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Hey, Giants! Wake up! You’re Driving the Wrong Way!

Hey, Giants! Wake up! You’re Driving the Wrong Way!
By Martin Alvin

Let’s say a Giants fan living in New York City decides to travel to Buffalo NY to see a Giants-Bills game; he or she would have to travel north to Buffalo, simply because geographical reality places Buffalo north of New York City. There’s nothing arbitrary about it. In this life, in this hemisphere, on this planet, Buffalo lies north of New York City. Period! But let’s also say this person erroneously believes Buffalo is to the south of New York City and then — because of this erroneous belief — they plan the trip based on that erroneous belief. They will never wind up in Buffalo –- unless they circumnavigated the globe, south and, eventually, north. And not even Ferdinand Magellan managed that.

By following their sincere but erroneous belief, the Giants fan heading to Buffalo NY by heading south instead, will eventually wind up in Philadelphia or Baltimore or Washington DC or even Charleston SC; but they sure as hell won’t end up in Buffalo — no matter how sincere they are or how hard they try, or how fast they drive, or how sincerely believe they’re heading in the right direction. That’s just geographical reality. It’s not open to debate. And it can’t be “believed” away.

Now, let’s replace the fictitious Giants fan headed to Buffalo NY with the very real Giants brain trust of John Mara, Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin, who sincerely seem to believe -– and have repeatedly stated their belief system for the record — they can get to a winning season, and the playoffs, and SB-XLIII, in their very own stadium, by continuing to work hard, practice fast and steadfastly maintain their belief system. Do you think these guys have better chance of getting to their destination by following their erroneous directions than the Giants fan heading to Buffalo NY by heading south to Philadelphia instead?

The answer is obvious: of course not! Simply because they’re headed in the wrong direction. And yet, in every interview and in every sound byte –- as if memorized by rote and regurgitated like some cult-member — the Giants players, coaches and brain trust insist they simply have to stay the course: work harder, practice faster, and believe in the direction laid out for them … by them; which, inexorably takes them further and further south –- to the bottom of the NFL — instead of north, to a winning season and the playoffs and SB-XLIII.

So, what’s going to happen tomorrow night in Chicago, which, in case you’re interested, is roughly north (northwest) of New York City and definitely not south. Given the Giants recent history of failure, there’s every reason to believe they’ll lose to the Bears tomorrow night — in front of national audience, yet. Nice, huh? But whether they lose, as expected, or manage to eke out an improbable win; the fact remains, this team, headed by the afore mentioned brain trust, is headed in the wrong direction. A win in Chicago will only be a minor detour. It’s what happens after Chicago that matters now.

The Giants next game will be ten days later on October 20th. If the Giants are serious about getting their act together –- and God knows every Giants fan desperately hopes they are –- they’ll have ten precious days to make at least some of the changes necessary. And the first change has to be a change in their belief direction. Fact: just working harder, practicing faster and believing in the unbelievable does not a guarantee success -– because no matter how they parse it, they’re just trying harder and driving faster in the wrong direction. They need a road map, damn it! To paraphrase Rudyard Kipling: north is north and south is south and never the twain shall meet. Hey, Giants! Wake up! You’re driving the wrong way!

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7 Responses to “Hey, Giants! Wake up! You’re Driving the Wrong Way!”

  1. “there’s every reason to believe they’ll lose to the Bears tomorrow night”

    You’re absolutely right based on everything we’ve seen. I just hope the team doesn’t believe that and they can cut down on the many miscues that have cost them the first five games.

  2. mike levine says:

    Perhaps Eli needs to sit on the bench for a game, or at least a half. Three interceptions and three intentional grounding calls in one quarter is a bit much for anyone let alone a superbowl MVP. Let Painter have a shot. Pull the so-called first string players and insert the 2nd or 3rd string. [Or is that what has happened?] Have the punter kick and the kicker punt. Have a lineman receive punts and kick offs. Might as well. By the same token, let the receivers play defense and the defensive backfield assume the role of receivers. Can’t be an worse. What they are doing now doesn’t work and at least this way they can say that it was not the first string that lost the game(s).

  3. dave says:

    Keep Coughlin, Gilbride, Pope and fire every other coach on this team in the off-season. Switch to a 3-4 defense, hit free agaency to rebuild the o-line and get some real LB’s for crying out loud. Draft everything else. It was a great 10 year run, but now it is over. Time to reload while we still have some good years left with Eli. It’s totally do-able, but dammit, get our QB some help on the line and in the running game and STOP PLAYING THAT F@#!ING BEND DON”T BREAK DEFENSE. NO MORE ROD RUST B.S.!!!

    • Nick says:

      Amen, Dave! Amen! Surprised anyone remembers Rod Rust. Came in right after Parcells left, which was after Bellichick left, which was after SB XXV — and then the incomparable Ray Handley took over. Uchhhhh!

  4. If we go 0-16, as it currently looks, why does anyone get a pass?

  5. Craig says:

    The Giants can win tomorrow night if they can get a little bit of pressure on Cutler. He has it in him to throw more picks than Eli.

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