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Game 2 Review : More of the same


The Giants have been very consistent so far in the 2013 season.  They have been very consistent in playing very underwhelming football in both games this year.  At times, on both sides of the ball, they have looked very competitive only for huge mistakes to derail them.   The best thing they have going for them is being apart of the NFC East.  All of our rivals all lost so it keeps them only 1 game away from Philly and Dallas along with being tied with Washington.  Lets face it, the winner of this division will probably at best be 9-7 and maybe even 8-8.  There is just no clear cut team that will separate themselves from the pack.  For that we should feel lucky that this season hasn’t been flushed down the toilet.  This should be no consolation but at this point I’m trying to stay as positive as possible given that the positives have been few and far between.    Very few positives and way too many negatives that we’ll dive in this week’s edition of the game review:

PRO’s (They are very similar to last weeks)

Terrell Thomas – He basically kept Wes Welker in check for almost 3 quarters one on one.  He was beat for Welker’s touchdown where it looked like he was in good position but was late in recognizing the play.  That will come with time and more reps.  He also came back into the game after getting laid out in an early drive but it looked like he had just the wind knocked out of him.   He wasn’t perfect but I thought he played a good, solid game given his opponent and the assignment that he drew.

Middle of D line run defense – Especially in the first half, the middle of the line I felt was holding u really well defending the run.  All of the runs that were successful for Denver were zone block to the edges where the DE’s didn’t seal or contain. (We’ll talk more about that in the CON section shortly).  There wasn’t much room for Denver to maneuver in the early going in the run game up the gut.  The pass rush push from the middle wasn’t there like last week but early on I felt they played stout.

Victor Cruz – The guy just continues to make plays, 8 catches for another 118 yards including the first play from scrimmage which was a 51 yard bomb.   He also drew a few more penalties on pass interference and defensive holding which moved drives down even further.  Looks like his preseason injury is a non issue.

Perry Fewell – Again I thought he had a pretty solid scheme in place.  It really seems that execution and short fields have been the defense’s biggest problem not the game plan.  I really like the way he is using Antrel Rolle.  He has him playing that free safety/centerfield type roll and notice how the big plays have been kept to a minimum.  Everything completed has been either in the short to medium range stuff.   The Broncos had 17 points late in the 3rd quarter against Peyton Manning.   I think everyone would have signed up for that.  Plus they had the opportunity to take the ball away late in that 3rd quarter and couldn’t fall on a fumble.  I’m not going to blame the coordinator.

Corey Webster –  You haven’t seen or heard much from him and that’s actually a great thing because he’s not getting burned deep.   The few times he’s been tested he seems to have been in good position.  He hasn’t been perfect but overall much better than last year,



The Running game – It’s brutal to watch right now.  Way too many carries for Jacobs so soon after coming off the street.  Wilson should have been more involved as he was taking his ball security very seriously.  The line was brutal in blocking.   They looked absolutely awful in that facet of the game.

Kevin Gilbride – I like Gilbride but he really needs to get some new play calls.   If I have to see that shotgun draw again I’m going to lose it.  This is a slow developing play that now has been on tape for 3 years.  Teams are prepared for it.  I don’t recall the last time it actually gained more than 4 yards.   It also seems telegraphed every time they run it where almost everyone in the stadium knows its coming.   He also needs to figure out something with so much reliance on the big play.   Even if they could get a lead and needed a drive to run out the clock I don’t think they are capable of holding the ball for more than 2 minutes.

Eli Manning – I’m not going to go crazy with a few picks as the last 2 were desperation heaves into the end zone and the one off the guys’ foot was just unluckily.  I am going to nit pick the first one though.  You just cant make that throw.   You have to know the situation better than that.  Your in position to take the lead and going to get the ball back after the half.   He just seems a little off.

Steve Weatherford – That was the worst game Weatherford has had a Giant.  He hit short punt after short punt and it ended up killing them as one was finally returned for a TD.  He’s usually really consistent and was just an off night but he needs to be better.

