightly lined up opposite the TE (left side on defense.

      As the ball was snapped, the play developed nicely as the left side LB blitzed while the MLB was covering Bennett on pass coverage. The blitz to got to Eli quickly and forced Eli to throw the screen pass too soon for the play to develop like it should have; resulting in a 4yd gain. In defense of Kevin Gilbride, the play should have gotten them a 1st dwn plus more.

      Hope this helps Kaz and continue to visit Giants Gab for more analysis on all things Giants football.


      • Kaz says:

        What I have a problem with is trying to get 20 yards on a screen. You do not think there is a better chance of getting more yards on just a regular pass down field? Skins have given up the 2nd most pass yards in the league. Get more yards, you are not forced to punt like we were there.

        • Carlos Colon says:

          Kaz – very valid point however, the Redskins were already lined up for the long pass play and with the WRs not having the greatest day to say the least. The Giants tried to throw the defense off guard with a screen pass since Eli knew the blitz was coming from the his right side. It was unfortunate that Eli had to rush the throw since the pass blocking from Diehl allowed for the Redskins LB to penetrate.

          Like I mentioned before, the defense left the middle of the field wide open to where the screen pass to Bradshaw would have given the Giants a 1st down, possibly more.

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