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Hey, Merry Perry; Cheer The ‘F’ Down, Okay?

Merry Perry Fewell must be a hell of a lot more agile than he appears to be; I mean, what else explains his ability to play “Dodge-The-Blame-Ball” as well as he does, avoiding the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune better than Hamlet did? Well, actually, Hamlet didn’t; but why quibble about it? The question remains: how the hell does he keep avoiding the blame? Beats the iambic pentameter out of me!

Since the end of an underachieving 2012 season, dozens of articles have been written about the failures of the NY Giants’ Defense, which was 31st in the league, couldn’t stop anyone on 3rd and 4th down and chronically gave up big play after big play. And in those articles, the defensive bleeding has been blamed on guys like: Webster, Tuck and other underachievers — but not on Merry Perry Fewell.

But if those players underachieved — and they did — why did they? Injuries? Got old? Too slow? Teams got hip to the scheme? Is there even a scheme to get hip to? All of the above? Or, maybe the players never got the coaching they needed from Merry Perry and his band of equally merry position coaches: Giunta, Hermann and Nunn. Maybe those guys underachieved, too. And if they did, isn’t the Defensive Coordinator responsible for that?

Some writers seem to think the Giants can stem the defensive bleeding — no, make that, defensive hemorrhaging — by replacing underperforming players with free agents like: Aqib Talib, Nick Barnett, Glenn Dorsey and/or others. Or with draft choices, like: DeMarcus Milliner, Alex Ogletree, Sheldon Jones, etc. But how come no one’s seriously suggesting — or better, yet, demanding — the replacement of Merry Perry Fewell?

Isn’t he responsible for the success or failure of the Defense? Isn’t he paid to structure, maintain and tweak it? Isn’t he responsible for the quality and production of his assistants as well as his athletes? And if he is — and he sure as hell should be — shouldn’t he be taking the fall for its failures? Doesn’t the Defensive buck stop with him?

The Giants dumped Bill Sheridan for similar deficiencies. So, why did they keep Merry Perry? Because there were no up and coming assistants or experienced guys to replace him? Really? Monte Kiffin was available. Gregg Williams has been reinstated; and he coached under Coughlin at Jacksonville. Hell, even Steve Spagnuolo — who, admittedly, couldn’t help the handicapped, Sean Payton-less Saints — is still out there.

So, how the hell does Merry Perry do it? Is it his laughing, smiling and running around, high-fiving guys, on the sidelines? What the hell is he laughing and smiling about; his defense sucks! Or, does he have incriminating photos of Coughlin and Reese? I mean, seriously, how does he keep avoiding the blame? But even more importantly, does anyone really want to go through another season with him as the Merry Defensive Coordinator? Hey, Merry Perry; Cheer The ‘F’ Down, Okay?

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18 Responses to “Hey, Merry Perry; Cheer The ‘F’ Down, Okay?”

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  2. CHeeKZ Money says:

    you do realize we won the super bowl two years ago right? And the defense never gave up more than 20 pts that entire run???!??!

  3. Glenn says:

    Yeah, he did inherit a good “D”. Maybe time to bring in a strong motivator and just maybe the heir apparent… Bill Cower! Love coach Coughlin, but this could be a good transition.

  4. PC says:

    How quickly they forget. Perry is a good D cord and he did win the Super Bowl. I love how some fans hit the panic button so quickly. we just won a Super Bowl and we have a great team and great coaches. You are getting way too ahead of yourselves folks. I guarantee the Gmen are competitive next season and make the playoffs. We have an elite QB and Coach Tandem and a solid supporting cast both on D and Offense. We just need a few chess pieces to strengthen up a bit!

  5. Brooke says:

    Whoever wrote this article is kinda lame…Alex Ogletree??? Its Alec…and who is Sheldon Jones? Are you mixing up Sheldon Richardson and Jarvis Jones to create your own character?

    If you have watched Big Blue and know anything about football you know that injuries and lack of the correct personel have plagued this D. Its not Perry.

    You dont fire someone that won a Super Bowl a year later.

    This article was just dumb. Giants Gab…you must do better. What ever happened to BD!?!?!?!

    I miss the dude.

    • Big Daddy says:

      Thanks Brooke, I’m alive, just not up to writing anymore. When I did do a blog I made sure it was the best I could do. I tried to be accurate and insightful. It was a lot of work, I just am no longer able to do it because of medical issues.

      As for the featured writer, he has his own style of writing. Very New York, very street and with a the new New York Attitude. Since this is a New York team it makes sense. How effective it is? Now that’s another thing.

