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Curiouser and Curiouser: Perry Fewell Still Here!

Curiouser and Curiouser: Perry Fewell Is Still Here.
By Martin Alvin

Clearly, the 2013 Giants are an absolute disaster. They’re performance has been somewhere between nauseating and abominable: offense, defense, special teams, coaching, general manager and ownership – and maybe, even the office and cafeteria staffs at the facility, as well. Who the hell knows?

So, there’s plenty of blame to go around. But, except for this year, the one thing that’s always been consistent and reliable is the offense. As a matter of fact, they’ve made up for a lack of defense over the last few years -– except this year, of course. And it’s been consistent and reliable since the Tom Coughlin/Eli Manning era began back in 2004. So, I doubt if the Giants are going to do anything drastic about Eli and/or Kevin Gilbride once this season mercifully comes to an end.

But defensively? That’s another story. Particularly when you examine some very curious facts; so, why not let the curious facts speak for themselves? From Coughlin’s first three years — 2004 to 2006 –- Tim Lewis was his Defensive Coordinator and here, very briefly, are the facts about Tim:

324 yards given up per game
22.6 points given up per game
40 Sacks for the season
14 Interceptions for the season
26 Forced fumbles for the season

327 yards given up per game.
19.6 points given up per game.
41 Sacks for the season
17 Interceptions for the season.
29 Forced fumbles

342 yards given up per game.
22.6 points given up per game.
32 Sacks for the season
17 Interceptions for the season
23 Forced fumbles

After the 2006, Tim was fired and Steve Spagnuolo was hired. Here are the facts about Steve:

305 yards per game
21.9 points per game
53 Sacks
15 Interceptions
16 Forced fumbles

292 yards per game
18.4 points per game
42 Sacks
17 Interceptions
15 Forced fumbles

After 2008, Steve left to takeover the Rams and Bill Sheridan was promoted to DC for 2009. Here are the facts about Bill:

325 yards per game
26.7 points per game
32 Sacks
13 Interceptions
20 Forced fumbles

After 2009, Bill was fired and replaced by Perry Fewell. Here are the facts about Perry:

310 yards per game
21.1 points per game
46 Sacks
16 Interceptions
34 Forced fumbles

400 yards per game
25.0 points per game
48 Sacks
20 Interceptions
13 Forced fumbles

383 yards per game
21.5 points per game
33 Sacks
21 Interceptions
14 Forced fumbles

Now, here’s where it gets curious: when we compare Perry Fewell’s last full season with both, Tim Lewis’ last season and Bill Sheridan’s:

Tim Lewis’ Last Season—2006
342 yards given up per game.
22.6 points given up per game.
32 Sacks for the season
17 Interceptions for the season
23 Forced fumbles

Bill Sheridan’s Last Season–2009:
325 yards per game
26.7 points per game
32 Sacks
13 Interceptions
20 Forced fumbles

Perry Fewell’s Last Season–2012:
383 yards per game
21.5 points per game
33 Sacks
21 Interceptions
14 Forced fumbles

The last season for each Defensive Coordinator was, virtually, identical – not catastrophic, but not good, either — and yet, although the previous two were fired, Perry Fewell is still here. And as Alice said, after sliding down the dark rabbit hole into Lewis Carroll’s drug induced Wonderland: “It gets curiouser and curiouser” when we examine the damning facts about Perry Fewell in 2013:

391.3 yards per game
34.8 points per game
5 Sacks
Which projects to 13 ½ sacks for the season
4 Interceptions
Which projects to 11 Interceptions for the season
4 Forced fumbles
Which projects to 11 Force fumbles for the season.

Now, to be fair, and as I said before, everyone has to shoulder the blame for this horrific season, but doesn’t it seem reasonable to expect some change? Except for this anomaly of a year, Eli and Gilbride have a proven track record of prolific, clutch, production, and two Super Bowl wins over the last decade -– no matter who the ‘D’ Coordinator has been. And maybe the league has simply caught up to their system and tendencies, and maybe they have to go back to the drawing board and incorporate more – dare I say it – quick tosses, screens and flares; but neither guy should be fired. Not yet anyway. So — and not to beat a dead horse, pardon the allusion — my question remains as stated in my previous articles:

Why The Hell is Merry Perry Fewell So Merry?


Hey, Merry Perry! Cheer The ‘F’ Down!

And that question is: Why is Perry Fewell still here? Given the facts about Perry Fewell’s defenses, which are just as damning as — or even more damning than — Tim Lewis’s facts and Bill Sheridan’s facts, why hasn’t Perry Fewell been fired, too? Just asking. By the way, Steve Spagnuolo is currently serving as a defensive consultant — whatever the hell that is — on the Baltimore Raven’s staff. Think he might be interested in coming back? Again, just asking.

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3 Responses to “Curiouser and Curiouser: Perry Fewell Still Here!”

  1. DP says:

    Fewell should go. Bring back Spag’s or Romeo for the remainder of the season or elevate one of the Defensive Assistants. A change is needed. Get someone in who can scheme a defense and take away an opponents strength from time to time, force an offense to do something they don’t want to do, make adjustments in-game and during half-time consistently. Figure out a way to make the opposing QB uncomfortable…please!! Fewell refuses to come out of his comfort zone in calling a game, he won’t consistently take chances to force the offense into a certain tendency or do something they don’t want, he does not seem able to dictate to the offense. As we all know, if he does not have the talent at his disposal, schemes wont really matter, but at least try something different. I think a new voice a new person in the Defense leadership role is needed to take these risks with the existing roster of talent.

    TC appears very loyal to his coaches, so JR and/or ownership must pull the trigger and get Fewell out of town. Go outside and bring someone in that TC can trust, if not possible then promote from within.

    I know Giants ownership frowns on these types of moves ‘in-season’ – they should frown more on the total wipe-out this season has become. Post-season is when the Giants ownership must address the offense and TC. The defense can’t wait till next year. I still contend that a continued trek towards the abyss and the entire coaching staff will be sent packing, although I would agree that KG and TC are probably needed through the season to try and get Eli straigthened out.

    How much of the blame for the season will ownership pass off on the coaching staff? how much on JR, his staff and his collection of talent?

    Internal to the Giants has it become CYA time yet??

  2. Bob says:

    Giant ownership will never make a move during the season. Besides they have been quiet as church mice so far so that tells me they are waiting to see what this season boils down to 5-11 2-14? The worse the better for us fans. Believe me it is just like there is no football for me this season. After paying my $300.00 to Direct TV for the privilege to watch the Giants it feels a total loss for me. If they keep the status quo for 2014 there is much work to be done here how can they feel a 68 yo coach can rebuild? The time has come from top to bottom. I know that JR will not be going anywhere so we have to start the rebuild somewhere. I am just sick, who would have ever thought 0-6. Yes Eli has to take some of the blame too, loved watching Rivers last night, but Eli has 2 SB’s and Rivers zero.

    Just ranting.

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