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Hey, Giants’ Fans; Some Friggin’ Perspective, Huh

Getting tons of feedback regarding: “Hey, Giants Fans, Wise The ‘F’ Up!” Much can be paraphrased as follows:

“OMG! I’m so bummed-out! With all the talent we have, we should have made the playoffs! We have to get rid of so and so! Our window of opportunity is closing any minute now!”

Which, when translated, reads: “OMG! We haven’t won a Super Bowl in the last five friggin’ minutes!” Talk about abbreviated attention spans and a lack of perspective! Yikes!

Some pay lip service to the bad old days — from 1964 to 1980 — except, they cite the Kerry Collins/Tiki Barber Era as their version of the bad old days. Yeah! Right! The Giants team that undressed the Vikings in the 2000 Championship Game 41-0, and then, went on to Super Bowl XXXV, represents the bad old days. Gimme a break! Hey, Giants fans, some friggin perspective, huh!

Since our first Super Bowl in 1986, the NY Giants have won more Super Bowls than any other team! Let me repeat that. In the last twenty-six years, the NY Giants have won more Super Bowls (4) than any other franchise! Not the Steelers. Not the Cowboys. Not the 49ers.

The NY Giants have won the third most NFL Championships, EVER — including Pre Super Bowl Era Championships and Super Bowl Championships, combined — with eight all time championships. The Packers rank number one with twelve. The Bears rank second with nine.

Since the Super Bowl Era began, the Giants have the third most Super Bowl wins in history, tied with the Packers with four apiece, behind the Steelers with six and the 49ers and Cowboys with five apiece.

And the Giants have won their four Super Bowls — getting to five — while playing in the NFC East; the division with the most Super Bowl wins in history (12). So, our Super Bowl success has been against the league’s best Super Bowl competition. Meanwhile:

The 49ers play in NFC West, with six Super Bowl wins all time; five of which belong to them.

The Steelers play in the AFC North, with seven Super Bowls wins all time; and six of those wins belong to them.

The Packers play in the NFC North with five Super Bowl wins, four of which belong to them.

The Cowboys also play in the NFC East, too, with five Super Bowls of their own, against the same kind of brutal competition as we face; and we’re only one Super Bowl win behind them.

Okay, I get it. We had a great opportunity and blew it. No question about it, But what’s with all the ranting and raving? This team is built to compete year in and year out. This is a great all-time franchise. Think about it, right now, today, would you rather be a Jets fan? A Cowboys fan? An Eagles fan? C’mon, you small minority of whiners, stop pissing and moaning! You’re embarrassing the real Giants’ faithful.

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7 Responses to “Hey, Giants’ Fans; Some Friggin’ Perspective, Huh”

  1. Tom Frank says:

    I completely agree with keeping things in perspective. I think the Giants missed the playoffs because of 2 reasons (1 offensive & 1 defensive). The problem with this years team was they relied too much on the big play on offense and didn’t execute them at the rate they did last year. That probably had to due with Nicks not being healthy the entire year which limited them on the big play side. Also, the defense relying too much on the pass rush to get to the QB which they also didn’t happen at the clip like last year. The most consistent group from beginning to end of the season was the special teams unit by far and away.

  2. Jason C. says:

    Putting things into perspective is fine, but criticizing fans that aren’t happy with the production of this years team because they aren’t old enough to remember the Giants in the 60s-70s is hogwash. I, like most who post on this site, am obviously younger than you are, my first recollections of football involved LT leading a defensive stronghold to a Super Bowl ring the same year the Mets won the World Series, fond early childhood memories for myself. The bad days for me would include the Ray Handley era and the revolving door of QBs (Brown, Kanell, Graham, Collins, Palmer, Warner; 6 starting QBs in 10 years, sure Collins brought us to a Super Bowl, but the inconsistency was maddening). When I’m your age I’m sure I will suffer through just as many hardships with this team that you have, then again, in the 60s and 70s it didn’t cost you around 700$ when all is said in done for 2 people to attend the game, so maybe that has to do with the patience of us spoiled fans these days. The bottom line is, us fans deserved better from the Giants than what they put forth in 3 games this year and the team agrees.

  3. this blog sucks says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Jason. Just because I was too young to remember the Giants’ worst years doesn’t mean I should be content knowing my team could have WON THE SUPERBOWL and instead completely missed the playoffs?

    Furthermore, contrasting the Giants with dysfunctional franchises is an even poorer reason to curb my criticism. If I was a Cowboys fan I could stomach this truly dissapointing season better.

    I may not remember the bad years, but I sure can’t forget losing my family’s long-time season tickets because of the licenses that THE DESCENDENTS established. Should I complain less because I saw the Giants win two superbowls? NO. It is irrelevant. I should complain because a superbowl-caliber team missed the f%cking playoffs.

  4. jeremy P says:

    Good work, Martin Alvin. I enjoy your brand of analysis.

  5. Jared says:

    I must say that I have recently been losing interest in this site. This has been partially due to the lack of team coverage and partially to the loss of a few VALUABLE contributors, but after reading this dude’s contributions I am pretty much checking out! Who are you and where did you come from? Your condescending way of “trying” to make a point is unnecessary and quite frankly, annoying. You sir, should exit stage right and try to pawn your shit off on someone else!

    Trust me, I love the Giants. I love everything about them. I enjoyed watching them win all four of their Superbowl trophies but who are you to say that I can’t be upset that they didn’t give their all this season? This team should have been in the playoffs, no excuses.

    Are they built for longevity? Yes. Is the window closing? Yes! I don’t expect the Giants to win every year, but I do expect them to compete every year!

  6. this blog sucks says:

    The Giants gave up. They thought that their magical “cat-backed-into-a-corner” act would save them again, yet no one took the personal onus to elevate their play and show some freaking heart.

    But they won last year so let’s give them a free pass, right? I can’t stomach your nonsense.

  7. PC says:

    You guys might as well just complain about anything then… You can’t win every year. If you watch Football enough you should know its history regardless of your age. Its very difficult to be at the top of the mountain every year. Its not like this current team is hopeless and doesn’t have what it takes to be right in the thick of it next year so friggin relax. W e have one of the best organizations and they will correct it in the offseason and we will be highly competitive next year.

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