      I personally think there is room for improvement but I can say that about any sports journalist. I wasn’t that good at first and worked very hard to be better. I was getting there and by no means where I wanted to be as a blogger. I needed a lot of work on grammar, spelling and overall writing skills. I did work very hard to improve.

      I hope the writer of this blog keeps writing and working on improving his articles and the quality of his work. That’s what everybody should strive for in anything they do.

      I appreciate those who miss my work here. I gave it everything I had.

      The reason I stopped is that I have very bad spinal problems and some other medical issues. Plus I have upstairs neighbors that make a lot of noise and it’s hard to concentrate with the back pain and the noise. I just could no longer do it.

      I do miss the blog, especially the readers of it, a great group of guys. I did it for the people who enjoyed reading my stuff, no other reason.

      To Mr. Alvin, listen to your readers and make adjustments but never change who you are. Refine your style and improve every aspect of your work. Make sure you get the facts correct as best you can, make sure the facts are the facts. So do the research, yes it is time consuming but necessary. And most of all good luck with you writing.

      • Jason C. says:

        Good luck with your current medical condition Daddy, glad to see you back in the community. Also, good luck on getting rid of your noisy neighbors!

        • Big Daddy says:

          Thank you my friend, that would help, now I find out they are also into drugs with others on the 4th floor. NYC is what it is.

          I am really disappointed as to what Giants Gab has become since I left.

  6. DP says:

    I do believe the Giants might benefit from adding a ‘consultant’ to their Defensive Coaching Staff, someone that might possibly fit the bill as an heir-apparent if things don’t workout defensively. True, it does place TC and Fewell in a somewhat tough position. However, if I am JR, I make the suggestion and see how TC feels about it. We all know the D must perform better next year, we also know they can’t ‘fire’ all the players. D coordinator could be a likely victim for an underachieving Defensive unit in 2013.

    • Big Daddy says:

      Consultant means someone looking over your shoulder. That’s a recipe for failure. Nobody likes working like that.

      • DP says:

        Yes a consultant will typically mean someone looking over your shoulder. That does not necessarily mean the resulting outcome will be a failure. Definitely agree that nobody likes working under such a condition. We all know that businesses bring in consultants all the time and it does often create an edgy environment. The principals involved would go a long way towards determining whether this becomes a failure or results in overall benefit to the team. The defensive unit and players must improve their overall performance from 2012. So too must the defensive coaching staff. Whether its a challenge of improving their teaching mechanisms or developing a more concise and improved coordination of the various defensive units, or enhancing their various defensive schemes. Perhaps an additional pair of eyes and set of ideas might benefit in one or more of the coaching areas. No way the Giant D should be ranked among the bottom units in the NFL. In 2013 they must develop a way to pressure the QB even on days when they don’t have the overwhelming pass rush working in their favor, and do so without suffering those gaping holes or open areas on defense that were exploited for huge gains in 2012.

  7. Jared says:

    I think my six year old can write a better blog than you. Why are you still around? Your condescending style is getting old. Hey Martin Alvin, go the “F” away!

    • Marvin's Ghost says:

      Why is this guy still writing? He is absolutely killing this blog. I hardly even visit any more because his writing is so brash and unreadable.

  8. James Carton says:

    Stevie Brown had a great season with 8 interceptions! The man needs some publicity! There isn’t a single highlight video of him on you tube! So i took the time to make one for him. Giants fans, please watch. He deserves a lot because I expect him to be a big time play maker in the next couple of years. Go giants!

    Watch my video here! Share it!

  9. DP says:

    Giants definitely need to keep Stevie Brown around. He can make plays and with an improved pass rush next season, odds are that he can continue to do so. Good playmaker in the defensive backfield.

  10. PC says:

    Please update this blog. I used to love the insight but its never here anymore. Kiwi just restructured his contract and no mention of it yet. Deihl had survey no mention either. Don’t attack the fans its just pointless. There has been no Draft analysis at all. I used to really like that part of the offseason. Are the guys that used to run this blog no longer? Whats up. Who officially runs this thing? I may stop tuning into this if it doesn’t get better.

  11. Jason C. says:

    While I agree Fewell should take more blame (especially since a LOT of big plays were due to players being out of position, ie. didn’t know where they were supposed to be, aka lacking coordination), I’m fine with giving him another year with a tweaked roster to develop a winning defense. The thing that bothered me was when he was sending creative blitz packages, showing aggressiveness, the defense flourished, yet he stayed away from that for most of the year. It doesn’t matter how good a teams 4 man pass rush is, if a team combats it with 7 blockers, allowing their QB to pick apart a soft zone coverage, they will be successful. Fewell knows this, we all do, he just didn’t always show it on the field. I’m hoping for an improved year, the roster shakeup will be interesting.

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