JPP, Tuck, Kiwi – Again absolutely no pass rush.  Isn’t this supposed to be the D’s strength?  I’m going to give JPP a pass because of his back but he was absolutely invisible.  Tuck wasn’t great but at least he had 8 tackles.   I’m saving a special place for Kiwi.   He was brutal.  He failed to seal the edge on numerous occasions and it ended up killing them. He had one tackle and he played a lot.   It really got me thinking if I could can recall really any impact games he has had in his career.   I can remember 1 he had back in 2008 where he had a few sacks.   That was 5 years ago.  It’s time for him to put up or shut up.  Someone please tell me the impact that this guy has made over his career.  There was a reason why Osi went nuts when Kiwi signed his extension.  He knew he wasn’t worth it.  I wouldn’t mind seeing DaMonster get some snaps.

Jerry Reese – I obviously think Reese is a very good GM but they have large roster problems with huge depth issues at RB, LB & S.   That’s on him.  He really doesn’t have many options at this point.  He put everyone on notice in the beginning of the season but if this continues you could probably make the argument that Reese might be on notice himself.


I think its safe to say that Week 3 is as much of a must win as a Week 3 game can be.  They have to be able to beat a 0-2 Panthers team who are banged up defensively and just lost a heart breaker to Buffalo.   Eli and the offense have to stop turning the ball over.  The defense needs to play a complete game and create some turnovers of their own.   Will this be the turnaround for the Giants?  It feels like they just need a spark to get rolling, lets hope it comes sooner rather than later.

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2 Responses to “Game 2 Review : More of the same”

  1. DP says:

    Time for a strong sense of urgency? or is it time to panic?

    Running Game – amazing how going into the season Wilson was going to be the guy and for the first time in many years it appeared the Giants were going to have a single RB for all 3 downs on offense. Wilson was going to be the guy. Then after one poor performance opening night, his role has been reduced. Where’s the confidence in our guy? I would have liked to see the coaching staff stick with him. Looks like we are back to a RB committee.

    KG – must take a hit for the vast inconsistency of the Offense through pre-season (which is not supposed to count) and now into the early season. The OC in my opinion is as guilty as the players in the performances to date.

    Eli Manning – Just because you were elite in 2011, does not automatically mean you are elite in 2013. There has been too much reckless approach taken. I know, Eli has always seemingly had a higher interception percentage than most top quarterbacks, but 7 in 2 games is bordering on the insane. The Giants have no chance if Manning does not return to the “Elite” Eli form of 2 years ago. I suppose there are many potential reasons for the slump, we have heard of several. I would like to pose this one:

    Eli’s position coach over the past 2 seasons is different than during 2011. I believe the Receiver coach was promoted to QB coach last year and now. If so, then perhaps Eli is not receiving the attention to detail that he formerly received. Eli is more reckless and perhaps his preparation is not as strong as it has been in the past. Maybe, just maybe there is something currently lacking in his game time and mental preparation, perhaps more could be getting done to assist in a turnaround from the coaching staff and his position coach, in addition to obvious running game and Offensive line improvements that are needed.

    JPP/Tuck/Kiwi – If the starting DE’s are not getting it done on the edge or with consistent pass pressure. It is time to go to the next men up. Last year we waited and waited for production out of the starting DE’s – something that never really materialized consistency over the course of the season. Let’s not wait another entire season for production to kick in. Either move up the current second liners and give them a shot, or Fewell has to start coming with a much heavier blitz package, perhaps using DB’s who are covering the slot receivers on offense for a quick hitting blitz approach.

    JR – Hey JR, how many days till the Super Bowl at MetLife? For him to have set a goal of the Super Bowl is admirable for this year. How about seeing if you can win the division and get into the playoff’s first. His last 5 drafts have produced two offensive linemen among the top 3 picks over the last 5 drafts. The Giants are getting beat in the trenches both offensively and defensively. We are no longer a smash mouth beat you at the point of attack team, the Giants are now a finesse and big play attack team on offense and a read and react team on defense. Failure to make the playoff’s again this year means it would be time to reassess the great JR.

    By the way, I am voting for it’s time to PANIC

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